Chapter 0944: Moth to the Flame

Live or die? 

For Wu Yu, this was a really abstruse question at this moment. 

The trials of life were also a part of dao. 

Some might rise against all odds within the trials. 

While others, especially those without a determined will, might never stand up again. 

At this point, should he take a step back and drag out an ignoble existence, or die an honorable death for another person? 

In the past, Wu Yu felt this was dependent on the person and if dying for this person would be worthwhile. 

However, Wu Yu realized that it was not a problem of whether it was worthwhile. Instead, it would only be if he was willing to or not! 

When these thoughts flooded him, even though he might not feel it was worthwhile, he still couldn't go against what he stood by. 

One could say he was silly. 

Or perhaps he had a pure heart and would do whatever he wanted without ever feeling regret. 

This time, his physical body world was shattered once again. His body wavered in the air and the world before his eyes started to blur. 

Nangong Wei, the Six Arms Demon Ape, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi were swaying in his eyes. 

This time, he was even closer to the brink of death. 

Cultivation was sometimes like being a moth flying towards the flame. 

The current Wu Yu was the symbolic moth and was pouncing towards the flame. 

After he survived this attack and still remained here, the surrounding crowd was visibly moved. This included a large number of primate demons. 

Those who weren't afraid of death and wouldn't give up would always win the respect of others easily. 

While others were staring at him in awe, Wu Yu's eyes were locked on Nangong Wei. Within the purple net, Nangong Wei was restrained from head to toe. The spark in her pair of black eyes had dimmed and she was looking back at Wu Yu blankly. Perhaps her view of the world had collapsed. She probably wanted to say something, but everything was stuck in her throat at this juncture and she couldn't speak out. 

She was no longer the same as before. Perhaps this would leave some memories in her mind in the future. 

As for the Six Arms Demon Ape, he wasn't as impressed as the crowd. He tittered, "Sigh, how touching. It's really difficult to find someone so devoted! If you knew how this would end, why did you do what you did previously? Why did you kill so many of the Fire-Red Demon Apes from my race? All lives are equal. A life for a life is something that everyone knows. I don't care how touching your actions are right now. Death is something that you can't avoid. In that case, let me send you to the afterlife." 

He was probably not in the mood to drag this out further. After restraining Nangong Wei, he took another look at Wu Yu. At the same time, the final killer move was brewing in his hands. 

Nangong Wei stared at Wu Yu with her eyes wide open, and no one knew what she wanted to say. However, she didn't say a word in the end. Perhaps she wanted Wu Yu to leave on his own. However, at the thought that the Six Arms Demon Ape would definitely use her life to threaten Wu Yu if he left, she didn't dare to say a word.... 

Wu Yu didn't give up like many had expected. Before his opponent made a move, he used Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and retrieved the Infernal Sky Pillar. 

Others might not know, but when Wu Yu exited the spirit design previously, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had left his body and remained outside. At the same time, Wu Yu had left everything with the Heaven Devouring Avatar other than the Infernal Sky Pillar. 

If his main body died here, Wu Yu would at least still have the Heaven Devouring Avatar. He wouldn't really die, but it would be a shame that he would tarnish the great legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and his bright future! 

Nonetheless, at the very last moment, he wanted to devote everything to the battle. 

He used Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and his body grew to its utmost. Holding the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters in his hand, all his strength was gathered into the advanced dao treasure. When he used the Violent Art, the flesh and muscles on his arms would become even thicker and full of explosiveness. 

"Still thinking of resisting? Hehe!" The Six Arms Demon Ape snorted and darted forward with another three punches! For him, the seemingly simple three punches were, in fact, lethal killing moves. This time, he had exerted all his strength. He was fully confident he would take Wu Yu's life with this move. 

"Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters!" 

As for Wu Yu, he roared with deep emotion and inspiration! His last-ditch resistance wasn't for love. If he had to say it was for something, he wasn't sure what it would be. Nonetheless, he knew this was something a man should do. Facing her once again, he couldn't allow her to lose her life in this place. This was the only reason he had! 


The roar was earth-shattering. Wherever the Infernal Sky Pillar passed, cracks developed! And the advanced dao treasure was about to clash with the Six Arms Demon Ape at this very moment. This was the strongest strike Wu Yu could deliver at the moment! 

"No...." The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were lost. They had never expected Wu Yu to be so stubborn. Amidst the brilliance before their eyes, they could see Wu Yu's life rapidly burning up in the glow! 


As for the Six Arms Demon Ape, who was wearing a smile, his expression stiffened all of a sudden. He suddenly stopped his charge forward, remained on the spot, and turned around abruptly! 

At this moment, Wu Yu's Infernal Sky Pillar didn't face any resistance as it smashed down on his head! Following a cracking sound, the unprotected Six Arms Demon Ape took Wu Yu's strongest strike directly. His brain exploded! In fact, cracks were even developing through his body! 

"Argh!" the Six Arms Demon Ape cried miserably. Even though he had taken Wu Yu's attack, he was still staring fearfully behind him. Just as his shrill cries made it hard for the crowd to endure, he came to an abrupt stop. Immediately after, an intense flame hovered in the air out of nowhere. Previously, that nine-colored flame had pounced onto Six Arms Demon Ape, causing him to cry tragically. Everyone could clearly see that the Six Arms Demon Ape was swiftly reduced to ashes amidst the nine-colored flame. 

"We don't care who you are! My other brothers will definitely let you experience what is worse than death before sending you to hell!" In the end, the voice of the Six Arms Demon Ape vanished abruptly. This was because his body had been reduced to ashes and carried away by the wind! 

In this process, Wu Yu was stupefied. He had never expected himself to escape from death so suddenly and that he would land the strike on his opponent. However, he was crystal clear that it wasn't him who had killed the Six Arms Demon Ape. Instead, it was this person who was wreathed in nine-colored flames before his eyes. 

The girl had a graceful and poised demeanor and was in a rainbow-colored dress with a gorgeous hair accessory. Wu Yu couldn't see her looks clearly. However, when she appeared, the aura that belonged to a pinnacle ruler and the high and mighty authority she displayed were comparable to the level of the Regent! Not only was she way above Wu Yu, but also way above the Six Arms Demon Ape! 

It was also because of this that the Six Arms Demon Ape would be reduced to ashes so suddenly. 

In fact, even before he died, he had no clue who had killed him. 

The sudden development was too thrilling, and Wu Yu was left stupefied. 

While he was in a daze, Nangong Wei had broken out from the purple net. She cried tears of joy, pounced on the girl in the flames, and said, "Mom, you are finally here!" 

The answer was revealed. 

The frightening existence that stood above all and had killed the Six Arms Demon Ape in seconds was, in fact, her "mother". 

However, this woman definitely wasn't related to the Mizar Sword Immortal in any way. 

With the Six Arms Demon Ape dead, Wu Yu was finally out of the woods. He could have fled with his Somersault Cloud. After all, Nangong Wei was finally safe. However, he probably felt that Nangong Wei wouldn't be in a rush to kill him now.... 


First, the surrounding demons started scampering and fleeing upon witnessing what had happened. While they escaped, they cried tragically, "The Sixth King has been killed! The Sixth King has been killed!" 

"Inform the other kings, quick!" 

News from this place would spread in an instant. The Black Hornet Demon King would likely be the first to arrive here. 

That terrifying existence didn't kill those escaping demons. At this moment, she held Nangong Wei in her embrace. Although she didn't say a word, she was caressing Nangong Wei's head. However, her eyes were fixed on Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu had imprisoned Nangong Wei previously. Initially, he thought she would kill him. However, to the astonishment of Wu Yu, she carried Nangong Wei along, turned around, and left. Her speed was indeed swift! 

At this moment, Wu Yu could see Nangong Wei turning back and locking eyes with him. She didn't have the time to say anything before she left Wu Yu's sight. 

However, Wu Yu was able to tell from her eyes that she didn't hate him as much as before. This could be considered as something good. It was just that he had never expected this incident to end this way.... 

Obviously, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi also felt like this was unbelievable. At this moment, they showed themselves and gathered around Wu Yu swiftly. Looking in the direction Nangong Wei had gone, they were baffled and awestruck. 

"That person is truly frightening. I wonder what kind of existence she is. Regardless, you survived because of her. She could probably tell that you attempted to save Nangong Wei and therefore didn't make things difficult for you. From the moment she appeared till she killed someone, it was just the blink of an eye. It was impossible for you to react. Speaking of which, we are fortunate that she was here. Otherwise, all three of us would likely not have survived this," the Full Moon of Nanshan remarked emotionally. 

This person was way more incredible than he had imagined initially. Recalling it now, he could still feel a chill down his spine. 

Ye Xixi held on to him and asked with concern, "Big Brother Yu, are you alright? Regardless, let's leave this place first. The other Ape Kings will likely be here soon."  

"That's right. Let's go." The Full Moon of Nanshan summoned the Hidden Immortal as he spoke. With the Six Arms Demon Ape dead, it was obvious that no one was maintaining the spirit design. They could leave easily, and the Full Moon of Nanshan concealed the Hidden Immortal once again. This time, he located a place to hide first and didn't wander off aimlessly. Deep in an ancient forest, they hid within the depths of a river for now. 

Wu Yu sat with his legs crossed on the floor. His physical body was severely shattered. It would likely take a long time for him to recover. 

"What are your plans?" asked the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

"Let's stay here for now and wait for my body to recover. After which, we shall act according to the situation." If he chose to return to Yan Huang while nursing serious injuries, it would be dangerous. Hiding like this would actually be safer. 

"Alright, let do as you say for now. I have to think about our next steps as well. What are you planning to do with Nangong Wei, then?" 

Wu Yu gave it some thought. 

"The person behind her isn't someone we can deal with right now. Or rather, we are miles apart. It will be great if there's an opportunity to find out her motives. As for rescuing her, we will decide if there's such a need." 

If Nangong Wei was following her, it was a rare opportunity for her. He obviously wouldn't try to interfere. 

Although this catastrophe had ended, Wu Yu was experiencing a metamorphosis in dao. As a result, he was still immersed in the state and appeared to be in daze. 

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