Chapter 0943: Shattering of the Physical Body


Originally, the Six Arms Demon Ape was extremely confident that he could kill Wu Yu with another hit. After punching, his eyes turned even redder. 

Obviously, he was being played.

After being humiliated by Wu Yu and then punching out in fury, he actually missed! If word of this got out, it would only be embarrassing! The whole Nanyin Demon Continent would probably laugh at him for being played by a young one.

He was more depressed when he turned back and saw that Wu Yu had become very small and was far away. His current position was obviously outside the spirit design! This obviously meant that his specially prepared spirit design was actually useless in trapping Wu Yu. He could not understand how Wu Yu could have such moves! And could actually escape from his control!

"Heh." Far away, Wu Yu laughed coldly. His laughter was a taunt. Everyone could understand that. 

His taunts turned the ape demons' hearts cold. Wu Yu need not say anything more. His cold laugh was enough. That was right, his only goal was to trick the Six Arms Demon Ape into chasing him, give up on his spirit design, and forget about targeting Nangong Wei. This was the only way!

As long as he lured him away, even if the other party had extreme moves, he could not do anything to him!

This was undoubtedly the most nerve wracking moment because he needed the Six Arms Demon Ape to chase after him. He was the target. Wu Yu believed that he had a chance of leaving the spirit design. After all, he knew that the spirit design could not trap Wu Yu.

At this moment, Wu Yu acted as if he was leaving.

This was the turning point.

At the moment, when he turned around, the primate demons were all angry. They were howling and shouting, threatening Wu Yu not to leave.

Wu Yu turned around....

All of a sudden, he heard the Six Arms Demon Ape's laughter. It did not sound fierce, but had a sense of complacency. It felt like he was planning something. Wu Yu had a premonition of an imminent disaster because at this time, Nangong Wei, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi were all still in his spirit design!

"Don't be so hasty to leave, Wu Yu. You forgot to bring something." The anger and roar of the Six Arms Demon Ape just now seemed to be fake. Now, in his tone, he was proud and taunting.

Due to this, Wu Yu could not help but turn back. When he turned back, he saw that the Six Arms Demon Ape was still in the same place. One of his six arms was holding a large, purple net. The large net was made up of a kind of crystal silk thread. It was dazzling. But at the moment, the beautiful large net was tightly wrapped around Nangong Wei's body, restraining her limbs and head like a dumpling!

Nangong Wei was completely stunned. Her face flushed red as she glared at the Six Arms Demon Ape and said, "He escaped! Why are you catching me?! It's not my responsibility. If you have the ability, chase after him!"

She was really arrogant. At this moment, she dared to be angry with the Six Arms Demon Ape.

When Wu Yu saw this situation, he knew it was bad. He wanted to trick the Six Arms Demon Ape, but he did not expect the Six Arms Demon Ape to know that he valued Nangong Wei. Otherwise, he would not have imprisoned Nangong Wei and talked to Wu Yu with a smile on his face.

"You can shut up." The Six Arms Demon Ape sneered at Nangong Wei. Nangong Wei was about to start scolding him, but the net shrank. It sunk into her flesh suddenly. Blood seeped out onto her orange dress. The Six Arms Demon Ape's expression turned cold, and he said to Wu Yu, "I give you three breathes of time to come back, or I will crush this beauty into pieces. Don't doubt my words. I will do as I say."

No matter how it looked, anyone could see clearly that the Six Arms Demon Ape would really do as he said. It was very simple and just a matter of one thought.

Wu Yu had no choice.

His deception had failed. At this time, the other party had his Achilles' heel, so he could only return. The spirit design did not prevent him from returning. Under the smiling gaze of the Six Arms Demon Ape, he went back.

The surrounding demons were all very shocked.

"I thought that the Sixth King had been tricked, but everything was actually under his control."

"The Sixth King is really smart. People like us can't see through his tricks. Does Wu Yu really care about this beauty that much?"

Even Wu Yu himself did not know how the Six Arms Demon Ape had seen through his tricks. He felt that he had covered it up very well.

"You are still too young. You can't hide the way a person looks at another. When you look at her, you don’t show the eyes of an enemy. Besides, it's a little complicated," the Six Arms Demon Ape said gleefully as he looked at Wu Yu.

Now Wu Yu was finally under his control.

However, it was Nangong Wei who was most confused about this. She originally could not understand what the Six Arms Demon Ape meant, but at this moment, when Wu Yu should have instinctively escaped but instead he came back without hesitation, she finally understood.

Why would a stranger risk his life to come back?

And why would he look at her in that strange way?

Even at this moment, she could not believe that Wu Yu was telling the truth. However, what he had just done had shocked her to the core.

"Aren't you good at escaping? Escape!" In fact, the Six Arms Demon Ape was still angry, but at this time, he was very happy. In front of everyone, he held Nangong Wei in his hands and approached Wu Yu in an instant.


Another three punches, hitting him in three different locations! His head, upper chest, and meridian once again suffered heavy blows! But this time, the Six Arms Demon Ape obviously held back. 

Under his attack, one layer of Wu Yu's Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body broke again, there were only three remaining. He was nearing death.

Even so, he quickly stood up again.

This feeling of being controlled was really unbearable and painful! 

But he had to bear with this since he was weak. Wu Yu understood this logic.

"Very well, you are good. I like your tenacity. It's enough for me to play with for some time." The Six Arms Demon Ape laughed. 

"This guy can obviously escape. Why is he not leaving? Perhaps this little beauty is his dao companion? But we heard so clearly just now! This little beauty is not appreciative of him and even wants his life!"

"Looks like this rascal is a romantic. He dares to go head up against the Sixth King. So courageous. He could've escaped, but refused to abandon her. Such courage is indeed commendable!"

The crowd of primate demons were discussing now and had changed the way they looked at Wu Yu. Of course, Wu Yu was still their enemy. No matter how much they respected him, they still wanted Wu Yu to die. After all, they naturally sided with the Fire-Red Demon Apes. 

When Nangong Wei heard these words, she looked at Wu Yu again. At this point, Wu Yu staggered and stood up. His broken body was reforming now. His battered body became alive again. This process looked painful, but his expression now was steadfast as he stared at the Six Arms Demon Ape. He refused to back down. Golden flames burnt in his eyes. He had no signs of fear. What he had was the determination to fight to his death!

"Let her go. I'll let you do whatever you want to me and never escape."

When he spoke, Nangong Wei watched his expression and movements, connecting them to what Wu Yu had said before. At this moment, Wu Yu was extremely sincere. She watched this scene. He was covered in blood, yet he stood steadfast. Nangong Wei's eyes lost their shine. She stared at Wu Yu in confusion and her eyes became more puzzled.

"That's impossible. Young man, look carefully at your current situation. Your weakness is in my hands. You are not qualified to bargain with me. As for whether I will let her go or not, that will depend on my mood after I kill you. As of now, I will probably release her. After all, she has nothing to do with me. If you want her to live, then gamble with your life."

The Six Arms Demon Ape liked to play and make his opponent die in pain and desperation. This was his greatest joy in this long journey of martial cultivation. 

"Old Wu, forget it, it's useless to throw away your life like this. It's a waste of your outstanding talent, and this girl may not even thank you. No one can stop you from escaping. At least I feel that this is not worth it!"

"Big Brother Yu, I also do not want you to die. Besides, if you die, then they will still search for us here." Ye Xixi tried persuading him from another angle.

They knew that Wu Yu did not want Nangong Wei to be caught.

But they saw how coldly Nangong Wei had treated Wu Yu. Between the two, they naturally wanted Wu Yu to be the one to live!

Wu Yu was very conflicted now.

He could ignore himself, but he still cared about the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

But this Six Arms Demon Ape was not giving him time to consider and choose!

Life was a journey, and there would be a moment where a choice had to be made. Either way, he would definitely lose something extremely important to him today. This was an extremely difficult choice to make!

If Wu Yu could let Nangong Wei survive, then he would die!

The Six Arms Demon Ape laughed heartily again. Now he raised his fists and approached Wu Yu. Suddenly, his speed increased and he neared Wu Yu at high speed!


This punch was around the level of the previous one. With the impending punch, in this instant, no matter the speed or the strength, if he did not defend in advance, it would be hard to evade. Wu Yu was hit again! This time, another of his worlds was destroyed. He had already been heavily injured. While he could stand, his life and his physical strength had been depleted severely.

He bore the hit of another punch!

"Awesome, you really don't seem to be only a Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator!"

The Six Arms Demon Ape laughed loudly.

Anyone could tell that Wu Yu was getting very weak. He was still alive, but he could tell that one more attack was all he could withstand. If he was lucky, it would take two hits for him to die….

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