Chapter 0942: Dying Twice in Battle

Nangong Wei instinctively regained consciousness quickly after being released from Wu Yu's suppression.

She instantly saw Wu Yu,who was beside her. She was naturally filled with murderous intent for Wu Yu. If she had not noticed the Six Arms Demon Ape and the hundreds of primate demons around them, she would have attacked Wu Yu directly.

These demons surrounding them were not weak, and in addition to the Six Arms Demon Ape, who surpassed the Black Hornet Demon King, this encirclement was much more dangerous than the Black Hornet Demon King. 

Wu Yu was not likely to kill her. But she sensed killing intent from the eyes of these primate demons.

At this moment, Nangong Wei appeared in front of the group of demons. Nangong Wei was also smart. She quickly restrained herself and made herself seem more ordinary. At least she had to find out what was happening around her.

"I will drop the matter that you escaped, but I didn't expect you to catch this little beauty somewhere. Are you thinking of bringing my fellow demon to your Yan Huang Ancient Country?" The Six Arms Demon Ape was originally interested in the person that he had suppressed, and it was as he expected. She was really a beauty.

"Act like you are weak and ask him to let you go. We are surrounded by his spirit design!" Wu Yu told Nangong Wei secretly.

This made Nangong Wei a little depressed. It was clear that Wu Yu had suppressed her and put her in a dangerous situation. Of course, she knew that she had killed the Fire-Red Demon Apes at the Seven Ape Alps, which attracted this group to Wu Yu in the first place. But why would Wu Yu ask her to leave first now?

To her, Wu Yu was going to harm her.

However, as she observed what was happening, it became clear to her that she was surrounded here, and the target of the other party was obviously Wu Yu rather than herself.

She really felt that Wu Yu was right. Hence, she asked the Six Arms Demon Ape in a slightly sad voice, "Can you deal with him and let me leave first?"

This girl was really proud. Even at this moment, she did not bow down at all. If it was another person, she would act weaker, even put on a play, scold Wu Yu and so on. At this point, the more she showed she was against Wu Yu, the more likely she could leave this place.

The Six Arms Demon Ape glanced at her and said, "Looks like you are not with him. If I kill him, will you be sad?"

Nangong Wei could not believe it and said, "Why would I?! He nearly killed me. If you kill him, I will be too happy!"

Hearing these words, Wu Yu had mixed feelings.

Because she had spoken from her heart.

"Haha.... This is interesting. Since you hate him so much, I'll let you watch him die." The Six Arms Demon Ape laughed.

Nangong Wei did not expect the hatred she had towards Wu Yu to backfire. However, the other party seemed to bear no malice towards her, so she was quite relieved. She looked at Wu Yu coldly and said, "That's alright."

Now Wu Yu was in a very dangerous situation. He could escape directly using the Somersault Cloud, and the Six Arms Demon Ape would come out to chase him and leave Nangong Wei behind. But in case he refused to let Nangong Wei go, if he escaped, he would not be able to come back to protect her.

Hence, he had to take this one step at a time!

In the Nanyin Demon Continent, he had faced a lot of danger for her, but now she was waiting to see him die, which was quite depressing.

"I heard that your physical body is extremely strong. Coincidentally, I love close range battles! You just have to be my toy." The Sixth Ape King smiled knowingly. Perhaps this was one important reason why he had come for Wu Yu.


Just as he said that, before the surrounding demons and Nangong Wei's watchful eyes, the Six Arms Demon Ape instantly turned into a streak of black light and reached Wu Yu immediately!

This was no joke, this was a sixth tier Dao Querying demon! A demon king in the mortal world, a tier higher than that of Wu Yu by many folds, and a cultivation period much longer than him. Wu Yu could not compare to him in terms of attack, speed, or knowledge! Even if Wu Yu were faster and reacted quicker, he could not block the fists of the other party!

Bang, bang, bang!

In an instant, his head, chest, and stomach were hit by the Sixth Ape King's punches! He had thrown out three punches with one side of his body!

After Wu Yu obtained the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body, he had not suffered from such heavy injuries. In an instant, his head, chest, and stomach, as well as his organs, instantly shattered twice! It was equivalent to him dying twice.

Two of the six Celestial King Buddhas shattered directly! Two of the six worlds directly shattered. This was equivalent to dying twice.

This made Wu Yu feel disordered. Other people would never experience dying twice and being reborn. Twice he had turned into a fog of blood before being reborn....

No one in this world could do that!

He could only say that in that instant, the world seemed to turn really slowly. His surroundings, the sun, the moon and stars, the flowers, the plants and trees, the tall mountains, and the deep sea had all changed in his eyes. They no longer seemed to be what they had looked like, but in an instant, they turned back to the way they originally looked. Those mountains and water were still those mountains and water.

All these changes, as well as his state of mind, now seemed to have fallen silent. The entire world seemed to be devoid of any sound. Then his body shattered and was reborn. He saw it happen clearly - the rebirth of his flesh, forceful yet quick. It made Wu Yu find the feeling of dao quickly.

All of this was dao! It was only in the instant between life and death that he could see it so clearly!

At this moment, he even saw the invisible Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, who had turned into a grain of black sand, on the soil and earth. They stared with eyes wide as they watched this happen so quickly....

The last was Nangong Wei. She had a conflicted expression. She looked a little glad yet a little terrified and then a little confused.

The woman in front of him dressed in orange with her long hair flying, from her expression, to her demeanor, Wu Yu saw many past versions of himself. He suddenly felt that life was actually wonderful!

"You actually did not die?" The Sixth Ape King was astonished and looked at his own fists.  He was confident that he could kill Wu Yu with one punch, so had not expected him to be reborn before his eyes, as though he had an immortal body!

"How is this possible!? The Sixth King actually did not kill him!" This group of hundreds of demons stared at each other. For a while, the whole place was silent.

Wu Yu not only survived, but regained his senses. His Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body exhibited its specialty. The two broken Celestial King Buddhas were still recovering. The two broken fleshly worlds were also rebuilding at this moment!

"Don't move!" Originally, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi could not bear watching and were about to do something reckless. Wu Yu stopped them secretly.

At this moment, he stared at the Six Arms Demon Ape with bloodshot eyes! Actually, Wu Yu had possessed this strong body for a long time, but he had never suffered from a straight blow dealt by such a strong opponent! You could only say that it was only now that the Invincible Vajra Body had truly shown its effect. This feeling filled his body with passion, and furious flames were about to explode in his chest.

The will to defeat the Sixth Ape King actually unknowingly arose within him! That was impossible in reality. But his courage and his rebellious stance could already be considered a miracle considering the dire situation!

"Six Arms Demon Ape, haven't you drank any of your mother's milk today? Such a weak blow!" He actually spat out a mouthful of bloody saliva in front of everybody! He smiled and looked at the Sixth Ape King of the Seven Ape Kings!

The crowd exploded into raucous jeers. 

Wu Yu was barely withstanding the strong demonic aura of the Six Arms Demon Ape and yet he had uttered such rebellious words!  If news of this spread, the demons in this world would know of his courage, or perhaps stupidity.

Nangong Wei's expression froze and she looked at Wu Yu strangely. She had only thought that she was looking at a person who was seeking death.

"Who would believe it! You can't kill me today! Tch, I look down upon you!" Wu Yu laughed loudly. He looked at the Six Arms Demon Ape and grinned sinisterly.

When he said that, it was incredible. Even Nangong Wei saw the Six Arms Demon Ape clenching his fists. He let out a deep breath. Obviously, Wu Yu's rude challenge made him angry.

"If you do not kill me today, you are my grandson, haha!" Wu Yu used the Immortal Ape Transformation to turn into the golden immortal ape in front of him. Compared to his opponent, the golden immortal ape was more domineering and pure! It was really possible to say that the Six Arms Demon Ape was his grandson based on sheer appearance.

When he said that third sentence, the demons could not hold back and screeched angrily at Wu Yu. The Six Arms Demon Ape also reached a point of fury. In that instant, Wu Yu saw a hint of bloodthirst in his eyes and knew that he would attack immediately!

Wu Yu was long prepared for this! He wanted to provoke him into having the determination to kill him, even if he died!

He was not that confident. Martial cultivation was risky. No one knew the way. His ability was not top notch, yet the disaster he had provoked today was more than he could withstand. He would struggle and fight to the end! He would find his own way and metamorphosize!

The Six Arms Demon Ape roared and punched again. This time, he wanted Wu Yu's life!

In that instant!

Another streak of light!

Death approached.

At this moment, Wu Yu did a backflip. In this alarmingly dangerous moment, the Six Arms Demon Ape's three fists hit the air, causing space to shake violently. The demons far behind Wu Yu suffered a little from the attack and were knocked away. Finally, they hit the spirit design of the Sixth Ape King and bounced back!

"Where did you go!?"

Wu Yu had obviously disappeared.

The demons trembled at this scene, especially the Divine Wood Great Apes. It was like a replay of what had happened in their memory! Except at that time, it was after the Taiyi Divine Wood Array was removed. And now the Six Arms Demon Ape's spirit design was still intact....

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