Chapter 0941: The Sixth Ape King

If one did not search carefully, he would not find this lively yet realistic miniscule grain of black sand. And this was on the Hidden Immortal. If it were in the forest, on the ground, or in the vast sea, even the Eyes of Fire and Gold could not find it. After all, there was too much dust in the outside world.

"Such a transformation in a different place will be as undetectable as Gone from the Skies. Very good." Wu Yu nodded.

Indeed, an immortal's legacy was designed to increase the survival capabilities of their inheritors. The first tier of the first mystique was usually for survival. The Full Moon of Nanshan's first mystique was Gone from the Skies.

And for Wu Yu, it was the Unshackled Doppelgangers. However, this was because of Ming Long's input. Recently, Ming Long had been quiet since she saw how lively life had become for Wu Yu. But this was normal and she still spoke to Wu Yu from time to time.

Wu Yu thought about it.

If the three of them encountered a strong enemy, the Full Moon of Nanshan would turn invisible and Ye Xixi would become a grain of black sand using the Black Sand Demonic Shadow. The two of them would basically disappear instantly. They could hide first while he distracted the other party to gain time for them to escape before he would also get away instantly.

"Also, after I turn into the black sand grain, I can enter a Sumeru Pouch. It will not destroy the Sumeru Pouch. So if we have to run, I can enter Big brother Yu's Sumeru Pouch." Ye Xixi grinned. She was really happy. She would not be a burden anymore and would not need Wu Yu to risk his life for her.

"You can do that?" Wu Yu did not expect this. From this aspect, her transformation mystique was really thorough. Wu Yu could bring her away like a real grain of sand. This way she could be brought away using a Sumeru Pouch. She need not even enter his Sumeru Pouch - he could just grab her in his hand.

"What the heck? Then it's just me who will be slowly escaping next time," the Full Moon of Nanshan said sadly.

"Haha, serves you right!"

To be honest, Ye Xixi's mastery of this mystique was timely. Thanks to this, Wu Yu was not worried at all. If Nangong Wei's mother really came, they would definitely not be able to defeat her and would undoubtedly need to escape in an instant. At that moment, he and Ye Xixi could fight her while the Full Moon of Nanshan fled. Then they would escape together. This way, at least his private matters would not become a burden on them. He trusted the power of their mystiques.

"That's great. I'm going to strengthen my skill!" Ye Xixi was very happy and spoke loudly. This mystique was a relief for her. She was still very sad about all the dangers they had to go through before. 

"That little girl has her emotions displayed clearly on her face. She's very naive and cannot hide anything," the Full Moon of Nanshan said. 

Then he nodded and said, "Numbers and speed, invisibility, transformation - the three methods to escape from danger. With these three methods, we will no longer be afraid when we explore the world in the future."

Of which, the strongest was still Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud. It crossed through space directly and could escape entirely. No one could trap him!

Wu Yu was originally relaxed, but he suddenly sensed extreme danger from ahead. They were hidden in the clouds while flying above the mountain peaks and tall, ancient trees.

This danger was real, and Wu Yu's hairs instantly stood. He quickly said, "Xixi, come here!" Ye Xixi reacted quickly and was by their side shortly. The three of them grouped together. The Full Moon of Nanshan's face was filled with surprise. "She came quickly!"

He also sensed it. It seemed like they were too naive to think that they could take Nangong Wei back to Yan Huang. They had to admit that the existence of Nangong Wei's mother was quite scary.

"You guys can really run. I've finally found you and blocked your way." This voice came from an ancient tree on top of a mountain peak. This ancient tree was extremely tall, and half of it was in the clouds. Hence, at this moment, they could not see who was speaking.

Yet it seemed to be a male voice. And it was very rough.

"Her mother is male?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked with surprise.

At this moment, Wu Yu was already prepared to ask them to transform. Hence, while the Full Moon of Nanshan was filled with doubt, he followed Wu Yu's instructions. Before the other party had seen them, he put the Hidden Immortal away and used Gone from the Skies to turn invisible. Ye Xixi turned into a grain of black sand. Lazy could not transform, but when it was amalgamated with Ye Xixi, they would become one, so it was also sublimed in the transformation. This was the amazing part of Lazy, and also the amazing part of this mystique.

The black sand grain stuck onto Wu Yu, while the Full Moon of Nanshan quickly escaped into the forest alone.

Wu Yu was alone.

But at this moment, Wu Yu had a doubtful expression. They were not prepared to defend against Nangong Wei's mother. Once she appeared, they would directly return Nangong Wei to her and choose to give up. But this voice did not sound like it was from a mother.

Hence, when the Full Moon of Nanshan entered the forest, he did not continue to escape.

At this moment, the person speaking emerged from the clouds and entered Wu Yu's line of sight. Wu Yu originally wanted to give Nangong Wei up, but after seeing this person, he realized that they were in deeper trouble. Compared to the appearance of her mother, this was a disaster.

That was right, the person blocking them was not Nangong Wei's mother.

This was an ape covered in black fur. This ape was as big as Wu Yu's golden immortal ape when he transformed. His eyes were blood red and looked scary. Actually, he was small for a demon, but he was the most terrifying existence of all the demons that Wu Yu had seen so far!

His most outstanding feature was the three arms on each side of his body. They were arranged vertically. There was a total of six thick, strong arms. While he had many arms, they did not look out of place. It was as though this demon originally needed six thick arms to look normal.

This primate demon was much stronger than the Divine Wood Great Ape, the Crouching Blood Marmoset, and the Golden Spirit Monkey Demon that Wu Yu had encountered.

"Eh, I just revealed myself and two have escaped?" That primate demon was stunned when he appeared.

He was extremely strong!

Wu Yu sunk into depression and trouble.

Wu Yu could return Nangong Wei to Nangong Wei's mother and run away directly, but he could not do that with this person.

"Why aren't you running away? I better introduce myself. I'm the strongest amongst the Seven Ape Kings, the Sixth Ape King. People call me the Six Arms Demon Ape. I heard that you've killed innocents at my Seven Ape Alps and possess great treasures. So I have tracked your group down. But your warship is really great at concealment. Despite being at the sixth tier of the Dao Querying Realm, I had to expend great effort to finally find you."

So he was one of the Seven Ape Kings. It was no wonder he was so dangerous. 

Being at the sixth tier of the Dao Querying Realm meant that he was significantly scarier than the Black Hornet Demon King. He even possessed some mysterious moves and had tracked the Hidden Immortal down. It was really possible.

Six Arms Demon Ape!

Wu Yu could only blame his terrible luck to meet such an opponent now.

Because Nangong Wei was here, he was actually restricted in what he could do. He could not use the Somersault Cloud to escape; otherwise, Nangong Wei would be in his hands. He could easily tell that this was the person that the Black Hornet Demon King was looking for, because the Black Hornet Demon King was nearby.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was in no rush to leave once he heard that it was the Six Arms Demon Ape. Ye Xixi, who had turned into a black grain of sand, was very anxious too, but Wu Yu asked her to remain in her hidden state. He even asked her to descend first, and she landed in the soil below. At such times, she dared not reject Wu Yu's serious orders. Hence, she landed secretly. She landed near the Full Moon of Nanshan.

"So the great Sixth Ape King came personally. Such a grand entrance... so just what do you want?" Wu Yu asked directly.

The Six Arms Demon Ape smiled and said, "First, I want both your dao treasures. At the same time, I want your life. I need to answer to our Fire-Red Demon Apes tribe. But I heard that you have an amazing escape method. So this time I set up a spirit design in advance and waited for you to fall into the trap. This spirit design is shapeless and silent, but it really exists. Hence, I believe that your two friends must have hidden because I do not sense that they have escaped my spirit design. You should resign yourself to your fate. This time, you will not escape from my hands."

The Divine Wood Great Apes would definitely not let the Six Arms Demon Ape make the same mistake as them.

They remembered that Wu Yu had only left after the Taiyi Divine Wood Array was dissolved. Hence, the other party thought that Wu Yu could not escape once he was in a spirit design. In reality, the Six Arms Demon Ape had not guessed wrongly, but the only who could really leave was Wu Yu.

But Wu Yu could not leave, because Nangong Wei was here. If Nangong Wei was not here, he could run instantly and then appear outside. The Six Arms Demon Ape would similarly not sense any change in the spirit design, then he would not stubbornly believe that the Full Moon of Nanshan was still in the spirit design.

The key was that Nangong Wei was here!

At this moment, the Six Arms Demon Ape also saw the Infernal Sky Pillar that transformed into a giant furnace. He said with interest, "Yo, that's the advanced dao treasure. It's really good. It's quite a high level one. While I'm not really interested in it, it'll be a good reward for my underlings. But there seems to be someone trapped inside. Who is it? I'm really curious. Should I ask you to open it or open it on my own?"

When he spoke, many primate demons ran out. It looked like the Seven Ape Alps had activated many people just to pursue him! On closer look, the Divine Wood Great Apes from before were at the scene!

"There are two more hidden inside, search for them!" the Six Arms Demon Ape ordered the hundreds of demons.

"Yes, Sixth King!" The demons followed the order.

Wu Yu was not worried that they would find the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. And at this moment, the Six Arms Demon Ape was looking at his Infernal Sky Pillar intently. In such a situation, Wu Yu could only choose to give up on Nangong Wei. He instantly retracted the Infernal Sky Pillar and Dark North Royal Obelisk.

If Nangong Wei could escape on her own, then that would be great. While this mission was a failure, at least the four of them were safe. He could always catch her next time and bring her back to Yan Huang.

It would be troublesome if she could not escape.

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