Chapter 0094: Martial Cultivation is Plunder

Tang Batian ignited the Beacon of Flame, and the firelight reached the skies. From outside the Valley of Immortal Fate, a fine line flew over, dropping into the Lake of Jade. Elder Shentu's skills were truly amazing.

However, Wu Yu had no time to think about these. He had just reached the 2nd Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, and now had to deal with two from the 4th Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, and three from the 5th Tier. This pressure was unimaginable!

Lan Shuiyue sniggered, her fair features creased in a content smile. She gave the others a look, and they moved in, closing in on Wu Yu.

"I had no intention to trouble you, and also apologized to you in the Myriad Treasures Valley. Must it come to this?"

Wu Yu felt a sense of home in the Heavenly Sword Sect. This was his second home, and truthfully, he did not like internal fights.

"Is an apology useful? I'll kill you, then apologize. Will that do?" Lan Shuiyue laughed loudly, and the others joined in. They were an arrogant bunch, and surrounded Wu Yu in a relaxed manner.

"Then what do you want?" Being surrounded thus, Wu Yu was also trying to think of something.

"Revenge for my Junior Brother Situ Minglang. Only your life will truly pay. But you are lucky. I didn't like him much either. But you made my Master lose face, and I have to repay the Sect Leader likewise. Besides, you have to pay the price for that mouth of yours!"

Lan Shuiyue's smile faded. She had endured for a long time, awaiting just this moment.


Why would she let Wu Yu play for time, when the opportunity was so juicy!


Instantly, including Lan Shuiyue, six Immortal Treasure longswords were pointed at Wu Yu. Most fearsome of all was the alluring Ni Hongyi. Her Immortal Treasure was a blood-red sword, which was very sinister. Forget her beautiful looks, she was murderous in a fight.

Cultivating Dao Techniques was about aggression and domination!

The five moved as one. It was a disaster!

"Lone Dragon Ascension Column!"

Wu Yu exploded into action. He faced Lan Shuiyue. Perhaps they thought he would try to kidnap Lan Shuiyue to extricate himself from this situation, but suddenly he changed direction. The dragon circling his Demon Subduing Staff whirled back, the huge beast sending fire hurtling forth. It was aimed straight at Su Ci!

"Move aside!"

Wu Yu shouted.

Dragon Ascension Column rose to the skies!

This Nine Dragons Ascension Column, complemented with Wu Yu's own prodigious physical strength, was indeed very powerful. Not even Lan Shuiyue and Su Ci could withstand it!


Su Ci quickly beat a retreat on seeing the situation. She dodged, and Wu Yu took the chance to charge out!

However, he had underestimated these Core Disciples who had been cultivating for decades. The green and blue clothed disciples locked their longswords, sealing off Wu Yu's escape route.

"Tear the limb!"

Both Immortal Treasure longswords sent forth a burst of energy that dashed against Wu Yu's arm!


Two wounds appeared on Wu Yu's arm, deep enough to expose bone. Fresh blood gushed, instantly dyeing his clothes red.

Such a cruel wound was painful enough to cause Wu Yu to sharply inhale the cold air.

Luckily, the Invincible Vajra Body was strong enough. The two 5th Tier disciples had intended to tear his arm off.

"What overwhelming spiritual power!"

They were truly opponents of Su Yanli's level.

"Rainbow Lasso!"

Just as Wu Yu was forced back, arms injured and unable to firmly grip his Demon Subduing Staff, Ni Hongyi extended her arm with a slight smile. A rainbow-colored chain flew like a snake, towards Wu Yu's head. The rainbow chain descended, and one could make out an Immortal Treasure Spirit Design on it. It was an Immortal Treasure.


Wu Yu did not have time to react, when the Rainbow Lasso fell on him. It was as strong as steel rope, and trussed him up hand and foot. It crushed him with terrifying strength, and even the Demon Subduing Staff fell to the floor with a clatter.


He strained with all the strength in his body, roaring, and even using the Immortal Ape Transformation. The Rainbow Lasso grew to accommodate his transformation, still crushing Wu Yu. This type of Immortal Treasure was clearly very advanced, and the Immortal Ape Transformation was unable to break free. It complemented Ni Hongyi's spiritual power at the 5th Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. Given Wu Yu's current standard, it was extremely difficult to stand up against these Core Disciples who had been cultivating for close to a century.

"Still trying to escape? Keke."

Ni Hongyi stood before him, incanting a spiritual art. Instantly the Rainbow Lasso tightened, biting into his flesh. It caused terrible pain to Wu Yu, as though he was about to be turned into mincemeat by the Rainbow Lasso.


Wu Yu knew that he was in trouble.

But he was not afraid. As long as he did not die, there would be a chance for revenge. He did not want to hold this grudge, but now it seemed like he was forced to.

"Lan Shuiyue, today you beat me down. Don't regret it in the future." The Immortal Ape Transformation expended too much energy, and Wu Yu subsided. His gaze was quiet, his anger simmering low. He looked at the smug and easy smile on Lan Shuiyue's face.


All of them laughed, and Lan Shuiyue rocked with laughter. She suddenly ceased, and showed her resentment on her face. She strode in front of Wu Yu, and spoke to the green and blue clothed disciples holding Wu Yu from behind. "Make him kneel."


Although there were three members of the 5th Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm present, but they all listened to Lan Shuiyue. At this moment, they exerted pressure on Wu Yu, their feet kicking against Wu Yu's instep, forcing them downwards. Instantly, Wu Yu was on his knees on the floor!

The space beneath a man's knees hold gold!

In this lifetime, Wu Yu had not knelt for many people.

His former father emperor, Sun Wudao, Feng Xueya......

But all of these had been Wu Yu's benefactors.

This kneel ignited the fire in his heart. He looked up, his anger flaring. The bestial look in his eyes scared Lan Shuiyue back a step.

With three members of the 5th Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, it was indeed very difficult to struggle!

The path of cultivation was not a bed of roses. Being disgraced was inevitable, and this was a common scene. Wu Yu had been prepared, but this did not mean that he was about to accept it lying down.

"Lan Shuiyue, doing this means that we're enemies now!" Wu Yu rumbled in a low voice.

"Enemies? What makes you qualified?" Lan Shuiyue laughed, and extended a hand to slap Wu Yu. She had vowed thus before. She would make Wu Yu kneel, she would slap him, and she would tear his mouth.

He would not just take this slap.

However, he was being held down by two disciples, and the Rainbow Lasso was still on him!

From beside, Ni Hongyi spoke. "Shuiyue, this guy isn't playing around. If you really want to vent your anger, and make him regret, then just take his life. If you're afraid, sister here can help you do the deed as well."

Lan Shuiyue's  hand paused. After Ni Hongyi was finished speaking, she replied sweetly. "Elder Sister Hongyi is so unreasonable. But if you want to do so, I won't stop you. Of course, you'll have to wait for me to finish shredding his mouth first!"

Wu Yu listened to their exchange.

He had a sudden revelation about cultivating Dao: "Both of these girls are considered beauties, but they are cruel in their ways. Perhaps they are not evil, but the path of Dao is about survival. The strong feast on the weak. Today, I am weak, and it is logical for them to tear me up!"

"If I were strong, then destroying them now would also be logical!"

Perhaps now he understood that phrase a level deeper now.

"Martial Cultivation is plunder. Only the strongest can be heroic!"

Without might, where was the heroism to speak of?

Lan Shuiyue's slap had caused the Dao in Wu Yu's heart to become resolved! In truth, he had not let his anger overtake him because he was forced to kneel. He was still logical and rational. Although he was not angry, but he would take revenge for this.

He was incomparably calm.

"Ming Long, I'm counting on you......"

In the fraction of a second......

He suddenly visualized the Inner Ape, the Unparalleled Monkey King within him! His overwhelming majesty, unparalleled in the world!

"Ground Demon Transformation Art!"

The so-called 72 Transformations was not just about changing into 72 different creatures.

Rather, it was a mystical art that was almighty and unnaturally powerful. It transcended the void, and there was nothing it was not capable of!

The so-called Fixed Body Art was only one of the skills!


Wu Yu blew out, his spiritual power mingling with this marvellous art again. Fixed Body Art was miraculous. It was always a huge help to Wu Yu at critical moments.  Whenever Wu Yu was practicing, Fixed Body Art often failed, and instead consumed huge amounts of his spiritual power. But during an actual fight, it succeeded again and again!

His target was Ni Hongyi's Rainbow Lasso.

The Fixed Body Art could stop all things. Why be limited to only living things? For example, Immortal Treasures, flying weapons, all of them were caught. This Immortal Treasure operated through the Immortal Treasure Spirit Design. Wu Yu spent some time identifying its position. That was why he now dared to be so bold as to try the Fixed Body Art!

The Immortal Treasure Spirit Design held the spiritual power of the 5th Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm.

Ni Hongyi was at the 5th Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, three levels higher than Wu Yu. The Fixed Body Art would be ineffectual against her, which was why Wu Yu had switched targets to the Immortal Treasure Spirit Design. The Immortal Treasure Spirit Design could not possibly have all of Ni Hongyi's spiritual power, and there was a chance of success.


In that instant, Wu Yu could clearly feel the Rainbow Lasso slacken, giving him the ability to respond. However, it was only for an instant. Evidently, the power in the Immortal Treasure Spirit Design was still very strong. Besides, Wu Yu had not yet mastered this awesome skill.

But an instant was all Wu Yu needed.

That was the precise instant that Lan Shuiyue was about to slap him.

In that instant, the Fixed Body Art took effect, and Wu Yu extricated a hand, plunging it into the Sumeru Pouch and retrieving an object!

"Firestarter Gem!"

The Rainbow Lasso loosened, and Ni Hongyi was still trying to react. Wu Yu had already pulled out the Firestarter Gem. Previously, Jiang Junlin had stored a considerable amount of fire within the Firestarter Gem. Without a word, Wu Yu unleashed all of the fire inside. In an instant, all six people were drowning in a sea of fire, and especially Lan Shuiyue and Su Ci screamed as they burned!


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