Chapter 0939: Remember the Days

After the harrowing escape from the clutches of the primate demons, Wu Yu's real body rapidly caught up to the Hidden Immortal, where his Heaven Devouring Avatar was.

Both the Heaven Devouring Avatar and real body were Wu Yu, so the Heaven Devouring Avatar knew everything that had happened to Wu Yu.

After learning that Wu Yu had escaped danger, Ye Xixi breathed a sigh of relief, but a cast fell over her face. Even though Wu Yu had said it so many times, she still felt apologetic. "Honestly, it's all my fault. If I was as capable as you two, we would not have to meet such danger, but could escape with ease...."

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Wu Yu exchanged looks.

They knew the abashed feelings of Ye Xixi. If they were in her shoes, and had trapped the others because of their own incompetence, they would feel bad as well.

Wu Yu thought it over. Her feelings could not be avoided, and consoling her would do no good either. He focused on what was critical. "No need to get anxious. You simply have had the legacy for too short a time. Trust me - the Curtain Lifting General's first step will definitely be to enable you to protect your own life. Either a Somersault Cloud like mine, or Gone from the Skies like Nanshan’s. You have to believe in yourself. Only then will your legacy acknowledge you quickly. Rather than worry and apologize, seek a solution. Do you understand?"

The Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled as well. "Old Wu is right. Don't be so down, little girl. You're already quite ugly. If you are a worrier as well, your face value is going to fall further."

Teased thus by the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi couldn't help but smile through her tears. "You're the ugly one, you big, fat pig!"

"What an unclean mouth you have, Little Sister. See if Big Brother doesn't slap it right." The Full Moon of Nanshan huffed and began a noisy brawl with her. Along with Lazy protecting its owner, things got merrily underway.

"Big Brother Yu, I understand. Both of you have taken such good care of me. I won't let you down and become a burden." After some boisterous play, Ye Xixi sobered up.

"No pressure. Dao cultivation depends on one's uncluttered heart."

Wu Yu truly felt for this point. Right now, he had reached a level where he sort of mentored others in the dao. He had his own learnings, and he knew that it was hardest to get things done when one was anxious.

Ye Xixi went off into the cabin to cultivate. Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan stood at the prow. They had almost left the territory of the Seven Ape Alps now, and were on the outskirts. The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "What are you thinking of doing now?"

Nangong Wei was still somewhere in the Seven Ape Alps, and even continuing her murder spree. Although Wu Yu had been met with danger, he was loath to give it up.

"Go on. Until she is found."

"Done. We can't waste this trip, after all. I think that this change of hers... that ‘mother’ she spoke of must be the problem,” the Full Moon of Nanshan offered.

"Agreed. It must be the person who made her lose her way, who brought her here, who made her forget everything. But I can confirm that she is the Nangong Wei that I knew."

"I don't doubt that."

It had been unlucky that they had stumbled upon the Divine Wood Great Ape previously.

However, Wu Yu did not expect the next development. Just as he was about to have Lazy again lead them in search of Nangong Wei, Lazy's hackles suddenly rose, its back arching.

Wu Yu looked ahead to see a woman hovering ahead. She wore long robes of orange, and her black hair and long robes were streaming behind her. Nine-colored flames were wrapped her, and she looked like a queen amidst them. Within Wu Yu's mind, the bloodline and ability had changed her into an otherworldly beauty, the world's perfections embodied in her form. This masterpiece's smoldering eyes were currently fixed on Wu Yu in the Hidden Immortal!

She had clearly seen through the Hidden Immortal's concealment spirit designs. More, she had seen Wu Yu within the Hidden Immortal. That was no easy feat. Whether in terms of escaping or chasing, Nangong Wei had reached unimaginable levels. It was hard to reconcile this miraculous being with the girl who had grown up at the Clear Sky of Shushan, and was of humble birth from the Yan Huang Ancient Region's view.

Although she had no immortal's legacy, she was a wonder.

"Damn, so beautiful, she makes you want to die. And a real hottie too. No wonder you came all this way. Worth it." The Full Moon of Nanshan sighed. He immediately used his Gone from the Skies to hide himself so that he would not intrude on the meeting between Wu Yu and Nangong Wei.

He had intended to go find her, but she had appeared here. There was no need now. Wu Yu was shocked, and conflicted with doubt and confusion. He quickly walked out of the Hidden Immortal and appeared before her. They were about 10 zhang apart, and he could already smell her scent. It was a luxurious, rich scent, akin to the fragrance of flowers.

At the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree, Nangong Wei had not faced him directly, as she was now, sizing him up and down with threatening eyes, as though expecting Wu Yu to lower his head before her. Her eyes were filled with a conquering, unsettling, strength, a superior attitude as if she was high above on the clouds judging the mortals below. A condescending air about her.

"I know that you saved me from the Black Hornet Demon King. But why are you following me?! If you anger me, I will not show you mercy, no matter who you are," Nangong Wei said coldly and aloofly.

She was full of enmity for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu frowned slightly. He did not lose his temper immediately, but said patiently, "Do you have no recollection of your past? We knew each other before, and got along well. One day, you were gone, and your father begged me to find you. I heard news of you when I was in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. I came to the Nanyin Demon Continent for you. Do you not remember anything about the Clear Sky of Shushan, or your father?"

Nangong Wei gave a hoarse laugh. "Your powers of storytelling are very amusing. I wonder where you developed such cheek. I grew up with my mother since I was young. I have never been to any Clear Sky of Shushan, and I have no father. Naturally, I don't recognize you either. You have been following me so insidiously. You must have other plans. Out with it! Or I will show you no courtesy."

Wu Yu's frown deepened. Her memory was not only devoid of the truth, but had also been replaced, all with her "mother."

"Have you truly contemplated if those memories of your mother in your head are real? Nangong Wei, perhaps you are being controlled. Everything that you know is false." Wu Yu could only pursue this explanation.

"Hmph. Using such strange reasons to sully my mother. I think you're tired of life. Ready to die?" She had a fiery personality, and immediately threatened Wu Yu's life.

These words made Wu Yu conclude that whatever "poison" it was had run deep. If he wanted her to return to her former self, that might be very, very difficult. At least Wu Yu did not have that power now.

If he tried to pressure her verbally, she might not believe him, and might even resist. Wu Yu tried to take a mental step backwards. He obviously hoped that she was at least safe, and not being used by others.

"Alright. You believe what you remember, then." Wu Yu was not as hard-headed as he used to be. He adopted a softer approach with her. "I am called Wu Yu. Although we knew each other before, let's get to know each other again. I have a question that I want to clarify. Why are you killing demons and taking their heads?"

Nangong Wei laughed coldly. "I have no wish to know a nameless wretch like you. Besides, what business is it of yours who I kill? I know that you have a tracking method. I came here today to tell you to stop following me. Do you hear?"

Wu Yu was frustrated. He recalled how obedient she had been back then, idolizing him and calling him “big brother.” And then she had changed, to love herself more. And now he had been called a nameless wretch after introducing himself.

The world changed in unexpected ways. But he did not blame her, because he knew that her current state was definitely being engineered by some other presence behind the scenes. She had lost herself, and was to be pitied. Wu Yu did not want her to be pitiful.

He felt that he had to make some changes, or he would not be able to control her. And if he followed her blindly around the Nanyin Demon Continent, there would be no solution either. Besides, given Wu Yu's current ability, he was still a good distance away from the elites of the Jambu Realm, who had been cultivating for four or five centuries and were nearing immortalhood.

"Did you hear me? Stop following me. My last warning." Nangong Wei pinned Wu Yu with a fierce glare, dictating her words clearly.

"Alright. But I wish you will one day remember the past...." Wu Yu shook his head in frustration.

"Keh." Nangong Wei scoffed it off. But Wu Yu had already agreed, and she wanted nothing more to do with him. She turned to leave.

But just as she turned, there was a huge pair of eyes before her. They were like whirlpools, swirling with great speed. Nangong Wei felt her world spin, and the view before her changed!

"What...." She was disoriented, and many illusions appeared in her mind. There were also many places and people that merged crazily before her. She saw Wu Yu, but he was not as he was now. He was much younger, and looking at her with great emotion. And complex feelings welled within her - pain, struggle, hate.

"You dare to use illusion techniques against me?" Nangong Wei raged.

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