Chapter 0938: Sacrifice the Self

Wu Yu only wanted to give this opportunity a shot.

Although they had Mu Yan under control, it was not very likely that it would save all their lives.

And the biggest consideration was Ye Xixi.

Wu Yu hovered by her side. Since the Divine Wood Great Ape had already agreed, then all that remained was for him to remove the Taiyi Divine Wood Array.

The Divine Wood Great Ape was more confident than Wu Yu had imagined. Or perhaps he was feeling good in his home turf. Deep down, he probably thought nothing of Wu Yu's group.

The demons surrounded Wu Yu's party, the Divine Wood Great Ape chanted some phrases, and the sealed off Taiyi Divine Wood Array began to recede. The trees started to shrink from their imposing extremes, returning back to the soil. The retraction of this spirit design took quite a toll on the person who was controlling it.

The Divine Wood returning to the earth was an awesome sight. The demons swarmed Wu Yu, clamoring, "Release him!"

"Release him! If you go back on your word, we will not let you off easily!"

"Release him immediately."

Seeing the Taiyi Divine Wood Array more or less removed, Wu Yu did not want to hold back his part of the bargain either. His Heaven Devouring Avatar flicked the Dark North Royal Obelisk, and the frozen body of Mu Yan flew back to his father with startling strength!


Wu Yu exploded into decisive action.

Firstly, the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dignified Trident Elemental escorted Ye Xixi. The three tried to break open a way.

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he used his Gone from the Skies mystique to render himself invisible, as though he had already escaped. Actually, he was sticking with Ye Xixi, because the main mission was to get her out.

Instead, it was Wu Yu's real body who stood unmoving before the demons. His body grew, coarsening and bulging out as his muscles grew rapidly. Crackling and popping sounds came from his joints.

Demons were adept at body changing, but it was rare for humans. Therefore, Wu Yu's transformation caught their eye. But it was his next transformation that truly shocked them. The Immortal Ape Transformation changed Wu Yu's real body into a golden immortal ape, with rugged hair and a ferocious countenance! He was part man and part monkey. Compared to the stooped ape demons, the fiery golden Wu Yu seemed like a king amongst them.

"He has our bloodline?!"


"Could this be the humans' atavistic bloodline? Which means this person's ancestor is one of us?"

Seeing the Immortal Ape Transformation for the first time, they would definitely be aghast and shocked.

But as Ye Xixi's group made a break for it, they did not hesitate. Although the Taiyi Divine Wood Array was gone, they did not think that Wu Yu and the others could escape from them!

"Don't you think you could escape!?"

The situation sank into a confusing skirmish!

Wu Yu used his real body to block them! His target was all the demons present! Therefore, he summoned all of his doppelgangers! Suddenly, the demons' field of vision was filled with golden immortal apes. Some climbed on the heads of the demons, and each golden apes was the same size as the original. It was difficult for them to spot the real one quickly!

His mystique had caught the demons off-guard.

"Blood Weeping World Technique!"

The doppelgangers used their dao technique! The Blood Weeping World took the place of the Taiyi Divine Wood Array, surrounding their entire area. The powerful crimson waves obscured the demons' eyes, and Wu Yu's many clones combined the power of their dao techniques to produce an effect that was still fairly terrifying for demons at the first tier of the Dao Querying Realm!

Bloodcurdling howls rang out from amidst the demons!

Under the real body's cover, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, the Dignified Trident Elemental, and the Heaven Devouring Avatar were pacing away. Casting one's gaze out, the entire field was Wu Yu's clones. While they were attacking, they also let the four squeeze their way out past them. At this time, it was no longer the demons who surrounded Wu Yu, but Wu Yu who surrounded them!

The Full Moon of Nanshan's illusion mystique was also used to great effect. They left towards the east, but doubles of them fled in different directions. It was hard for the demons to tell - after all, Wu Yu's Blood Weeping World Technique had already swamped the field!

"Hidden Immortal!"

This was Wu Yu's plan. After they rushed out, they would quickly leave on the Hidden Immortal. As long as they got far enough, this bunch of demons would be unable to touch them.

Once the Hidden Immortal appeared, the primate demons flew into an uncontrollable rage. Many had been beaten within an inch of their lives by Wu Yu's Blood Weeping World Technique, but the three leaders were not severely affected. They all used their respective Natural Mystiques right now, and in a heartbeat, hundreds of Wu Yu's clones were destroyed!

In just a few breaths of time, close to 2,000 had fallen, and the others were on the way!

"Your opponent is me!"

Wu Yu saw that the Golden Spirit Monkey Demon was about to chase the Hidden Immortal, and he rushed up. He used his Paradise's Fiery Demise mystique to pluck the Golden Spirit Monkey Demon out of the chase!

The Paradise's Fiery Demise was still quite powerful!

But while the Golden Spirit Monkey Demon was slowed, the Crouching Blood Marmoset had already vanished into the earth. Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold saw that he had already burrowed into the ground, and was headed straight for the Hidden Immortal!

"Get out here!"

Wu Yu weaved through his own Unshackled Doppelgangers, landing on the ground with terrifying speed. He matched the Crouching Blood Marmoset for speed when unchecked.

"Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters!"

The Infernal Sky Pillar in his hands had grown to more than 20 zhang, and his staff slammed down from above like a crashing comet. It immediately consumed the path with nine-colored flames! The staff crashed on the ground with a huge boom, and the nine-colored flames blanketed the earth. One could see the soil itself crumble into ash! And beneath the ground, the Crouching Blood Marmoset bore the brunt of the attack. Perhaps he had not expected Wu Yu to be that strong. He was not only unable to evade, but he felt the sheer impact of the Infernal Sky Pillar!

"This advanced dao treasure is really strong! Close to a seraphic dao treasure!" the demon exclaimed.

Wu Yu's heroic display landed two attacks that blunted the leaders of the Crouching Blood Marmosets and the Golden Spirit Monkey Demons, buying more time and space for the Hidden Immortal. The other demons had already been long held at bay by Wu Yu. Initially intent on chasing the Hidden Immortal, they all halted, their attention switching to Wu Yu!

"You're going to sacrifice yourself for them?" At this time, the leader of the Divine Wood Great Apes had smashed basically all of Wu Yu's clones. And the Hidden Immortal had continued to escape further, capitalizing on the time that Wu Yu had bought. After ascertaining that it was out of reach, Wu Yu breathed a sigh of relief.


Although it had been risky, they were considered prodigies. The primate demons had been too cocky, and had walked into Wu Yu's plan.

Of course, they had completely decimated Wu Yu's clones, and surrounded him well and good now. It looked like Wu Yu intended to sacrifice himself. All of them were wary now. They crowded in. Without the Hidden Immortal, Wu Yu could not leave.

"That's right. I will trade my life for my friends' lives. What's the problem?" Wu Yu was still waiting for the Hidden Immortal to get further. He taunted them, buying more time.

The Divine Wood Great Ape clapped. "Very noble. Admirable. I expect no less from the progeny of our primate line. But we don't like mixed bloods. Since you made this decision, we cannot cheapen you, and kill you without remorse. I think the furious Fire-Red Demon Apes will know better how to deal with you, to ease the bitterness in their hearts!"

"They will probably hoist me up and worship me like a god. You had better do likewise." Wu Yu laughed.

"Still so hard-mouthed before you die?" The Crouching Blood Marmoset burst with indignation. He had been hit by Wu Yu's Infernal Sky Pillar and was injured. However, his attention was still on the Infernal Sky Pillar as he raved.

"What? You want it? A pity that it's beyond you. And there can only be one master." Wu Yu sneered. The demons noticed that Wu Yu was getting more and more relaxed and at ease as his death approached. It was as though the one doomed right now was not him.

"He ain't gonna show us tears until we show him the coffin. Let's deal with him together. Prevent any shenanigans."

"You're right."

The demons conferred briefly. The three leaders wanted to act together. They had a strong reputation and a varied arsenal. They closed in on Wu Yu with murderous faces, planning to gang up on him.

"Forget it. I won't play with you anymore. All I can say is that the deaths of the Fire-Red Demon Apes was not our doing. Believe it or not, it’s up to you. Farewell!"

Wu Yu fused the Somersault Cloud with his own body and somersaulted as the three demons neared. He entered an alternate space. The distance of his somersault had brought him far, far away!

He found the Hidden Immortal very easily because he had his avatar aboard.

And the primate demons' expressions were priceless....

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