Chapter 0937: Taiyi Divine Wood Array

The demons bared their fangs and naturally did not consider them a threat.

But as they laughed and chattered, they scattered around the Taiyi Divine Wood Array and surrounded Wu Yu and his group. Obviously, they were preventing their escape.

This time, they were surrounded by three types of demons: the Divine Wood Great Ape, the Golden Spirit Monkey Demons, and the Crouching Blood Marmosets. They were restless and jumped about everywhere. They stared at Wu Yu's group fiercely.

"I see it. This is an ugly boar demon. It's really ugly," one Golden Spirit Monkey Demon said.

The demons roared with laughter. The Full Moon of Nanshan's face flushed red with anger.

He hated it the most when others commented on his appearance.

"The other two are ugly too. I think that humans are the ugliest. They are not as good-looking as us primates. They don't even have fur on their bodies, they are so shamelessly bald."

"That girl should have more tender flesh. She seems to be near the Dao Querying Realm. She should be the strongest of them. She's probably the most nutritious."

These primates watched them intently, while Wu Yu and his group stayed close to each other.

"Do you have any suggestions on what to do?" The Full Moon of Nanshan frowned. The danger that they were facing now was unprecedented. They were trapped in this spirit design, and even if the Full Moon of Nanshan turned invisible, the other party could still attack him in this sealed space.

Ye Xixi was nervous too and did not know what to do.

Wu Yu frowned. They were too unlucky. He was also having a headache. He could escape, but he could not escape alone. And Wu Yu had said it clearly early on. Ye Xixi knew that if she urged Wu Yu anymore, he would be angry.

"We will react according to their moves and take it one step at a time." There was definitely no lack of such soul shocking moments on the road of martial cultivation. Now the key was to remain calm. 

To Wu Yu, the most difficult part would be to escape with the two of them from this encirclement. 

Previously, he faced Black Hornet Demon King, who was stronger, but he was alone at that time and it was easy to escape.

"Spirit Penetration Art!"

First, he used the Spirit Penetration Art from the 72 Transformations to explore the Taiyi Divine Wood Array. The demons' understanding of spirit designs was still slightly lacking. If he could find a way to dissolve this spirit design, then it would be easier. When Wu Yu used the Spirit Penetration Art to study the spirit design, he told the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, "Stall for time."

The two of them understood.

"I've heard for a long time that the primate demons in the Seven Ape Alps are powerful. Every one of you is vicious and can fight 100 enemies alone. However, I'm very disappointed now that I’ve met you. It seems like legends can be fake too. Alas…." The Full Moon of Nanshan shook his head and sighed.

"He he, indeed, they're just fishing for fame." While Wu Yu was focused on studying the Taiyi Divine Wood Array, Ye Xixi cooperated and shook her head and sighed. 

They were about to attack when they heard these words. Instantly, they looked at each other. The Divine Wood Great Ape leading them said, "Our tribe is not afraid of the heavens or earth. We rule the Nanyin Demon Continent and stand upright. How are we fishing for fame? You guys are the ones who are spouting nonsense. Don't blame us for being cruel! We are going to eat your bodies and hang your heads outside to dry in the wind. We will let outsiders witness your end since you dare to create trouble at our Seven Ape Alps!"

The Full Moon of Nanshan snorted and said helplessly, "What a joke. Since you say that you rule the Nanyin Demon Continent, how can your group of Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm demons cooperate to fight against three Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators? This is laughable. Is it because you are spineless or because you overestimate us? Perhaps all three of us are at the fourth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm?"

"I think that even though they’ve reached their high cultivation levels, they are actually weaklings. Otherwise, why would they be so cautious about us?" Ye Xixi's eyes narrowed and she mimicked the Full Moon of Nanshan's tone, speaking mockingly.

"Stop saying that. It'll be awkward if they hear this. After all, this is their territory. Now that they are furious from embarrassment, we'll be dead if they attack together," the Full Moon of Nanshan said nervously.

Their conversation infuriated the monkeys. Their eyes were red with fury and the Divine Wood Great Apes even stood up to pound their chests. Loud knocking sounds exploded. One of them said, "Father, let me deal with three of them alone. I'll beat them until their teeth are all knocked out."

This was a young Divine Wood Great Ape. He was the son of the leader and was at the first tier of the Dao Querying Realm.

"Allow me!"

"Let me do it! I can get rid of them alone. I'll make them understand that we are not just fishing for fame!"

In an instant, all the primate demons were competing to fight. In the end, the Crouching Blood Marmoset said, "The Divine Wood Great Apes caught them, let Mu Yan do it. It would be a walk in the park for Mu Yan to defeat all three of them with their ability."

Mu Yan was the son of the Divine Wood Great Apes' leader.

While the other primates were not happy about the decision, they could not do anything. They could only look at Wu Yu and his group with hatred. Their hands were itching to attack, but they were cautious of their reputation this time, so only Mu Yan attacked. 

"Everyone, please rest assured. I alone can force these three ugly fellows to beg for their lives."

The Divine Wood Great Ape Mu Yan laughed coldly. He was extremely big, and at this point, he did not say anything more. He raised his huge fists and attacked Wu Yu and his group.


The Full Moon of Nanshan, Wu Yu, and Ye Xixi surrounded him together and started the battle. Wu Yu's attention was still on the Taiyi Divine Wood Array - he was actually still studying this spirit design. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi did not use their full strength either. The battle now looked dangerous and the three of them were barely holding up against Mu Yan's attacks. Actually, they were all just acting in order to stall for more time!

Acting was nothing as long as they survived!

The Full Moon of Nanshan was most adept at that, and he acted with his life. At the end, he even transformed into his true form and clashed violently with the Divine Wood Great Ape. Both parties seemed to be equal in strength. Both gigantic bodies suffered injuries. Wu Yu also displayed some of his ability to surprise these primates with his strength.

But his attention was on the Spirit Penetration Art.

After a long period of deliberation, he was still a little confused. He was not very familiar with this kind of spirit design. Although he had the Spirit Penetration Art, it would take some time for him to make a thorough study of this spirit design. Obviously, the primates around him were not very patient in this fight!

"Mu Yan hasn't taken them down yet. Do you want another one of us to join in?"

"No, we can't let this group of outsiders taunt us and say that we bullied them with numbers. Although they seem equally matched, Mu Yan is, after all, at the Dao Querying Realm. It's definitely no problem for him to take them down in the end. It's a very good real battle for him too!"

In spite of this, after half an hour, victory was still unclear. Wu Yu's group seemed to be hurt, but they had not lost. As the battle continued, Wu Yu saw the suspicious eyes of the demons around him. They gradually doubted that it was not that Mu Yan was weak, but that the opponents had concealed their true strength!

Wu Yu was still lacking when it came to the Spirit Penetration Art. He wanted to find a weakness and then unravel that weakness to escape. But he estimated that in the process of his attack, the other party would rise up and attack together. He could survive, but it was still dangerous for Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan!

At this moment, he felt that he could use another option.

"Shall we hold this guy hostage?" Wu Yu asked secretly. He knew that this was the leader's son. It would be effective. Previously, he had not expected him to be their opponent.

The Full Moon of Nanshan thought about it before answering, "Sure." 


Wu Yu did as he had suggested! At this moment, his Heaven Devouring Avatar suddenly rushed out from the Floating Dreams Pagoda. He held the Dark North Royal Obelisk in his hands, and the Dark North Royal Obelisk instantly turned into an iron whip.

"Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation!"

The iron whip turned into a giant mystical dragon and instantly coiled around the young Divine Wood Great Ape. At the same time, it sealed the young Divine Wood Great Ape in ice. He was frozen into a huge block of black ice. Wu Yu and his group now stood behind this black ice sculpture. After Wu Yu captured him, he instantly said loudly, "Don't move, or I'll instantly send him to his death!"

When he spoke, the black ice sculpture seemed to shatter. When it broke, the blood and flesh of the Divine Wood Great Ape inside started to break as well. It looked like he was about to break together with the ice sculpture!

"I said don't move," Wu Yu said loudly again. His voice was firm because before this, those primates were about to attack together.

"You dare to hurt my son?" The Divine Wood Great Ape howled and his eyes instantly turned red!

"Impudent! Do you know how the word ‘death’ is written?" the Golden Spirit Monkey Demons' leader said with a sharp voice.

Wu Yu laughed heartily and said, "Of course I know! Didn't you all want to cook us? Since we have no chance of survival, why can't we resort to such means? It's not too bad to drag one down with us! Unless you guys will give us a chance for survival."

On the one hand, Nangong Wei had killed the Fire-Red Demon Apes. Wu Yu did not want the primates to know of her existence. On the other, even if he said that he had not done it, with the evidence presented, they would not believe him. Hence, he could only risk it.

Wu Yu's craziness and excitement at this time made the primates afraid. After all, this was the son of the leader of the Divine Wood Great Apes. At this time, they all looked at the leader and did not rush to attack. The leader stared at Wu Yu and said, "I can only say that you will die a more terrible death!"

"Don't frighten me. I'll be frank. I know it's not realistic to let us leave the Seven Ape Alps just with this guy's life. I'll make a more realistic exchange. If you remove this Taiyi Divine Wood Array, I'll let him go. Whether the three of us can escape or not depends on our ability and also your ability. Do you have the courage to gamble? "

The strength and sharpness of Wu Yu's speech were not at the same level as the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi’s just now. At this time, the primates finally saw that he was the leader of the three.

Mu Yan's life in exchange for the Taiyi Divine Wood Array.

Then what happened next would depend on their own abilities.

Wu Yu's suggestion seemed quite agreeable for the primates.

The Divine Wood Great Apes' leader ground his teeth and asked, "Why should I trust that you'll release him?" 

"If I don't let him go, then you will only be angrier and I won't meet a good end. I'm still thinking of escaping." Wu Yu laughed.

"Deal!" The Divine Wood Great Ape was very decisive. 

Besides, this was Seven Ape Alps.

As long as his son was fine, he was not worried at all that Wu Yu and his group could escape.

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