Chapter 0936: Divine Wood Great Ape

Of course, the Hidden Immortal was considerably slower than the Somersault Cloud.

Therefore, he could only feel Nangong Wei get further and further away. However, according to Lazy, she was moving deeper into the Seven Ape Alps!

What was her purpose?!

Wu Yu had no inkling.

After emerging, Wu Yu saw that the Seven Ape Alps was still in disarray. Ape demons were everywhere, discussing the murder of the Fire-Red Demon Apes.

There were few internal conflicts ordinarily, under the rule of the Seven Ape Kings.

Besides, the Fire-Red Demon Apes themselves had seen clearly that it was three foreigners. They said that all three were demons, although they did not know what kind. They moved in human form, as two men and a woman.

Because of the Fire-Red Demon Apes’ affair, many of the demons had been called to look for Wu Yu and the others. From the Hidden Immortal, Wu Yu and the others could see the splendid view of the Seven Ape Alps. Ape demons of all shapes and sizes were everywhere. The strong ones were at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, while the weaker ones might be at the Qi Condensation Realm. They went beyond counting, and came from different species. It was truly an immortal nation of primates.

Of course, the strong here ruled, and the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm demons were escorted by thousands of smaller demons in an impressive array.

However, their Hidden Immortal still passed through the turbulent region, advancing into deeper regions. Looking far out, they saw cloud-covered hills everywhere. In the deepest area were seven peaks, which were the Seven Ape Alps where the Seven Ape Kings were.

The Hidden Immortal flew under the ancient canopy. Wu Yu's mind was filled with Nangong Wei, while the Full Moon of Nanshan steered the Hidden Immortal, activating the concealment spirit designs at the same time. Ye Xixi was communing with Lazy. At this time--

As the Hidden Immortal passed a weathered tree with long tendrils, the dry bark suddenly fell off the trunk with a loud rustle. As the bark sloughed off, a monkey roughly two zhang tall, and covered in chestnut-brown fur, appeared. This huge monkey was very strong, and his skin was the color of bark. When he appeared, his demonic aura also filled the Hidden Immortal.

Ordinarily, the sea region demons had a more muscular constitution. In the world of cultivation, it was not the most macho of demons who triumphed. Put another way, those with huge bodies were definitely strong. But those with small bodies might still be strong! Especially some demons who had very high cultivation levels but were physically tiny.

Of course, there were also demons who could change their body size. For example, this huge, brown monkey that had appeared near the Hidden Immortal. He leapt down from the tree, immediately growing to 100 zhang in size. This was his true demon form!

The brown monkey had obviously used a concealment skill, which was why Wu Yu and the others had not noticed it as they passed. And because it was too near, it had stumbled over the Hidden Immortal. This huge monkey’s head suddenly loomed before the Hidden Immortal, his ponderous fist crashing against the Hidden Immortal before the Full Moon of Nanshan had a chance to react. This guy's fist was larger than the Hidden Immortal!

"Fuck!" the Full Moon of Nanshan shouted. The tremendous strength of the huge monkey decked the Hidden Immortal into the ground, the concealment spirit designs all completely wrecked. They were exposed, and only the Defensive Spirit Designs remained up.

"What damn thing is this?" the Full Moon of Nanshan cursed. He, too, had been given a rude shock.

"Who dares to trespass in the Seven Ape Alps, in the territory of I, the Divine Wood Great Ape.... You! The ones who killed the Fire-Red Demon Apes!" The Divine Wood Great Ape, head almost poking through the canopy, surveyed them with eyes wide in surprise. He recognized them immediately.

Wu Yu focused on him, and could immediately tell that the Divine Wood Great Ape was difficult to deal with. His cultivation level was about the same as the Old Yin Yang Demon’s, probably a third tier Dao Querying demon. Because of the dao crisis, there were many martial cultivators and demons at this cultivation level!

After discovering them, the Divine Wood Great Ape bellowed, "Brothers, come forth quickly!" He beat his own chest with his fists and roared. Powerful roars answered him!

He was calling for aid! Wu Yu knew that the Seven Ape Alps was filled with danger at every turn. He was rattled as well. The Full Moon of Nanshan stowed the Hidden Immortal. Here in their territory, the Hidden Immortal could not be used for the moment. They could only escape for now. Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud enclosed them and activated. They charged in the opposite direction from the Divine Wood Great Ape!

"Trying to leave? Have you asked for permission from my Taiyi Divine Wood Array?"

Wu Yu had not expected there to be a heaven and earth spirit design here, as few demons dedicated time to studying spirit designs. Of course, this had been set in place long ago. Perhaps it was not even of his making, but simply his responsibility to activate. It was expected for him to have spirit designs in his own territory. There was definitely a huge troop of Divine Wood Great Apes nearby!

Bang, bang, bang!

As Wu Yu used the Somersault Cloud to escape, he saw the ground before him crack, then many trees sprung up from the soil, rising to the skies. They formed a dense wall that enclosed Wu Yu and the Divine Wood Great Ape within tens of thousands of trees. Wu Yu had to break through hundreds of zhang of distance to break free of the enclosure!

More, even overhead, trees sprung many branches that extended to cover them in layers upon layers. Not a single bit of sunlight could penetrate it. They were completely sealed away. This was the Taiyi Divine Wood Array. Ordinary trees could not possibly hold Wu Yu, but these trees had been inscribed with many spirit designs, and each was extremely sturdy. It might be possible to break one tree, but with so many bunched together, they were impregnable. And Wu Yu estimated that if he broke them, more would spring up in the spirit design!

One moment of carelessness and they had ended up in the Divine Wood Great Ape's trap....

If it had just been Wu Yu, he could have left immediately. But he could not desert the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

Just as he was agonizing over how to get them out, a hole suddenly appeared in the spirit design above the Divine Wood Great Ape's head. Many demons rushed in before it closed back up again, giving Wu Yu and the others no chance to break out. Of course, this spirit design was controlled by the Divine Wood Great Ape, and he would not let Wu Yu do so.

What was troubling was that the demons that had rushed in were all very strong. About 10 had rushed in, and all were at the Dao Querying Realm and above! Since the Divine Wood Great Ape had called them “brothers,” then they were probably not average demons!

There were three types of ape demons. The first was Divine Wood Great Apes, just like the first one. With the one that had caught them, they made up the majority, totaling six.

Another type was a tiny monkey just one chi tall. He was gold in color, and leapt up and down in a lively manner. He had a red face and was rather adorable. But this was just his appearance. The golden monkey was also very strong, and there were two of them. One was at the first tier of the Dao Querying Realm, while the other was at the third tier, just like the Divine Wood Great Ape. This was probably the brother that the lead Divine Wood Great Ape had spoken of.

Besides them, there were also three blood-red demon apes who looked to be drenched in blood, their fur glistening. When they rushed in, half of their bodies were hidden underground, revealing only the upper halves of their torsos. These looked the most feral of the three types. They looked at Wu Yu's party like they were prey, an animalistic savagery in their eyes. The leader of these monkeys was also at the level of the Divine Wood Great Ape leader!

This meant that there were three third tier Dao Querying Realm demons here, and the others were their younger siblings or subordinates, who were also at the Dao Querying Realm. Two of the Divine Wood Great Apes were at the second tier of the Dao Querying Realm. 

"Let me introduce them to you. These are the Golden Spirit Monkey Demons, while these are the Crouching Blood Marmosets. And my Divine Wood Great Ape brothers...." And then he turned to them. "I hear that outsiders have barged into our Seven Ape Alps and killed many Fire-Red Demon Apes. Said to be two guys and a girl. Must be them. They were steering a warship with powerful concealment abilities as well. Luckily, I happened across them, or they would have been undetected."

The blood-red Crouching Blood Marmosets' leader stuck out a long tongue and licked his lips after hearing that. "Two martial cultivators and a demon. Haven't had a martial cultivator in a while now, and now one's delivered to my door."

The Divine Wood Great Ape said, "That won't do. We can't eat them yet. We have to deliver them to the Fire-Red Demon Apes for their leader to deal with. At that time, he will definitely give you a taste, out of respect."

"Alright. Are you sending them, or am I?" The Crouching Blood Marmoset looked bent on eating them.

Hearing this, the Full Moon of Nanshan was indignant. "Hey, you haven't even caught us yet. Don't put on those victory airs so soon, aite?"

His words shocked all 11 monkeys, then they burst into laughter. The smallest Golden Spirit Monkey Demon leader rolled on the floor with laughter. "They're hilarious. This is our Seven Ape Alps. And you're in our hands. And you harmed our brethren. You can't possibly leave alive. Cooking you and eating you is as good as it gets."

"So, so: braised, braised, or braised?"

"Damn you, steam it, without leeks."

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