Chapter 0935: Fire-Red Demon Apes

The forest in the Seven Ape Alps was a little more dense than usual. This was thanks to the spiritual qi's nurturing, which made the average flora grow taller than in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Even the smaller trees needed a few people linking hands to embrace it. As for the large ones, they were tall, pencil-like features that rose to the sky. Some were over 300 zhang in height. Standing below them, you could not see the tree crown, because the clouds came first.

Even the shrubbery on the ground seemed to loom large. As one proceeded through this ancient forest, huge stones and trees everywhere made one feel like a small animal, perhaps even an ant - insignificant and weak.

This land was enormous and vast.

Many monkeys gamboled and pranced in the forests of the Seven Ape Alps Region, flying up and tumbling down.

Wu Yu had no mood to appreciate the scenery. He moved onwards, following the All Amalgamating Cat's directions. Just like before, Nangong Wei was so close yet so far, an ephemeral presence. Wu Yu was not sure how to deal with her, or the situation they were in.

Suddenly, he felt that she had stopped. Wu Yu increased the speed, closing the distance! He weaved through the forest on the Somersault Cloud, and could hear a solid boom from ahead. Sprays of water greeted him, and he looked up to see a waterfall that seemed to originate from the heavens themselves. Within the waterfall, water flooded forth in a gush, accumulating in a roaring froth in the lake below, which was as large as a sea.

And Lazy pointed right to the middle of the waterfall!

"There? Really? You wouldn't be mistaken, would you?" Ye Xixi asked quizzically. But Lazy nodded and meowed once, displeased that Ye Xixi had doubted it. 

Even without Lazy, Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold could pierce the waterfall. He saw that amidst its scale, there was a portion which obscured a cave. Nangong Wei was inside. Although he did not know how big the cave was, Wu Yu still plunged in without hesitation, barging into the cave.


Bursting through the spray, he reached a cave, and not a cliff wall.

As he entered, he smelled blood. Wu Yu's face changed. This cave was completely different on the inside, and very roomy. Each cave was linked to another, as though there was a subterranean city below. Evidently, this was where the monkeys gathered. But when Wu Yu arrived, he saw that the ground was littered with corpses!

These were all monkey corpses, and ones that had already turned into demons. From their fire-red fur, they were a type of ape demon called the Fire-Red Demon Apes. They started off as ordinary monkeys, but those whose parents had turned demon, and were subsequently nurtured that way, turned demon without much exception. After generations, these monkeys were born demons.

There were hundreds of Fire-Red Demon Apes. Just like the boar demon from before, they were all beheaded, and the sea of headless corpses made for gristly a view.

"Damn, this is sick. Are my eyes deceiving me?" the Full Moon of Nanshan exclaimed.

"No way...." Wu Yu took a step back. This had to be Nangong Wei's doing. But he found it hard to accept her blatant murder. And to behead the corpses - was she taking them with her?!

Reeling from disbelief, Wu Yu still had to catch up to her! He asked Lazy, who told him that she had fled from another side. The underground cave had other exits.

"After her!" Wu Yu only wanted to find her. He had originally intended to sort this all out before returning to the Yan Huang Ancient Region. But things had only gotten more muddled since.

Just as they turned, the noisy crashing of water came from behind. Many Fire-Red Demon Apes rushed into the waterfall. They were all demons, and a few were even at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, and close to the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm!

They had entered in good spirits, but seeing this scene, and the trio, turned them to agitated shrieks. The Fire-Red Demon Apes reacted instantly, charging out screaming.

Their shrill cries were picked up by the nearby monkeys. Whether animal or demon, all took up the shrill cry. The apes' piercing voices filled Wu Yu's whole world, ringing in his mind. Their cries sent a clear message: invaders! Killers!

Wu Yu discovered, to his frustration, that the entire ape population throughout the Seven Ape Alps was screaming. Wu Yu sensed how united they were under the Seven Ape Kings' rule.

"Let's go!"

They could not chase Nangong Wei anymore. Right now, it was the three of them who had been found. Although there was no powerful opponent here, if the Seven Ape Kings showed up, they were dead meat. And they did not even have the Indestructible State Talisman anymore. This was not the Yan Huang Ancient Country, but the Nanyin Demon Continent. Here, it was no hardship for demons to take their lives.

Wu Yu's expression changed. First, they rushed out of the cave. Outside the waterfall, all they heard were monkey shrieks echoing persistently in their ears. Many of the older demons had awakened as well, and the entire Seven Ape Alps felt like it was thrumming, alive. They were most exposed in the vicinity of this waterfall. He hurriedly dove into the forest, but it was filled with monkeys, both demon and otherwise. They all took up the alarm call.

"Hidden Immortal!"

On the Somersault Cloud alone, the monkeys could see them everywhere they went. Wu Yu had the Full Moon of Nanshan start up the Hidden Immortal, then all three piled in. The Full Moon of Nanshan quickly activated the concealment spirit designs and then began a low-profile skulk. The Seven Ape Alps were full of mountains and rivers, and they steered the Hidden Immortal to the riverbed, hiding amidst the mud. Because monkeys often roamed on land, and the streams here were especially deep, it seemed that even if three or four of the Seven Ape Kings showed up, they would still be safe.

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "No need to worry. If they don't come super close, they can't find us. Besides, only some measly demons were killed. The elite ones don't even need to show their faces. Perhaps a few Dao Querying cultivators will show up, that's all."

Wu Yu was not worried about himself, but for Nangong Wei. He was worried about both her safety and her condition. Why would she slay those demons with no rhyme or reason?

"I'll go scout around? You two stay here?" Wu Yu asked.

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "Better that I go. I have the mystique Gone From the Skies, and ordinary demons can't see me. Don't worry - I still have to control the Hidden Immortal, I won't go too far."

Saying so, he left the Hidden Immortal to see what was going on outside.

"Big Brother Yu, don't worry, she should be fine. Lazy says that she's far away now. The demons will search nearby. After all, they think we're the killers."

She was right. Nangong Wei had not been discovered, and even if she was, the carnage had nothing to do with her.

He was not as anxious, and now waited for the Full Moon of Nanshan to return. He had to know if it was a small matter that would blow over soon, or if the monkeys were riled up for a full war, and hell bent on catching them.

"Big Brother Yu, I'm sorry...." Ye Xixi suddenly frowned.

"What's wrong?" Wu Yu had been musing about Nangong Wei's situation, and saw that she looked worried.

"I think that the two of us haven't been of much help following you to the Nanyin Demon Continent. Rather, we've become deadweights. Big Brother Nanshan can hide himself, but I've been a burden. You could roam without hindrance or care, but with me, you have to always think about our safety...." She felt troubled.

After hearing this, Wu Yu smiled and patted her shoulder. "Don't be silly. We are like siblings now. Of course we will stick together. It's only natural for me to look out for everyone's safety. And I'm not stupid. I wouldn't bring you all into situations that are too risky. Besides, how are you a burden? Without you, how would I know where she is, and be able to chase her this far? Don't underestimate yourself. Besides, we're all family now. No more foolish thoughts. Got it?"

"Okay." Ye Xixi scrunched up her mouth, then smiled, relieved. She then said enthusiastically, "Actually, I've almost mastered the Double-Ended Taia Sword. My fighting strength will change from now on as well. And in these few days, I hear a voice in the quiet moments. I think the Demon Subduing Scepter is communicating with me. It's getting clearer, and I'm sure I'll see big rewards soon!"

She was able to be happy and laugh with Wu Yu, but it was difficult to do the same with others, where she presented a morose face.


Wu Yu had an elder sister in Wu You, but had no little sister. Ye Xixi made him feel like an older brother.

The Full Moon of Nanshan returned. "They've subsided for now after being unable to find us. It was lively just now, tens of thousands of ape demons screeching a real din. All kinds of monkeys too, big ones taller than the trees, and small ones the size of a fist. Of course, some of them are quite strong. But don't worry. No Dao Querying Realm demons spotted for now. This means that the Hidden Immortal should be quite safe for travel."

"She's getting further also," Ye Xixi added.

Hearing this, Wu Yu decided to continue pursuit in the Hidden Immortal. No matter what, Wu Yu had to get to the bottom of this.

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