Chapter 0934: Seven Ape Kings

"What the heck, just you guys created that much noise and made such a scene?"

When Wu Yu appeared before the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, the Full Moon of Nanshan's expression was bewildered. 

Ye Xixi saw that Wu Yu seemed unharmed and relaxed. Actually, she had wanted to go up to take a look several times.

"Let's leave first!" Wu Yu swept them up with the Somersault Cloud. Actually, the two of them were near where Nangong Wei had disappeared. Hence, once they were on Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud, the Full Moon of Nanshan said, "I think I saw Nangong Wei coming down just now. Aren't you going after her? Why did you come for us?"

"I don't know where she's running to, I'm looking for her. So I'm bringing you guys along."

Then he told the two of them what had happened up there. When they turned back, the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree was still fighting with the Black Hornet Demon King. However, they could not see signs of the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle and the Sandstorm Vulture. Wu Yu guessed that they had been slaughtered by the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree.

"That's a waste. You used the Indestructible State Talisman but she forgot about you," the Full Moon of Nanshan teased.

Wu Yu wanted to leave this place immediately. He knew that Nangong Wei was definitely escaping to somewhere far away, hence he wanted to find her direction of escape and catch up to her. "Something must have happened to her. I better find out what happened in the Nanyin Demon Continent...." While Wu Yu had helped her escape from this danger, as long as the Black Hornet Demon King was alive, he would definitely pursue her again. Wu Yu wanted to look for her to clear some doubts. After all, he had come all the way here.

"She headed in this direction." Ye Xixi hugged Lazy and Lazy gave them a direction.

This was also the reason Wu Yu had quickly brought them here. He recalled that Lazy could find him even in the Infernal Inferno. Actually, other than amalgamating with its master, the All Amalgamating Cat had another ability, and that was a mysterious tracking ability. Ye Xixi said that it searched by instinct, not by smell or any other features.

After Lazy gave them a direction, Wu Yu immediately gave chase without saying a word.

Of course, he also wanted to leave the Black Hornet Demon King's line of sight as soon as possible. Wu Yu guessed that he was about to escape from the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree's control and run in his direction. Hence, he was making the best use of every second he had.

This time, they were indeed lucky. When Wu Yu turned back to look, he already could not see the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree, and it looked as though a big battle was still ongoing there. The Black Hornet Demon King was probably angered from having his two underling demons killed.

"She ran so fast?" Wu Yu headed in the direction Lazy had indicated. They had chased for an hour between the tall mountains and deep valleys of the Nanyin Demon Continent and yet had not caught up to her. This meant that Nangong Wei was capable of escape. Otherwise, she would not have been able to hide for so long after the Black Hornet Demon King had offered a reward for her whereabouts.

"What happened to this girl? Hiding even from you? Even though she has forgotten you, you just saved her." The Full Moon of Nanshan could not understand.

Wu Yu could not understand either.

"Go down." At this moment, Lazy looked down. There was an ancient forest below. There were tall ancient trees everywhere. They were so densely grown that it was very dark under the trees. At this moment, Wu Yu also smelled blood. He quickly steered the Somersault Cloud into the canopy, reaching the space below the forest. It was indeed very dark and humid inside. There were wet leaves on the ground, and they had probably piled up there for a long time. The air was filled with a rotting smell. 

Right when they landed, they saw a large puddle of blood between the trees. There was a giant demonic corpse in that blood puddle, and at this moment, it was still bleeding profusely. Obviously, it had just died from battle. The corpse had burn marks and there were hints of fire on the surrounding trees.

Upon closer look, they could see that this demon had been cleanly beheaded. The remaining corpse only had a body and four limbs. This was the reason why it had bled so much.

From its size, this should be a boar demon. It was a wild boar with black skin and steel, needle-like fur.

"F**k!" Seeing his own kind slain, the Full Moon of Nanshan was shocked. He quickly touched his head and heaved a sigh of relief. He was probably feeling lucky that his head was still attached.

"She did this?" Ye Xixi asked in shock. She thought that a gentle, beautiful woman had motivated Wu Yu to come here. However, now she saw a bloody scene.

"Eh?" Wu Yu was also shocked. From the surrounding situation, this should be her work. Besides, there was a scent and heat here that belonged to her. These surrounding flames came from her, and it was because of that Lazy had asked Wu Yu and his group to descend. From the scene, not more than 15 minutes had passed since the demon's head was chopped off. 

Wu Yu could sense her and the direction she had gone toward. At this moment, he did not think much and directly piloted the Somersault Cloud to continue his chase.

"Big Brother Yu, why did she kill a boar demon on the way at such a time?" Ye Xixi voiced her question.

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "I'm not sure too. I guess that there must be some unknown change happening to her. Hence, I need to look for her to know what happened."

"She actually dared to kill my kind. That's too much. She scares me. Hey, Old Wu, your little lover is really violent...." The Full Moon of Nanshan was, of course, not pitying this boar demon. Actually, he did not have much sense of belonging towards the demons. He joked because he sensed the tense atmosphere now.

"Sit tight!"

Wu Yu increased the speed. With Lazy pointing out the way, at this moment, Lazy had a deeper and deeper impression of her. Wu Yu did not know if he could find her. Besides, at this moment, Wu Yu guessed that the Black Hornet Demon King could no longer catch up to them. He probably could only return, put up a bounty again, and wait for others to give him news! 

But after chasing for half a day, Wu Yu actually failed to catch up to her even with the Somersault Cloud's speed. During the process, he felt himself nearing her many times. He did not even need Lazy to feel the heat exuding from her. But he did not know what method she had used to quickly shake him off.

He chased crazily using the Somersault Cloud and did not even manage to see her after half a day!

At this point, he was not worried that the Black Hornet Demon King would catch up to them. There was no movement behind him at all.

Wu Yu continued to chase - he would not give up.

He could see the grand mountains of the Nanyin Demon Continent. As he looked into the horizon, tens of thousands mountains and valleys stood before him. The tall mountain peaks were covered in the moist clouds and fog. In front of him, there was a patch of green that looked like a heavenly scene. The mountains here were as tall as the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. The spiritual qi here was relatively thick. It was definitely the thickest in the Nanyin Demon Continent.

Wu Yu had been in pursuit at low altitude because they would be too conspicuous at high altitude. There were many bird demons in the sky, and besides, it was said that the Black Hornet Demon King could release countless black hornets all around the world to act as his eyes.

In the deep forest of the mountains, Wu Yu suddenly found that there were many creatures nearby. Most of them were not demons, but mortal wild animals. But what he noticed was that most of these wild animals were primates. They were in large numbers and gathered in groups, shouting and shuttling among the mountains. They were carefree and very happy. Occasionally, one or two of them would gain sentience and become demons. When one became a monkey leader, it was served by a group of little monkeys.

The deeper they were, the larger the variety. Monkeys, gorillas, apes were all present. Most of them were at least one zhang tall and very large. The small ones were only palm-sized, and they were having fun swinging through the greenery playfully.

Basically, as they journeyed, monkeys were everywhere. This was practically a world of monkeys.

Wu Yu knew about the kinds of monkeys. Along the way, he saw small lemurs, fingered monkeys, baby monkeys, tree bear monkeys, marmosets, knot tailed monkeys, curly-tailed monkeys, as well as big ones, such as gibbons, toed apes, giant apes, macaques, golden monkeys, red-faced monkeys, short-tailed monkeys, black leafed monkeys, white-headed leafed monkeys, and so on. It was an eye-opener.

If they were in small numbers, Wu Yu would think that it was normal. However, when they presented in large numbers, he felt that something was wrong. He took out the Nanyin Demon Continent's map to have a look and used the Cloud Piercing Mountain Range as the reference point to find out the direction he was heading in. He pointed forward and instantly he frowned. He said, "We are at the Seven Ape Alps, and this huge region is called the Seven Ape Alps Region. All of the Nanyin Demon Continent's primate demons are gathered here. This is also one of the strongest groups of demons in the Nanyin Demon Continent. Of them, the strongest seven primate demons are called the Seven Ape Kings. Each and every one of them is very strong, probably even stronger than the Black Hornet Demon King. Of them, the strongest is called the Ultimate Demon Master. I heard that he is one of the strongest in the Nanyin Demon Continent...."

The Full Moon of Nanshan laughed and said, "Seven Ape Alps? I've heard of it in the Immortal's Capital as well. These monkeys are very united and lively. They are not easy to deal with. But aren't you their relative? They probably will not do anything to you. Perhaps they may even treat you as their dear son." 

He was still joking even at such a place.

"I look like a Yan Huang Tribe member and am not really related to the primate demons. So we better not disturb them. The Seven Ape Kings are not like the Black Hornet Demon King. They are truly the lords of the Nanyin Demon Continent. Logically speaking, without permission, we cannot trespass into the territory of the seven ape kings, but she has already entered...."

Lazy told Ye Xixi that she had already entered deep into the territory.

Of course, the territory of these seven ape kings was wide. Wu Yu was only at the perimeter, and there were only many wild monkeys here. There were few demons. If they did not enter deep into the territory, then there should not be a problem.

"Be careful." Wu Yu nodded to the two of them.

"I'm not afraid. If something happens, look after the little girl," the Full Moon of Nanshan said. After all, he had the invisibility mystique and Wu Yu could escape at any time. This way, it seemed like Ye Xixi's survival skills were lacking.

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