Chapter 0932: Eternal Phoenix

Wu Yu saw her clearly.

It was her.

Nangong Wei.

Wu Yu naturally could never forget her face, or any other features of her body.

Her eyes, ears, mouth, nose, fingers, collarbone and more.... 

At this moment she was bathed in nine-colored flames and had turned from the phoenix immortal beast into human form.

Within the flames, she looked the same as before. At Shushan, she was already a beauty - black-haired, black-eyed, and fierce like fire. Her eyes were filled with tenacity and persistence. Her aura was like that of the proud phoenix immortal beast just now. Of course, since time had passed and she had matured, her figure had become better. She had outgrown her childishness and become mature and calm.

Of course, the most important change was still the change in her aura. Actually, in the martial cultivation world, or even among real immortals, they were all about the same in terms of looks; from the facial features and skin color, to the figure. Other than ghostly cultivators, who used brutal training methods, there were rarely truly ugly women.

Especially for demons, who could even choose to adjust their own looks and figure when they first transformed into human form.

In the martial cultivation world, or even to immortals, it was meaningless to talk about looks, especially about facial features, skin color, and figure.

The determining factor between an average beauty and a world famous beauty, an ultimate beauty that made 10,000 people crazy, was the aura formed from her identity, ability, status, and special characteristics. For instance, Luo Pin was the Lord of the Four Seas and the king of immortal beasts. Hence, she was unique. Her beautiful looks felt striking yet fearfully respectable. Her aura was incomparable.

Even for Wu Yu, his aura had changed drastically because of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy. He had become more handsome.

If not for the immortal's legacy, the Full Moon of Nanshan would be a wild boar and would not be as charming when he turned into human form.

Simply put, when a normal person trained in the right way of martial cultivation, and not in ghostly dao, which negatively affected the body, he would become better looking as he became stronger and his cultivation level increased. For women, they would become prettier.

For instance, the Ghostly Artificer trained in the ghostly dao and hence only became more and more repugnant. This could not be changed, and he would only look more and more horrifying.

When Wu Yu saw Nangong Wei, he deeply understood that she had changed greatly. Her astonishing beauty proved that she must have had a great improvement in her ability and cultivation level, especially in terms of her bloodline. Otherwise, she would not be like this today, so outstanding in front of Wu Yu. Wu Yu was breathlessly stunned at her fiery beauty and sharp, passionate gaze.

This was the reason why his head was blank. Nangong Wei was no longer the Nangong Wei of the past. It was no wonder that the Little Demon King was attracted to her. Now there were probably not many in this world who could compare to her beauty gained from her transformation. 

She gave off a different feeling compared to Luo Pin, who was gentle and spiritual. She was fierce and proud. She was prideful and had a kind of supremacy that made people ashamed when they stood before her. 

Of course, Wu Yu had the immortal's legacy, so he would not be suppressed by her.

In fact, Wu Yu had a distinctive example of having one's aura and character determining one's looks, and that was his Heaven Devouring Avatar. To be honest, although his facial features were identical to the Heaven Devouring Avatar's, they just seemed to look different, as though they were two different people.

But Wu Yu's heart and eyes were now attracted by how she looked bathed in flames. He could not think of any other things at all. At this moment, he just felt that she was stunningly beautiful.

"Wei Er, I...." His throat was dry and he uttered these three words with difficulty. It was at this moment that the flames in Nangong Wei's eyes burned him. Her eyes were filled with caution and she looked at Wu Yu sharply. She actually asked, "Who are you? Why are you dragging me away?"

The first three words stunned Wu Yu. He thought that when she saw him, she would be very surprised and might not want to see him. However, he did not expect these three words - who are you?

"You are not Nangong Wei?" Wu Yu asked with difficulty.

"Of course I am." She saw that the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree seemed to be causing trouble and that there were other demons nearby. She was anxious and said to Wu Yu, "Step aside, I'm leaving. If not, don't blame me for attacking."

She did not deny that this was her name but acted as though she did not recognize Wu Yu. And she looked like she was not just pretending.

"You don't recognize me? Have you forgotten the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, the Clear Sky of Shushan, and what happened between us? Not many years have passed. I heard from your father that you'd gone missing. I received news recently that you're here. I came to save you from the Black Hornet Demon King's attack." Wu Yu was filled with suspicion. He felt that she might be affected by something. Hence, he explained everything clearly.

"Are you joking? I don't have a father and I don't know you. What’s the Dong Sheng Divine Continent? Make way!" Nangong Wei's eyes were cold. Her words came from her heart. While her words were filled with fury, Wu Yu felt cold because what he was experiencing now was totally different from what he had imagined.

Of course, no matter what, the key was to leave immediately! He hurriedly made way and said, "No matter what, leave first. Let's go!"

Nangong Wei was a little dubious about his straightforward approach. However, she still sped out of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. Wu Yu was shocked to find that her cultivation level was really high - she was at least at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm! This made Wu Yu shocked because that was impossible. He knew what abilities Nangong Wei had!

But at this moment, he could only chase after her!

Not long after the two of them left, they realized that the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree's movements seemed to have slowed down. The craziness from before had gradually disappeared. It was as though he had slowly fallen asleep. Soon, almost all the branches stopped moving. Just before this, the Black Hornet Demon King and his demons appeared. When he saw Nangong Wei and Wu Yu, the Black Hornet Demon King's eyes turned cold. Obviously, when he saw Nangong Wei, he was only more certain that this was the murderer who had killed his son!

"The Cloud Piercing Demon Tree actually fell asleep again!" Wu Yu thought that the previous attacks would fully awaken the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. He did not expect him to go back to sleep so quickly. It was as though he was just being momentarily grumpy from being disturbed. It was no wonder the Black Hornet Demon King and his demons had only protected themselves and had not attacked the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree!  

"Let's go!"

At this moment, they could only flee in a hurry.

"Where are you thinking of running off to?" Wu Yu had obviously underestimated the abilities of the Black Hornet Demon King, especially his speed. While Wu Yu was fast, Nangong Wei was a little slower. When Wu Yu maintained his speed at Nangong Wei's level, the Black Hornet Demon King instantly caught up to them!

"Scram!" The Black Hornet Demon King waved his hand, and in an instant, a black hurricane rolled out towards Wu Yu! That hurricane was fierce and contained countless black thorns. Obviously, they were covered in fatal poison. Even without the fatal poison, if one was pierced through by so many black thorns, it would be fatal too!

The Black Hornet Demon King was no weaker than Qu Yin. His years of cultivation were much longer than Wu Yu’s, and it was normal for him to totally suppress Wu Yu. Except Wu Yu was not mentally prepared, and in this instant, he was caught off guard. In haste, he could only summon the Dignified Trident Elemental to block in front of him. In the next instant, he heard cracking sounds, and both he and the Dignified Trident Elemental were knocked away. When Wu Yu steadied himself, fear crept up in his heart in hindsight because those black thorns had almost pierced through Dignified Trident Elemental.

Even now, the Dignified Trident Elemental had totally lost its battle ability. Wu Yu could only store it in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Before this, he had already seen that Nangong Wei had not made it far before being caught by the Black Hornet Demon King. At this moment, there were many trails of poisonous black mist coiled around Nangong Wei like poison snakes. They trapped her tightly. That black mist was actually a large number of black, poisonous thorns!

After capturing Nangong Wei, the Black Hornet Demon King finally laughed. While he laughed, his eyes were bloodshot, and at this moment, the Holy Golden-Armored Bug prevented Nangong Wei from using other methods of escape. Whereas the other two demons that had been tortured badly by the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree were furious upon seeing that Wu Yu was still alive and attacked him!  

Wu Yu did not really have the ability to fight them now.

At this moment, the Black Hornet Demon King took out a pitch black wine jug. There were many skeletons drawn on the wine jug. Upon closer look, the lines forming the skeletons were actually countless spirit designs. This was at least an advanced dao treasure, and it was vicious. When it was taken out, Wu Yu could hear the hundreds of thousands of terrifying screams and wails inside it from afar! 

This was probably a dao treasure that could only be forged by a ghostly cultivator!

The Black Hornet Demon King looked at Nangong Wei and said as he ground his teeth, "Whoever you are, you must pay a heavy price for killing my son. I'll make you regret that you came to this world.... Today, I will sacrifice everything you have in honor of my son. This is the Demonic Hornet Poison Urn. The poison stored in it will slowly poison you to death over hundreds of years. From today onwards, you'll live in terrible pain every day, suffering from the spread of poison in your body before it disappears. This will last for hundreds of years, before you will have the chance to die!"

This Demonic Hornet Poison Urn really sounded frightening. Even though Nangong Wei seemed a little confused, after hearing about it, her expression changed. She paled and her voice trembled a little as she said, "I know that you are the Black Hornet Demon King. I advise you not to do this, or my mother will find you and return all the pain that you dealt to me 10 times over. While I will never die! Because I'm the Eternal Phoenix!"

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