Chapter 0931: Who is She?

An immortal dao fight was not that different from mortal fights.

Battle was not always about slinging dao techniques and mystiques at each other. Tactics, approach, schemes, and sheer will - amongst other factors - would affect a battle's outcome even more at times.

Compared to mortal fighters, immortal dao fighters might not be able to utilize their environment as much, but it was still usable. Wu Yu had started as a mortal fighter and was therefore more aware of these factors that might be advantageous to him.

Black Stroke had casually mentioned that the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree was actually an old tree demon in hibernation.

Black Stroke had also mentioned that this Cloud Piercing Demon Tree might be stirred awake. It was exactly for this reason that the Black Hornet Demon King and the others had not dared to do anything crazy on the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. They too were afraid of disturbing the old demon and inviting unwanted trouble.

Wu Yu saw that they were about to attack, and he had no other way to save the egg. Therefore, he thought of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. Of course, he had considered all his options in dealing with the Black Hornet Demon King. The Cloud Piercing Demon Tree had been one of them.

The Black Hornet Demon King was just about to attack. Wu Yu flipped out of the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle's cage in a flash. His control over the Somersault Cloud was getting better and better. Although he used to leap great distances at the start, Wu Yu could control it so that he ended up only almost bursting out of the hornets' enclosure.

He held the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters in his hand, and it burned with nine-colored flames as well. Intense heat was definitely what the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree hated the most. Without hesitation, Wu Yu channeled his strength and let loose with a hearty cry, bringing down his staff on a coarse branch of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree!


The humongous tree branch was thicker than other trees' trunks! Under Wu Yu's violent assault, the tree branch exploded, severed. The ponderous branch brought down many twigs and huge leaves with it, plummeting down towards the ground!

"Stop him!"

The Black Hornet Demon King had not expected him to escape their clutches. And Wu Yu's subsequent actions made him realize just how troublesome he was! He knew that this young martial cultivator might very well be here for Nangong Wei.

"Yes, Boss!" The Three-Headed Thunder Eagle and Sandstorm Vulture complied, charging towards Wu Yu.

As for the Black Hornet Demon King and the Holy Golden-Armored Bug, they were still hovering near the egg. They had not been delayed overlong by Wu Yu's actions, and Wu Yu was now facing the threat of two third tier Dao Querying experts!

Luckily, the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree did not let him down! He awakened, and was unruly once roused. After all, it had to hurt terribly to have a branch severed! The huge Cloud Piercing Demon Tree came to life, and his branches were like the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree's limbs. They all began waving at violent speeds!

He probably assumed the Black Hornet Demon King and his group were Wu Yu's helpers. After all, the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree judged Wu Yu as insignificant, and his rage was directed largely at the demons, all according to Wu Yu's plan! The entire sea of clouds was swamped with violent winds that bowled them over. The voluminous branches tore through the air with shrill screeching, headed straight for the demons! Although the Black Hornet Demon King was in human form, he was the strongest, and so received the most tender, loving care from the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree!

Standing on the tree, it felt like the sky was falling! Wu Yu was also in the line of fire, and countless branches came lashing towards him. They were all bristling with sharp thorns that glowed green. A deadly and powerful threat!

Of course, the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle and the others faced far worse than Wu Yu. None of them could spare Wu Yu any attention right now!

"Cloud Piercing Tree! Look well! It was not us who attacked you, but that human!"

"Stop, this has nothing to do with us!"

The Black Hornet Demon King bellowed. He, too, was being accosted by the Cloud Piercing Tree, and was caught up in his own defense! But Wu Yu saw that the Cloud Piercing Tree was only resisting instinctively, but not truly awake. He looked a little drowsy....

Therefore, even the roaring of the Black Hornet Demon King was swamped by the attacks of the Cloud Piercing Tree! From a distance, such as the Full Moon of Nanshan's position, the scene looked epic. They could see the roots of the Cloud Piercing Tree shaking, causing the ground to quake. The tree crown and branches beat violently, ripping the clouds themselves!

Wu Yu's frame was small, and with the Immovable Nine Palaces Design, he managed to withstand the first wave of attacks from the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. He had not thought much of Wu Yu, and so the first wave of attacks was not strong. Before the second wave came, Wu Yu had already escaped with speed on the Somersault Cloud, so the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree could not catch him!

Just at this moment, Wu Yu saw that the movement of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree had caused the egg to tumble down from the branch, and was about to smash on the ground. Or while falling, it might be smashed by the flailing and hardy branches! This was Wu Yu's best chance to save her! Therefore, he charged in its direction with all his speed!

Pa, pa!

Through this effort, he suffered two hits from the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree, and even his Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body saw split skin and exposed flesh. The green thorns even gouged a piece of Wu Yu's flesh, and he bared his teeth at the pain, almost passing out. This was the power of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree - to ensure the victim suffered extreme pain!

However, his formidable body endured through it. In contrast, he could hear the four demons howling from their walloping. They were in indescribable pain. However, Wu Yu carefully observed that they were mainly defending themselves and not fighting back.

Regardless, Wu Yu rushed over to the egg. The nine-colored flames were so familiar to him! Throwing caution to the wind, he used the Somersault Cloud to shroud the egg and then prepared to charge out. This might be his only chance!

Carrying the egg, Wu Yu could feel an enormous life force within. This was different from the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's egg previously. That was a soulless thing, while this was an overwhelming life. It could not be contained in a Sumeru Pouch - it would definitely cause the Sumeru Pouch's spirit designs to crumble. Therefore, Wu Yu could only drag her and flee. It was difficult to say if he could escape from the Black Hornet Demon King and his cronies!

For protection, Wu Yu activated the Immovable Nine Palaces Design and charged outwards, using the Infernal Sky Pillar to protect himself and the egg. It felt like his whole world was filled with the branches of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. Wu Yu grimaced. He did not know how long the Immovable Nine Palaces Design could hold out! 

Fortunately, the Black Hornet Demon King and his cronies were similarly occupied.

Suddenly, Wu Yu heard a cracking sound. A crack appeared on the nine-colored flaming egg!

"It can't be! It wasn't damaged, right...." Wu Yu thought it was damage from the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree, but he confirmed that he had blocked every attack.

As he was flustered, the crack lines on the egg grew and grew, and Wu Yu could feel the life force inside becoming more vigorous. The flames grew hotter, until he was forced to release the Somersault Cloud. He now knew that the egg was breaking of its own accord, and had nothing to do with the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree.

As he expanded the enclosed area of the Somersault Cloud, the colorful, cracking egg appeared before him. It thoroughly broke in the next instant, sending eggshells in every direction! However, Wu Yu could not mind the shell, because in the midst of the egg was a bunch of nine-colored flames!

From their midst, Wu Yu saw a magnificent firebird! He had already seen the nine-colored phoenix that Nangong Wei had transformed into at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. This firebird was the nine-colored phoenix! Many of the demons here still recognized the mystical phoenix of legends. This was an immortal beast! However, those beside the Little Demon King had not seen clearly.

At this time, the phoenix immortal beast that appeared before Wu Yu was even more saintly and more magnificent than the one he had seen at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. There were slight variations on its feathers, and the nine-colored flames burned even more hotly. Wu Yu had seen many wondrous magical beasts before, and many were demons. Of them, the most beautiful was definitely Luo Pin's true form within the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. The white dragon of his fantasies was something that Wu Yu would remember for life. As for the nine-colored phoenix before him, it was not as pure and unattainable in sheer beauty, but was a fiery and fierce presence. When it opened its wings, the flames reached to the skies, displaying a powerful presence that was unforgettable!

When he saw the phoenix immortal beast, there was a moment where his mind went blank. He could not be sure if it was Nangong Wei before him....

After all, compared to the phoenix at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, this phoenix was still quite different. It looked to be on a completely different level. At least Wu Yu could feel the threat that it posed to him!

Time seemed to stop....

Before he knew it, Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold saw the phoenix immortal beast clearly. It reverted to its real body, a human form. In the flames, a woman's silhouette could be seen....

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