Chapter 0930: Holy Golden Armored Bug and the Vulture

In such a dense swarm, there must have been billions of black hornets. These black hornets were not demons. Wu Yu guessed that this might be the Black Hornet Demon King's real body itself, or perhaps he was hidden within. After all, he was hot on the tail of the killer. He would not bring so many young demons with him. At most, he would bring a few capable lieutenants. Wu Yu was more relaxed after seeing the black hornet swarm.

What he was most afraid of was to see it already over, and Nangong Wei killed.

After all, this was the Black Hornet Demon King. He had to be at the fifth tier of the Dao Querying Realm or above. Anyone who earned the title of demon king had to be capable to some extent.

Even Wu Yu might not stand a chance in a fight, let alone Nangong Wei.

But the swarm was still here, which meant the Black Hornet Demon King should still be here. And if he had not left, then Nangong Wei was probably not dead. This also suggested that they might not have rushed over as hotly as Wu Yu had anticipated. Perhaps there had been some hold up along the way. But the details were inconsequential. What was consequential was that there was still a chance!

And with his chance, Wu Yu would not waste time!

He immediately rode the Somersault Cloud towards the black hornets. The situation was unclear from the outside, so he would charge directly in. If Nangong Wei was indeed in danger, Wu Yu's interference might interrupt the assault.

While advancing, his Eyes of Fire and Gold were boring into the black hornet swarm. The Eyes of Fire and Gold could see clearly, and as he neared, he saw many demons inside!

It seemed like there were two birds, and some golden thing that he could not identify. But none of the three were the Black Hornet Demon King, because the Black Hornet Demon King was... black! He had not spotted him at first pass, but the presence of so many hornets meant that he was definitely here. He was probably still in human form.

As for Nangong Wei....

Wu Yu saw that the three demons were completely surrounded. In their midst was a branch from the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. A jolt of surprise ran through Wu Yu, as he saw quite a few colors burning there! It was probably nine colors, but, curiously, it did not seem to be a person. It was a spherical object much larger than a person!

That was all Wu Yu could see in a frame.

In the next instant, he reached the hornet swarm. Millions of black hornets turned to meet him, their delicate wings buzzing. They had spotted Wu Yu's approach but had yet to react fully. Wu Yu's Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body alone sent many black hornets flying. Only as he neared, he noticed that the black hornets all had stingers, which were rather venomous.

Wu Yu's disruption had thrown the black hornets into a furious mess. Their eyes glinting, they poised to attack. But without an order, they would not move for now.

Wu Yu immediately saw the situation here clearly. Firstly, he saw the Black Hornet Demon King, in human form, as expected. He had taken on the guise of a black-robed middle-aged man with a slender body, black hair, and black eyes. A cold manner about him, and an eagle-eyed look that commanded authority like a king. Behind him, the droves of hornets milled restlessly, awaiting his order. Perhaps amongst lifeforms like the hornets, this Black Hornet Demon King was an omnipotent emperor that had dominion over all.

He was slightly startled by Wu Yu's appearance, and the bloodthirst in his eyes was pronounced. His looks and stature were all a cut higher than those of the Old Yin Yang Demon.

The remaining three were probably his elite lieutenants. However, each was above the Old Yin Yang Demon's level. They were all old demons who had cultivated for many years, and could easily stake their own territory in the sea region.

First, the one closest to Wu Yu was a huge male eagle. This male eagle was a deep blue in color, and his magnificence was unparalleled when he spread his wings in full. Electricity sparked and popped from his feathers, and each beat of his wings charged the air with electricity.

Most striking of all were his three heads. These were eagle heads, with one centered and two more flanking it. The feathers on the heads and necks were a pale blue, and the electricity was most highly concentrated there.

Before Wu Yu had come, he had gathered some information on the powerful subordinates of the Black Hornet Demon King. This was the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle, who was said to be at the third tier of the Dao Querying Realm.

On the ground below the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle, there was another bird-like demon. However, this was a vulture. Besides his bare head, he had dirty yellow feathers. This vulture looked even more savage than the eagle, his bloodthirst even keener. In his eyes, all was food, and the yellow sands that circled his body marked him as a force to be reckoned with. This was probably the Sandstorm Vulture, another respectable lieutenant of the Black Hornet Demon King, and about as strong as the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle. 

The remaining demon was under the Black Hornet Demon King. He was the golden demon that Wu Yu had seen previously. As he neared, he saw that he was a golden-armored insect, covered in gilded armor. The thickness of the armor announced his impregnability, which was comparable to an advanced dao treasure, and it sparkled with light like a golden sun. This was the Holy Golden-Armored Bug! Although the Holy Golden-Armored Bug looked very saintly and sedate, he was the true second-in-command of the Demon Hornet Region, and hailed as the Second Great King, just behind the Black Hornet Demon King.

In order to exact his revenge, the Black Hornet Demon King had brought his strongest with him. It was a heavy-duty lineup indeed, and testament to his resolution to kill Nangong Wei.

That he could spoil the Little Demon King into such a bratty personality spoke of his unconditional love towards his son.

However, despite how strong or striking these four were, Wu Yu's attention was not on them. He looked at the being that they had surrounded, which had been blazing with nine-colored flames, and crackling and popping with heat. The heat was a little like that of the Infernal Sky Pillar. Wu Yu could not figure it out. It was an egg about one zhang long and five or six chi high. The eggshell was on fire....

This was Nangong Wei?

Wu Yu was a little disoriented as well, but he saw that the four demons were not attacking either, probably as mesmerized as he was. They had come looking for Nangong Wei based on information, and this egg had indeed enraptured them. That was probably why it still remained. Or was Nangong Wei already dead, leaving behind this egg?

From the nine-colored flame, it did not seem likely. She should still be alive. She might even be the egg, or the nine-colored flame would not burn so brilliantly.

It might even be that from start to end, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent's Nangong Wei had never been here.

Regardless, if this was the Nangong Wei who had killed the Black Hornet Demon King's son, then she was not dead yet. Wu Yu saw life in the egg, and this was a blessing to him.

"Why would there be a human here?"

"Human, who are you?"

"Scram!" When they saw Wu Yu, all of them turned to him, the Black Hornet Demon King included.

Wu Yu thought quickly on his feet. "I... I did not know the great king was here. I only blundered in out of curiosity.... But what is up with this egg...."

"How could anyone in the Nanyin Demon Continent see the hornet swarm and not know that it's me?" the Black Hornet Demon King thundered suspiciously, his gaze icy.

"I came from the Yan Huang Ancient Region not long ago. I beg the demon king's forgiveness!" Wu Yu wanted to buy some time to see what they intended to do next.

However, the Black Hornet Demon King did not heed Wu Yu. He simply said, "Capture him. I will deal with him in a moment."

Hearing the order, the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle landed on Wu Yu's head. With a retch, a dense network of electricity blanketed Wu Yu. Wu Yu had killed the third tier Dao Querying Realm Old Yin Yang Demon, and was not particularly afraid of this guy. However, he did not resist the imprisonment.

As the electricity swam down, it formed a spherical lightning cage with Wu Yu trapped inside.

"Don't touch it, or your ashes will fly everywhere! It's not pretty," the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle warned Wu Yu with a glare.

"I...." Wu Yu pretended to be dumb with shock, and afraid to speak. He actually wanted to see how the situation would develop.

Evidently, Wu Yu was not the urgent matter. Having subdued him, they proceeded to ignore him. If not for the Black Hornet Demon King being a little suspicious of Wu Yu, he would already have told the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle to kill him.

"Boss, at least the colors of the fire seem right. Our informant saw Nangong Wei come up with their own eyes. This egg must be of her making. Although it might be a risk, I think we can attack it," the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle said.

"I think so too. This woman is adept at fleeing. If we do not grasp this chance, and let her slip away, it will be even harder to catch her next time."

"What do you think, my second?" the Black Hornet Demon King asked the Holy Golden-Armored Bug.

"Kill it. It's not likely that it's the possession of anyone else of note." The Holy Golden-Armored Bug knew that this was the Black Hornet Demon King's only worry.

"Wu Er...." The Black Hornet Demon King looked up to the sky and then closed his eyes. When he opened them again, there was a murderous glint directed at the egg. If not for Wu Yu's interruption, he would already have acted.

The Black Hornet Demon King was going to attack!

This was no joke! If he hesitated, the egg might be smashed!

From the moment he arrived, Wu Yu had been thinking of a way to protect her. His defense was insufficient, and his Somersault Cloud could not carry her!

The Black Hornet Demon King had made up his mind, and he could not sit by and watch any longer!

He used the Somersault Cloud and leapt out of the electric cage! And then he attacked!

His target was not the demons, but instead the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree! Black Stroke had spoken of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree, and Wu Yu wanted to utilize it to create chaos!

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