Chapter 0929: Cloud Piercing Demon Tree

Indeed, Wu Yu had handled the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs effortlessly.

Actually, he had noticed that Black Stroke was problematic. He originally wanted to wait until there were less people to make a move to see what the other party would reveal under force.

In the end, the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs came, and they inadvertently helped Wu Yu. 

Of course, Wu Yu did not expect him to actually know where Nangong Wei was. He had not heard the details yet, so Wu Yu could not be sure. He entered the Wolf Demon Inn first and went back to his previous seat.

At this moment the demons inside still did not know that the battle outside had ended. They only saw that Black Stroke was able to return even after suffering heavy injuries. The other Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves seemed to be in good condition and only a portion of them were dead.

"Apologies for the disturbance, everyone. My old enemy attacked today. However, they have already been chased away. We still need to tidy up and check the situation. I can only ask my customers to leave first," Black Stroke said to the other demons.

Wu Yu had not killed the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs, and they might attack again in the future. Hence, Wu Yu guessed that they would not be running the Wolf Demon Inn anymore.

Now that the demons knew that there was no danger outside, they left quickly. Soon, the place was empty.

"Young ones, pack up and prepare to leave. We can no longer stay here," Black Stroke ordered the other Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves. As expected, he planned to leave. Wu Yu guessed that there was another reason. Since Nangong Wei's news was very important to the Black Hornet Demon King, the Black Hornet Demon King would not want anyone else to know. If he told Wu Yu, then he would have to leave this place.

Soon, everyone left. Facing Wu Yu's group, and realizing that these three were no weaklings, Black Stroke said, "Actually, it's no use even if you know. I have indeed received news of Nangong Wei's whereabouts. It's from my friend, a close aide of the Black Hornet Demon King, who told me. However, that was six hours ago. The Black Hornet Demon King has left personally to look for Nangong Wei. She might be dead by now. You'll never be able to reach Nangong Wei before he kills her, so it's impossible for you to get that reward. I heard that someone saw Nangong Wei, told the Black Hornet Demon King, and collected the 10 God's Way pill."

Wu Yu had not expected that even though he had come so fast, he would be too late!

It was no wonder he had not revealed Nangong Wei's position in the first place.

It was because the Black Hornet Demon King already knew and had set out to get her!

If that was the case, then Nangong Wei was indeed in danger, and very big danger!

"Tell me where! I don't need the other information!" Wu Yu knew that if there was a chance, then every second now counted.

"Do you have the Nanyin Demon Continent's map? I'll highlight it for you." Black Stroke kept his word and did not make things difficult for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu quickly took out his map and Black Stroke drew a red dot on the map. He said, " This position is some distance from here. However, it's very easy to find because this is on the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. I'm not sure if you know of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. It is a very tall tree in the Nanyin Demon Continent. Its tree crown is within the clouds and a city can be built on top. Nangong Wei is on this Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. Also, the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree is actually a demon who has been asleep for many years. This demon is very unique. He became strong by sleeping to raise his cultivation level. Usually, he will not wake even if someone is climbing or living on his body. I heard that to wake the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree, a Dao Querying Cultivation Realm expert has to attack him with full strength...."

Cloud Piercing Demon Tree....

Wu Yu committed this name to memory, as well as all the information that Black Stroke had told them. He was originally going to leave immediately, but upon hearing that the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree was actually a tree demon, he waited for Black Stroke to finish speaking. He was confused as to why Nangong Wei would be on top of a demon. It turned out that this demon was forever in deep sleep. Hence, he would seem no different from a real giant tree.

"Let's go!" Wu Yu and his group left instantly after getting the position of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. Black Stroke was left stroking his chin and pondering.

"The Black Hornet Demon King left over three hours ago to kill his enemy. These three will never arrive before the demon king and cannot kill Nangong Wei before the demon king to receive the reward.... Then it can only mean that they are not here to kill her. Perhaps they are here to save her! No doubt, these three are here to save Nangong Wei!"

His head bent low as he sunk deep in thought.

"Who are those three? Perhaps they are related to Nangong Wei? They don't seem to be from the Nanyin Demon Continent. Perhaps they came from the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Especially that human leading them - he's obviously from the Yan Huang tribe!

"Should I send the Black Hornet Demon King a message to tell him what happened?

"No, he won't like that I have leaked Nangong Wei's location. Besides, now the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs are causing me trouble. The Black Hornet Demon King will not want to help. While I can seek help from some friends, they cannot stay here forever. The only thing I can do now is leave the Demon Hornet Region to bide my time. If that's the case, then what those three want to do have nothing to do with me."

Thinking of that, Black Stroke made up his mind. He also packed up and prepared to leave.

At this moment, Wu Yu was piloting the Somersault Cloud. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were seated on it. The three of them were heading towards the Southwest direction of Nanyin Demon Continent at the fastest speed. The location indicated on the map pointed in that direction. In the long, stretching Cloud Piercing Mountain Range, a gigantic Cloud Piercing Demon Tree stood there, reaching high into the sky. It was like the Heaven Raising Staff. If a city could be built on top, then it would be comparable to the Clear Sky of Shushan. The key was that this was a sleeping demon!

It was a miracle of the ages that this demon could become stronger by sleeping. Usually, such demons belonged to an era ages ago and lived much longer than martial cultivators. After all, most of their time was spent asleep.

Now Wu Yu held his breath and did not say anything else. His face was cold and he tried to move at the fastest speed possible in that direction.

After all, the Black Hornet Demon King had a headstart and was going to kill his enemy. He could not afford to be slow. It was hard to tell what the situation would be like over there.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi would not slow him down too much, or he would’ve asked the two of them to wait down there. Not to mention the fact that he was facing a strong enemy like the Black Hornet Demon King. They would be useful, and without them, Wu Yu could use Somersault Cloud to escape. He had a greater chance of survival.

"Don't be anxious, Big Brother Yu, she will be fine." Ye Xixi comforted him.

"It's all my fault. If only I had not angered the Old Yin Yang Demon, we would not have been delayed and ended up in this situation...." Wu Yu was a mess. He recalled what had happened in the sea region, and at that time, he could have chosen not to save them or not to kill the Yin Yang Snake.

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "There are rules to the causes and effects of life. You can't say that. Your dao is clear. You'll not regret whatever you do. Besides, we still don't know the situation now. It's useless to worry. If you want to blame yourself, it's not too late to do it only after something happens to her."

"Don't talk nonsense. Nothing will happen." Ye Xixi glared at the Full Moon of Nanshan.

"Yes, yes, the little girl is right," the Full Moon of Nanshan said.

"I understand." Actually, Wu Yu was a mess just now. While the two of them comforted him differently, Wu Yu woke from his moment of chaos. He knew that self-blame would only spoil his state of mind now, and that would be dangerous.

"The only thing I can do now is reach her at the fastest speed. If I can save her, then I will. If not...." Thinking about this, he thought that it was useless to think any further. Nothing had happened yet. He need not let his imagination run wild.

It was rough on them to rush like that, but this was most challenging for their mindset. If their mindset was disturbed, then their daos would be shaken.

Now that her whereabouts were exposed, perhaps even Wu Yu had not expected for himself to actually not want her to die just like that. In the past, at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, he hated her. At that time, his feelings were not as strong as now. He was not anxious before. It meant that he had really let go of his feelings for her.

Now he felt so anxious. 

Finally, Wu Yu saw the tall Cloud Piercing Demon Tree growing in the deep valley of the mountain range.

The Cloud Piercing Demon Tree had well-developed roots, and they penetrated through a large area of the land. When Wu Yu first saw this gigantic tree from the horizon, the huge roots of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree were actually already beneath his feet, growing out of the soil. They were like the feet of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree. 

In reality, what he could see was an unbelievably huge tree trunk reaching into the sky like a mountain. Its green tree crown was basically entirely submerged in the white clouds and could only be vaguely seen.

He was approaching!

As they neared, Wu Yu had already stood up. He was approaching quickly, and on the way, Wu Yu had a talk with them. The enemy they would be facing this time surpassed their battle abilities. Hence, Wu Yu had asked them to find a place beneath the tree to stay, while Wu Yu would go up alone. This way, it would be easier for them to escape.

While the two of them did not want Wu Yu to face danger alone, this was indeed the best arrangement. They knew the power of the second tier of Wu Yu's Somersault Cloud and were deeply impressed. Under Wu Yu's strong request, they chose to agree. Hence, at this moment, they jumped off the Somersault Cloud and landed in the valley, while Wu Yu piloted the Somersault Cloud and rushed into the clouds, going towards higher places. In reality, the top of the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree pierced through the clouds. It was above the white clouds, beneath the wide, blue sky.

Wu Yu quickly rushed out of the white clouds and saw something that looked like a green island floating on the sea far away. The green tree crown floated on the white cloud sea. From his first look, Wu Yu saw that the top of the tree crown was covered by thick, black mist. That black mist looked like a giant pot cover covering the tree crown.

With a closer look, that was not mist, but a dense swarm of black hornets. 

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