Chapter 0928: Yun Sheng, Yun Yin

Wu Yu also saw that this group of Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs might actually possess part of the mystical dragon's bloodline. They had the scent of mystical dragons on them, and this part of the bloodline obviously raised their abilities substantially.

The Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs were very fast, and before Wu Yu's group could exit the wolf head, with a whirl and cloud of dust, this group of about 30 Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs had already reached them. They blocked Wu Yu's group's exit. This group of Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs was obviously here to cause trouble. Hence, they were very fierce, and in general, they were all very strong!

"Don't move! Black Stroke and all the Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves, come out!" The Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs shouted at the Wolf Demon Inn while panting furiously when they arrived.

Before this, there were already movements in the Wolf Demon Inn. At the back, many Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves rushed out. Wu Yu made way for them to rush out.

"What's going on?" Ye Xixi did not understand why these Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves looked as though they were facing an enemy.

"Let's wait and see." Wu Yu thought that they might have bumped into a good show.

At this moment, Black Stroke had a serious expression and rushed out with his pack of Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves. Basically all the Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves had exited from the inn. They numbered more than the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs, but Wu Yu could tell that the overall strength of the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs was higher. 

Especially when there were two Dao Querying Realm Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs on the other side. While they were both only at the first tier, together, they would suppress one Black Stroke.

After Black Stroke walked out, he transformed into his demon true form. His body was the biggest of all the Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves. His shoulders were especially broad too. While he was a wolf demon, his physique was like that of a tiger.

At this moment, the demons in the surroundings had all escaped, while those inside probably dared not come out at the moment. Wu Yu and his group were the only spectators.

"Black Stroke, we have come to seek payment for what you owe. The revenge for our third brother will be taken today with blood washing over your entire Wolf Demon Inn in honor of our third brother's soul in heaven!" the leading strongest Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetah said.

The other Dao Querying Realm cheetah had a colder voice and said, "When you heard news of our rise in the north, you should have known that this day would come. It's a pity that you acted so daringly and actually did not hide!"

"Yun Sheng, Yun Yin." Black Stroke's black eyes swept across these two. His expression was dark. He had indeed heard of the rise of these two, but the Wolf Demon Inn had been his property for so many years - he could not just give it up. So while he had expected this, he did not hide.

Wu Yu listened and could guess that these Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs had been attacked by the Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves when they were young and their third brother died. This group must have escaped then and endured the embarrassment to build their power, and now they were here to seek trouble and exact revenge.

These Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs said that they had waited long for this moment. Hence, they did not say more and directly advanced. They had probably grown through battles and were more violent. While they were fewer in numbers, compared to the Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves, who had basically grown up in Little Valley, they were much more adept at battle.

"You guys came earlier than I expected. But since you are here, then we, the Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves, are not afraid of you! Brothers, children, this group of demons wants to slaughter all of us! But our tribe has never feared anything, not even death! Today, let them see our strength! We'll force them back to where they came from!"

"Yes!" The Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves, while seemingly younger, listened to the strong and had a pack mentality. At this moment, they encouraged each other, and in addition to the outstanding ferocity that they naturally possessed, coupled with the advantage in numbers, they seemed to be able to suppress the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs!

A grand battle was about to explode!

Black Stroke might not have expected this, but he also had the determination to battle to the death, because he knew that the hatred between the two tribes could only be resolved with a battle to the death. No negotiation would be effective! 

Wu Yu did not expect to be able to witness a grand battle between demon tribes here. The battle between the wolves and cheetahs was about to explode. Basically, one Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetah could fight two to three Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves! But the battle for the top was different. Yun Sheng and Yun Yin were two demons at the Dao Querying Realm, and the instant the battle started, they directly locked on to Black Stroke!

These were the three largest beasts here, and it looked like each of them had about the same power level. However, the two blood-colored Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs surrounded and attacked Black Stroke. Wu Yu could tell that while Black Stroke possessed immense fighting spirit and was domineering, he could not defend against the great imbalance in power. Also, his brothers and children were barely holding on against the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs now. If this continued, then they would all be defeated!

The Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs were obviously stronger and had come prepared! Revenge from over 10 years ago!

This battle to the death had nothing to do with Wu Yu, so he did not move. He saw Black Stroke suffering consecutively from heavy blows and that a few Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves had perished. Their losses would only worsen as this carried on. If Black Stroke died, then this pack of Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves would lose all hope. Unless Black Stroke could lead them escape. Perhaps a portion of them would survive.

"We have endured this hatred for more than 10 years. Now we must make your tribe pay - compensation in blood for the blood debt!"

These Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs were excited with the killing. Layers of bloodline mystiques activated, all ferocious and fatal!

Half of Little Valley was sunk into chaos, and the demons inside the Wolf Demon Inn were also trembling in fear and worried that they would kill their way in.

Wu Yu, of course, had no need to save Black Stroke. The other party was not related to him, and this was a battle between demons. The Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs wanted to seek revenge. That was only natural. Besides, Black Stroke was hiding something from him on purpose.

At this moment, Black Stroke was bashed into the ground. He was covered in blood and looked to be gasping his last breath. His situation sunk the morale of the other Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves. Within a short period of time, many of them died. Black Stroke watched as one young Dark Cloud Tiger Wolf after another fell to the ground. He watched their blood flow. His children were among them....

A patch of fresh blood....

Perhaps he should have been prepared, should have thought that they would one day have to face this disaster, perhaps their tribe might be exterminated!

But one could only say that he had been overconfident. He knew that they were very strong and actually had not made any preparations. Now he had to reap what he sowed and had dragged in so many young tribe members. When he saw them dying from battle at such a young age, his vision became blurry from tears and blood....

Obviously, only deep regret filled his heart.

"Black Stroke, die! Third brother, watch with your soul in heaven!"

The two Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs rushed and attacked. Killing intent filled their eyes, but Black Stroke realized that he could only barely stand!

Death had never been so close to him....

Perhaps he, who had never lost hope, had already despaired. 

But it was at this moment, when he was covered in blood, that he saw the three customers from the Wolf Demon Inn. They had not been dragged into the battle, they were watching from the side. 

Black Stroke had an idea when he saw them. A tiny flame in his heart instantly burned into a sea of fire. He had a glimmer of hope!

Suddenly, Black Stroke screamed sharply, "I have her location! Save us and I'll tell you!" 

Once Wu Yu heard this, he was pleasantly surprised. When he heard these words, he no longer needed to watch from the sidelines. Actually, he guessed that Black Stroke was hiding something from him. 

"Unshackled Doppelganger!"

Instantly, 1,000 Wu Yus appeared on the battlefield. They fought the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs, and the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs were instantly beaten by Wu Yu's doppelgangers until they screamed pathetically and escaped in haste. As for Wu Yu's real body, he appeared in an instant before Yun Sheng and Yun Yin. These two were experts of the Dao Querying Realm and not as easy to handle. Except when Wu Yu took out the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters and swept the staff across. Its glorious might directly landed on one of the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs. That Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetah screamed painfully and was sent flying immediately!

"Second Brother!" The other cheetah was scared into retreat by Wu Yu and checked on his second brother's injuries. Wu Yu had defeated him with one blow but had not killed him.

"Scram. Since I'm here today, you can't kill him." All the Wu Yus at the scene spoke at the same time. It was spectacular. At this moment, the other Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs were also forced into retreat by Wu Yu's doppelgangers.

"Who are you?! Why are you helping him!?" Yun Sheng was furious and could not accept it.

"Don't ask too much. You were unlucky today. If you do not scram now, then you'll remain here forever," Wu Yu said coldly.

The Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs looked at Wu Yu with fear in their eyes. Yun Sheng saw the situation, and in addition, Yun Yin was injured. He could only suppress his burning anger and shout at Black Stroke, "You've gotten lucky today. You can escape once, but you can't hide forever. Let's wait and see!"

After saying this, the group of Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs left. They carried away the corpses of the dead Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs too.

It was only then that Wu Yu put his doppelgangers away. When he turned back, a pack of Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves stared at him blankly, including Black Stroke. Actually, Black Stroke could not tell what cultivation level Wu Yu was at. He only thought that this group of three could help him block one Yun Yin together and then he might survive. He had not expected at all for Wu Yu to directly chase away the whole group of Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs by himself.

And it looked like he had not used much effort at all.

"Thanks....Thank you very much...." The Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves looked at each other. Many were still in a state of shock.

"Don't waste words. Go on and tell me what you just said." Wu Yu directly dragged Black Stroke into the Wolf Demon Inn.

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