Chapter 0927: Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetah

Wu Yu was not afraid of paying but afraid that this person would not give him the chance for communication and would not say anything.

He had told the Full Moon of Nanshan earlier what to ask.

Before the Full Moon of Nanshan had asked, Black Stroke said, "Take out one God's Way Pill before you ask. That is my rule. You three must have heard about my reputation and know that I would not inflate the price for nothing."

The Full Moon of Nanshan did not care because it was Wu Yu's money anyway…. Hence, he took out a God's Way Pill and pinched it between his fingers. He held it lightly before Black Stroke, leaned forward, and asked softly, "I want to know the location of Nangong Wei."

Black Stroke smiled and took the God's Way Pill before saying, "I guessed it right. You three are here for the reward. The reward for killing is indeed generous Nangong Wei. You can also get into the Black Hornet Demon King's good graces. But I have to disappoint the three of you. If I knew Nangong Wei's location, then you'd not see me here. Hence, I've earned this God's Way Pill for nothing."

Prince Le's friend had introduced this person, hence his reputation should be trustworthy. Wu Yu had not carried much hope for this question.

The Full Moon of Nanshan did not feel that the God's Way Pill was a waste. He followed Wu Yu's instructions and took out the second God's Way Pill. He asked, "I want to know all the details of the day that the Black Hornet Demon King's son was killed. For instance, what this Nangong Wei looked like, the reason she killed, and her moves."

Wu Yu at least knew that Nangong Wei was safe now. She should not have been caught yet. So he wanted to know more details. This would be helpful to him.

Black Stroke took that God's Way Pill without any change in expression and said, "This doesn't sound like a question."

the Full Moon of Nanshan sneered coldly and said, "This is one question. Previously, you got one pill for nothing. You cannot take advantage of that. We are here on someone's recommendation."


"Alright, while I wasn't at the scene that day, I know almost everything. The Little Demon King always acted like a tyrant at the Demon Hornet Region. Other than the Black Hornet Demon King, no one dared to teach him a lesson. I've been bullied many times too. Usually, that Little Demon King liked to bring a group of underlings to create trouble everywhere. One day, he was near Phoenix's Perch and suddenly saw a nine-colored flame burning at the top of the perch. He was curious and headed up. There are many huge, tall sycamore trees on Phoenix's Perch. That nine-colored flame burned at the peak, on the biggest tree. The Little Demon King took one look and realized that there was a beauty amidst the flames. Her eyes were closed as she trained. That woman was beautiful and seemed to be some type of firebird demon. The Little Demon King likes this sort of woman and instantly wished to possess her. I've not seen that lady's face, and those who have seen her have died. What we know came from someone who stayed alive until the Black Hornet Demon King's arrival. He did not say much before perishing. Anyway, she has the nine-colored flame surrounding her at all times.

"The Little Demon King actually had a good strategy. He did not abruptly disturb the beauty. Also, he's quite good-looking. He waited patiently for that lady to finish training and for her to open her eyes. Then he approached that lady. I heard that the lady was a little confused in the beginning, and she chatted with the Little Demon King on top of that sycamore tree. The Little Demon King probably asked for half a day before she recalled that she was called Nangong Wei. After remembering that, she seemed to have thought of many things and wanted to leave immediately. This was out of the Little Demon King's expectations. He was reluctant to let her leave, but she was determined and very anxious. She ignored the Little Demon King's persuasion to stay. She was not even willing to leave a Message Talisman. The Little Demon King was afraid that he would not be able to find her anymore. Hence, he lost his patience and revealed his true colors. He wanted to bring that lady back. Once he attacked, that lady was angered and directly slayed him. His underlings suffered from the attack too. If not for the last one who lived long enough to tell the story, no one would know how the Little Demon King died.

“But that survivor did not last long and died immediately after. That being said, that firebird demon is really grumpy and vicious. Once she lashed out, she killed all of them."

From his words, Wu Yu knew a few important pieces of information. 

First, she had been training on that sycamore tree, and when she awoke, she was in a state of confusion. She didn't even know who she was. Perhaps she had lost her memory.

Second, after recalling something, she was in a hurry to leave. She obviously had something important to deal with, or someone was restricting her.

Third, she was short-tempered. She had just spoken to the Little Demon King and then directly killed everyone. Of course, it might also be because the Little Demon King had revealed his true intentions and it was deplorable, which angered her. 

After learning these details, he was filled with more questions and wanted to know what exactly had happened to her.

"After that day, has there been any more news on this lady called Nangong Wei? Has anyone seen her or did she appear at some other place?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked.

"God's Way Pill." Black Stroke thought that he had answered the second question clearly.

He had earned quite a bit after taking the third God's Way Pill. The reward was, after all, only 10 God's Way Pills for just reporting on Nangong Wei's information.

"To be honest, after that day, she seemed to have disappeared and never appeared again. There's no other news about her. The Black Hornet Demon King's reward is still valid now, and the Black Hornet Demon King is also looking for her everywhere. His search perimeter includes the entire south of the Nanyin Demon Continent. Many demons have joined in. It will not be easy if you guys rely on luck to get that reward."

This sounded like he was really unaware of Nangong Wei's whereabouts, because if he knew, he would not tell anyone. He just had to tell the Black Hornet Demon King and he would have 10 God's Way Pill.

The Full Moon of Nanshan saw that they would learn nothing new and prepared to leave.

Wu Yu frowned and thought for a while before asking, "Then, where is the Black Hornet Demon King at now?"

Previously, it was the Full Moon of Nanshan who asked. Now that he suddenly spoke, Black Stroke was stunned. He asked, "Why do you want to know?"

Now, the Black Hornet Demon King was the one who had the highest chance of finding Nangong Wei. Wu Yu thought that instead of wandering aimlessly like a headless fly, they should directly monitor the Black Hornet Demon King. He thought that the chances would be higher.

But Black Stroke's reaction made him suspicious. He took out a God's Way Pill and said, "You do not need to know my motive. You only need to answer my question. Where is he?"

He flicked the God's Way Pill out and it rolled forward.

Black Stroke glared and that God's Way Pill rolled back to Wu Yu. He said, "The Black Hornet Demon King's whereabouts changes. I do not know either."

"Didn't you say that regardless of whether you know the answer or not, you will take a God's Way Pill? Why are you returning it to me?" Wu Yu felt that there was something wrong with him. His question made him confused and he had already made it clear that he did not know. Then why had he returned the God's Way Pill?

Black Stroke calmed down. He then reached out to grab the God's Way Pill and said, "I just thought that you guys have spent a lot today but did not get any useful news. I feel bad for you, but since you are not bothered, I'm taking this."

But with a whoosh, that God's Way Pill disappeared before Black Stroke's eyes. Wu Yu's eyes burned with fire as he looked at Black Stroke. Now Black Stroke had turned cold and growled softly, "Sir, are you playing me?"

Wu Yu laughed coldly. "No, I'm just curious as to why you're not telling me when you know where the Black Hornet Demon King is. Is this because it's against your rules?"

"Are you joking? What kind of being is the Black Hornet Demon King? How would I know where he is? I can point out his base camp on the map for you, but you've angered me with your actions just now, so that is out of the picture. Here, no one other than me knows where his demon camp is. Now you can leave. I'm not seeing you out."

Black Stroke's voice was cold. He stood up and was leaving. Many people had sensed their conflict. The Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves surrounded them and stared at Wu Yu's group like they were prey.

Wu Yu understood something. He wanted to look for the Black Hornet Demon King and could let the Full Moon of Nanshan follow him secretly. As for where his base camp was, while this region was large, this was no problem for Wu Yu. He had the Somersault Cloud - there was no place he could not reach.

Hence, he need not stay here to argue with this wolf demon. The three of them stood up.


The three of them walked out of the Wolf Demon Inn under the watchful eyes of the Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves. This time, Black Stroke's eyes were fixed on Wu Yu. Actually, he was very surprised because he had only just understood that the real leader of these three was Wu Yu, whom he had thought was the weakest.

"Why is he upset to hear you ask about the Black Hornet Demon King's location?" Ye Xixi asked.

Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan were also thinking about this question. They needed to exit and calm down to think through this question. Wu Yu took a look at the map. He had confidence that he could find the base camp of the Black Hornet Demon King.

"It's okay. If we run out of ideas, we can capture this guy. I can get it out of him." Wu Yu was not worried. There were too many people inside now. He could always wait for a time with less people. After all, they could not expose themselves too much.

But just as they walked out of the Wolf Demon Inn. The ground suddenly shook as though 100,000 beasts were running. They looked to the front and saw a large patch of bloody red light and a large amount of dust. They could see the trees turning into dust from afar after being knocked aside.

"There should be many demons rushing here. Looks like they are looking for trouble," Wu Yu guessed in his heart. He used the Eyes of Fire and Gold and looked towards the direction of the bloody red light.

Indeed, he saw a group of demons rushing here.

He looked carefully. They seemed to be a group of cheetahs covered in blood-colored fur. They were burning with blood-colored flames and moved very fast. They were very agile and looked to be about the size of the Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves. One thing worth noting was that their heads looked like dragon heads. They had dragon beards and dragon horns. As they got closer, he could see many blood-colored dragon scales within their fur on their four limbs. 

"It's the Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetahs!" Vaguely, they could hear the screams of escaping demons.

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