Chapter 0926: Culture of the Demon World

The Wolf Demon Inn was quite famous in Little Valley.

Considering they were famous and well established here, these wolf demons were no weaklings. If they were, they would have long been eliminated.

As a building in the demon region, the Wolf Demon Inn was considered well built. The front door was a huge wolf head with its fangs bared. The throat was the entrance. Of course, this was not a real corpse, but a sculpture sculpted from a huge precious treasure rock. At the same time, there were many Defensive Spirit Designs drawn on it.

This Wolf Demon Inn was not small. Some demons disliked being in human form. Hence, even though they had to enter via the throat, this throat was spacious.

It was no problem for the average demon to swagger in.

The Wolf Demon Inn was quite lively. It was one of the most prosperous areas here. The dog demon said, "The Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves brew a type of Wolf Demon Wine, which is further differentiated by its levels. Even the lowest level wine is delicious, and after drinking, you'll feel as though you have become immortal. It is very effective. Hence, many demons come to have a taste. Some Dao Querying Realm demons also come here. Of course, because of its fame as a good wine, the Wolf Demon Wine is costly. It is not something a young demon like me can enjoy."

He stared longingly at the Full Moon of Nanshan, probably waiting for the Full Moon of Nanshan to give him Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. After all, he had completed his mission.

The Full Moon of Nanshan gave him the pills and waved his hands to let him leave. He observed for a while before the three of them strode towards the Wolf Demon Inn. At this moment, they were surrounded by demons, some big and some small. From time to time, there would be different types of demons, like eagles, great eagles, and grand eagles, landing from the sky. Some of them were also first time visitors. 

But Wu Yu and his group attracted more attention because of the weird composition of their group.

"Who are you guys? Why have I not seen you before?" Just as they walked out, something large blocked the Full Moon of Nanshan. He raised his head and saw a steel-like giant elephant. There were three iron whip-like elephant trunks protruding from his head. On them were sharp, conical spikes. It felt as though this trunk could sweep across and flatten a mountain range.

This was a demon called the Triple Nose Steel Elephant. His bloodline was less common. His whole body was like steel and he had outstanding strength. At his peak, he could basically reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. This Triple Nose Steel Elephant was around the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Otherwise, he would not dare to approach and question them. Actually, what he really wanted was to gain something from Wu Yu and his group. Of course, he would not be so direct. He would do it subtly, like he was doing now. His attitude was considered good. After all, his strategy was to block their way, then smile and tease until Wu Yu and his group were forced to attack out of impatience.

The Full Moon of Nanshan folded his fan, pointed at the Triple Nose Steel Elephant, and said to Wu Yu, "Get him out of our way." 

This rascal had grabbed the opportunity to order Wu Yu around.

"Yes." Of course, Wu Yu was anxious too and did not have the patience to waste time on useless matters. When the Triple Nose Steel Elephant approached them, the local demons in their surroundings started staring at them, at these outsiders. They were looking for easy targets to bully. If they did not shock them, then there would be endless trivial troublemakers blocking their way. 

He suddenly rushed forward and instantly reached the Triple Nose Steel Elephant. The Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff appeared in his hands. At this instant, the Triple Nose Steel Elephant realized that Wu Yu was attacking. He was furious and his three trunks acted like three iron whips. They swept towards Wu Yu's head, but Wu Yu was faster and more accurate than him. His 10,000 Dragons Staff instantly increased to over ten zhang tall and its width increased to two chi wide. With just the explosive strength of his physical body, his staff not only knocked away the elephant trunks, but also hit his body. Then the crowd of demons watched as this giant Triple Nose Steel Elephant, who weighed multiple tons, flew out into the distance. There was a long pause before a crashing sound could be heard. 

"Did you see that? Don't anger me!" The Full Moon of Nanshan sniffed haughtily. He was very domineering, and scared the surrounding demons into retreating. Then he hummed a tune proudly. He led Wu Yu and Ye Xixi into the mouth of this wolf head. It was only then that the demons gathered in groups to discuss their identities. However, the discussions were useless as they all did not know that they were from Yan Huang Ancient Country.

"This guy is really shameless," Ye Xixi whispered in Wu Yu's ear.

"Little girl, don't gossip about me. Don't think I can't hear you. Be careful, or I'll cut your long, swagging tongue." The Full Moon of Nanshan turned back and pretended to laugh cruelly.

"I'm not scared of you." Ye Xixi stuck her tongue out at him. She was indeed not scared at all.

"You're quite daring. Looks like you don't know my strength." The Full Moon of Nanshan sniggered.

At this moment, they had already walked into the Wolf Demon Inn. The space inside was larger than they had imagined. There were some seats, and the sides were just empty spaces. Those demons who disliked turning into their human form liked to lie in these spaces and savor delicacies. There were also some martial cultivators who were here for business. As long as they paid up, Wolf Demon Inn would protect them, unless they walked out of the inn. After all, it was only safe to rest, train, and refine immortal medicines when surrounded by Defensive Spirit Designs.

Wu Yu took a sweeping glance and saw many demons. They looked weird. There was even a snail demon. It had brought along a huge shell. There were also some oddly shaped demons. For instance, there was a group of tree demons laughing heartily nearby. It was a weird scene to see a group of trees talking.

There were a few hundred patrons in here. Everyone here was respectful of the Wolf Demon Inn's boss. Hence, it was peaceful here. Everyone kept to their own devices. It was said that if there were conflicts, the patrons would have to go outside to resolve the conflict.

Wu Yu's eyes swept across these weird demons and then he saw the Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves. There were many of them. They also remained in their true forms as they worked in this inn. They mainly provided service to the patrons and served tea and water. The Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves were black in color and had agile physiques. They were indeed wolf demons, but they were bulkier and seemed like fierce tigers. They were like demons born of a mix of tiger and wolf. They looked majestic and their bloodline was quite high ranking. They stepped on a bundle of white flames that looked like white clouds. This was probably where the name Dark Cloud Tiger Wolf came from.

Wu Yu thought of Jiu Ying and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Actually, Jiu Ying had a very high ranking bloodline. It was just that at a place like the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, his maturation would take especially long because he did not have enough cultivation resources to reach his peak. Wu Yu had a good relationship with Jiu Ying. He originally planned to bring Jiu Ying to Yan Huang if he could be based in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. However, Yan Huang did not seem really safe to him. He could not even be confident in his own safety there. Now he thought that perhaps the Nanyin Demon Continent was a more suitable place for Jiu Ying. Based on his bloodline, he would definitely have a lot of chances for growth here.

When Wu Yu and his group entered, a Dark Cloud Tiger Wolf immediately came up to them. He saw that Wu Yu and his group were in human form and led them to the tables and chairs. They liked such customers because they would not waste their space. After being seated, that young demon asked, "What do you want to order? This is our menu. If there is any detail that you need to ask about, just let me know."

His service was polite and neutral. It was interesting.

The Full Moon of Nanshan pressed down on the menu and used some power of his mystique. It was similar to Wu Yu's Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul. He then said to the young Dark Cloud Tiger Wolf, "I want to see your boss, the one called Black Stroke. I hear that he has the latest news and want to ask him about something."

"Okay, please wait." The Dark Cloud Tiger Wolf was affected by the Full Moon of Nanshan and would not reject. He headed deep into the inn directly to look for their boss. While they had turned into demons, wolf demons still lived in packs. In their pack, the strongest was the wolf king, and he was actually also the founder of the Wolf Demon Inn.

Wu Yu thought that it was interesting to see such rustic demon building designs, and to watch these carefree demons of all kinds and varieties. Comparatively, the demons in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, who had lesser understanding of things like spirit designs, would never have things like inns or shops.

After a while, that Dark Cloud Tiger Wolf led a dark-haired middle-aged man out. He was tall and thin and had a few scars on his face. His eyes were sharp and intimidating without anger. When he appeared, the surrounding Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves all prostrated respectfully. 

This human form demon should be the wolf king, Black Stroke. Indeed, he had the demeanor of a king.

He stared at Wu Yu and his group. He approached them and took the last seat on their square table. He took a sweeping glance and his gaze landed on Ye Xixi. He saw that Ye Xixi seemed to have the highest cultivation level.

Wu Yu was surprised. This guy was at the Dao Querying Realm. While he was only a first tier, he was the strongest that he had seen in Little Valley. It was no wonder he could own such a grand establishment here.

"It's no problem to ask a question. Many people come here to seek information from me. But, this will cost you," Black Stroke said to Ye Xixi.

Ye Xixi looked at Wu Yu innocently before realizing that it should be the Full Moon of Nanshan who would be speaking. Then she looked at the Full Moon of Nanshan. At this moment, the Full Moon of Nanshan cleared his throat and said, "That is no problem. What is the wolf king's price? I don't like exorbitant prices."

Black Stroke was a little depressed. It was only now that he realized that Ye Xixi was a little girl, and with one look, one could tell that she was not the leader. Hence, he turned around and said to the Full Moon of Nanshan, "I'm running a small scale business with honesty and integrity. I don't extort. Except once the question is asked, regardless of whether I know the answer or not, you will have to pay one God's Way Pill. Can you afford it?"

One question cost one God's Way Pill. This was already expensive….

But Wu Yu was very rich now, hence he was not bothered by this little cost.

The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled and said:, "It's a little expensive, but we can afford it. Now, listen carefully to our question."

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