Chapter 0925: Dark Cloud Tiger Wolf's Inn

Based on their current speed, they would reach the Little Valley in half a day's time.

"This is the demons' territory, so you will be the leader. Xixi and I will be your followers. When we reach Little Valley, we have to find a place called the Wolf Demon Inn. That place is more lively and the demons there are in the know. This is the intelligence provided by Prince Le."

Wu Yu instructed the Full Moon of Nanshan on the way.

At that time, the Full Moon of Nanshan would be the one talking. He and Ye Xixi, the two humans, would just follow.

"I will be the leader? This is a great idea. You guys have to be on alert, then." The Full Moon of Nanshan immediately acted all high and mighty.

Ye Xixi laughed and joked, "Big Brother Nanshan, you are a villain intoxicated by success." Wu Yu could see that she had almost recovered to her previous cheeky and bubbly self. This also made Wu Yu feel more at ease.

"Ouch, you little girl, you dare to say that I'm a villain? Believe it or not, I'll let my little brother Wu Yu slap you," the Full Moon of Nanshan said in a threatening way.

"I'm not afraid. Big Brother Yu will definitely slap you."

This made the Full Moon of Nanshan depressed. No matter what, Ye Xixi was not afraid of him.

On the other hand, Wu Yu remained quite serious. While they bickered, he went on and said, "When others ask, just say we are your followers. In addition, the reason why we want to go to Little Valley to ask about Nangong Wei is because we want to get the reward from the Black Hornet Demon King. This will then not raise any suspicions. After all, this is the Black Hornet Demon King's territory. There should have been many people asking for her information recently."

"No problem," the Full Moon of Nanshan said.

After confirming their plans, the three cut through the jungle, trying not to cause too much movement.

Ye Xixi watched as Wu Yu ran forward quickly in front of her. She thought about Nangong Wei, then she looked at Wu Yu. She wondered who this girl called Nangong Wei was to Wu Yu.

Ye Xixi could not help but catch up to him and ask, "Big Brother Yu, is she very important to you?" 

Wu Yu was stunned. He did not know how to answer the question. He could only say, "I don't know, but she disappeared. I have to find out what happened. I also have to know if she is in danger. Of course, it's possible that this is not the person I'm looking for. It could just be a coincidence that she has the same name."

Speaking of this, he suddenly remembered that in the snowy lands of Shushan, she had given him the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. That image was vivid like it just happened, but in the Mortal Arena, he had given it back to her.

"I don't understand." Ye Xixi scratched her head.

"You won't understand. I guess she is his first love. Then they separated." The Full Moon of Nanshan's words were shocking. He had said it with confidence too.

However, he had guessed it almost correctly.

"Ah, I see!" Ye Xixi's bright,black eyes blinked.

In fact, her feelings for Wu Yu had changed a little. After being by his side for so long, she had realized that Wu Yu did not have those kinds of feelings towards her, and she also seemed to feel that her feelings for him were not like the ones that her mother described - the relationship between dao companions. Dao companions had to be in love with each other in order for the relationship to be beneficial for them. It would be a disaster to put two people together forcibly, so she gradually let it go. After she let it go, she realized that there was only one thing left in her life, and that was to become strong and to seek revenge, which made her goals very clear and also gave her extra motivation.

When she let go of the feelings of a young girl in her heart, their relationship became purer. It was more like friendship, and also family.

In front, the Full Moon of Nanshan was wearing a white robe and holding a folded fan. His black hair flew in the air. Looking at his appearance, he was really handsome, outstanding, and carefree. He looked like a real immortal that was out of the world! Any young girl that saw him would probably think that he was the dao companion of their dreams. But when she saw those beautiful women on his folded fan, she felt that it was a pity he had such good looks.

But following these two big brothers in their adventure, even as a woman, she felt very excited too.

"One day, I will be like them. I will be more carefree, heroic, and tough. I will not be afraid of the heavens and the earth. My path of the dao will be for me to become strong. I'd rather die than surrender...." Ye Xixi swore quietly to herself.

"I want revenge too...." In her memories, there was an image of the Ancient Demon God and the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor....


"Here we are." She was immersed in her memories when Wu Yu's voice pulled her back. She looked at her surroundings. After the jungle, it seemed that there was a stretch of mountains. The peaks of these mountains were very high, all towering into the clouds.

Between the two mountain ranges was a very deep and wide valley. The demonic aura inside was strong, and before they approached, they could hear many demons' voices. This had to be Little Valley. They had reached Little Valley. This meant that Phoenix's Perch was nearby.

"Let's enter." At this moment, the Full Moon of Nanshan was leading the way. He swaggered in, while Wu Yu and Ye Xixi followed quietly behind. They did not have to try hard to become one with the crowd. There were many demons entering and exiting. There were birds, beasts, and even insects and plants. There were also some demons turned from weird objects. Most of them were demons, and they moved about in their true forms. There was only a small number of martial cultivators. 

Little Valley was actually very big. After all, many demons were active in their true forms here. It was like a city in an immortal kingdom. After Wu Yu entered, he realized that he could not see the edge of this place. In the jungle, there were some spirit design buildings modelled after those in the martial cultivators' world. Some landed their warships directly on the ground and then started to sell items. A portion of the establishments in the Immortal's Capital were available here too. Wu Yu looked around. There were various dao treasures, immortal essences, precious treasures, immortal medicines, and talismans for sale here. Of course, many were not directly displayed. One needed to ask for it personally before they knew about it.

Besides, the shop owners here were very cautious. They had layers and layers of protection. They would probably escape once there were any signs of trouble.

This place was an eye opener. Wu Yu took one look and saw many fox demons, tiger demons, and lion demons. There were demons from the entire zodiac here. In fact, there were many kinds of tiger demons alone. He could not tell their kind or their bloodlines just by looking at their appearances. Besides these, there were many birds flying in the sky. There were even many insect demons hiding in some tiny places. On the way, there were many unmoving, ancient trees, and they might be tree demons!

At a glance, there were no demons in this bustling Little Valley who were stronger than Wu Yu and his group. Obviously, the Dao Querying Realm demons had already occupied their mountains as demon kings. They would not appear here and join in the bustle of the young and adult demons. They had always directly seized what they wanted and did not need to trade here at all.

So when Wu Yu and his group appeared, they stirred fear in some demons. After all, they were foreign faces and looked very strong. While they were not at the Dao Querying Realm, even the youngest of the young demons could feel terror from their suppressive auras, especially with the Full Moon of Nanshan, who looked like an elite demon.

"My, my king... is there anything that you need this little one for...." A dog demon appeared in front of them. His head shook and his tail wagged. He shivered as it looked at the Full Moon of Nanshan.

"Yes?" The Full Moon of Nanshan looked at him. Actually, when the demons looked at them, they all hid. This one had dared to approach them. He was quite daring.

This was a demon who had just reached the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm

The dog demon trembled and said, "I plead for only five Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. No matter what the king asks for, I will answer as long as I know."  

It turned out that he had noticed that Wu Yu and his group were outsiders and knew that there was something they wanted to know. Hence, he had gathered his courage to earn money. He was really brave and was considered an outlier among the demons.

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "Seeing that you look quite pleasant to my eyes, no problem. Let me ask you, do you know where Nangong Wei is?"

The dog demon was shocked and said, "So my king, you're here for the reward too. But if I knew, I would have gone to receive the reward.... It looks like I'm not fated to receive the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills...."

He was very depressed.

"Then bring us to the Wolf Demon Inn. You'll get Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills too." Wu Yu told the Full Moon of Nanshan to say that. He did not think that this dog demon would know news about Nangong Wei.

"Go to the Wolf Demon Inn? But the Dark Cloud Tiger Wolves are really fierce...." The dog demon trembled.

The Full Moon of Nanshan picked him up and asked, "Do you think we need to be afraid of them?" 

The dog demon's face flushed red and he said hurriedly, "No, no, my king is obviously not afraid. I will bring the king there immediately!" 

"Let's go!"

With this dog demon leading the way, Wu Yu need not go around blindly. This young demon dared to lead the way and was indeed familiar with this place. His bloodline was not high ranking. It was already not easy for him to gain sentience and reach the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

On the way, Wu Yu asked him directly, "Has the Black Hornet Demon King found Nangong Wei?" 

"Of course not. There have been no updates recently. I've only heard that the demon king increased the reward to 100 God's Way Pills. This is the reward for killing Nangong Wei. Just providing news of her whereabouts is worth 10 God's Way Pill! Ah, if only I know her whereabouts. With 10 God's Way Pills, I probably could break through many cultivation levels and reach the sky in one step. My life would be so different...." the dog demon said while daydreaming.

The Full Moon of Nanshan laughed and said, "If you are intoxicated by these thoughts, they will just kill you. Don't you know that the precious stone lands the innocent possessor in jail?"  

This type of demon could rule the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, but here, he had a difficult life. It was not easy to just survive.

"Yes, yes, my king is right." The dog demon quickly nodded.

He was curious as to why two humans followed the king, but they looked strong too.

Along the way, many demons noticed them. Most of them hid in the dark and discussed only after they had passed.

"A demon leading two humans?"

"What demon is that? His aura feels terrifying!"

"I don't know, I've not heard of such a demon nearby!"

"They probably came for the demon king's reward. Fuck, another competitor!"

Soon, the dog demon said that they had reached the Wolf Demon Inn. 

This was an inn opened by a pack of Dark Cloud Tiger Wolf demons.

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