Chapter 0923: Dao Philosophy


Having one's flesh and blood be the fertilizer for vegetation was naturally an excruciating process! He saw the sharp branches plunge into his flesh and then emerge again.

Not just painful, but horrifying.

And this was the most crucial moment when the old demon was activating his spirit designs!

As he screamed, the Old Yin Yang Demon finally hesitated in expanding any further, and began to transform from his human shape into the colossal demon true form!

For demons, their true form was stronger.

And the huge bulk was not something that their human form could compare to. Wu Yu guessed that he was trying to use the sheer volume of his body to counter the Full Moon of Nanshan's mystique!

"Gotcha!" As the Old Yin Yang Demon transformed into a huge, two-headed snake, the green-eyed Full Moon of Nanshan snickered wickedly.

Wu Yu recalled that his mystique worked better the more flesh there was. When the old demon rapidly increased his bulk, the Full Moon of Nanshan took the opportunity to increase the power of the mystique. In a flash, he could see the plant life on the old demon ramp up into overgrowth, until his entire body was covered like blood-sucking leeches from a swamp!

In Wu Yu's eyes, the twin-headed sea snake seemed to have turned into a tendril-covered branch. His skin had broken into bloody gashes at many points, where trees, flowers, and grass were growing. And the growth continued to escalate, until his flesh shriveled and withered. If this continued, the Old Yin Yang Demon would definitely be sucked dry until death!

This was the power of Marshal Tian Peng's mystique. It looked beautiful, with the heady scent of flowers wafting forth. But it packed a bloody deadliness. This mystique used blood and flesh as soil!

As angry as the Old Yin Yang Demon was, he could only howl in pain under the effects of the Full Moon of Nanshan's mystique! However, he was a tough one. Even as he gritted his teeth and bore it, he channeled all his rage and frenzy onto the Taia Boundless Storm of Swords, and a rain of swords fell!


The black and white fragments that comprised the storm of swords flashed out towards Wu Yu's Immovable Nine Palaces Design. The Immovable Nine Palaces Design was immediately battered strongly, and his opponent's advanced dao treasure spirit design's power appeared, trying to barrage through the Immovable Nine Palaces Design and smash Wu Yu and the others to dust!

However, the Full Moon of Nanshan did not let up. The flowers and trees continued to grow wildly, and the tree branches were already as thick as the sea snake's body. His body was being crushed! Before long, the branches had filled the entire Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation!

The Old Yin Yang Demon had wanted to use the Taia Boundless Storm of Swords to kill Wu Yu and the others, but now he was in mortal danger. His offense was affected as well, which was why Wu Yu could still hold up the Immovable Nine Palaces Design.

The old demon had seen that Wu Yu was holding out as well. He knew that his advanced dao treasure could not kill Wu Yu.

And if he continued this, he would only continue to weaken, wither, and die, while Wu Yu would not. Therefore, he had to try something else. He stopped the Taia Boundless Storm of Swords and used his advanced dao treasure to hack at the troublesome vegetation! The Old Yin Yang Demon was not someone to give up easily, but he had been forced to retract his Double-Ended Taia Sword!

The combined strength of Wu Yu's party had forced him to expend prodigious strength, but it had come back to bite him instead!

The Old Yin Yang Demon moved quickly. After retrieving the Double-Ended Taia Sword, he immediately set them to slash away the flowers and trees that had painstakingly grown on his body. Half of them fell away. Although they were still growing rapidly, he was also using Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to control it. He even thrust the Double-Ended Taia Sword into his body to uproot the Full Moon of Nanshan's mystique!

If the Full Moon of Nanshan were fighting him alone, he would definitely not be his match. Up till this point in the fight, Wu Yu had realized that those at the Dao Querying Realm were truly tricky to deal with. There weren't many who were food!

However, the opponent was wounded now, and Wu Yu would not give him a chance to recover! He quickly dispelled the Immovable Nine Palaces Design and changed tack!

"Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design!"

The nine crucibles covered the Old Yin Yang Demon. The entirety of the Nine-Layered Sea of Fire burned madly within! Wu Yu stood on top of the furnace, pouring his strength in. This was the final attack on the Old Yin Yang Demon now, Wu Yu was certain. The Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design's concentration of the nine fires could definitely turn the Old Yin Yang Demon to ashes. After all, he had already lost much of his essence to the Full Moon of Nanshan's devouring.

Although he was outside, Wu Yu knew intimately what was happening within the huge cauldron. The parched flesh of the Old Yin Yang Demon was being suppressed by Wu Yu's furnace spirit design. The nine-colored sea of flames was clashing within with a deafening roar. And in the midst of this volatile vortex, the Old Yin Yang Demon's flesh was being disintegrated. Wu Yu reckoned that he would not be able to hold out for long, and might well be on his last legs.

This was all thanks to the Full Moon of Nanshan's mystique, which had turned the tables. The Old Yin Yang Demon had lost to their seamless coordination and constant attacks. The Immortal Dao valued that as well. Their synchronization was sublime!

However, the Old Yin Yang Demon was still hollering inside, struggling to stay alive! He was a very tough one indeed. Even amidst the burning cauldron, he did not immediately die!

But everyone relaxed a little at this time.

"That old demon was really hard to deal with. A close one."

"We haven't fully finished him off yet."

"A third tier Dao Querying cultivator. Many martial cultivators and demons are stagnant here for a long time, afraid to challenge the dao crisis."

Wu Yu continued to expend Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy while monitoring the situation within the furnace. He strengthened the spirit design over and over, unable to let up until he had incinerated the enemy.

However, the Full Moon of Nanshan laughed and turned to Ye Xixi. "Well? Envious of Big Brother Nanshan's mystique now, eh? You better work hard too - show your brothers what mystiques the Curtain Lifting General has. Can it compare to mine?"

"Definitely better," Ye Xixi replied calmly. Although she had not made much headway yet, she was still confident.

It seemed like the Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation around them was starting to shudder violently, as though it was about to vanish. This indicated that the yelling Old Yin Yang Demon was on the verge of caving in.

The power of Wu Yu's Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design was comparable to the Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters. And under today's circumstances, the sustained explosions created more devastating damage!

"You killed my son, and you still want to kill me! You deserve death! I have no quarrel with you! Why would you end my family!? You martial cultivators call yourselves good. I think you are the worst evil of all! Your get are the most heinous existences to walk this world! No need to fake your goodness! During the three dao crises, the martial cultivator deaths are on par with demon deaths!

"And that boar demon - actually fraternizing with a human! Can you respect the ancestors? Do you know how many of your ancestors have been mercilessly killed by martial cultivators under their pretext of justice?

"To me, you are cruel, heartless!"

Wu Yu's eyes were impassive, or perhaps indifferent. He watched the Old Yin Yang Demon burn down to ashes in the flames.

"You kill my kind for no reason!

"One day, you will be destroyed by the world! Henceforth, you cannot pretend to be righteous anymore! Your sins will fill books!"

Eventually, the Old Yin Yang Demon was reduced to ashes.

Wu Yu stowed the Infernal Sky Pillar. When the Old Yin Yang Demon succumbed, the Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation began to dissipate as well, the black and white sea water receding. The azure sky was restored anew to their view.

This was considered their first time in a team fight, and they had executed it rather flawlessly, unleashing some rather surprising powers.

However, as he faded away, Wu Yu pondered his words.

It sounded like Wu Yu was a killer from start to finish. He had killed his child, the Green Island Brothers, and then him.

Was this sin?

The Old Yin Yang Demon had said all of that to unseat Wu Yu's dao.

"Follow your heart, and judge not the good and evil of the world. Have your own dao."

He closed his eyes and opened them again. He looked at the vast world and steeled his heart.

There were billions of people. Any matter was subject to different perspectives and different approaches. The Old Yin Yang Demon had his perspective, and others had other perspectives. Including Qing Ye, who Wu Yu had saved. He would not feel that Wu Yu had sinned.

"Therefore, not all is absolute. Good and evil are not decided from a single perspective alone, and it is not for the Old Yin Yang Demon to decide it. Therefore, it's back to that statement. Follow my heart, and all will be well."

Wu Yu cracked a smile.

His inner resolve was unwavering at this moment. Naturally, others' words would not affect it.

He picked up the Old Yin Yang Demon's Sumeru Pouch. There were many precious treasures within, so it would take a long time to count them. There were also many God's Way Pills within, at least 300. There were also many Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, which he had probably accumulated over years of robbery.

In the end, his gaze landed on the Double-Ended Taia Sword.

This was his greatest reward this time.

Of course, the reward belonged to the three of them, because they had defeated him in concert. Wu Yu therefore handed the Sumeru Pouch's contents to the Full Moon of Nanshan and said, "I'm thinking of giving this advanced dao treasure to Xixi. Any objections?"

"Of course not. I have no interest in such toys.... Of course, a bigger reason is that I dote on our good sister so much. I would give anything to her,." the Full Moon of Nanshan said shamelessly.

"For me?" Ye Xixi started. She was not expecting that.

"This weapon can attack from both sides, and shares that similarity with the Demon Subduing Scepter. You can try such dao treasures out. It will be beneficial for you," Wu Yu said, thinking with foresight.

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