Chapter 0922: Double-Ended Taia Sword

Wu Yu always felt that they were able to fight so smoothly because of the Full Moon of Nanshan's Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon mystique.

Ye Xixi had not reached the mystique part of the Curtain Lifting General's legacy yet. Wu Yu had to reach the Jindan Dao Realm before he could use the first mystique, the Unshackled Doppelganger.

At this moment, sword, staff, and trident attacked the head from three different directions!

Bang, bang, bang!

Wu Yu felt like he had landed a solid attack!

Of course, the Old Yin Yang Demon definitely used his mystique as well. Wu Yu's three violent attacks were extremely powerful, but at the moment, they seemed to land on an extremely soft spot. It was very soft and could quickly dissolve the power of Wu Yu's attack. This could be considered as using softness to overcome toughness! Wu Yu knew that this old demon that dominated this area of the sea region would not be so easy to deal with!

The difficulty of this battle was beyond Wu Yu's imagination.

The three kinds of attack birthed a fierce impact. They seemed to beat the Old Yin Yang Demon into mush, but Wu Yu felt like he could not turn back anymore. The mystique used by the Old Yin Yang Demon at this moment was similar to the Heaven Devouring Avatar's devouring. Of course, its function was to dissolve at most, not to devour and transform!

There were a lot of things that could be devoured. After being devoured, they could also be transformed into his own, but almost none could be transformed!

"You guys want to defeat me with this? You little weaklings are a little naive. I was still wondering, how can there only be two? Originally, there were at least five people. If I hadn't shown my weakness, those hidden ones would not have appeared...."

In the strong explosion and bright light caused by Wu Yu's attack, the Old Yin Yang Demon's sinister laughter still sounded neither male nor female. That voice was extremely creepy-sounding.

Faintly, a Yin and Yang Taiji pattern activated below them.

Wu Yu and the others had to back away at this time. He frowned slightly. The other party's resistance to the Full Moon of Nanshan's Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon was really shocking!

"Don't listen to him. He's been influenced by me the whole time. He just woke up before that life and death crisis. He was injured because of your attack. It was not as easy as he said. This old man knows how to bluff," the Full Moon of Nanshan said in hiding.

"I see." Wu Yu believed him, thinking that his coordinated attack just now had no effect on this guy.

However, he had to admit that this demon's ability was really good that he could wake up at the moment of life and death and use his mystique to dissolve most of Wu Yu's attacks. At this time, Wu Yu could already see that this guy had jumped out. He was still in his human form and looked unharmed. He held the Double-Ended Taia Sword in his hands. Both ends were sharp double-edged swords. Now the old demon's eyes locked onto Wu Yu's real body!


He probably knew that the Heaven Devouring Avatar was Wu Yu's avatar and that the Dignified Trident Elemental was a rare powerful puppet. The core of the group was Wu Yu, and it was Wu Yu who had killed his son. So he focused all his attention on Wu Yu. Wu Yu was his first target!

"First of all, I will use your blood as a sacrifice to my child!"

The old demon was ferocious. When he spoke, he had already started his attacks against Wu Yu's real body. With his powerful Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, he activated the hundreds of thousands of spirit designs on the advanced dao treasure in his hands. When the Double-Ended Taia Sword rotated in his hands, suddenly a huge Taiji pattern seemed to connect with the Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation around him!

"Taia Taiji Sword Wheel!"

Indeed, when he rushed towards Wu Yu, he activated the Offensive Spirit Design of the advanced dao treasure in his hand. In an instant, a fierce killing intent descended on Wu Yu. This killing intent was not only because the other party's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was powerful, but also because the spirit design itself was strong! Wu Yu could basically see that the power of the advanced dao treasure possessed by this old demon was indeed very close to his two advanced dao treasures!

The Double-Ended Taia Sword rotated in his hands. When the speed of rotation reached a limit, it formed a huge sword wheel. Yin and yang blended, black and white mixed together in that sword wheel. The edge of that sword wheel was a high-speed rotating blade, in which numerous spirit designs were activated, releasing sharp sword qi, and making the whole sword wheel expand continuously!


The Old Yin Yang Demon's eyes were bloodshot. He swung the Taia Taiji Sword Wheel towards Wu Yu's real body. The black and white sword wheel instantly sliced through the Qian Kun space in front of it. Wu Yu felt that everything before his eyes was torn apart by this sword wheel. In this instant, while he was not dead yet, he already felt as though he was cut into two by this sword wheel!

In this life or death instant, Wu Yu had two choices.

The first was to use the Immovable Nine Palaces Design.

The second was to use the second tier of the Somersault Cloud.

Of the two options, it would be safer to use the Somersault Cloud. However, he was worried that during the period of time his real body was out, the other four would be unable to withstand the Old Yin Yang Demon's attacks.

But based on the power of the Taia Taiji Sword Wheel, Wu Yu was not sure if he could survive with just his real body using the Immovable Nine Palaces Design. He instantly made the judgement that even if he could withstand the attack, his real body would be injured!

Hence, at this moment, with the onset of such a fierce powerful violent attack, he chose to somersault quickly. Before the Taia Taiji Sword Wheel could hit its target, he had somersaulted. The Somersault Cloud was integrated in his body, so he leapt out of the Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation in an instant!

Wu Yu was now very skilled at using the Somersault Cloud. To a certain extent, he could control the distance that he would leap out. In the past, he leapt out with a great distance, but now he could control and leap out to somewhere nearer!

"How is that possible!?" Old Yin Yang Demon was originally very confident. He had not expected Wu Yu to somersault instead of defending at the instant his attack was about to land. This made him think that something was wrong with Wu Yu's brain. However, he did not expect Wu Yu to disappear at that instant!

He had disappeared from the Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation!

His greatest confidence came from the Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation! At this moment, when Wu Yu suddenly disappeared, his confidence was shattered. He was shocked momentarily, and the Taia Taiji Sword Wheel was extremely fast. In this instant of shock, the black and white sword wheel almost sliced apart the Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation. It was lucky that he had controlled it at the last moment.

However, the power of the Offensive Spirit Design was dissipating rapidly. He had wasted a lot of strength and failed to hit Wu Yu. Also, when he was controlling his advanced dao treasure and putting it away, Wu Yu's real body broke in from outside and appeared before him with no injuries at all!

His spirit design limited movement from inside to outside but could not stop people from entering. Wu Yu had used the Spirit Penetration Art and seen through this point. If not, he would not have exitted recklessly.

While it was amazing that Wu Yu could suddenly leave, this did not decrease the old demon's determination to kill them - it only further infuriated the old demon. The advanced dao treasure that he had just retrieved pressed upon them again. This time, he was smarter and did not target Wu Yu's real body alone, but attacked all of them!

No doubt, he was no fool. If Wu Yu could leave this place easily, he had no need to come back. Hence, the truth was that only Wu Yu's real body could leave and the other four could only be trapped here!

"Taia Boundless Storm of Swords!"

The Old Yin Yang Demon was smart and vicious. He instantly poured his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy in and activated the spirit designs on his advanced dao treasure. This time, he had activated more spirit designs, so his advanced dao treasure shined even brighter. In his hand, the Double-Ended Taia Sword rotated again, and this time it became bigger. The old demon raised it above his head, and at this point, that sword wheel became larger and covered even the sky!

However, it was different from before. This time, the huge sword wheel seemed to have suffered a destructive blow and instantly shattered, turning into countless pieces of black, white, or black and white. They covered the sky and seemed to have formed layers of clouds!

These pieces all possessed terrifying slicing ability. If one was not careful, even the strongest physical body could be cut and probably suffer many cuts and slices. Those shattered pieces that looked like irregular broken glass pieces were formed by the advanced dao treasure and impressive spiritual power. Wu Yu frowned. He felt that while this spirit design was scattered now, its destructive ability and threat was stronger than the previous sword wheel!

This time, the Old Yin Yang Demon laughed coldly. He was confident that he had control over the whole situation.

On the other side, Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan had a short communication in this instant and then each of them quickly retaliated!

"Immovable Nine Palaces Design!"

Wu Yu transformed the Infernal Sky Pillar into nine huge crucibles and activated its Defensive Spirit Design. Suddenly, all nine crucibles gathered and covered Wu Yu within them, creating a very stable Nine Palaces Design! Different from the previous times, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the puppet all came to him quickly. Among them, the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the puppet entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda, which was safer!

Of course, Wu Yu would not only use the Immovable Nine Palaces design to fight against the Old Yin Yang Demon's powerful Taia Boundless Storm of Swords!

When the Full Moon of Nanshan came to Wu Yu's side, he was already preparing another kind of mystique. He had already mastered all of Marshal Tian Peng's mystiques!

"The Flowered Branch of Reincarnation."

At this moment, the Full Moon of Nanshan stood in front of Wu Yu. His long hair was like a waterfall. It flew and his hands were clasped together. His eyes were closed, and his body emitted a green and brown fluorescent light, shaped like a big tree. Wu Yu remembered that Marshal Tian Peng's attribute leaned towards water and wood. Water was majestic, powerful, and tenacious, while wood was constant vitality, and also had a violent power!

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Wu Yu were both very fast! The other party's chaotic sword storm had just formed and Wu Yu's Immovable Nine Palaces design was already defending. At the same time, the Full Moon of Nanshan's mystique was executed much faster than the spirit design. Just before the sword storm exploded and rained on them, the Full Moon of Nanshan suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes had already turned jade-green!

There were many tiers to the Flowered Branch of Reincarnation.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had trained to the third tier, and it was called Green Frenzy! 

When he opened his eyes, the jade-green glow of his eyes penetrated through the old demon. In an instant, Wu Yu witnessed a great change in the old demon. Many seeds seemed to have appeared inside his body. In an instant, his face turned pale and Wu Yu could see many branches and flower-like things growing out from his body. They pierced through his blood, flesh, and skin, and rushed out of his body. It was flourishing! 

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