Chapter 0921: Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon, Gone from the Skies

The Old Yin Yang Demon still did not know for sure how many people were aboard the Hidden Immortal.

In order to keep him in the dark, Wu Yu would continue to hold on to his trump card.

That was why he continued to hide the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dignified Trident Elemental in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

The Defensive Spirit Designs of the Hidden Immortal were not very useful against the Old Yin Yang Demon. Therefore, since Wu Yu was already prepared to kill him, he would not continue to cower inside.

Therefore, he and Ye Xixi appeared in the Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation, while the Full Moon of Nanshan used the camouflage mystique from Marshal Tian Peng Gone from the Skies. When he put the Hidden Immortal away, he also vanished.

Even Wu Yu could not see him when his Gone from the Skies Mystique was used, and he reckoned that the Old Yin Yang Demon would be the same. After all, he did not have the Eyes of Fire and Gold.

As expected, when Wu Yu sprung out, ready to fight from the Hidden Immortal, the Old Yin Yang Demon came booming from all around him. He was suspicious. "Just you two? Impossible! How could you two finish off the Green Island Brothers?!"

He knew what the Green Island Brothers were capable of.

And Wu Yu and the others had not taken long to finish them off.

But what stumped him was that only Wu Yu and Ye Xixi had emerged from the Hidden Immortal, no matter how he looked at it. To the Old Yin Yang Demon, it was impossible that someone else was hiding.

"What's impossible? There are many things that you are ignorant about. Are you scared now?" Wu Yu's real body caught the attention of the Old Yin Yang Demon. He used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to turn into a giant, then his Immortal Ape Transformation. His feral facade of golden fur welcomed battle!

Ye Xixi did not hold back either. In this life or death battle, she again fused with Lazy, and the fusion made them much stronger!

The Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters that Wu Yu held was a top-quality advanced dao treasure, and also very striking. The Old Yin Yang Demon's avaricious gaze was held by it.

But this still looked insufficient for the speed at which they had dispatched the Green Island Brothers! Therefore, the Old Yin Yang Demon was seized by both suspicion and wariness even amidst his hate. The eyes around them disappeared and materialized into an old person before them. The person's gender was indeterminate, somewhere between male and female. It was, without doubt, the Old Yin Yang Demon's human form.

"Where is the person who killed the Green Island Brothers? Have they fled?" The Old Yin Yang Demon gritted his teeth.

"What do you think?" Wu Yu countered. He did not give him an answer, keeping him guessing.

"But I've seen the little demon cat's likeness. You are the one who killed my son! I only need to make you pay the price! Why did you kill my child!? Speak!"

This old demon spoke with two voices from his mouth, one an old man, the other an old crone. It sounded very peculiar.

Wu Yu laughed. "Nothing much. I didn't like him, so I killed him. Same goes for you."

Wu Yu did not need to play for time. Since he was trapped in the Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation, which was tied to his enemy's life, then the only way to continue on to the Nanyin Demon Continent was to kill him! With Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan with him, Wu Yu could not possibly leave them behind, trapped.

"Impertinent! I will open your eyes today, punk! You're hard-mouthed now, but in a quarter of an hour, you will know terror and misery!"

If not for the fact that he wanted to have a proper account of his son's death, he would already have been unable to hold back. As he faced Wu Yu, he not only failed to scare him, but instead roused Wu Yu's anger. A volcano seemed to be bubbling within him!

Before he knew it, the Full Moon of Nanshan had already snuck behind his back. At this point, in the Old Yin Yang Demon’s most worked-up emotional state, the Full Moon of Nanshan used the Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon Mystique without a sound, directed at the Old Yin Yang Demon.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had used both Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon and Gone from the Skies on Wu Yu before, and both mystiques had come from Marshal Tian Peng. They both packed a punch and scaled well with one's ability. The potency of each tier was very different, much like the Eyes of Fire and Gold. Especially Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon. A poetic name, and each tier was new, bringing an even more sophisticated illusion technique mystique. The Full Moon of Nanshan had cultivated this mystique to the limit of the fourth tier. His every word and action had a mesmerizing effect. It was very difficult for ordinary people to pierce the illusion. Wu Yu could marginally do so with the Eyes of Fire and Gold.

In truth, the Full Moon of Nanshan's successful harem-building exploits in the Immortal's Capital had also been due to this mesmerizing mystique. Of course, he had not committed any great wrong, but was simply playing around.

But used now, he swept up the Old Yin Yang Demon in an invisible cloud that continued to make him more and more worked up. He lost himself, sinking down into confusion. Therefore, although the Full Moon of Nanshan's arsenal of mystiques was not as flashy or violent as Wu Yu's, it was still very effective!

The camouflage abilities of Gone from the Skies was manifold better than the Hidden Immortal's!

Wu Yu could clearly see that the demon was starting to fall to the Full Moon of Nanshan's mystique, just like when he faced Xing Yan. But he was an even greater help this time! 

Behind Wu Yu, Ye Xixi started to wave the chime in her hand. The Enchanted Wind Chime's spirit designs called forth the Soul Suppressing Song, which was similar to Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon. It was a hypnotic spirit design that would weaken one as they listened to it. The Old Yin Yang Demon was currently in the throes of both the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi's afflictions!

After the transformation of her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, Ye Xixi had reconstructed the original spirit designs, and it was rather different now. It was stronger, darker, and more effective. It seemed to transform her body into the night itself!

"Die! Die, all of you!" The Old Yin Yang Demon looked even more feral now, but he was slightly out of his mind. As a demon specializing in bloodline mystiques, he pulled out an advanced dao treasure, which was no ordinary one. It felt capable of giving Wu Yu a good fight!

It was a pair of swords! One black and one white, it was a little like the dao treasure that Wu Yu had once used. Of course, the color was where the similarity ended. The make, material, and spirit designs imbued within were as different as night and day. The two swords added together made an advanced dao treasure, and it was very compatible with the Old Yin Yang Demon. They looked to embody yin and yang themselves.

There was another unique trait about it. Each of the swords had an especially long hilt, perhaps half as long as the blades. The hilts were densely covered with runes, which were all spirit designs!

Even more remarkably, the Old Yin Yang Demon mashed the two sword hilt ends together, and they merged seamlessly. The two swords' spirit designs fused, and it probably had about 400,000 spirit designs in total. The creation was a completely new double-ended blade. From the tip of the white sword to the tip of the black, it was about as tall as the Old Yin Yang Demon!

At this time, he gripped the hilt, spinning the weaponized sword blades before his eyes. As it picked up speed, it seemed like he was holding a trigram symbol in his hands!

"Child, as your father, I will use this Double-Ended Taia Sword to take revenge for you, and see justice delivered!" The Old Yin Yang Demon's tears rolled down as he raved to himself. This was the effect of the Full Moon of Nanshan's phantom mystique. Although he was in a terrible rage, it was misdirected, and his wild eyes were not even locked onto Wu Yu's position!

"Ahhh!" Gripping the Double-Ended Taia Sword and brandishing it with both hands, he bellowed, tearing the skies apart. Black and white seawater blasted forth, but not at Wu Yu or Ye Xixi. Clearly, he was fighting with their phantoms!

"Act now!" the Full Moon of Nanshan urged Wu Yu. The Old Yin Yang Demon was still very strong, and he could not keep it up for long. While he was in the throes of tortured confusion, this was the best time to act!

Wu Yu complied!

He appeared above the Old Yin Yang Demon. From within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dignified Trident Elemental appeared. All three bore down on the Old Yin Yang Demon in a wedge formation!

"Imperial World Seal!" The Dignified Trident Elemental used the trident to draw the Imperial World Seal. Although invisible, it was as dense as a million mountains, and bore down on the demon!

"Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk!" The Heaven Devouring Avatar did not hold back either. While the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were suppressing the opponent, all his energy was channeled into his sword, and the huge sword bore down, summoning countless palaces behind it. The frost energy gushed forth, keenly and thoroughly crashing on the Old Yin Yang Demon!

But the most violent attack of all came from Wu Yu's real body. Wu Yu obviously wanted to finish the opponent off in one hit. After all, it was you or me at this point, and he could not possibly show mercy. That would be cruel to himself and his own.

"Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace design!"

With the power of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body, he only held back the Violent Art, which would cause his fighting power to suffer afterwards. Without any guarantee of killing his opponent, Wu Yu chose this one aspect of prudence!

The three major attacks of three different types all culminated on the Old Yin Yang Demon in his confused state!

Wu Yu felt that this level of attack could even destroy his Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body! One staff, one sword, one trident. The three major weapons piled onto the Old Yin Yang Demon!

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