Chapter 0920: Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation

"First Tier Dao Querying Realm. There really are many demons at the Dao Querying Realm in the sea region."

This giant whale was huge; it had probably existed for many years. Demons had a much longer lifespan than martial cultivators.

While it had a high cultivation level and a humongous body, this giant whale demon seemed gentle and non-aggressive.

Wu Yu was not sure yet if this giant whale demon was following his group. He asked the Full Moon of Nanshan to change their direction to see if the other party would follow them. 

In the end, the Full Moon of Nanshan replied, "I tried, it's been following us all this way. Otherwise, I would not have shouted for you. I want to get rid of this fella, but I'm worried about getting into trouble."

"He followed us all the way?"

There had to be some problem.

At this moment, logically speaking, the Hidden Immortal should be well concealed. Even the Old Yin Yang Demon could not find them at this distance. However, the peculiar part was that this giant whale demon could follow them all the way.

Wu Yu stood at the ship’s bow and used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to see through and check in detail. Very quickly, he found something suspicious. There was a hole about 10 zhang wide on top of the giant whale demon's head. It was like an endless hole on land. At this moment, that hole was giving out a special wave or a unique sound. When that sound spread out into the surroundings, no matter what the sound waves hit, they would reflect back onto the giant whale demon's body.

This was like sound navigation.

A large number of the sound waves hit the Hidden Immortal and returned to the giant whale demon. This was a very small portion of the countless reflected sound waves.

"I've found the reason. He is indeed following us, but he is probably not too sure."

"How is he following us? That's not possible."

"I think it's through sound."

"Sound, then that's not surprising."

Wu Yu thought about it before saying, "Let's not touch him for now. I don’t think he knows our exact location. You increase the speed to see if we can shake him off first."

This giant whale demon would not be difficult to defeat. Wu Yu was mainly worried that he would lead the Old Yin Yang Demon here, and the Old Yin Yang Demon would be hard to handle, not to mention the numerous underlings he had, like the Green Island Brothers and this giant whale demon. He could even have other helpers, and they would be difficult to defend against.

Wu Yu had just used the Violent Art, and the Dignified Trident Elemental had not been repaired yet. He was not at his strongest and hence did not wish to fight with the other party.

If the Hidden Immortal increased its speed, its level of concealment would be reduced.

The Full Moon of Nanshan started to change directions and slowly increase the speed. The giant whale demon chased them, but its speed was limited, so he could not catch up to the Hidden Immortal. Not long later, Wu Yu managed to shake the whale demon off.

"Let's maintain this speed. While we are less hidden, we are further away. The Old Yin Yang Demon cannot chase us here."

After shaking off the giant whale demon, Wu Yu looked to the south again. He estimated that after passing through the long sea region, they were probably near the Nanyin Demon Continent, where demons gathered.


The Hidden Immortal sailed past in high profile and attracted the attention of many demons along the way. Some of them chased them but could not catch up with Wu Yu's group's speed. Those who really could not recognize their own strength and disturbed them were killed by Wu Yu. 

After approximately two days, the Dignified Trident Elemental was repaired in the Floating Dreams Pagoda and could be used for battle. At this time, Wu Yu's real body had also recovered to its peak condition.

"We will probably arrive in about five days at this speed," the Full Moon of Nanshan said confidently.

The sea region stretched as far as the eye could see. They were easily exposed. They would be more concealed after they had landed.

They would arrive soon.

Wu Yu thought of her and was slightly nervous. After all, they have not met for such a long time. If they could meet this time, many things might be different. He was not sure if they could have a conversation.

Of course, he knew that it probably would not be easy to find her. After all, the Black Hornet Demon King might have already put out a reward for her capture.

"The world outside is too big." Ye Xixi had expanded her horizons over these past few days and learned many new things. She did not think that they would still be flying over this endless sea after travelling for so long at such a high speed.

As for the Old Yin Yang Demon, he probably could not catch up to them. Hence, they had long forgotten about him now.

It was at this moment that Wu Yu suddenly saw some changes in the seawater below!

"What's going on?"

With the Hidden Immortal as the central position, all the seawater in front of the Hidden Immortal turned pitch black like ink!

And the sea region behind the Hidden Immortal, as far as their eyes could see, turned white. It was a huge portion of pure white seawater. It was like milk, but it did not have the delicious, milky scent. It was full of dominance and suppression!

The endless sea region in front turned black!

The endless sea region behind turned white!

This was obviously the Old Yin Yang Demon's move. After all, the Old Yin Yang Demon was a double headed sea snake, one black and one white!

Wu Yu was very shocked. Had Old Yin Yang Demon caught up to them at this most unexpected moment?


At this moment, there was a loud explosion. Wu Yu watched in shock as the large, black seawater in front rose up like a shapeless hand. It reached out for Wu Yu's Hidden Immortal and threatened to cover them. He did not need to turn back to know that it was the same situation at the back. In the blink of an eye, seawater rushed to the sky and blocked out the sun. It formed a layer below the clouds. At this moment, Wu Yu's Hidden Immortal was swallowed into a sphere. One side of the sphere was black seawater and the other was white seawater! 

This was obviously some spirit design, and it was no simple spirit design. It had probably taken some time to set up.

The other party used such a spirit design to imprison them. They obviously did not want Wu Yu and his group to escape. Wu Yu did not know the power of this spirit design at the moment. Hence, he did not rush out with the Hidden Immortal.

At the instant the spirit design sealed up, a pair of eyes appeared in both the black spirit design in front and the white spirit design behind. The Old Yin Yang Demon was hidden in the spirit design. Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to see through his body. That huge blackness was now encircled around this spherical sealed spirit design!

He had actually arrived here in advance to wait for him.

"You guys must be really curious about how I caught up..." A male and female voice spoke up inside the sphere simultaneously.

Wu Yu looked at his surroundings. This Old Yin Yang Demon seemed to be alone. Since that was the case, he was not that worried. Wu Yu and his group could escape fast. Within a short period of time, he might be able to catch up to them, but the others obviously needed more time.

At this moment, he had to know the true strength of his enemy, hence he kept calm and asked, "Naturally, I'm curious. What moves did you, an old demon, use?"

The Old Yin Yang Demon was actually furious in his heart, but he wanted to know who had slain his son. It would be a joke if he had taken revenge but still did not know who had slain his son. Hence, he said arrogantly, "I have an old friend, you guys have probably seen him. He's called the Sonar Giant Whale. He has a mystique that allows him to find you no matter how strong your warship's concealment spirit design is. When you guys escaped from my chase, he saw the direction that you were heading towards and could guess the direction that you would take later on. As for me, I came here in advance to set up the spirit design and wait for you guys to fall into my trap. While this depended on luck, the heavens were clearly on my side and you guys have fallen into my trap. This is called karma!  My son, your parents are finally going to take revenge for you!"

There was raw, violent anger in his voice. His eyes were fixed on Wu Yu's Hidden Immortal as he said, "I'll kill no nameless pawn. You must have a name since you dared to kill my child. Name yourselves!"

Wu Yu smiled and said, "You want our names because you want to avoid the embarrassment when others ask who killed your child, yet you don't even know who we are?"

"You're trapped in my Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation, are you still thinking that you can leave?  This spirit design is drawn on my body and stored in my organs. As long as I live, you can forget about leaving. I'm giving you 10 breaths of time to announce your names. Then I'll let you die less painfully and not torture you. Otherwise, don't blame me for being vicious. At that time, I'll dangle your dog heads and go to Yan Huang to ask for your identities!"

Wu Yu had indeed sensed the connection between this spirit design and the Old Yin Yang Demon. It was no wonder he could set up such a strong spirit design within such a short period. It was because this spirit design was built in his body. Using bodies to draw spirit designs was indeed something that demons would do, because their bodies were huge. The advantage was that the power of spirit designs would be terrifying.

The disadvantage was that an attack on the spirit design was equivalent to attacking the body.

Ye Xixi picked up Lazy and asked, "Big Brother Yu, what should we do now? It seems like we cannot leave."

Actually, it would be easy for Wu Yu to leave alone, but he had his two companions.

"Are we fighting? I think it's worth a try." The Full Moon of Nanshan was a little reckless. He was tired of the pursuit.

Wu Yu pondered this.

He had originally thought that they could lose this guy and did not expect him to be so persistent and catch up to them before they reached the Nanyin Demon Continent.

Now, other than battling there seemed to be no other options. After all they had no other ways of convincing the other party to let them go. Other than himself, the the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had no way of leaving this Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation.

"While risky, it is a challenge of our limits. This time, I'm afraid that the three of us must cooperate to get through this difficult challenge together. Sorry I've caused this trouble. If I had not killed the Yin Yang Snake, then we would not be in such a difficult situation." Wu Yu apologized to the two of them.

The Full Moon of Nanshan laughed and said, "I think it's nothing. The three of us have inherited immortals' legacies. Our roads are long. This might be the first time that the three of us will have to truly cooperate in battle and fight together. Besides, this will be a battle of life and death. It'll be memorable."

As for Ye Xixi, she actually loved battles as well, especially after she had experienced those changes. Hence, at this moment, she said, "I'm not afraid of him. I also want to surpass my limits. So the three of us…."

Wu Yu laughed and said, "It should be the five of us."

He alone was three people. The Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dignified Trident Elemental both appeared at this moment.

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