Chapter 0092: Tang Batian

This way, all ten-odd disciples were dispersed to different starting points.

Of course, teaming up was allowed, as long as it did not exceed four.

Actually, by Elder Shentu's rules, not even pairing up was allowed. But later, Lan Huayi had demanded that he relax the rules. In truth, it was because Lan Huayi was worried about her disciples that she had changed the rules.

That was why Lan Shuiyue now entered the Valley of Immortal Fate with three bodyguards.

And now, Lan Shuiyue and the other three held hands tightly, forming a cluster. As Elder Shentu's Demon Fishing Rod hooked onto Lan Shuiyue's clothes, the four were thrown into the Valley of Immortal Fate together.

"It's your turn now!"

Wu Yu went solo and was the last to be flung into the Valley of Immortal Fate by Elder Shentu. After whizzing through the clouds, he descended with speed through the grey and yellow fog. Just as he was about to be smashed on the floor, the fishing line went taut, allowing Wu Yu to land safely.

"Done." Elder Shentu's Demon Fishing Rod was left with just three lines again, which belonged to the demons.

"Elder Shentu, we will take our leave first," Su Yanli said.

"Go on."

Elder Shentu waved them off, then resumed his seat on the riverbank. He looked at the vast Valley of Immortal Fate with a grave expression. And then he waved his hand. The core disciples beside him took the cue to spread out, moving swiftly into the dense fog of the Valley of Immortal Fate. However, they were there to protect the borders of the Valley of Immortal Fate, to prevent outsiders from entering.

"My ultimate limit nears. The future of the Heavenly Sword Sect will soon be in the hands of these children."

Looking out over the Valley of Immortal Fate, Elder Shentu sighed.


The humidity was too high, and even taking a few steps was uncomfortable. Besides, the ground was very soft, almost as though one would sink in at any moment.

As for the surroundings, the fog indeed lived up to its name. It was just too thick. Given Wu Yu's eye power, his vision was cut by half, and it was difficult to see anything more than 10 zhang away.

And the cacophony of insects was too loud, which also affected his hearing.

In this place, they could not even see the sun. Wu Yu was a little disoriented, unsure of where to go.

"It's really like a maze in here. Besides, the terrain is complex.”

Before him was a marsh. Nearby, there were hills and deep valleys and gorges. There were also cliffs and frozen pools. Mortals would be hard pressed to move an inch within this place.

Especially the deep trenches. One misstep into air, and who knew how long you would take to regain your footing.

Wu Yu felt like he had entered a dense forest, and was surrounded by drenched branches.

Sha sha sha~

He could hear a rustling all around him

"Guard Fire."

He used an unorthodox art to create a layer of flame on his body. It created some light, and also burnt some of the insects on his body. On Wu Yu's path, many spiders, scorpions, and snakes fell.

In the dark and murky environment, these creatures teemed.

"Purification Art."

Once in a while, he had to call down water from the air, to cleanse his body of the ashes of burnt insect corpses.

"Where are the immortal roots?"

He searched carefully. It was the sole reason why he was here. He had to find it a step ahead of others. Then he would just have to ignite the Beacon of Flame.

After about an hour in the dense forest, he had found nothing. Wu Yu felt like this had to be the outskirts of the Valley of Immortal Fate. The immortal roots were probably deep within. Therefore, he increased his pace, moving inward swiftly.

After a while, he heard human voices. Afraid that it was Lan Shuiyue and her three cronies, he did not dare to approach. But after listening for a while, he realized that it was not them.

"Who goes there?"

They had discovered Wu Yu's presence and quickened their pace as they approached. It should be the two who were together. When they appeared before Wu Yu, he realized that the one who spoke was a fat warrior wearing a resplendent robe decorated with eight trigrams and clusters of swords. It looked like the uniform of some group. Most ostentatious was the jade-green cap on his head. It shone bright green and was extremely obvious.

Wu Yu recalled that this fatty had been late today. He was the last to arrive.

Beside the fatty was a woman wearing a white sword lanyard. Her features were fresh, and she looked rather weak. When she spotted Wu Yu, her eyes lit up.

"This pair should be at the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm."

Wu Yu was more afraid of the core disciples at the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm.

He did not feel any significant threat from these two and guessed that their ability within the group was not considered strong. That was why he relaxed a little.

"Aiyee. It's you, Wu Yu!" The fat warrior swaggered up, beaming upon seeing Wu Yu.

"You recognize me?"

"Damn, is there anybody under the sun who doesn't?" the fat warrior spoke with familiar ease, uncaring that he and Wu Yu were supposedly competitors. He strode up and thumped his own chest openly. "This humble creature is called Tang Batian. That's right. Named to conquer this world. Cool, eh? As for me, I'm just like my name. My character and ability are all amazing. Is this awesome person qualified to be your companion?"

Tang Batian, seeing that Wu Yu was alone, intended to partner with him. He was a quick one. After all, Wu Yu's status was special, and the chance of finding an immortal root was higher.

Tang Batian did not seem like a bad guy. However, Wu Yu preferred to move alone, and shook his head in refusal.

Tang Batian was anxious now. He added, "Wu Yu, I know you're powerful, but you don't know the rules of the Valley of Immortal Fate. Elder Shentu doesn't let us ally outside, but we can here. Besides, we're all competing, so of course the fewer people the better. Each time the Valley of Immortal Fate opens, the disciples that enter do not look for immortal roots first. Instead, they pick off the solos. Whoever wanders alone is sure to be bullied until they are forced to ignite the Beacon of Flame and are eliminated. It's just the two of us, me and Su Ci here. Besides, we're both of the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. We're looking to increase our number. We can do each other good." 

Wu Yu considered this. His own ability within the group was considered below average. If he unluckily stumbled upon other groups, then he would be easily surrounded and eliminated if he was alone.

"Wu Yu, take it as you're helping us," the female disciple, Su Ci, spoke in a warm tone. It was hard to reject such a beautiful voice.

"Alright. Let's walk together. But if we see an immortal root, I won't give it to you," Wu Yu said.

"You're a personal disciple, we wouldn't fight you for it." Tang Batian chortled. With a high status addition to his group, he was much more at ease. He said, "I've been to the Valley of Immortal Fate twice now. Little Sister Su Ci, Wu Yu, follow me."

Su Ci said, "I've been here three times. I know how to get to the deeper parts of the Valley of Immortal Fate. You should listen to me."

Tang Batian lowered his head and mockingly said: "Right, right. Of course we will listen to Little Sister Su Ci. Little Sister Su Ci is always right."

He seemed to be chasing this Su Ci. He deferred to her on all things and tried to curry favor with her. He constantly teased her while Su Ci led the way. Tang Batian said, satisfied, "I've worked hard all these years, and finally it's bearing fruit. Today, Little Sister Su Ci finally consented to talk to me and form a group with me."

"And you still want me along? Aren't I a third wheel?" Wu Yu said.

Tang Batian chuckled. "You don't understand... It's undeniable that the two of us are too weak. It's always good to have a few more companions in the company. I don't want to act the hero and get both of us eliminated. Today, I must gift Su Ci an immortal root."

Seemed like he was wise.

But Wu Yu soon realized that Su Ci did not like Tang Batian, despite his solicitousness towards her. She only superficially played along, but that was enough to keep Tang Batian happy.

"Perhaps she doesn't want to be alone, that's why she gave Tang Batian a chance."

A pity that Tang Batian could not see this. He still thought that Su Ci had finally been moved by his pursuit.

After a while, Tang Batian looked around him. "Little Sister Su Ci, this isn't the direction of the deeper region, is it?" 

"I've been here more times than you. Just believe me, and stop talking," Su Ci grumbled.

"Alright, alright. I'll always listen to you. You're right." Tang Batian did not dare to make her angry, and quickly apologized.

Following them for a while, Wu Yu got some information as well. For example, the girl with Lan Shuiyue, Ni Hongyi, seemed to be very powerful.

After a long while, Wu Yu had become much more familiar with Tang Batian and realized that the fat warrior was good at reading people. He was glib and good at making others laugh. Except that he had a soft spot for Su Ci. And Su Ci hurried along the road, looking for immortal roots, which was not unusual.

After a while, Wu Yu and Tang Batian basically chatted and laughed while Su Ci ended up in the lead.


"Lake of Jade. We're here."

Lan Shuiyue stretched lazily. Her lithe body was irresistible, and the two male disciples beside sneaked a look, feeling the drool rise.

Ni Hongyi walked up and said coldly, "Close your damn eyes." The two male disciples hurriedly averted their gazes. Ni Hongyi gave a satisfied smile and took Lan Shuiyue by the arm. "Finally, we're at the Lake of Jade. Now we just have to wait for Su Ci to come."

Lan Shuiyue said, "That Elder Shentu is really disgusting. All this talk of rules. If not for him, the five of us could directly enter and would not have to rendezvous with Su Ci here."

She lifted her head to look at the disciple in green. "I say, when did you hook that Su Ci? She's been a real quiet one."

The disciple in green gave a conceited laugh. "Just within these two days. The moment I made a move, she leapt for it. She must have been long infatuated with me."

"Save it. If not for having to protect your girl, why would we need a detour?" Ni Hongyi snapped.

"Have some patience. After all, I'm doing my best to protect Shuiyue as well. My only request is to bring Su Ci along," the green-robed disciple said.

"And to teach that Tang Batian a lesson? Y'all are really cruel. Get the fatty to escort your Su Ci safely here, and then torture him. You're going to wound him heart and body." Ni Hongyi rolled her eyes.

The disciple in green gave a cold laugh. "That Tang Batian is trying to go out of his league. I've long wanted to teach him a lesson but hadn't found the chance. When he brings Su Ci here, we'll tell him of our relationship, and then bully him and take his immortal treasure. After that, we'll toss him into the Lake of Jade. Let him learn his lesson well."

"Settle it quickly. Don't waste my time. I still have to find that Wu Yu!" The moment Lan Shuiyue thought of him, she boiled with anger.



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