Chapter 0918: Candid

"Enigmatic Surging Sea Pillar!" 

Wu Yu didn't think the Eldest King of Green Island would be able to cast his other Natural Mystique at this juncture. 

Demons were relatively weaker in the research of spirit designs and dao techniques. They also had fewer legacies. 

As they didn't specialize in spirit designs, they were slightly inferior when using dao treasures, talismans, and refining immortal medicines. 

However, the demons also had their own specializations, which was their bloodline mystiques! It was said that the mystiques of martial cultivators had originated from the demons. 

Demons wouldn't have to learn their bloodline mystiques. Instead, they would inherit them from their bloodlines, and these would become the battle style they would rely most on! 

The Sea Suppressing Devilish Melody that the Eldest King of Green Island had casted previously and the Enigmatic Surging Sea Pillar he was casting currently were extremely elite, especially when used in the sea. 

The entire sea would be helping them. 

The truth was, other demons were known to be even quicker in casting the Enigmatic Surging Sea Pillar. While he was burning in Wu Yu's Paradise's Fiery Demise, he still demonstrated great tenacity to open his mouth and reveal his dark and deep throat. At this very moment, Wu Yu didn't know the volume of seawater that had gushed into every part of the turtle's body. The seawater even neutralized a portion of the might of Wu Yu's Paradise's Fiery Demise! 

All of a sudden, the surface of the water dropped by several dozen zhang before being replenished rapidly. After all, they were in the middle of the endless sea, where there was a limitless amount of seawater. Even if there were more Eldest Kings of Green Island, they wouldn't be capable of devouring it all! 

However, from Wu Yu's perspective, the seawater that had gushed into the turtle's body was at least 100 times the size of his body. Wu Yu was surprised that the Eldest King of Green Island could retain all that seawater. The only likely explanation was that the seawater had been compressed to the limits by his mystique. 


Immediately after, a column of pitch-black water shot out from his mouth like a giant, black, steel spear towards Wu Yu. At this instant, other than escaping through the Somersault Cloud, there was no way Wu Yu could dodge. Moreover, no one knew if the mystique would continue pursuing Wu Yu after he dodged it! 

A fraction of a second ago, Wu Yu had wanted to deal the fatal strike. However, the circumstances had changed abruptly. As the Infernal Sky Pillar smashed down, it separated into nine segments and morphed into nine giant crucibles that circled Wu Yu. At this juncture, Wu Yu activated the spirit design of the Infernal Sky Pillar with the quickest speed! 

This time, he triggered its only Defensive Spirit Design, the Immovable Nine Palaces Design. 

The Immovable Nine Palaces Design didn't share the same dazzling light as the two Offensive Spirit Designs. However, the Defensive Spirit Design would have greater effects than what the Offensive Spirit Designs could bring in certain circumstances. At this juncture, the nine crucibles were arranged in the bearings of the Nine Palaces, and the middle giant crucible dragged Wu Yu in directly. Shortly after, they were connected through spirit designs and formed a single body. 

The whole body that the nine crucibles had formed was in the form of a Nine Palaces spirit design. At this moment, the Enigmatic Surging Sea Pillar shot up like a geyser and struck the seemingly mirror-like spirit design. After a sharp shrill, the Immovable Nine Palaces Design was shaken once before remaining steady. As for the Enigmatic Surging Sea Pillar, it was reflected back! 

The might of the Enigmatic Surging Sea Pillar was still too huge. As a result, when the Immovable Nine Palaces Design was reflecting the attack, Wu Yu wasn't able to control or prepare. Otherwise, he could return the full force back to his opponent like the Return of the Heaven Devouring Avatar! 

All of a sudden, the Enigmatic Surging Sea Pillar smashed into the sea. Intense explosions erupted over the circumference of several hundred li. Wu Yu estimated the attack would likely kill trillions of ordinary fish and shrimp. The seawater of the region was thrown into the sky, and it was no longer possible to tell where the sky or the sea was! 

If that Old Yin Yang Demon was in the vicinity, he would likely be attracted here when the Sea Suppressing Devilish Melody was casted. Therefore, Wu Yu had to finish the battle quickly. 

It wasn't that easy for him to cast the Immovable Nine Palaces Design. The Enigmatic Surging Sea Pillar from his opponent had powerful shockwave effects. This time, Wu Yu had exhausted a large amount of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. If he couldn't finish his opponent off rapidly, he would likely not be able to last. It just so happened that his opponent had been intimidated by Wu Yu and had thoughts of fleeing. However, Wu Yu's Paradise's Fiery Demise still managed to restrain him. Taking a closer look, the back and belly areas of the Eldest King of Green Island had been charred black. It was especially so for the belly area, where the fire had almost burned through it! 

The Eldest King of Green Island was flabbergasted and bellowed furiously, "My brothers and I have no enmity with you. Why do you have to do this to us!? Aren't you afraid of retribution!?"  

"Had you all thought of this question when you killed martial cultivators that came your way? Furthermore, you were clearly trying to get at me as well!" Wu Yu returned the question. 

His opponent was trying to waver Wu Yu's dao. However, it wouldn't be that easy. While returning the question to him, the nine giant crucibles had rapidly assembled into the Infernal Sky Pillar. At this moment, Wu Yu came down from the sky! 

"Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design!"

Wu Yu triggered the strongest Offensive Spirit Design in the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters. All of a sudden, the Infernal Sky Pillar glowed in dazzling light. Wu Yu came down with the strike just as the opponent was fleeing, and the silencing might of the Infernal Sky Pillar came down on the back of the Eldest King of Green Island. In that instant, the Eldest King of Green Island let out an ear-piercing scream and his body exploded to pieces! 

"I don't care who you are. You are dead...." Before he could finish his words, the Eldest King of Green Island was reduced to nothing more than ashes by Wu Yu. 

That giant corpse was like a mountain and was sinking into the bottom of the sea. 

At this moment, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had finished off its opponent and devoured him. When the main body finished his battle, the Heaven Devouring Avatar darted over. A dense, black mist vortex surrounded the Eldest King of Green Island and it started devouring. Wu Yu naturally knew that his Heaven Devouring Avatar was strengthening rapidly, gradually approaching the level of the Primordial Spirit of the real body. In fact, it didn't matter if he got a little stronger, as long as Wu Yu felt like he could hold on. 

In the future, would he be lost in devouring? 

Wu Yu didn't know. With regards to the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he was cautious and confused. This might be even more mysterious and uncontrollable than his legacy from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. Moreover, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was still being suppressed by the Ruyi Jingu Bang, and she hadn't vanished. 

The Dignified Sword Elemental was evenly matched with its opponent. Wu Yu darted forward and casually finished off the opponent. After which, he dragged the large corpse over and threw it towards the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, they had been waiting from the start. They had not truly made up their minds. However, when Wu Yu finished off the Eldest King of Green Island, they knew Wu Yu had steeled his resolve. Therefore, they did the same. It was especially so for the Full Moon of Nanshan. Initially, he had never thought much about it. If he was alone, he would just kill if he wanted. It was just that he was concerned about Wu Yu's thoughts previously. 

After verifying Wu Yu's thoughts, they weren't slow at all. Before Wu Yu had gone over to help, they had each finished off an opponent. Their last opponents were crying and desperately trying to escape. It was beyond sight. They gave chase immediately and would likely finish off their battles shortly after. 

As for Wu Yu, he shifted the corpses of the turtles they had killed to the Heaven Devouring Avatar. At this moment, the vortex that the Heaven Devouring Avatar had morphed into was growing larger and larger. Regardless of the amount of corpses, he wouldn't reject them. These were all fresh demon corpses with all their bloodlines and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy intact. They were perfect for devouring to strengthen himself. 

A huge Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was greedily consuming on the surface of the sea.

After several minutes, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had finished their escaping opponents. They knew Wu Yu needed the corpses of these demons and therefore dragged them back. When they saw Wu Yu's main body throw the final two corpses to the vortex of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, they were dumbfounded and watched in disbelief. 

They knew that this was perhaps the last secret Wu Yu had talked about. 

Wu Yu's main body was standing at the side. He had just put away the Dignified Sword Elemental when he suddenly asked Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan, "Do you guys know about the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord?" 

Upon hearing him, the Full Moon of Nanshan's expression turned deathly pale. He nodded, while Ye Xixi shook her head. 

"A very, very long time ago, there was a Spirit of the Universe that had a devouring ability. He could devour massive amounts of creatures and convert them into his own strength. He became exceptionally powerful in the Jambu Realm. After constant devouring, he became as strong as the immortals and almost destroyed the entire Jambu Realm. In the end, the immortals from the Sky Palaces descended and sealed the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. They couldn't kill the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord and therefore could only use ‘time’ to kill him." 

The explanation was for Ye Xixi. 

Wu Yu looked at the vortex of the Heaven Devouring Avatar and said, "In the end, even the immortals miscalculated. After lying in the dark for countless years in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, he was prepared to be reborn. Unfortunately, I foiled his plan and snatched his new body. And now, the Ruyi Jingu Bang is suppressing his soul. This avatar of mine is, in fact, the equivalent of the body of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. I can devour corpses and convert them directly into my strength. Obviously, the strength of its Primordial Spirit can't exceed the main body’s Primordial Spirit. Otherwise, I might lose control of him and become the new Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. I'll lose my consciousness and become just a machine that only knows to devour." 

Wu Yu came out cleanly with his secret. 

When they heard that Wu Yu could become the new Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, their eyes were filled with fear. However, when they learned that it would be fine as long as the Primordial Spirit of the Heaven Devouring Avatar didn't exceed the level of the main body, they finally heaved a sigh of relief. 

"Big Brother Yu, you have to be careful and never become greedy. If you really lose your rationality, it would be problematic, and I'll be really sad.... I don't want you to become the most evil existence in the world and don't want you to lose yourself!" Ye Xixi said anxiously. 

Wu Yu was a little moved by her words. This was because she wasn't concerned about how frightening the Heaven Devouring Avatar was, but about Wu Yu losing himself. 

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he forced a smile and said, "Truthfully, I'm really envious of you. I can only say that this talent of yours isn't at all inferior to your immortal's legacy! However, you really have to keep that in control. In the future, Xixi and I will monitor you in this aspect. Obviously, I also believe you know where your limits are. Haha! This is a good thing. Otherwise, if we allowed the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord to be reborn, I wonder what our world would end up like. Congratulations, Old Wu." 

At this juncture, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had completed devouring. A stronger existence appeared before their eyes. It was then that they finally realized that this avatar of Wu Yu was, in fact, very frightening. 

Wu Yu was really content that they had positive views of it. 

"Big Brother Yu, you can't let others know about this secret~" Ye Xixi reminded. 

"Rest assured. Only the two of you know about it now." Wu Yu was obviously confident they wouldn't harm him. After all, everyone had their secrets. 

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