Chapter 0916: Green Island Brothers

"We can go into concealment now." 

At this juncture, Wu Yu reckoned he had attracted the main forces of the Old Yin Yang Demon, and they were now a far distance away from the initial battlefield. 

It shouldn't be a huge problem for Qing Ye and his men to keep their lives. 

At this point, Wu Yu obviously had to think about the safety of Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan. 


The Full Moon of Nanshan's mastery over the Hidden Immortal had reached an unfathomable level. He activated the majority of the concealment spirit designs on the Hidden Immortal. When the Traceless Immortal was triggered, the rather obvious Hidden Immortal instantly entered the strongest concealment stage. This was a little similar to the Full Moon of Nanshan's concealment. For the demons that were pursuing them, the warship had suddenly vanished before their eyes. 

The greatest effects of the Hidden Immortal were on display. 

When hidden, the Full Moon of Nanshan suddenly had the desire to play with them. He constantly changed his advancement route and wasn't just moving in a straight line as before. As he made detours while being concealed, it became even more unlikely for the demons to catch up to them. This was because the Old Yin Yang Demon still couldn't get sufficiently close to the Hidden Immortal. 

If he was really close, he probably could still notice some traces and remain closely behind. But now, the the traces of clue that the Hidden Immortal had left behind had become really insignificant for him. 

"What kind of warship is that?  How could it be so specialized in concealment?" The Old Yin Yang Demon was astounded. In his eyes, the Hidden Immortal vanished just as he was about to reach it. Now, he could only rely on his intuition to pursue and couldn't get a good grasp of its position at all! 

While he was distracted, the Full Moon of Nanshan had changed directions several times. Now, they could see their distance from the Old Yin Yang Demon opening up while they continued ahead towards Nanyin Demon Continent in a detour. 

"I got rid of that guy who is neither male or female." the Full Moon of Nanshan was extremely proud of what he did.  

"He's still moving in the direction of Nanyin Demon Continent and therefore isn't too far from us. He probably guessed we were heading to Nanyin Demon Continent. Regardless, we still can't let our guards down." Wu Yu surveyed the distance with his Eyes of Fire and Gold and came to the conclusion. 

The Old Yin Yang Demon was infuriated and would never just let things end this way so easily. 

"Relax. With the Hidden Immortal, I'm like a fish in water. Just these demons wouldn't be able to do anything to me." the Full Moon of Nanshan was full of confidence. 

"Big brother Yu, it's fine if you just kill them. Why did your clone still devour their corpses......" Ye Xixi was baffled and had carried the doubt for some time. 

Wu Yu smiled faintly and said, "This is a big secret of mine. You will know about it shortly." 

"A secret?" the Full Moon of Nanshan stared at Wu Yu and said, "Other than the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, you still have another secret?" 

Now, they could be considered as the closest people to him. He wouldn't be able to hide from them further. After all, Wu Yu couldn't possibly avoid the question forever. 

"Just take a look and you will know." Wu Yu replied with a smile. The truth was he deeply trusted the two of them now. Ye Xixi wouldn't be a problem at all. As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, although he looked frivolous at times, he was, in fact, the most sincere and honest in this group. 

"Secretive... It's probably some embarrassing thing that you have done and couldn't tell others." the Full Moon of Nanshan made his judgement relying on his salacious thoughts. 

"Rubbish. Focus on the journey and don't let that old demon catch up to us!" Wu Yu took a look back. The commotion was still huge in the direction. Although the Old Yin Yang Demon couldn't catch them, it would likely think of other means. At the very least, Wu Yu still felt like he was shrouded in the killing intent of his. 

"Big brother Yu, if there are enemies, I'll like to be involved as well. I've made some improvements after learning the Ten Wheels Bodhisattva Ghostly Immortal Mantra recently. I've also converted a portion of my Violet Kingdom primordial energy. Although my cultivation realm didn't advance, my battle strength has probably grown." 

"Sure.  It's also time to look for some suitable weapons for you all moving forward." the Full Moon of Nanshan didn't have any advanced dao treasure. As for Ye Xixi, those she had previously were no longer suitable for her. After converting, her initial affinity were all undergoing major changes. One could say after she converted her Violet Kingdom primordial energy, she was more suited for earth, sand, water and darkness related dao techniques and Mystiques. Wu Yu believed it wouldn't take long for her to discover new Mystiques to replace her initial Mystiques. 

Beccause of the Ruyi Jingu Bang, Wu Yu had always inclined towards staff related dao treasures.  Occasionally, he would use swords. Other than that, he didn't use any other weapons.  As for the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, they had never used dao treasures similar to the Supreme Gold Harrow or the Demon Subduing True Scepter.  These two types of weapons were a lot less common than staffs.The harrow was a tool for farming in the first place. Basically, martial cultivators wouldn't forge their dao treasures in that form. As for the Demon Subduing Scepter, one side was a crescent spear while the other side was an axe. The strange shape made it even harder to find.   

As the trio had similar Immortal's legacies and mysterious encounters, Wu Yu sincerely wanted to forge a good relationship with them.  In fact, he saw them as though they were part of him.  He felt this wasn't an impossible task. At the very least, Ye Xixi had seen him as her only kin. 

At this point, the Full Moon of Nanshan continued to steer the Hidden Immortal towards Nanyin Demon Continent. Ye Xixi remained in the cabin to ponder and decipher the Ten Wheels Bodhisattva Ghostly Immortal Mantra.  Wu Yu wasn't in a hurry to cultivate. He sat at the edge of the warship to survey the boundless sea region with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. 

It had been a day since he killed the Yin Yang Snake. Everything seemed to be peaceful and serene. As for the Old Yin Yang Demon, it appeared to have vanished. 

A great distance away, Wu Yu saw a field of green that resembled a small island. He was a little baffled. "We are in the deep sea and the surrounding seawater isn't shallow. Why would there be an island out of nowhere that is floating on the surface of the water?" 

Islands were often just a protruding portion of the underwater mountain range. It would likely not appear out of nowhere.  

The only reason might be the island was supported by spirit designs or other factors. 

The island was in fact really huge. When they got a little closer, Wu Yu estimated it to be the size of several Bipo Mountain Range. There were seven towering mountains that reached into the sky. 

Wu Yu squinted his eyes and broke into a silent laughter. 

"These isn't an island but a group of demons!" 

That's right. The object that Wu Yu had mistaken as an island were in fact demons. Seven demons had gathered together to form the seemingly seven mountains on the island. 

If Wu Yu didn't have the Eyes of Fire and Gold, he would definitely be decieved by the seven demons. For example, when the Full Moon of Nanshan heard Wu Yu, he exclaimed in shock. "What demons? That's clearly an island!" 

From his perspective, this was undoubtedly an island. There was a beach, cliff, rivers, trees and birds on it. Furthermore, there were even clams on the beaches. Everything looked so authentic. 

"This is probably some Mystiques of the demons to transform into a real island and lure martial cultivators to rest on it. After which, they would then extend their gaping mouths...... Let me take a closer look...... I think those are seven green-haired turtles." 

Wu Yu had a clear look with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Their Mystiques had even fooled the Full Moon of Nanshan who specialized in illusory techniques. However, they failed to fool Wu Yu. The island with seven mountains in the eyes of others were something that the seven green-haired turtles had made up in the eyes of Wu Yu. They had to admit the turtles were exceptionally huge. Every turtle was the size of a Bipo Mountain Range. It was also because of this that they could easily pretend to be an island. In fact, the earth, soil, sand and trees were largely real and were grown on their giant backs. 

"In this wide world, there are really all kinds of mysterious things." After witnessing it, the Full Moon of Nanshan was a little emotional. At this point, Ye Xixi had been drawn over. She was curious as well while staring down for a long time. 

Wu Yu counted seven demons. Most of them were first tier Dao Querying Realm with the exception of one that was at the second tier Dao Querying Realm. When together, they should be a powerful force to be reckoned with. In all likelihood, they were biological brothers. 

Seeing so much flesh, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was drooling. This was his innate reactions and there's nothing to do about it. Wu Yu wouldn't reject suct reactions as well. At the very least, the primordial spirit of Wu Yu's real body still could resist the urge. 

"Let's go." They were just passing by and there's no need to take any lives. 

"Aren't you going to play around with these foolish turtles?" the Full Moon of Nanshan appeared eager to move. 

"Let's not cause a commotion and draw the Old Yin Yang Demon over," said Wu Yu. 

At this point, they were flying over the turtles. The turtles demon didn't notice them. However, Wu Yu suddenly heard their conversation. 

"Boss has instructed us to be on alert and not let the culprit get away. Brothers, don't slack off and continue surveying. Otherwise, if we let the culprit get away through us, we will be embarrassed!" 

"Bos is really unlucky. He got a precious offspring after a difficult time and has been raising him for so long. Now, it;s gone suddenly. The martial cultivator is truly abominable." 

"You are right. Boss is fuming right now and looking for others to help him intercept the culprit. If we could nab the culprit, we would have made contributions. Boss might demarcate more territory for us then."   "With more territory, we will be able to intercept more cultivators and get more treasures. Those fools all believe we are an island and come to us one after another to tour or rest. In the end, they will just end up as desserts for us brothers." 

"We have to thank our parents for our talents!" 

"Alright, stop boasting. Keep a good watch and don't let the culprit get through us.  Boss has been kind to us, the Green Island Brothers. This time, we definitely shouldn't disappoint our boss!"  So they were the subordinates of the Old Yin Yang Demon and were here to intercept Wu Yu. Hoever, they clearly had not expected the Hidden Immortal to be so well concealed. Wu Yu and the group were right above them and yet they didn't notice anything. 

"Fools! And yet they want to nab us? Why don't we finish them off?" the Full Moon of Nanshan suggested. 

Ye Xixi didn't say a word but seemed eager to give it a try. It appeared that they all had a heart that desired for battle.  If it wasn't for the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Wu Yu would likely not pay attention to the Green Island Brothers. At this very moment, his Heaven Devouring Avatar was staring at the demons and couldn't shift his gaze away from them!

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