Chapter 0914: Old Yin Yang Demon

When Wu Yu was still in the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, he often dove into the sea to hone his martial cultivation. A large portion of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom fished for a living. Therefore, he knew that the sea had a large variety of mysterious living creatures. Within the deep seas, there were also countless creatures that were unknown to men. 

When these living creatures became demons, they were of various shapes and sizes with varying abilities. 

Wu Yu did a quick scan across with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. He could see through the true forms of demons, and the true forms left him awestruck. There were really all kinds of demon creatures. Corals could become demons, and so could some wiggling sea cucumbers. There were also countless strange-looking creatures he couldn't name. They didn't look like living creatures and weren't ordinary fish or shrimp. Now they had all become demons. 

After gaining sentience, they swam all around to absorb the essences between heaven and earth. They plundered wherever they went, and their greed strengthened them gradually. 

If Wu Yu had to define the sea region, he would say the region might be even more barbaric than the world of ghostly cultivators. There wasn't any compassion or laws in this place that could restrict one's actions. There was only plundering and killing. 

All the demons were born and raised in the wild. 

When travelling through the sea region, one would occasionally see the remains of demons floating at the surface of the sea, emitting nauseating odors. There were also fragments of warships or the remains of some martial cultivators. As one went further out the sea, more of these sights were spotted. 

Ye Xixi had returned to the cabin to cultivate. This was because the bright blue and peaceful images she saw initially were all gone. Now she could only see ominous, dark clouds tumbling before their eyes and lightning flashing around her. The savage and powerful storm above the sea made deafening and ear-piercing sounds as it ripped and swept across the region. Above the sea, the waves raged violently, reaching a few hundred zhang in height from time to time. 

Below their feet, they could only see the endless seawater and were longer able to spot the existence of any land. 

In an environment like this, a martial cultivator without a warship wouldn't make it, as they would have to endure the storm. If it was just a short period, it would be fine. Over a prolonged period, it would be a daunting task. Even with a warship, it would be difficult to traverse through the endless storm calmly if it wasn't of dao treasure class. The Hidden Immortal, which was being steered by the Full Moon of Nanshan, was an advanced dao treasure, so not only was it not affected by the storm by the slightest, it also remained concealed perfectly without leaving any trace. On some occasions, Wu Yu saw groups of small demons below his feet, but they never even noticed that the Hidden Immortal had just passed them. 

Prince Le's suggestion was indeed useful and had saved him from lots of trouble. 

Amidst the storm and turbulent waves, the Hidden Immortal cruised silently. Along the way, the remains of demons and warships and belongings of martial cultivators could be seen more and more frequently. These things were floating on the sea’s surface and moving accordingly to the movements of the waves. One could easily imagine that a shocking battle had erupted between demons and martial cultivators just a short period ago. 

Wu Yu looked towards the south while estimating the time he needed to reach the Nanyin Demon Continent. 

At the same time, he was wondering if that was her. And if it was her, what had happened to her? How would he react when he encountered her again? These questions gave him a lingering headache. 


All of a sudden, a far distance to the side, Wu Yu saw a brilliant ball of fire rising above the sea’s surface. As the ball of fire shot up the sky, it illuminated all directions. Wu Yu and the other two all saw it. Ye Xixi was alarmed by the commotion and ran out to take a look. 

After the explosion of the ball of fire, an amplified voice reverberated across. That voice said, "We are from the Greener Pastures Company of Yan Huang. Our young master is on the ship and is seeking help from all parties. If our young master is saved, we will reward you handsomely! We are willing to pay 30 God's Way Pills!" 

The truth was, Wu Yu and the rest were quite a distance away. The owner of the voice had an ordinary cultivation level and couldn't possibly spread his voice over such a long distance. His voice had been amplified by a talisman. 

This was common. Being in this risky business, they would often encounter attacks from demons. Once they failed to hold on, they would have to seek help desperately in hope for a slight chance of survival. 

"Let's not get involved in this. Something like this is common throughout the sea region. Since they have chosen to take the risk, they should know that they might be annihilated," said the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

"Since we have heard it, let's just take a look. Let's seek not to have anything against our dao hearts." 

Wu Yu had a differing view from him. 

"Of course. I'll help if I can." Ye Xixi had a similar view as Wu Yu. She was just purely kind-hearted, while Wu Yu sought not to struggle between being kind and not being kind. In the end, his decision was based on his dao. As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he was a little more selfish and wouldn't want to be involved in anything. 

In the end, Wu Yu's decision held the most weight. The Full Moon of Nanshan didn't refute. He changed course and accelerated. When the focus of the Hidden Immortal was on speed, the circulation of concealment spirit designs would be slower. However, the speed of the Hidden Immortal would increase substantially. 

A warship with a pearly shade zoomed past the sky! 

Wu Yu finally arrived after a few dozen breaths of time. Along the way, those from the Greener Pastures Company had sent out several other signals. Clearly, they were on the brink of death. When Wu Yu arrived, he could see over 10,000 demons riding the waves to surround those from the Greener Pastures Company. These demons were all small demons that were from the Jindan Dao Realm to the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Obviously, the majority were at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. To dare to plunder when they were just Jindan Dao Realm demons, Wu Yu could only say they had the guts. 

The small demons were waving their immortal treasures and cheering. Those circling at the peripheral were all small shrimps and crabs that Wu Yu wouldn't feel threatened by at all. However, he was attracted to the battlefield in the center. There were several huge demons that were in their true forms while killing. For most of them, Wu Yu couldn't tell what their true forms were. 

Nonetheless, one of them was definitely the core of the demon group. It was a huge sea snake. The sea snake was strange. With the center of its body as the boundary, it could be seen as having two colors. One end was black, while the other was white. Initially, Wu Yu thought that the black end was the head and the other white end was the tail. However, when it turned around, Wu Yu saw that the white end was the head as well! 

The sea snake had a snake head on each end and no tail. Although it had two heads, it was different from the ordinary dual-headed snakes that were separated near the neck region. Judging from the boundless bloodline aura that it was emanating, the sea snake definitely had a rare and precious bloodline. Wu Yu was certain that this species was few in number and that their potential for growth was substantially greater than that of the small shrimps and crabs around them, and even the myriad of strange-looking demons that were nearby.

However, the two-headed sea snake still appeared to be young and had a cultivation level slightly higher than Wu Yu’s, roughly at the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. The other demons around it were also roughly at this level. In the sea region, they would be considered really strong! 

This was indeed a brutal battle. Their target was a green warship that appeared to be made from wood. However, it was a tough dao treasure with over 30,000 spirit designs. On it, the words "Greener Pastures Company" were engraved. At this moment, the Defensive Spirit Designs of the warship were fully triggered to deal with the attacks of the demons! 

In the warship, other than those who were stationed to maintain the Defensive Spirit Designs, many other martial cultivators had charged out of the Defensive Spirit Designs to battle the demons and reduce the pressure on the Defensive Spirit Designs. When Wu Yu arrived, there were only two to three martial cultivators remaining. Lots of blood had been spilled and were belongings scattered across the surface of the sea. Clearly, many martial cultivators had died in battle. Shortly after Wu Yu arrived, another cultivator was killed by the subordinates of the two-headed sea snake. When the corpse fell into the water, the corpse was rapidly divided by the small demons waiting below and became food. 


The corpse that fell was like a banquet to the small demons. 

As for the two-headed sea snake, it was using its slender long body to wrap around the warship. The Defensive Spirit Designs of the warship were on the brink of collapsing. When the demon used its thick and strong body to crush the warship, two streams of energy were rapidly spreading along the spirit designs of the warship. They were like poisonous auras that accelerated the collapse of the warship's Defensive Spirit Designs! 

At this point, creaking sounds were coming from the warship. The warship was getting ripped apart. The feeble cries from the weak came from the interior of the warship and mixed with the cheers of the small demons and the hysterical laughter of the other demons. At this point, some martial cultivators disregarded all others and charged out from the warship. However, they were quickly eliminated by the other demons. 

"Although they aren't that strong, they will still just barely fill the stomach of the Heaven Devouring Avatar." After arriving at the spot, Wu Yu decided to make a move. Just as the Full Moon of Nanshan had said, incidents like these were happening all the time. He couldn't stop the entire world. Moreover, survival of the fittest had been the rule of this world, and Wu Yu was a believer of it. 

Nonetheless, he also believed in fate and karma. Since he had encountered them, he couldn't just sit back and do nothing. Perhaps because the Full Moon of Nanshan was a demon, he felt that there was no difference between demons killing humans and humans killing demons. However, Wu Yu was a human and therefore stood on the side of humans. 

Therefore, the instant the Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared in the battlefield, he threw out the Soul Peeler, which whistled by and penetrated several demons. Other than the two-headed sea snake, all the other demons were killed! The Heaven Devouring Avatar had reverted to the black mist form and instantly devoured the corpses of these demons. 

Everything happened in the blink of the eye. 

The small demons waiting below were all astounded when they witnessed the development. They were dumbfounded for a moment and looked up to the sky. The two-headed sea snake had also picked up Wu Yu's presence. It released its grip on the warship in fear and the two giant heads stared intensely at Wu Yu. The two heads spoke at the same time with different voices. One was a male while the other was a female. 

"Who are you!? How dare you kill my subordinates. You should have asked whose territory are you currently in! I don't care who you are! You are a goner!" 

That two-headed sea snake appeared to have no fear of Wu Yu and only had pride for its identity. It extended its gaping mouth and roared, "You are finished and won't live past today. Get on your knees and beg for mercy now. Otherwise, you will know how frightening the Old Yin Yang Demon can be!" 

When it was at its most furious moment, Wu Yu threw out the Soul Peeler, which easily penetrated the sea snake and took its life. After which, the Heaven Devouring Avatar swept over and devoured it. Obviously, just these demons alone were far from enough to allow the Heaven Devouring Avatar to make a breakthrough. It could only replenish itself a little. After all, it wouldn't be easy to encounter stronger demons, as they were pretty strong currently. 


The small demons scampered away while wailing and screaming. 

"Quick, inform the big king! The small king was devoured! Wa!" 

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