Chapter 0913: Blue Skies and White Clouds

Those at the South Emperor Gate basically had one goal. They wanted to leave Yan Huang and venture into the sea region outside.

They might be out to train or seek treasures. After all, some immortal essences and materials existed only in the sea region.

Perhaps they were out for commerce and business to earn cultivation resources.

Perhaps they were going towards other immortal kingdoms via the sea route. They could reach any kingdom with a coastline via the sea route. The sea route might be more dangerous than the land route, but one would not need to pass through many countries on land. It would be more convenient in terms of administrative procedures.

For instance, there were no connecting lands between the Dark North Kingdom and the Yan Huang Ancient Country. If one took the land route, he would have to pass through many immortal kingdoms and thus would require the permission for entry from these immortal kingdoms before he could pass through them. If there were many immortal kingdoms along the way, then one would have to spend much time on administrative procedures. It would be very inefficient, especially when some immortal kingdoms would refuse entry.

Hence, while the sea route was risky, as long as one was strong enough, it was the better choice. It was much faster and more convenient.

South Emperor City was the most important strategic pass of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Martial cultivators, demons, and even ghostly cultivators from all over the Jambu Realm would pass through here.

Now Wu Yu was exiting and required only the exit document. Every province was qualified to approve exit documents, but some important people had to get the approval of the Yan Huang Royal family for exit. 

If it was an entry into the country, then it would be much more complicated. There would be layers of audit, especially for those who were not from the Yan Huang Tribe. Just the exit document was not enough to enter the country. Everything on that individual had to be recorded. While there were some demons around, in reality, it was very difficult for demons and ghostly cultivators to enter the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

This was the place of exit. It was slightly smaller in scale.

The entry point was at least 10 times bigger, and there was a large number of Yan Huang Tribe members examining and verifying the people coming in.

Many people queued here to move forward.

There were over 100,000 channels at the South Emperor Gate, and they were advancing very slowly.

Sometimes, there would be accidents. For instance, there would be foreigners who caused trouble in Yan Huang and thought that they had gotten away with it. In reality, they were wanted. These people would be easily captured just as they were prepared to leave Yan Huang. 

Before queuing, there would be officers from South Emperor City who would first verify the exit documents. Wu Yu and his group went up to them. He looked like a Yan Huang Tribe member bringing one demon and one ghostly cultivator. Such a group was odd. The verifying officer saw that he looked domineering and dared not be slow in his service. When Wu Yu took out the exit document, that person shivered after one look and immediately stood up. He said respectfully, "Sir, you have the highest level exit document. You can proceed through the special channel. Dong He, lead him to the channel."

A youth at the side nodded hurriedly. He stared at Wu Yu with black, shiny eyes and said, "Sir, please follow me this way."

He had wasted time queuing. It was good that there was a special channel.

Hence, Wu Yu walked into a palace under the envious gazes of the people who were still queuing anxiously.

"Isn't that Kingmaker Le!?"

"Yes, that's Kingmaker Le. I've seen him at the Immortal's Capital. It's definitely him."

"That demon is his follower. I think that ghostly cultivator is Prince Le's underling."

"Why is Kingmaker Le here and not at the Immortal's Capital? Is he leaving Yan Huang?"

"Yes, he's definitely leaving. What's he going to do?"

Many people finally recognized him and were discussing excitedly. Many people had heard of Wu Yu's name but had not seen him in person. At this moment, they were staring wide-eyed and fighting to see Wu Yu's face.

However, Wu Yu disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"What's so great about that? When he's out of Yan Huang and in demon territory, he will be nothing."


There was an elder with a head of white hair in front of Wu Yu's group. He was sitting in the lotus position and was reading a book about spirit designs seriously. After that youth led them inside, he called out, "Immigrations Department Master Liu, Kingmaker Le is here. He has the highest level exit document."

That elder was surprised and quickly put down his book. He looked at Wu Yu and said, "I didn't expect Kingmaker Le to come here. Such a rare visitor, rare visitor. Kingmaker Le is leaving Yan Huang?"

This person was here to specially verify the highest level exit documents. Wu Yu passed the document to him and said, "Yes, it's here."

Immigration Department Master Liu received the document with both hands and smiled. "No matter what the exit documents are, I have to check them. This is my duty. Kingmaker Le, I seek your understanding."

"It's no problem." Wu Yu had now seen the process. Actually, the Yan Huang Ancient Country was indeed an incredibly big country that worked like a machine. This Immigration Department Master Liu was one of the tiny parts in this huge machine.

In the past, the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom had not even gone to such lengths for their border defenses. Strong people from the martial way could easily infiltrate the country from outside.

"This is actually approved personally by the Regent! Three people: Kingmaker Le, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi! There is no problem with this exit document. Kingmaker Le can leave at any time. However, Kingmaker Le, please keep this exit document well. You'll need it to prove your identity when you return." The elder had a good attitude. He returned the exit document to Wu Yu with two hands.

"If that's the case, I'm leaving now." The special channel was behind this elder.

"Kingmaker arrived here in a hurry. Why don't you rest a few days in South Emperor City? My master is the son of the South Emperor, Di Nantian, the young master of South Emperor City. He can probably host and accompany Kingmaker for a few days to tour the city," the elder said.

"Maybe next time. This time, I have something urgent to attend to," Wu Yu rejected politely.

That South Emperor was the king here. He was called Di Nantian. He was older than Di Yuantian and Di Shatian, and probably even more powerful. He was also a trusted aide of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. If not, how could he be guarding the important South Emperor City?

To be honest, Di Nantian's son’s status was no lower than that of a prince. After all, there were too many princes and princesses.

"Kingmaker is welcome to visit again." That elder did not pressure Wu Yu but sent him off respectfully towards the exit channel.

When Wu Yu was at the Dark North Kingdom, he had also entered from the kingdom border spirit design's channel. Now he stepped into the channel in the kingdom border spirit design again. When he looked at his surroundings, he could only see various small spirit designs. It was lustre brilliance everywhere. Wu Yu and his group walked through this brilliant, colorful channel. Deep in front of them was the endless sea.

"So pretty." Ye Xixi and Lazy raised their heads and looked at their surroundings as they walked. They were amazed at this beautiful sight.

"What's there to see? It's not as pretty as the bodies of beauties. That is the most beautiful creation in this world." The Full Moon of Nanshan was filled with disdain.

"Vulgar." Ye Xixi looked at him angrily. This pig really knew how to spoil the mood.

"Meow!" Lazy was also displeased.

"You're still young. You don't know. Ha ha." The Full Moon of Nanshan walked with big steps towards the outside world. He said: "Hurry up, the Hidden Immortal cannot wait to sail and conquer this sea!"

Soon, they exited the channel in the kingdom border spirit design. Actually, Wu Yu knew that while this channel looked pretty, its power was the most terrifying of all the kingdom border spirit designs!

This was comparable to the spirit design in the Infernal Inferno, though the spirit design in the Infernal Inferno was not big, while this kingdom border spirit design was colossal.  And it was very tall. This was also the reason why the average person could not fly above the kingdom border spirit design to enter the immortal kingdom.

It was impossible for the Ancient Demon God to reappear. Hence, the kingdom border spirit design of Yan Huang was unlikely to break.

Rushing out from inside, they faced the endless sea outside!

Looking out, they saw blue skies and white clouds. The azure blue sea was unbelievably calm. That jewel-like blue color stretched until the part where the sea and sky met.

Turning back, they could see the colorful and complicated kingdom border spirit design of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. It was like a giant pot lid covering and protecting this vast land.

It was very peaceful here. There was a long stretch of white beach beneath their feet. At this moment, countless people were on the beach. Some had exited from inside, while some were about to enter. The South Flame Army of the Yan Huang Ancient Country was based here to maintain order. 

The martial cultivators dressed in armor that looked like firebirds were the soldiers of the South Flame Army.

This was the first time Ye Xixi had seen the beach, and she wanted to stare at it longer. Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan had already boarded the Hidden Immortal. She could only follow them reluctantly. The Hidden Immortal leapt and flew into the sky. In an instant, it entered the clouds and started to conceal. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared completely without a sound and any trace.

Actually, Wu Yu and the others were still on the deck. Ye Xixi was in a good mood standing at the starboard side. She welcomed the refreshing sea breeze and embraced the warm sunlight that filtered through the clouds.

"Old Wu, are we sailing at the bottom of the sea, the surface of the sea, or in the sky?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked.

He had already formed the habit of calling him “Old Wu….”

Wu Yu said, "The bottom of the sea has the most number of demons. They are also active on the surface of the sea. Actually, the sky is also their territory. However, the sky has a clearer line of sight than the sea. Hence, if you want to risk it, then you can choose the bottom of the sea. If you want peace, then based on the concealment level of the Hidden Immortal, it's best to stay in the sky."

These were all territories of sea region demons. There was not much difference.

"Okay!" Wu Yu looked out into the horizon.

At least at this moment, the endless sea region was calm and peaceful. It did not look as dangerous as rumored. At this moment, there were many Yan Huang Tribe warships around. They were also sailing. A number of them were sailing in the same direction as him. They were probably also heading towards the Nanyin Demon Continent. Of course, they could not see the Hidden Immortal.

Very quickly, Wu Yu's Hidden Immortal was far ahead of those who had set out at the same time as them. 

Deeper in the sea, Wu Yu could sense a storm brewing. Both the seawater and the sky were rougher. He stood at the ship's bow and looked into the deep sea with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. His sight pierced through the sea region. He could vaguely see some small demons moving about actively. There were too many living beings in the sea region. The variety of demons numbered in millions and trillions. Many were unnamed too. 

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