Chapter 0911: Indestructible State Talisman

Wu Yu and his avatar had already been fully prepared.

Now that he was leaving the Yan Huang Ancient Country, the Heaven Devouring Avatar could finally begin to strengthen itself in a lawless region where the strong triumphed over the weak.

At this point, the Heaven Devouring Avatar still couldn't bring out the full power of the Dark North Royal Obelisk. 

Now that he was waiting for news from Prince Le, he could start dealing with the stronger puppet. 

Obviously, Wu Yu wasn't 100% confident. All he could do was give it his all. 

When he decided to take the challenge, a new puppet appeared above the white spirit design. As for the Dignified Sword Elemental that had been smashed into smithereens previously, it had long been restored. Now it was above the black spirit design. 

With a quick glance, the new puppet that was stronger than the Dignified Sword Elemental had a human form. The greatest change from the Skeletal Flame Dragon to the Dignified Sword Elemental was that the Dignified Sword Elemental looked a lot like a real human. As for the new puppet, Wu Yu found it too hard to differentiate it from real humans. Although it was still within the spirit design, Wu Yu had the Eyes of Fire and Gold, which could see through the glow to catch a good look. 

This puppet was way taller than the Dignified Sword Elemental! 

Its build was more like a puppet and thicker than Wu Yu's main body. It had a dullish yellow skin tone and wore pitch-black armor, a pair of black metal boots, and a helmet over its head. Looking from afar, it looked just like an elite general in the army. From the vicious aura and bloodthirst that surrounded it, one could easily tell that it was frequently involved in killings and battles! 

The most intimidating feature of it was the battle spear in its hand. The battle spear was also entirely black and was, in fact, part of its body. After all, it wasn't a real human, but a puppet. If one didn't take a closer look, they would mistake the puppet as the general of an elite cultivation army with an advanced dao treasure. The appearance of the armor would be mistaken as armor from the Xuan Dragon Army. 

That battle spear pointing to the sky was a trident! 

"I'm the Dignified Trident Elemental. Are you prepared to die in battle?" Just as Wu Yu shifted his gaze away from the trident, the puppet, the Dignified Trident Elemental, spoke. Its voice was deep and indifferentiable from a human’s. When it opened its eyes, those dark pupils and bright and piercing eyes made the Dignified Trident Elemental appear even more human! 

Wu Yu was distracted by the trident because of Luo Pin's weapon, the Soul of the Hidden Sea, which was an azure trident. It was exquisite and breathtaking. In comparison, the trident held by the Dignified Trident Elemental was colder, bloodier, rougher, and simple in workmanship. 

Wu Yu didn't say a further word. 

His main body first executed the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, followed by the Immortal Ape Transformation. In the end, he became way larger than the Dignified Trident Elemental. The Dignified Trident Elemental was like a child before the current Wu Yu. After which, Wu Yu retrieved his Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters and held it in his hands. The nine-colored flames were raging furiously and the temperature within the pagoda was rising frenziedly. 

At the same time, the Heaven Devouring Avatar hid the Soul Peeler while holding the Dark North Royal Obelisk in his right hand. Moving along with Wu Yu's main body, the battle was about to erupt at any moment. 

Wu Yu obviously felt that the difference in the strength of the puppets in the Floating Dreams Pagoda was getting larger and larger since the Dignified Sword Elemental. Therefore, this would definitely not be as easy to deal with compared to the past, where a simple upgrade in strength sufficed to triumph over them. 

He had defeated Xing Yan previously. However, when facing the indestructible Dignified Trident Elemental, he wasn't very confident. 


The Dignified Trident Elemental didn't have the slightest bit of stress. The order it was programmed with was to relentlessly attack Wu Yu before it collapsed completely. It wouldn't feel any fear at all! 

An intense battle. 

When they faced off directly, both Wu Yu's main body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar were facing immense pressure. The Dignified Trident Elemental was attacking Wu Yu's main body with all it had without regard for the Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was lagging behind the main body by a cultivation level. Considering the tough body of the opponent, the effects of the Dark North Royal Obelisk on the puppet would be relatively smaller. It was also because of this that the Dignified Trident Elemental remained unmoved and focused on Wu Yu's main body despite being bombarded with relentless attacks from the Dark North Royal Obelisk! 

Wu Yu had only managed to defeat Xing Yan after giving his all and together with the help of the Dignified Sword Elemental. However, he didn't have the Dignified Sword Elemental now. Although he had grown stronger, he was still being pushed back constantly by the constant pressure exerted by the Dignified Trident Elemental. 

"Imperial World Seal!" The Dignified Trident Elemental used its battle spear as a brush and drew a large seal before itself. All of a sudden, blinding rays filled the atmosphere! 

The Dignified Trident Elemental had lots of tricks up its sleeves! 

After an intense and grueling battle, they were basically on par. The Dignified Trident Elemental wasn't able to truly crush Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu failed to smash it completely as well. Therefore, they were constantly stuck in a deadlock. 

In the end, after a long deadlock, Wu Yu still felt like he was lacking in strength a little. 

It just so happened that Prince Le arrived at this juncture and therefore Wu Yu exited the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

"When we are out of Yan Huang and in the sea region, if there's any insolent sea region demon, I'll let the Heaven Devouring Avatar grow stronger by a single tier before returning to challenge the Dignified Trident Elemental. We will probably have a better chance then." 

Therefore, Wu Yu made up his mind. 

Prince Le had arrived and Wu Yu rushed out rapidly. Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan were already waiting for him. Upon seeing Wu Yu, Prince Le took out a golden scroll and said, "This is the document to leave the borders. When you reach the southernmost South Emperor City, just show it to the guards at the border." 

After Wu Yu took it, he realized there were countless spirit designs on it. These spirit designs were uniquely owned by the Yan Huang royal family, and others wouldn't be able to decipher or fashion them. This was Wu Yu, Ye Xixi, and the Full Moon of Nanshan's personalized exit document with information, drawings of them, and more. Also, it had the personalized exit approval from the Regent. 

This was a symbol of status. When they arrived in South Emperor City, those small officials wouldn't make things difficult for them. Instead, they would definitely expedite all processes. 

"Thank you, Prince Le." 

Previously, they had taken Wu Yu from the Dark North Kingdom by force. It hadn't been long, and now they were no longer worried that Wu Yu would leave Yan Huang and not return. This was also a form of trust. 

"The Regent was still especially concerned when he heard that you want to leave Yan Huang. After I explained the circumstances, he agreed to approve the exit document. He even asked if we should send people to protect you. I told him that this is your personal matter and you would probably not agree to others following. Therefore, I've rejected the offer on your behalf." 

Wu Yu nodded in response. Indeed, he didn't want others to follow, even if that person was an expert. 

After which, Prince Le took out a white jade box. That white jade itself had seven spiritual marks and was a precious treasure that could be used to forge many other things. However, it was just being used as a storage medium. He handed the white jade box to Wu Yu and said, "The Regent really holds you in high regard. When I entered the Taigu Immortal Path, I didn't even receive such treatment." 

"What is this?" Wu Yu could sense an incomparably dense power congregating within the spirit design. 

"This is the Indestructible State Talisman of our royal family. It can withstand attacks below the sixth tier of the Dao Querying Realm. Obviously, the talisman can only be used once. After the indestructible state activates, it will last for roughly an hour. When you are truly in danger, this might save your life. The Regent has gifted this personally." 

Wu Yu took the Indestructible State Talisman. Truth be told, this was a really great item and was likely priceless. After all, this talisman might possibly be an extra lifeline. In fact, the value wouldn't be lower than that of an esteemed advanced dao treasure. 

The Regent had given it to him on his own accord. In other words, this was something he owned. Regardless of whether his intention of doing so was to get closer to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, Wu Yu felt that he should be grateful. Moreover, it was already great that he hadn't made things difficult for Wu Yu. Therefore, Wu Yu replied in a hurry, "Prince Le, please do convey my gratitude to the Regent." 

"I have thanked him on your behalf as well. When are you setting off?" asked Prince Le. He looked a little unwilling to part. After all, Wu Yu had changed his standing in the Immortal's Capital. Now he was receiving lots of attention and many forces were in contact with him in secret. 

Wu Yu took a glance at the Full Moon of Nanshan and was about to say that they had bought a warship and would be leaving after forming a blood bond. To his surprise, the Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled and said, "With my intelligence and talent, I'm done with that." 

Indeed, this was something he specialized in and wouldn't be daunting for him. If it were Wu Yu, it would’ve likely taken a longer period. After all, a dao treasure like this wasn't too similar to offensive dao treasures. When forming the blood bond, one had to understand the spirit designs. 

Wu Yu answered, "I don't want to delay further, as she might still be in that area. If I'm late, I'll probably lose all news of her. We will be leaving now." 

"You are right." Prince Le nodded. 

"In that case, goodbye, Prince." Wu Yu cupped his fist with his palm as he bade farewell. He had always been quick to take action and wouldn't drag things out. And now he had made a decision. 

As for core-tail talismans, they had exchanged a large number in advance. 

"If there's any issue, send a core-tail talisman to me. I'll see if I can help," said Prince Le. 

"No problem. Prince, you don't have to worry. It's just the Nanyin Demon Continent. There's no way it could be as mysterious and dangerous as the Taigu Immortal Path, right?" Wu Yu joked. 

"Yeah. When you first entered the Taigu Immortal Path, you weren't that strong. Yet you managed to survive. Alright. In that case, I won't be seeing you off." 

Regardless, they were now on the same line. Prince Le's attitude towards Wu Yu and in many other aspects were extremely great. 

Wu Yu nodded. After bidding farewell, he went to the empty field before Kingmaker Hall. He gave the Full Moon of Nanshan a look and obviously wanted him to summon the Hidden Immortal. 

"Alright. Just watch what I do!" The Full Moon of Nanshan put away his folded fan, waved his arm, and a ray of white light shot out. It enlarged rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, it grew into a large warship before the eyes of the crowd. The interior space wasn't any smaller than Kingmaker Hall. The warship had a white coat and was forged from white jade. There were numerous refined and beautiful images engraved on it like the sky palaces. Even Ye Xixi couldn't help but exclaim, "How beautiful!" 

"I knew you would choose the Hidden Immortal. It's something I had also coveted for a long while. However, I simply couldn't use it. I couldn't form a blood bond with it. Neither was I wealthy enough. Speaking of which, although I'm a prince, I only feel envious towards you." 

Prince Le sighed emotionally. 

"Don't worry, Prince. In the future, this entire world might be yours," Wu Yu replied with a faint smile. After which, he boarded the Hidden Immortal with the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Lazy. 

Prince Le smiled while seeing Wu Yu off. 

"Take off!" shouted Wu Yu. 

"Alright, Captain!" With the response from the Full Moon of Nanshan, the Hidden Immortal rose into the sky and disappeared within the clouds in an instant. 

Prince Le remained on the spot while looking towards the endless sky. 

All of a sudden, both of his eyes moved towards the center of his head and fused together to form a round-shaped green eye that was the size of a fist. While staring in the direction where the Hidden Immortal had vanished, his eye looked dead. 

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