Chapter 0909: Voyage Diaries


Wu Yu had passed over the demons' sea region on his way from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to the Dark North Kingdom. He had not seen any strong sea region demons over such a long period of time, firstly because his luck had been good, and secondly because the waters near the Dong Sheng Divine Continent were very poor, and the sea region demons could not be bothered with it.

As for the sea region near the Yan Huang Ancient Region, the spiritual qi was dense, and much of the aquatic life gained sentience and turned into demons, roaming the sea region.

It was said that the entire Jambu Realm's seas were many times the size of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, and the number of sea region demons was at least five to 10 times the number of humans, and perhaps even more!

The only reasons why they were unable to attack the Yan Huang Ancient Region was firstly because the sea was vast, and the powerful demons were in a similar state as the Nanyin Demon Continent - each declaring themselves king, and fighting over sea territory. This had squandered their fighting power. Secondly, the Yan Huang Ancient Region's powers had created their respective immortal kingdoms, and honed their fighting power. There were also super powerful Offensive Spirit Designs that guarded their borders! The martial cultivators' legacies were even more complex and varied compared to demon legacies. Demon legacies were transmitted through bloodlines, which were easily lost.

And thirdly, although the sea region demons outnumbered the Yan Huang Ancient Region people by tenfold, the number of experts throughout history, and the number of demon immortals, was not more than what the humans had. In fact, it was considerably less. For example, the sea region demons never had anyone on the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's level.

The sea region demons did not dare to invade the Yan Huang Ancient Region, but the human martial cultivators could not easily go to the sea region either, because it was sea region demon territory. Basically, any demon you encountered would attack. The demons were obviously happy to kill and plunder in their own territory.

This time, Wu Yu was heading for the Nanyin Demon Continent, and there was a considerable expanse of the sea region that he had to traverse.

"There is a huge sea region between the Yan Huang Ancient Region and the Nanyin Demon Continent. Many sea region demons specifically wait there in order to sever the connections between the Yan Huang Ancient Region and the Nanyin Demon Continent and isolate the demon continent. Of course, they also wish to kill the martial cultivators and terrestrial demons to plunder their valuables. The sea region is their territory, and they are most adept at killing within their element. The endless sea is their world. If you pass, you must prepare a thing, or you will not even have a place to rest."

Prince Le said concisely.

"What thing?"

"A warship that can be put to sea. Something that can traverse sea and sky alike, and a dao treasure that can withstand a certain degree of damage. You have many resources, but you must prepare well before embarking to a place like the Nanyin Demon Continent. There are two very important characteristics. Firstly, durability. It must be sturdy, and fortified with powerful Defensive Spirit Designs. Defensive Spirit Designs are the core of a warship, just like Offensive Spirit Designs are the core of offensive weapons. Given your current financial status, you can at least buy an advanced dao treasure-level warship, and it won't be that much of a burn in your wallet."

So this was it.

If it had been Wu Yu alone, he might not need it. He alone could roam the skies. But now he had the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, and he had to watch out for them as well. He could flee on the Somersault Cloud, but they could not. And flying so long on the Somersault Cloud would still drain Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. If he had to fight, his real body might already be exhausted. A warship could significantly alleviate that burden.

Although it might be at an advanced dao treasure level, it would definitely not be as costly as an offensive advanced dao treasure. Even a very good quality warship with excellent Defensive Spirit Designs would not be at the price of the 10,000 Dragons Staff.

"The second point is even more important, which is concealment! It must have concealing spirit designs that can render the warship invisible and silent, such that even experts must be close in order to detect it. Therefore, there must also be many illusion spirit designs and the like."

This was equivalent to the Full Moon of Nanshan's powers of concealment.

Durability, concealment.

"If you were just moving around within the Yan Huang Ancient Country, you would not have a great need for such a warship, and you wouldn't need to hide either. But if you're going out to the sea region, it's a must. Ordinarily, you would only need to spend some energy operating it, and you could just spend the majority of the time cultivating."

Wu Yu's situation was special, and he did not have as great a need as other martial cultivators. But with three moving together, and over such a great distance, flying on spiritual power alone would be pretty tiring, and the Full Moon of Nanshan could not constantly hide them. It was definitely a necessity to procure a durable and concealing advanced dao treasure warship.

"Alright, I'll go buy a warship."

Wu Yu decided.

He, too, had a hankering to roam this limitless Jambu Realm, to see how big the sea region was, and how numerous the sea region demons were.

"I'll recommend you a shop, specializing in sea region travel-worthy warships. Their prices are quite realistic. The address...." Prince Le indeed took good care of Wu Yu, to even have prepared a shop for him.

"You can go immediately. If you are not satisfied, you may go and browse other shops as well. There are not many advanced dao treasure warships suited for sea travel, and even fewer for sale. Not many shops sell them throughout the Immortal's Capital. I'll go and settle the exit document for you all. After all, you are an important person whom my Father Emperor called personally. I have to explain this well to the Regent if you wish to leave. As for the others, I won't need to trouble the Regent."

Wu Yu looked at him again. He felt that Prince Le had matured a lot in the Taigu Immortal Path. His attitude had changed drastically, and his cultivation level was improving at great speed as well. He had reached the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm before the age of 50, even quicker than Princess You Xue. Wu Yu did not believe that the Taigu Immortal Path had not affected him.

"Prince, many thanks. When I return, I will work hard for you again," Wu Yu vowed.

"Forget all that. We are like brothers now, and will help each other. It's all part of what we do." Prince Le dismissed it with a laugh. He went personally to meet the Regent to apply - that was a little more personal.

After he left, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi looked agog at him, perhaps afraid that Wu Yu would change his mind. Wu Yu smiled. "Let's go. We will settle the warship first. We'll leave immediately after we get the exit document."

"Such a hurry? Looks like this Nangong Wei must be your lover. The one you dream day and night about?" The Full Moon of Nanshan snickered.

"No, but someone who I must find and ascertain her safety." Wu Yu shook his head.

"Ah? Then my little sister Xixi here will be very happy," the Full Moon of Nanshan teased.

"Don't talk nonsense, you smelly rascal...." Ye Xixi hurriedly shushed him, not meeting Wu Yu's eyes.

She did have a good feeling about Wu Yu, or perhaps even adoration. But these were feelings that she herself was not sure about, and besides, Wu Yu had someone in mind already. Therefore, she had not been that mindful about such things recently. She felt that having someone like him with her was good enough already.

"Let's go." Wu Yu smiled at her and then led the way out. The trio left Prince Le's Residence and headed at speed in the direction of the recommended place.

It was a place called Voyage Diaries, a name that already told you it sold seaworthy warships. Clearly, it would have some class.

Despite not being seen around for a while, Wu Yu was still quite the center of attention on the streets of the Immortal's Capital.

Voyage Diaries was not in a conspicuous place in the Immortal's Capital, far less central than the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital.

In a remote corner, Wu Yu found Voyage Diaries, which was a dao treasure warship itself! It was probably not an advanced dao treasure level one, but it had at least 90,000 spirit designs. A colorful and sparkling ship, adorned with many pearls, crystals, and baubles with spiritual marks. They glittered beautifully. It was night time now, so the Voyage Diaries warship looked especially moving.

"So beautiful." Ye Xixi's eyes were round as she looked at the decorated warship.

"Tsh. Pretty but not practical. If this went to sea, it would be torn to bits by the sea region demons within a day." The Full Moon of Nanshan harrumphed.

"But it looks good!" Ye Xixi rolled her eyes at him.

"Meow!" Lazy came to flex on the Full Moon of Nanshan as well.

After the two of them had gotten familiar, they often quibbled, and Wu Yu had gotten used to it. After all, both had very different daos. Ye Xixi's world was pure and reserved, while the Full Moon of Nanshan... an unrestrained wild child....

This warship was definitely not for sale. After Wu Yu stepped up to the deck and walked through the doors into the cabin, he found that it was minimal and elegant, completely white inside. On the two walkways, there were many warships displayed in their miniature forms. Near the door were the supreme immortal treasure level ones, which were bought for children to play with. The good stuff was probably deeper inside.

"Esteemed guests, I was remiss in my greeting. Embarrassing, embarrassing." From within, a sweet voice called out. An attractive lady walked out, her figure excellent. Both her movements and her gaze were very demure, her voice soft and soothing. Warm, with a firmness to it. She looked like a very adept saleswoman....

"Welcome, Kingmaker Le, and these two other honored guests, to my humble shop. This little girl is called Yao Chi. What are you three looking for? May I help you with anything?"

Although this Yao Chi called herself a little girl, she was at least three times Ye Xixi's age, and she was powerful in her own right, already in the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. Although she was at the first tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, she was already considered one of the experts of the Immortal's Capital. Therefore, although this little shop did not look big, it was actually a brand name in the Immortal's Capital.

Wu Yu got straight to the point. "I want an advanced dao treasure."

Yao Chi immediately broke into a smile upon hearing this. "Kingmaker Le is so straightforward, it's almost scary. These are all toys, and I won't waste Kingmaker Le's time. I have a few treasures of the advanced dao treasure level. Please come with me, Kingmaker."

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