Chapter 0908: Nanyin Demon Continent

Wu Yu had off-handedly mentioned it at the gathering. To think that news of Nangong Wei would actually reach him here.

He was a little stunned by this unexpected and sudden news.

After calming down, he thought that there had to be many girls in the Jambu Realm with the name Nangong Wei. Therefore, it might not be news of her. It was a little premature to be happy or excited now.

Therefore, he composed himself and asked, "Prince, do you have more information?"

Prince Le smiled. "Of course. Or I would not come to talk to you. It goes like this. After you mentioned it at the celebration before, I had many friends search for news. Your information was too vague, and I did not hold much hope. But I have a friend who has connections with the demons at the Nanyin Demon Continent, and has some sway there. You know about the Nanyin Demon Continent, right?"

Wu Yu had seen the map of the Jambu Realm before, and naturally knew the Nanyin Demon Continent. 

The Nanyin Demon Continent was not actually one of the 19 continents. Its true name was Nanyin Demon Island.

It was the largest island in the Jambu Realm, in the southern region of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. It was a distance away from the landmass of the Yan Huang Ancient Region by about half the distance from Dong Sheng Divine Continent to the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

Its surface area was roughly a third of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent’s. That was why it could not be considered a continent, but only the largest island.

Of course, it was called Nanyin Demon Continent because its spiritual qi, cultivation resources, and treasures were on the same level as the Yan Huang Ancient Region. It was much better off than the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, and it also had many connections to the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

If you considered it a continent, then there would be 20.

It was called a demon continent because it was basically demon territory. Of course, they were not sea region demons, but terrestrial demons. Actually, terrestrial demons and sea region demons did not see eye to eye at all. There were many conflicts between them. Generally, the vastness of the sea meant that there were more sea region demons, who were generally stronger than the terrestrial demons. After all, land was basically the martial cultivators' domain, especially the Yan Huang Tribe.

Of course, the terrestrial demons were still a force to be reckoned with, and the Nanyin Demon Continent was 90% of the reason. They were all famous demons. There were also major demon camps in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, but none at the scale of the Nanyin Demon Continent. At the Nanyin Demon Continent, humans were considered the weak group, and were rarely seen. It was demons that were everywhere.

But there was no national coherence there, but rather a struggle between strong demons. The strong gathered lesser demons to them, and each staked their territory and crowned themselves king, dividing up the territories between them. There was no unifying leader, but rather many demon lords and demon kings fighting among themselves. For many years, there was constant fighting over territory and cultivation resources. It saw more unrest than the Yan Huang Ancient Region - a true world where the strong ruled and the weak were prey!

There, one could be a demon king, ruling over countless acres of land, with millions of little demon underlings. But once you were killed, all was free for the taking again. Fights were extremely frequent.

Such a state was a little like the cultivation sects of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, such as the Shushan Immortal Sect and the Shangyuan Dao Sect, but even more primeval and barbaric.

Wu Yu himself felt that the immortal kingdoms built in the Yan Huang Ancient Region seemed to be the best direction a society ought to be developed towards. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent established sects and emphasized master-disciple legacies. They were ferociously loyal, but it did not yield comparable results. It was more civilized, while the Nanyin Demon Continent's pure bloodbath was the most unruly. Of course, the experts that emerged from this were extremely savage.

He had some understanding of the Nanyin Demon Continent.

When Prince Lesaw that Wu Yu was familiar, he continued, "It's like this. My friend heard from someone important there that there is a mountain called Phoenix's Perch in the southmost area of the Nanyin Demon Continent. There is a being called the Black Hornet Demon King there, whose son was killed a few days ago. This guy was infuriated, and called all the marks on this girl called Nangong Wei, who was said to be able to transform into a firebird demon. I reckon it might be the one you're looking for."

A firebird type demon....

Nangong Wei had the bloodline of a phoenix, and could also undergo atavism. Although she was human, her bloodline was close to a phoenix immortal beast's. If the rough description was a firebird, then it might very well be an atavized phoenix! There might be many people in this world called Nangong Wei, but perhaps she was the only one who might be mistaken for a firebird demon....

Hearing this, Wu Yu felt that there was a high chance....

Prince Le clapped his hands, saying, "Oh yes, I remember now. There was something special about it. It's said that the body of the firebird burned brilliantly with nine differently colored flames, like your Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters!"

Wu Yu bit his lip and went silent when he heard this.

Wu Yu would never forget the sight of her changing into a nine-colored phoenix. It remained clear in his mind.

Seeing Wu Yu go silent, Prince Le was curious. "Why? Not the person you're looking for? I had thought it was a sure thing."

At the side, the Full Moon of Nanshan fanned himself, seemingly with something on his mind. After coming to Immortal's Capital, he had also studied up on the Nanyin Demon Continent. He was, after, all a demon, and was being slighted here in the humans' immortal kingdom. If not for Wu Yu bequeathing status to him, he would be hard pressed to survive here. Therefore, he would naturally go and learn about a place where demons fought. He definitely wanted to go there....

As for Ye Xixi, she was wondering what this clearly-female Nangong Wei had to do with Wu Yu. She seldom saw Wu Yu prioritize looking for someone, and she was currently watching Wu Yu intently. She said, "No, this should be the person that Big Brother Yu is looking for. Without a doubt."

If it was not the person he was looking for, he would probably be disappointed.

But it was not like that. He had a complex expression instead.

Wu Yu nodded. "Prince, it should be her."

It was not just because of the Mizar Sword Immortal's plea. If she was still at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, Wu Yu might not have paid her any more attention, but now she was missing, no one knew if she was alive or dead, or even at the mercy of someone's threat.

As his memories of the past returned, the scenes lingered in his mind, and Wu Yu was conflicted as to whether to go and look for her. If he should go and seek that answer.

Prince Le said, "Why? Want to go and find her? There's nothing much going on at the Immortal's Capital now. If you want to go to the Nanyin Demon Continent, it's not impossible. The only issue is that I cannot possibly watch over you in demon territory, and the danger is quite significant."

Wu Yu said, "Let me think about it."

He had to justify it to himself.

"It seems like the Nangong Wei who appeared at Phoenix's Perch must be related to her, even if it isn't her.

"She was lost, and she departed without a farewell, not even to her own father. It could not have been of her own accord. Either she was taken away by somebody, or she blundered into a difficult situation.

"Therefore, I have to know her situation, no matter what. If not for the promise to the Mizar Sword Immortal, then at least as a resolution to myself.

"Although the past is in the past, if she is in danger, or trapped, I have to help her."

Wu Yu agonized for a while, and finally made up his mind. He felt that he would regret this for a long time if he decided not to go. Also, what if he was passing up on an opportunity to save her?

He suddenly looked up, regarding Prince Le. "Prince, I must go."

Prince Le had already expected this answer, and he nodded. "Alright. You have helped me plenty in this period. Although you are going out to great risk, this is your own choice, and I should respect it. All I can do to help you is get the Regent to allow you leave. The Yan Huang Tribe is mostly unwilling to send experts to protect you at the Nanyin Demon Continent at my behest - they themselves are afraid of the danger. Once you are there, you will have to rely on yourself only."

It was already a blessing that he was willing to let Wu Yu go, and Wu Yu hurriedly answered: "Many thanks to the Prince. I will definitely take care of myself in matters of safety. After my business is done, I will return promptly. If there is anything, Message Talismans will do."

He had been to the Taigu Immortal Path, the Ghost Sea Prison, and the Infernal Inferno. No matter how dangerous the Nanyin Demon Continent was, he was probably capable of dealing with it, unless he offended some super expert.

"Don't underestimate the Nanyin Demon Continent," Prince Le cautioned him seriously.

"Big Brother Yu, I want to go." Ye Xixi hurriedly chimed in.

"Let's go together, then. I've long wanted to go to a place like the Nanyin Demon Continent. You definitely can't leave me behind. There must be many breathtaking female demons there just pining away for my tender care." The Full Moon of Nanshan also chimed in.

Wu Yu looked at them.

This was his personal business, and naturally it would be more convenient for him to go alone.

But now their freedom depended on him. Once he left, they would be in trouble if anything happened to him.

Wu Yu was indeed concerned about them.

Although it was dangerous to go to the Nanyin Demon Continent with him, they could not leave him either. Ye Xixi, especially, would not be willing, and Wu Yu could not leave her behind with peace of mind either. After all, she treated him as kin now.

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he himself wanted to go.

Therefore, Wu Yu nodded. "Alright, then the three of us will go."

With his permission, both were very delighted.

They felt that it was more meaningful than staying at the Immortal's Capital. The Immortal's Capital was too strict in rules and ranking, like a precise mechanism.

There were experts everywhere here, and they could not act freely. It was hard to breathe easily here.

Seeing the situation, Prince Le said, "Since all three of you are willing, then I will go and request the exit document from the Regent. Oh yes - you probably haven't passed the sea region before. After you leave the Yan Huang Ancient Region, I have a very important suggestion for you."

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