Chapter 0905: The Power of Cell Shatterer

Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters!

When the nine crucibles combined into one, the visage of a nine-headed huge beast was formed.

A golden, vicious ape stood in the nine-colored flames. It was brimming with explosive destructive power. Its eyes, movements, and attitude were emitting a violent aura. It had an extremely strong visual impact!

Especially when it leapt up high with the Infernal Sky Pillar in its hands and descended from the sky. The instant the staff landed violently, that crushing destructive power caused the space to distort and fragment. The strong vibrations of Qian Kun space showed that it possessed the most terrifying tearing ability! 

This slam surpassed all of Wu Yu's attacks. It looked simple, but the most terrifying part was in its vibrations and the shattering effect from the vibrations. At this point, everywhere the Infernal Sky Pillar hit, the surrounding Qian Kun space vibrated violently. That vibration could pull and distort human bodies and dao treasures. Actually, it distorted everything!

There was no doubt that Xing Yan was in a truly pitiful state now!

Wu Yu was still suppressing him!

His strongest attack had been blocked by Wu Yu's Dignified Sword Elemental. At this moment, outsiders thought that the Dignified Sword Elemental had been destroyed; however, that was not the case.

At this juncture, Xing Yan was tied down by Wu Yu's avatar with the Dark North Royal Obelisk. That long whip was wrapped around his body. This was an advanced dao treasure more powerful than the Infernal Sky Pillar. The bone-chilling cold from the whip was something that he, who had grown up in Yan Huang Ancient Country, had never experienced before. He did not have any experience fighting the Dark North Tribe!

Hence, at this point, he did not struggle. Besides, Wu Yu's previous move, the Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design, had already battered his body up badly. His Unbeatable Golden Holy Body had been totally destroyed!

And at this crucial point, Wu Yu coldly landed his strike. It was another perfect cooperation. However, it was fatal this time. When the staff was swung down onto him, before it even landed, the strong vibrations had already torn into his flesh and blood!

In that instant, everyone saw his entire body being torn apart. Thin, concentrated lines of blood formed a net-like pattern that covered his body!

"Ah!" Xing Yan used great strength to push away the freezing ice and the Dark North Royal Obelisk. He then raised both arms to grab Wu Yu's staff. His willpower was indeed terrifying!


When the staff landed, his arms instantly turned into dust. What lay below was his head. If his head was hit, then Xing Yan would lose his life!

In this instant, the five gold lions finally arrived and formed the Shield of Five Gold Nightmare Lions on top of his head! But they were slightly late. At the instant the Shield of Five Gold Nightmare Lions formed, Wu Yu's Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters directly smashed it into pieces. It was totally broken apart. While this advanced dao treasure was not destroyed, it probably needed repair!

One vibration resulting in an explosive smash. This proved to everyone that Wu Yu had already gained full control of the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters bestowed by the Ancient Emperor within one month! This was a sign of his outstanding talent!

And in the next instant, Xing Yan intended to evade but failed to do so on time. That powerful strength did not hit his head, but landed on his body. There was a loud crack and that strong vibration tore at least half of his body into broken pieces. This was the result of Wu Yu holding back. If he did not hold back, then Xing Yan would have perished!

Crack! Half of Xing Yan's body crashed to the ground. He was almost dead. He turned his head and watched as Wu Yu's feet landed on the ground. He saw the Infernal Sky Pillar standing on the ground. He wanted to see more, but he had no more strength. His heavy injuries caused him to black out.

"No.... I cannot be defeated.... I cannot be defeated.... Prince Yan, I've let you down! I've let you down!" Xing Yan broke down. He cried painful tears and then he reached out his arm to summon the Heavenly Meteorite, which had landed on the floor with a loud crash. He summoned it to crush his own head. He wanted to commit suicide.


Before he could do that, Wu Yu used the Dark North Royal Obelisk and wrapped him up, chilling him into a frozen block. This way, it would not be easy for him to kill himself.

He wanted to kill himself after defeat.

But Wu Yu did not want to cause the death of a person here.

Of course, he also did not want Prince Yan to have any reason to avoid losing the God's Way Pills. What if Xing Yan died and he refused to give up the pills?

Hence, it would not be easy for Xing Yan to die.

At this moment, under the watchful eyes of the audience, Wu Yu slowly put away the pieces of Dignified Sword Elemental as though nothing had happened. He muttered, "To be honest, my Dignified Sword Elemental is worth at least 3,000 God's Way Pills. Today, I didn't really earn much."

The Heaven Devouring Avatar landed and the two bodies stood together. Wu Yu's real body released the Immortal Ape Transformation and Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth form. The two of them stood side by side with identical looks but totally different auras.

At this moment, Xing Yan was frozen, and the entire Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital was silent.

Those voices that were shouting for Xing Yan to reverse the situation and kill Wu Yu had disappeared now. Most of the people, at least two-thirds of the audience, looked at each other and saw the awkwardness and depression in each other's faces. Of course, there were also people who were impressed by and jealous of Wu Yu.

Then the staff of the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital announced in a shaky voice, "Everyone can see that Kingmaker Le used his own moves in this battle and defeated Xing Yan openly. Besides that, he did something good. He stopped Xing Yan from committing suicide. One can say that he not only won the victory in battle, but also won the victory in morals. I believe that everyone should be applauding for him...."

No one knew who had spoken, but he obviously was impressed by Wu Yu. Hence, when he said those words, he did not bother with Prince Yan's face.... After all, at this moment, the most depressed, furious, and defeated was not Xing Yan, but Prince Yan who had asked for all this....

From today's battle, Prince Yan's group obviously thought that they had Wu Yu in their hands. They had information about many of Wu Yu's moves. However, Wu Yu was changing a lot every day. The average individual would require at least half a year to gain control of an advanced dao treasure and its spirit designs. Wu Yu had achieved that in just over a month. Prince Yan had been defeated just on this point.

The true situation today was that Xing Yan was really strong. Individually, he could suppress Wu Yu's real body, avatar, and puppet. However, when Wu Yu coordinated the three, with the addition of the horrifying slaying ability of his real body, he had suppressed his opponent from the beginning of the battle. In the middle, Xing Yan had reversed the situation slightly but was still strongly suppressed by Wu Yu. From the start to the end, he never really had a chance for victory....

This was what everyone had seen.

Of course, Wu Yu knew that the Dignified Sword Elemental was shattered and he had used almost all his moves before he defeated his opponent. This proved that this was an equal battle. If he had been a little careless, then he could have been defeated.

In summary, this was a close victory.

He turned back to look. Ye Xixi was in the middle of the shocked audience. Her eyes were filled with tears, and she smiled at him. Perhaps her battle today could only allow her to vent a little. However, Wu Yu's battle had inspired her. Perhaps she now knew how the inheritors of immortals' legacies should utilize their advantages to battle. Wu Yu was, of course, happy if he could help her.

"Wu Yu!”

Perhaps it was only now that those who had betted on Wu Yu had reacted. They screamed his name crazily.

They did not even call him Kingmaker Le.

Wu Yu had won, and this meant that they could get double of what they had betted! These people were daring and had betted quite a large amount. This was equivalent to winning a big lottery!

The cheers were deafening. What had happened today would spread, and this would make Wu Yu even more famous in the country, or even the whole Jambu Realm! This time, he had practically pressured Prince Yan head-on. It looked like a fight with Xing Yan, but in reality, this was a fight with Prince Yan, and obviously, Wu Yu had won!

Wu Yu would soon be the discussion topic of everyone over meals. While people would not dare to gossip about Prince Yan loudly, he would inevitably become a joke. After all, he had to pay out the huge amount of 5,000 God's Way Pills!

This was a shocking amount. Prince Yan would probably become very poor after paying up.

At this moment, in the midst of the cheers, Wu Yu walked out of the competing battlefield that had opened up. An excited crowd surrounded him, and at this moment, he raised his head. His eyes met with Prince Yan's eyes. The elders beside Prince Yan were now staring at Wu Yu with suppressive gazes. However, Wu Yu knew that regardless of their authority or sharpness, they were defeated now, and these were empty glares. Hence, when he looked back with sharp, rebellious eyes, he was not suppressed by them!

"Wu Yu has won this fight fairly. Prince Yan, please take out your bet." Wu Yu raised his head and looked at Prince Yan with a hint of a smile.

He was not worried at all that Prince Yan would not pay up. This was Di Yuantian's territory. If he did not pay for such a battle, then he would be in trouble with Di Yuantian. He would be destroying Di Yuantian's reputation, and in the future, no one would patronise this place.

Prince Yan did not react. He stared at Wu Yu for a long time.

"You're very interesting. It's a pity that you're not a prince. If you were, I'd really be afraid of you. As for Prince Le, he's just a piece of garbage and not worth any worry. The 5,000 God's Way Pills today, take them as my reward for you, Wu Yu," Prince Yan said at last as he threw down a Sumeru Pouch.

The other party still wanted his face.

Wu Yu could actually point out that this was not his reward, but his own victory.

However, that was unnecessary. He had received what he wanted and ultimately had to give the other party some face. Hence, he said, "Then I thank Prince Yan for your reward. I also thank Sir Xing Yan for holding back. But Prince Le is not garbage. The road to the future is long. Prince Yan, it's better not to conclude too early."

Of course, he had to speak for Prince Le because Prince Le was still angry over being called garbage. Wu Yu was considered to have regained his face for him. Prince Le laughed and said, "It's alright. Royal Sibling can see me however he wants to. After all, it is like Kingmaker Le said - the road to the future is long. Who knows what will happen."

"Hehe." Prince Yan did not comment, but left with his group.

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