Chapter 0904: Who is the most Fearless Person?

There was no doubt. Anyone could tell that Xing Yan was definitely stronger than Wu Yu in terms of individual ability.

Yet Wu Yu could suppress Xing Yan within his advanced dao treasure at this moment. Firstly, it was because of his ever changing moves. His real body was most mysterious and his avatar was unpredictable. Even his puppet seemed to have an undying body.

Secondly, it was because of the ingenious cooperation between his real body, avatar, and puppet. He had perfect timing!

Now everyone was looking at that inverted giant crucible. On that crucible, nine big, ferocious beast heads appeared, roaring loudly. At this moment, the nine crucibles integrated into one. The burning hot interior and the nine types of majestic seas of fire were exploding terrifyingly at this moment. These were totally sealed and the audience's heart tightened with each explosion! 

Bang, bang, bang!

Explosion sounds erupted from the large crucible at Wu Yu's feet more than 1,000 times. Xing Yan must have borne all the full power of the explosion! Even with the Unbeatable Golden Holy Body, many people thought that the result was a mystery….

But Wu Yu knew it most clearly! 

This time, he had met an opponent that was really difficult. His opponent was not destroyed with the explosion of the full destructive power of the Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design. 

Xing Yan was very tough. He was probably aware of that as well, and this was probably the most important battle of his life so far. Even if he had to fight with his life now, he probably would continue. The stronger the will, the scarier the opponent!

Under the change of the spirit design, his Heavenly Meteorite clashed forcefully with the crucible. Before Wu Yu's Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace design exploded, the two giant hammers instantly integrated and transformed into a giant iron ball that covered Xing Yan. Wu Yu could not see through the iron ball to know how his opponent was doing. He could only see that the iron ball formed from the Heavenly Meteorite was now riddled with holes. It was blasted directly from a sphere into a pile of scrap iron!

This was the time people were flustered and thought that Xing Yan had been defeated.

Suddenly, at this moment, the situation reversed!

Inside the giant crucible, there was a strong, violent explosive voice. "Kingmaker Le, is that all you can do!? If you think you can defeat me like this, then you are too naive! I was too careless previously, now I'm going to show you what true power is!"

His voice was very loud and clear. It reverberated throughout the entire Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital.

There were two reactions when people heard this voice!

Those who betted that Xing Yan would win, or those with the prideful hearts of the Yan Huang Tribe, immediately stopped frowning and smiled happily. Some even laughed and secretly scolded that Xing Yan was too cheeky and actually made everyone worry for nothing. 

And those who wanted Wu Yu to win or those who had betted for Wu Yu to win were now sighing and could barely stand to watch what would happen next.

"He's in trouble now." Prince Le also frowned.

"I said it, Wu Yu is too impulsive and proud. He was bound to lose one day. However, the loss this time was monumental. He lost the advanced dao treasure that the Ancient Emperor bestowed upon him. Let me watch how he can survive in the Immortal's Capital in future. He even dragged the Prince down with him in this embarrassing event...." Qu Fengyu was very upset. 

"Shut up." Prince Le glared at her. While he was upset, and even though he was also thinking about that, the battle had not ended yet. Actually, he had wanted to stop Wu Yu previously, but Wu Yu had not listened to his advice. A Kingmaker that was not obedient. This made him a little uncomfortable. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan was relaxed and laughed as he said, "Don't worry unnecessarily. Can't you see that it is Old Wu that is beating that dumb fool up? Your breasts are tiny, yet you have no brains." He even took a look at Qu Fengyu's chest.

"You!" Qu Fengyu was angry.

At this moment, huge, explosive movements erupted from below. Everyone saw clearly that Wu Yu, who was standing on the giant crucible, and the giant crucible were now shaken away by a great strength. Obviously, the Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design of this advanced dao treasure could no longer suppress Xing Yan! 

A strong, eye-piercing, bright, golden light shot out. In that instant, Xing Yan was like a golden giant and leapt out from within. His hands waved the two giant, round hammers. He looked unharmed now. The five gold lions accompanied him at his sides and let out deafening roars!

However, his Unbeatable Golden Holy Body was gone now. Everyone could see that Xing Yan had been blasted until he was covered with holes and blood. His wounds were deep and his bones could be seen. The bridge of his nose was askew and one eye was a blur of blood and flesh. His mouth was torn and his face was covered with blood!  But even though he had only one eye remaining, everyone could tell that he seemed even more like a feral beast now. Perhaps his combat power was affected, but his current desperate will to fight, the desire to push himself to the very end, was unbelievably strong!

He stared at Wu Yu, who had been thrown out by him. At this moment, Wu Yu was retrieving the nine giant crucibles. Those crucibles joined into a staff and he grabbed that in his hand. His whole body of golden hair was shining with the same golden glow in this competing battlefield. 

Everyone looked at Xing Yan's current state. He was covered in blood and still fighting. The audience was revved up and became very excited. They all chanted and shouted Xing Yan's name. The Number One Battlefield was a place filled with passion and violence. When at least 100,000 of the experts in the Immortal's Capital were screaming Xing Yan's name passionately, their voices covered everything and could support Xing Yan. Whereas Wu Yu would undoubtedly be pressured greatly by this storm of voices!

Everyone knew that this was the best chance for Xing Yan to reverse the situation and defeat Wu Yu! And Xing Yan did not disappoint. He exploded at this moment. At this point, he was bathed in blood, and as he roared, he rushed crazily towards Wu Yu with nothing held back. In this process, he gathered all his strength, used his vast bit of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, and even activated his potential to unleash even more explosive strength. He poured all of this into the Heavenly Meteorite, and the Heavenly Meteorite started glowing brightly. A picture of the milky way was projected above the two of them. It was as though a wide and majestic river of stars had appeared before them! 

In the blink of an eye, Xing Yan rushed into the milky way and his entire body sunk into it, as though he was integrated into the milky way as one body. Next, that milky way exploded with glittering brightness. The countless stars in it seemed to have come alive, and this change led to a tremor in the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital! 


There was a loud exclamation and sigh in the audience!

"This is the Deadly Meteorite Storm Formation! It's the end for Wu Yu!"

"Experience still trumps youth. I said it. How can Prince Yan continue to suffer losses by the same person? Previously, in the Golden Throne Room, Prince Yan was already angry enough!"

"Xing Yan, kill!"

The Yan Huang Tribe revered martial prowess. Most of the time, the combat ability displayed in a battle between martial cultivators was one key move to gain people's respect. This was also the reason why the Yan Huang Tribe was always the top tribe in the Jambu Realm. They all had a crazy passion for battle in their bones. Their martial cultivation was all for battle!  

Bang, bang, bang!

In the milky way, the stars gathered. After gathering, one of the largest stars crashed towards Wu Yu! 

A meteor broke through everything. To Wu Yu, the magnitude, power, and speed of this star was absolutely the same as seeing a real meteorite in the outside world. Such a huge power could really smash Wu Yu into dust. Wu Yu knew that this was Xing Yan’s last counterattack. 

Naturally, he knew the power of this spirit design. If he met it head on, he could really get killed!

This kind of spirit design power could at least sink the whole Bipo Mountain Range to the bottom of the earth.


The bright star, the loud roar, and accompanied by shouts of many of the Yan Huang Tribe members as they screamed the word “kill” - it was as though the end of the world had come!

As Wu Yu stood under the bright star, his eyes never wavered.

Xing Yan was now ferocious and rough like a demon. When the enemy was in such a state, Wu Yu chose to be indifferent and calm. The meteorite flew towards Wu Yu's head at this critical moment, and Wu Yu was just making his move. It seemed like he was much slower. Many people felt sorry for him. From their point of view, Wu Yu's defeat was certain. From their perspective, Wu Yu had been frightened by his opponent.

At that moment, in the violent roar of explosion, Wu Yu's real body, which was moving slowly, would soon be blown to pieces by the meteorite!

Suddenly, a figure blocked in front of Wu Yu, hitting straight into the meteorite!


A loud, ear-piercing sound exploded. People saw that the figure was smashed and blown to pieces. In the blur, they could roughly see that it was Wu Yu's puppet, the Dignified Sword Elemental. At this time, it was completely smashed by the meteorite. The power of the meteorite was evident!

However, when the Dignified Sword Elemental attacked from the side, that meteorite was also greatly affected. It missed its target directly, and it was by a lot!

"Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation!"

The Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared after the meteorite, and Wu Yu's real body’s Eyes of Fire and Gold could clearly see Xing Yan’s position in the spirit design. When the Dignified Sword Elemental collided with the meteorite, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar turned the Dark North Royal Obelisk into a whip. A huge black dragon whipped towards Xing Yan from behind!

At the moment, Wu Yu's real body quickly avoided the meteorite. He was undamaged!

"Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters!"

This was the strongest spirit design of Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters! It exploded after Wu Yu froze Xing Yan temporarily with his Heaven Devouring Avatar! At the moment, there were too many changes. In the blink of an eye, everyone saw Wu Yu rise from the sky, and the nine-colored Infernal Sky Pillar in his hands exploded with a much more terrifying power than before!

Wu Yu was going to use the Violent Art, but he gave up because he knew that he could beat his opponent without it. In fact, his opponent was already injured, and now he was just fighting back desperately. At this moment, Wu Yu suppressed him calmly and made his counterattack, smashing the Infernal Sky Pillar into his chest!

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