Chapter 0903: Silent Blazing Nine Palaces

If Wu Yu felt that the triple combat power of his two bodies and the Dignified Sword Elemental was insufficient to defeat the other party, then the only way he could defeat his opponent was to coordinate the three.

Therefore, he had to execute a series of attacks before the other party could make his move. Absolute suppression was key!

However, his opponent could guess his intentions.

At this moment, everyone opened their eyes wide and watched as they started the intense battle. After taking out his advanced dao treasure and using the Unbeatable Golden Holy Body, Xing Yan immediately targeted Wu Yu's real body!

Of course, he thought that as long as Wu Yu's real body was defeated, he would lose everything.

Since ancient times, the best way to break through a besiegement was always to focus on a singular pursuit!

Therefore, he had to seize the opportunity faster than Wu Yu! At this moment, when Wu Yu's real body was taking out the Infernal Sky Pillar, he suddenly rushed towards Wu Yu, like a strong bison. Every step he took made the whole competing battlefield tremble violently.

"Golden Fog!"

Wu Yu thought that Xing Yan would first use the advanced dao treasure to suppress him. Unexpectedly, he started to attack directly while he was running. He opened his mouth and there was a loud explosion. Suddenly, golden mist burst out of his mouth. His mouth was not big, but the explosive power of the golden mist was very strong. Instantly, half of the competing battlefield was covered, and it went towards Wu Yu!

Looking carefully, that golden mist was composed of the smallest particles. Those small particles were all shaped like sword tips. A burst of golden mist filled the air, just like hundreds of millions of golden sword tips. They were like densely packed locusts!

This move was beyond the knowledge of Prince Le. It seemed like Xing Yan had a few hidden moves. At this point of time, he used this mystique Golden Fog to gain an advantage!

Immortal dao techniques were so wonderful and thrilling!

Everyone was shocked and cheered at this sight.

In an instant, Wu Yu's real body retreated rapidly, but that direction was sealed off by Xing Yan, and the competing battlefield had limited space. Even if he retreated, he could not escape from the Golden Fog!

But outside of everyone’s expectations, Wu Yu's white-haired, red-eyed avatar suddenly turned into black mist at this moment. He retreated in the direction of Wu Yu's real body, and instantly blended into that Golden Fog!

The black mist and golden mist immediately entangled together!

This was something that happened during an instance of life and death.

An instant after entangling together, the strong and powerful transformation of the black mist changed into a black vortex, which rotated at a high speed. In the rotation, it took away Xing Yan’s control over the Golden Fog and made it rotate with the vortex.

"You're seeking your death!" Xing Yan did not expect Wu Yu's avatar to come directly at him. He shouted angrily to strengthen his control. He wanted to turn the Golden Fog around and attack the black mist. If this attack did not reach Wu Yu's real body, it would still be a victory to tear his avatar apart!

He was originally going to devour Wu Yu with the Golden Fog and then destroy him completely with his advanced dao treasure. Such changes disrupted his plans, so he had decided to kill Wu Yu's avatar first. He still had to grasp this opportunity. As long as he focused, Golden Fog would still be under his control. This was his weapon!

"Crumble!" Within the Heaven Devouring Avatar's vortex, that Golden Fog became extremely powerful. Reversing the vortex would cause the Heaven Devouring Avatar to explode!

However, just behind Xing Yan, the Dignified Sword Elemental made his move. Without a word, he launched a storm-like barrage of attacks. He was extremely violent and activated the spirit design Fish Trawler. A Yin and Yang Taiji Diagram appeared above Xing Yan. Tens of thousands of rays of sword qi showered upon Xing Yan like a storm. For a while, there were loud clanking sounds. Although it hit Xing Yan, his Unbeatable Golden Holy Body was really strong. His head broke, but he recovered immediately. In addition, he activated the spirit designs and used the Heavenly Meteorites to block his head, forming a dome-like shield.

This fighting method with dao techniques was ever-changing, thrilling, and exciting. It was breath-taking. Everyone had placed their bets. Of course, they hoped that the person they bet on would win the battle!

Many people held their hands tightly and dared not cheer.

Every little change could bring about a lot of drastic changes of emotions in people's hearts!

To be honest, Xing Yan was very strong. It was hard to break through his giant, golden body. Its spiritual power was also very powerful.

However, Wu Yu was not doing that bad. Although the Dignified Sword Elemental's violent sword qi had not caused damage to Xing Yan, it had distracted him. Once he was distracted, the raging Golden Fog was once again under Wu Yu's control. The Heaven Devouring Avatar seized the opportunity. He rotated crazily. It was as if he was about to break through his limits. The Golden Fog was quickly devoured. Within a short period of time, it directly transformed into Wu Yu's Golden Fog!

It was time for Wu Yu to counter attack!

Just now, the Dignified Sword Elemental's deadly attack made Xing Yan very upset. The Dignified Sword Elemental was really not afraid of death. He started attacking right in front of him. Feeling frustrated, Xing Yan turned to attack the Dignified Sword Elemental. He really had the ability. When he exploded with power, he launched an attack towards the Dignified Sword Elemental with his Heavenly Meteorite. It collided directly with the Dignified Sword Elemental's twin swords and immediately sent him rocketing away. That huge impact made the Dignified Sword Elemental crash into the wall of the competing battlefield. Its body cracked, almost falling apart!

People were now aware of Xing Yan's horrifying power. Prince Yan's followers were finally at ease. After all, they could see the gap in strength. Xing Yan was like a fierce tiger, and Wu Yu's two bodies and puppet were three wolves at most!

"Why are you still alive!?" Xing Yan saw that his powerful attack had not destroyed the Dignified Sword Elemental completely. This made him more grumpy. He was about to destroy the Dignified Sword Elemental when he suddenly sensed a killing move rushing towards him from behind. Looking back, a cloud of mist came towards him. Of course, he knew that it was his own Golden Fog!

"As expected, Prince Yan did say that his avatar had a mystique that could transform my attack! It's amazing!"

He had expected what the other party was going to do because Prince Yan had told him. Although he wanted to continue breaking apart the Dignified Sword Elemental, he had to deal with his Golden Fog!

"Shield of Five Gold Nightmare Lions!"

He quickly took out another advanced dao treasure. In an instant, five gold lions rushed out from his Sumeru Pouch. They collided before his eyes and turned into a golden shield instantly. There were five roaring lion heads on the shield. In this moment, the Golden Fog hit the shield and half of the fog spread to the surroundings, while the other half was devoured by the five lions! 


After the Golden Fog was destroyed, the Shield of Five Gold Nightmare Lions instantly spread and turned into five lions who followed Xing Yan. They could reform at any time to block attacks for him!

After using the Shield of Five Gold Nightmare Lions, Xing Yan continued to attack the Dignified Sword Elemental!


At this moment, in the opposite direction of Wu Yu and his avatar and at the direction of Dignified Sword Elemental, he did not expect his world to turn black. Then a shapeless dagger appeared suddenly and pierced Xing Yan's eyes!


Almost everyone heard this sound.

This was Wu Yu's Soul Peeler!

It had followed the Golden Fog.

Xing Yan had defended against the Golden Fog, but the Soul Peeler had bypassed his defenses and changed its direction in an instant. At this point, Xing Yan was not prepared and was even a little complacent. 

It tore his soul and hurt his heart!

It tracked him from 1,000 li away!

The power of the Soul Peeler was really aimed at the Primordial Spirit. When it truly sunk into the other party's physical body, especially the eyes, the impact on the Primordial Spirit was much stronger than Wu Yu's Blood Weeping World Technique. At this moment, Xing Yan was screaming loudly. Just as he was about to reach out and grab the Soul Peeler, the Soul Peeler flew away from his body. However, the impact on its opponent's Primordial Spirit was still as painful as knives slicing the heart! 

An opportunity!

This was the real turning point that Wu Yu had been waiting for!

As long as the Dignified Sword Elemental was not shattered, it would not stop attacking. At this instant, it rushed up. That sword dao was like a storm, and it poured onto Xing Yan. With furious roars from the five golden lions, they gathered in front of Xing Yan in an instant. They blocked the sky full of swords. Now Xing Yan barely resisted the sharp sting in his Primordial Spirit! 

"Hua!" It was at this moment that the uproar from his surroundings shocked him. He turned back and opened his eyes. In that black mist, Wu Yu's golden real body rushed out. The Infernal Sky Pillar in his hands instantly turned into nine segments, and one transformed into a large crucible. That crucible was like a furnace, and nine-colored flames were burning inside. The instant he turned back, the bright red flames in front of that large crucible turned and directly covered his head. It pressed him onto the ground. Xing Yan's Primordial Spirit was under stabbing pain and was directly swallowed by the angry flames! 

Next, there were eight giant crucibles left, which layered on one by one. Each crucible was a little bigger than the one in front. Now in the giant crucible, nine kinds of flames combined!

"Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace design!"

Inside the nine-layered crucible, Wu Yu was standing at the bottom of the outermost crucible. As his hand pressed on it, the most powerful Offensive Spirit Design of the nine crucibles was activated. With the support of his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, Xing Yan was like a sitting duck! At this moment, Xing Yan must have been frantically hitting the inner wall of the giant crucible with his heavy Heavenly Meteorite. And at this moment, the spirit design activated. Countless small spirit designs activated the big spirit design, then the super spirit design, the Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design, was activated!


Immediately, the flames of the Nine-Layered Sea of Fire from the Infernal Inferno poured into it and gathered around Xing Yan. That terrifying heat was no less intense than that of the Elixir of Fire Spirit.

The scariest thing was what was going to happen next. At the moment Wu Yu activated the spirit design, the nine kinds of flames were incompatible with each other, resulting in an extremely violent explosion. The explosion happened inside, and this advanced dao treasure was extremely sturdy. While it was sealed, it would never let the power overflow. 

Therefore, within the loud explosions, people could hear Xing Yan's painful screams.

People's expressions changed. They looked at Wu Yu with pale faces. Would he win again?

People looked at Prince Yan, but they could not see changes on his face. Therefore, they felt a little comforted. They guessed that Xing Yan might not be defeated in such a simple way....

Of course, the only thing they could do was guess.

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