Chapter 0902: Heavenly Meteorite

5,000 God's Way Pills!

That was a shocking number.

Now it seemed like Wu Yu was going to agree to this challenge. It had been a long time since such a great bet last appeared in the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital.

After Prince Yan agreed, it all depended on whether Wu Yu would really dare to answer the challenge.

Prince Le had not expected things to turn out this way.

Of course, he was no coward. In this whole exchange, it looked like Wu Yu was leading Prince Yan on. So he could only ask Wu Yu if he really had the confidence....

And Wu Yu did not reply individually to him. He directly replied to Prince Yan and said, "Since Prince Yan is so sincere, it would be too embarrassing if I turned out to be a wet blanket. Well, I shall take a gamble today, to give Prince Yan a chance, and also to give myself a chance."

"He really has the guts to take the gamble!"

Everyone looked at him with shock. Many thoughts raced deep in their hearts.

Prince Yan and the others had grave expressions. The original intention of teasing was long lost. Now they realized that this was a grand gamble.

Prince Yan's gaze landed on Xing Yan. Xing Yan was naturally no simple character. At this moment, he was under a lot of pressure. However, he was the kind of person who could perform explosively well under pressure!

Seeing Xing Yan's look, Prince Yan was more confident. His voice became colder. He pointed in the direction of the largest competing battlefield in the middle. That place was usually closed to the public. This competing battlefield only hosted the most crucial battles. He said, "Since that is the case, then the two of you enter that and let us witness this interesting gamble."

This was a grand gamble. To him, this gamble was more than simply getting the Infernal Sky Pillar.

After Xing Yan received the order, he did not say anything else and directly entered that huge, transparent competing battlefield.

Then he crossed his thick arms and waited for Wu Yu to enter. He entered first and released his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, gradually covering the entire battle field. He made this place his territory first!

A major crucial battle was about to explode! Everyone looked serious. It was silent. At this moment, they were probably thinking about the expressions of both parties to make a judgement on how they should place their bets!

"Big Brother Yu." Ye Xixi had emerged from the competing battlefield. She was on Wu Yu's side and looked at him from afar. She seemed to be in better spirits than previously.

"En." Wu Yu nodded to tell her to not worry. Then, under the watchful eyes of the audience, he walked towards that competing battlefield. Every step seemed to stomp on other people's hearts!

Everyone stared at him with different expressions. Many people came in from outside after hearing about the fight that was about to happen.

At this moment, as Wu Yu walked, black mist emerged from his body. The mist formed into another person. Upon closer look, it was Wu Yu but with a cold, demonic aura. He was white-haired red-eyed and was like chilling ice. Everyone was very surprised that even though this almost identical avatar had a similar physique to the real body, they seemed to feel different. One felt taller, while the other felt more muscular.

Everyone knew that this was Wu Yu's avatar and that it was a major part of Wu Yu's strength.

The avatar naturally drew the gasps of many people.

However, Wu Yu summoned another person from out of nowhere. That person was different from them. He was filled with a sharp sword will. Sword qi was rushing out of his eyes and he possessed a tearing sharpness!

"Who's that?"

"Where did Wu Yu get such a person? A real person cannot be hidden in a Sumeru Pouch!"

In an instant, everyone was in heated discussion.

"That's not a person. It looks like a puppet. I remember that Wu Yu had a bone dragon puppet! But how can a puppet be so similar to a real person? How can there be such a polished puppet-making technique in this world?"

A puppet like the Dignified Sword Elemental surpassed many people's imagination.

Obviously, Wu Yu was intending to fight three against one.

Now everyone was discussing the puppet.

This had surpassed Prince Yan's expectations too. After all, in his plan, Wu Yu's battle power only included his real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

And there were over 100,000 spirit designs on this puppet, or even more. From his intelligence gathered, Wu Yu's previous bone dragon puppet had combat power equivalent to that of a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator. This humanoid puppet seemed stronger!

"Wait, I remember that challenges in the Number One Battlefield forbid the use of puppets and talismans. One can only depend on that individual's true ability," Prince Yan said.

"Prince Yan is actually afraid of a mere puppet. If that's the case, then don't battle. Prince Yan, you don't seem to have much courage."

Wu Yu was not afraid at all. He wanted to use the Dignified Sword Elemental for better odds. However, he knew that puppets were banned from battle here. Hence, he needed to summon it first. He wanted to use this method to force Prince Yan into agreeing to let him use it. 

"No, not now!" Everyone was depressed. This discussion had gone on for half a day before they were finally going to battle. If the battle was stopped because of this, then they had wasted half a day of anticipation.

In an instant, everyone was filled with resentment. 

Wu Yu was gambling in his heart that if Prince Yan dared to take out 5,000 God's Way Pills for the bet, then he really wanted the Infernal Sky Pillar. If not, he would have given up.

It was just one puppet. Even if it were any stronger, it could not decide the result of the battle. Prince Yan had many strong people around him. Everyone guessed that Wu Yu's triple combat power was basically around the first tier of the Dao Querying Realm. Xing Yan still had a higher chance of success. After all, he had special moves, or else he would not have been chosen to fight.

"Don't waste any more words. It's useless. We'll see your true abilities in the fight." Prince Yan's words assured the audience. They were filled with anticipation and desire again. 

It was at this moment that the audience was excited and getting livelier in the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital.

The real body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the Dignified Sword Elemental entered the competing battlefield.

Then the competing battlefield closed.

Xing Yan's sea-like Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy filled this sealed space. It was easy to make his opponent feel like he was drowning. 

Next up was the time for people to place their bets.

This time, the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital increased the time to 100 breaths of time. Everyone could carefully consider the set odds. If they bet on Wu Yu and if he really defeated his opponent, then they could win twice the amount of their bet.

From the way things had been going, everyone was hesitant about Wu Yu's ability to create a miracle. At least a third of the people felt that he had a chance to produce surprising results as always. The remaining two thirds, after careful consideration, still chose to believe in Prince Yan. After all, Prince Yan was no fool. He had placed such a big bet. He also had the support of a team of strong individuals. Anyone in this group of elders could crush Wu Yu. They probably would not be tricked by a young, inexperienced guy like Wu Yu!

As the old adage said, experience trumped youth.

After 100 breaths of time passed, it marked the beginning of the battle.

Prince Le saw that he could not change Wu Yu's decision. Hence, he told Wu Yu some simple details of Xing Yan.

He had many moves after training for more than 300 years. His most famous move was a mystique called Unbeatable Golden Holy Body. It was rumored that this was a golden, undying body. The average advanced dao treasure could not cut through his body or even hurt him.

The advanced dao treasure that he used now was called Heavenly Meteorite. It was said to be forged from fallen rocks from the milky way. That material was special and tough. It had great destructive power and over 300,000 spirit designs. It should be stronger than Ghostly Artificer's Soul Peeler.

In the Heavenly Meteorite, there was a spirit design called Deadly Meteorite Storm Formation. Its offensive power was huge, and it was Xing Yan's signature move. 

These were his most famous moves. He had other moves that were not too bad as well. In combination with that great amount of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy that surpassed Wu Yu by too much, he was indeed shockingly powerful.

At this instant, the battle broke out!

This was his first time facing a second tier Dao Querying Realm cultivator.

Actually, he was not too confident, but he only needed to know that the other party could never defeat his real body, and that was enough. As long as he did not lose, then he would have a chance to win.

In the first instant, the other party took out his advanced dao treasure, the Heavenly Meteorite.

This treasure was two giant, round hammers. They were spherical, iron hammers with large, conical spikes protruding out. They were sharp and heavy. When the other party swung these round hammers, there was a ferocious roar of the wind. While they looked heavy, their speed was not lost. You could imagine that once the Heavenly Meteorites landed, with the addition of Xing Yan's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, an entire mountain range could be flattened instantly.

The greatest power of this advanced dao treasure was its heavy weight. It probably had spirit designs inside that increased the power of its weight!

Then Xing Yan used his mystique, the Unbeatable Golden Holy Body. In the blink of an eye, his body underwent huge changes. From inside to outside, from his flesh and blood, he turned into a giant forged of gold. His height was now longer than three chi. He was thicker, rougher, but also tougher. That body forged of gold was like an advanced dao treasure. It was unbelievably tough. It looked even tougher than the Dignified Sword Elemental's body, which was forged from precious treasures and materials.

A golden giant, holding two hammers, stood in front of Wu Yu like a god. His golden eyes were fixated on Wu Yu. He focused on Wu Yu's real body. Of course, the first thing he wanted to attack was Wu Yu's real body.

Under his watchful eyes, Wu Yu's real body also underwent huge changes.

First of all, he changed from a man to a fierce, golden Immortal Ape!

Then, in an instant, he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. Even though it was only at the third tier, the giant that Wu Yu transformed into beat Xing Yan in size. In front of Wu Yu's eyes, he was just like a child. Previously, he was large and burly, but now he was just stocky.

At this moment, Wu Yu held the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters in his hand. It burned with nine-colored flames. The Infernal Sky Pillar was as thick as the thigh of an average person, and it looked even heavier. Its nine-colored flames seemed especially hot. With the addition of the power of the Elixir of Fire Spirit in Wu Yu's body, the entire competing battlefield instantly seemed to turn into a sea of fire....

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