Chapter 0901: A Big Gamble

When Ming Long had just met Wu Yu, Wu Yu asked for a cultivation method, and her condition was God's Way Pills. However, she had forgotten about it since then. 

Frankly speaking, 1,000 God's Way Pills could buy one dao treasure equivalent to the Unbounded Sky Pillar, or more likely two.

Wu Yu had 10,000 doppelgangers that required a large amount of immortal medicine at all times. The truth was, he was penniless at this point. Therefore, 1,000 God's Way Pills were really important to him. This was an astronomical sum of wealth, and they were way more effective than Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. 

However, the issue was that the wager had far exceeded his expectations. With something so valuable put up, Wu Yu couldn't put up something of equivalent value.


Wu Yu squinted and glanced at Xing Yan before turning to face Prince Yan. At this juncture, the surroundings were dead and silent. Therefore, Wu Yu's voice became loud and clear. 

He asked, "In that case, what would Prince Yan like to have from me? Could it be that you want the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters?" 

When Wu Yu completed his sentence, he drew a large ruckus. 

As for Prince Yan, he was direct and decisive as he said with a smile, "Kingmaker Le is really smart. You're right. I've been coveting a treasure like the Infernal Sky Pillar for a long time. Although it is in your hands now, I'd like to fight for it, so I’ve come up with this idea. 1,000 God's Way Pills is my sincerity. I wonder, will Kingmaker Le accept it?" 

How brazen! 

The Infernal Sky Pillar was bestowed to Wu Yu personally by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Yet he dared to use a trick like this to snatch it from Wu Yu openly? 

"It seems like Prince Yan knows the Ancient Emperor better than me. He definitely knows the Ancient Emperor wouldn't interfere if he did this. In fact, the Ancient Emperor might condone him using such a method to compete for it, and this gave him the guts to do so!" Wu Yu thought to himself. 

From the perspective of an ordinary man, Prince Yan would appear to be bold and brazen to even want something that the Ancient Emperor had bestowed upon Wu Yu. 

This only showed that an ordinary man wasn't as intelligent as Prince Yan. Or perhaps this was a decision made by those behind him. Although the Ancient Emperor had shown a little interest in Wu Yu, it didn't mean that they couldn't try to suppress Wu Yu. Also, Prince Yan might attract more attention from the Ancient Emperor by doing so. After all, many people believed that until a new emperor was decided in the far future, they would go through a period of trials that the Ancient Emperor had for the princes and princesses. 

Now everyone was waiting for Wu Yu's answer. 

Prince Le was obviously panicking as he said to Wu Yu, "Don't agree to it. If he dares to do so, he definitely has huge confidence. Even if you accepted the challenge, you definitely wouldn't get those God's Way Pills. Regardless, this is just a small matter. The key is that if you lose the Infernal Sky Pillar, you and I will be the butt of the joke throughout the Yan Huang Ancient Country. As for Prince Yan, he would win the Infernal Sky Pillar fair and square and no one would think he has gone overboard. They would just think he had an edge over us." 

He knew Wu Yu had a passionate personality and would basically accept all challenges issued to him. 

However, Wu Yu took his words this time. Without any hesitation, he rejected the challenge.


"Prince Yan, fat hope! 1,000 God's Way Pills - that's the value of the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters? This is one-tenth of the Infernal Inferno we are talking about. I'd have to be a fool to accept an unfair challenge like this." 

Wu Yu knew that his image in Prince Yan's eyes was of a rash, arrogant, and ignorant brat. 1,000 God's Way Pills was indeed a huge sum. However, it was still far from tempting Wu Yu for putting up the Infernal Sky Pillar as a wager. 

As for the approximate wealth of Prince Yan, he felt like he was close to the mark and not far off. 

"1,000? Hehe!" 

The truth was, Wu Yu found this opponent to be capable of triggering his desire for battle. However, the risk was too great and the reward too little. On the other hand, Prince Yan clearly believed 1,000 God's Way Pill would throw Wu Yu into frenzied ecstasy. 

Typically speaking, an advanced dao treasure like the Infernal Sky Pillar was something that people could only hope for. In fact, one wouldn't even be able to buy it even if they were loaded with God's Way Pills. In terms of value, it would be at least 3,000 God's Way Pill or even more. 

Therefore, everyone could understand why Wu Yu had rejected the challenge. 

On the upper level, Prince Yan had stepped forward. He naturally wouldn't want this to end this way. Otherwise, others would mock him for demanding an exorbitant item yet being afraid to take the risk, like a cowardly mouse. 

He exchanged glances with those around him, and they realized that they had underestimated Wu Yu. Previously, the conclusion of their discussion was that 1,000 God's Way Pills was wealth that Wu Yu couldn't possibly possess and they would definitely be enough to lure Wu Yu into their plot. Moreover, Wu Yu was known to be arrogant and fond of battles. 

"Prince Yan, if we are unwilling to take the risk, we won't get what we want." 

Prince Yan knew this. At this point, Wu Yu was preparing to return to the side of Prince Le. All of a sudden, Prince Yan said with a smile, "It seems like Kingmaker Le has the intention to take the bet but just isn't satisfied with my wager. Since Kingmaker Le has the sincerity, I'll have to show mine too. 1,500 God's Way Pills! Other than selling the Infernal Sky Pillar, Kingmaker Le probably couldn't gather this much wealth even if given a few years. With this as wager, I believe Kingmaker Le should be satisfied, right?" 

For the Infernal Sky Pillar, putting up 1,500 God's Way Pills was really risky, After all, this wasn't a small sum even to him. 

Getting the Infernal Sky Pillar wasn't just about obtaining the dao treasure. It would only bring other benefits. First, he could convince those that were still on the fence to join his camp. Second, and perhaps what he desired the most, was to attract the attention of his father. 

Even though he wasn't young, the number of times he had met the Ancient Emperor was far and few. 

However, Wu Yu was well aware of their motives and knew that he was in a tight spot currently. Wu Yu definitely had a lot of room for negotiation. Therefore, he acted as though he didn't hear anything and continued making his way back. One could jump down directly from the third floor. However, if one wanted to go to the higher level, he had to do so through the stairs. After all, those at the upper levels had more distinguished backgrounds. 

Prince Yan offered 1,500 God's Way Pills as wager and yet Wu Yu didn't give him any response. This embarrassed Prince Yan a little. He finally understood that it was Wu Yu who was demanding an exorbitant price and was pressuring him. 1,500 was far from the limits of Wu Yu. 

"Prince Yan, I can tell that this brat wants you to place a huge wager. Since he's putting the Infernal Sky Pillar up as a wager, you would likely need to put up half of all your wealth for him to accept it. If that is the case, the pressure would be on Xing Yan. Although we are confident in Xing Yan and Xing Yan has sufficient means, the issue is that there might be an accident. I feel that Wu Yu is a ruthless person, and it's not wise for us to continue the deadlock with him today," an authoritative old man beside Prince Yan said. 

"There's nothing without risk. This will be a big gamble, and Wu Yu isn't as rash and brazen as we thought. We have seen that this person is extremely meticulous. However, he has his weaknesses as well. He didn't reject it directly while speaking about the amount. As such, he would likely be moved by a certain number. This number would just be used as wager, and we wouldn't really lose the pills. In my opinion, if we fail to provide a number that could move him, others will only see it as Prince Yan not being decisive. It doesn't really matter if others think so - the only issue is if the Ancient Emperor has the same thoughts." 

Those that had come with Prince Yan were separated into two factions. 

This wasn't an ordinary bet for pride, but an important turning point for Prince Yan. He had enough of the peaceful competition. Wu Yu had been really outstanding, and Prince Yan hoped he could make sufficient changes to draw more attention to himself. 

Prince Yan's eyes changed. At this point, Wu Yu was already on the second level. Everyone's gazes were still affixed on him. However, he seemed to be calm and composed. His walking speed was clearly not quick and could be considered as giving Prince Yan a further opportunity. 

Before the watchful eyes of the crowd, Prince Yan finally announced solemnly, "Kingmaker Le probably isn't satisfied yet. In that case, let's go with something more crazy. I believe you should be satisfied with 3,000 God's Way Pills. This isn't a small sum!" 


This battle seemed to have reached a new level. When the crowd heard the word "3,000," even Xing Yan was astonished. Clearly, the pressure on his shoulders had become incomparably heavy. This was a big gamble by Prince Yan, and everything was resting on him! 

Many people were feeling breathless over the number. Previously, 1,000 was too little. Now that the offer was raised to 3,000, it was roughly the value of the Infernal Sky Pillar. 

Just as expected, Wu Yu stopped in his tracks. He lifted his head and met Prince Yan's eyes as he said, "The Infernal Sky Pillar is a precious treasure of mine. If I lose it, I'll lose half of my current battle strength. I know Prince Yan wants the Infernal Sky Pillar, but you haven't shown me reasonable sincerity. How boring is this? After all, the one below isn't someone that is easy to deal with." 

No one had thought Wu Yu would still be unsatisfied with 3,000. 

At this point, Prince Yan was so angry that he tittered and said, "If that is the case, tell me a number that will make you want to fight." 

Without any hesitation, Wu Yu said, "Unless you put up 5,000 God's Way Pills, don't expect me to take such a huge risk." 

The difficulty to deal with Wu Yu far exceeded Prince Yan's imagination. He realized that he might have really belittled Wu Yu. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been forced to this point. Now he really felt like he was in a difficult situation. 

However, Wu Yu had finally made his offer. This showed that there would be a number that would entice him. However, Wu Yu was really demanding an exorbitant number. It wasn't just Prince Yan who thought so - everyone around basically had the same idea. 5,000 God's Way Pills! This would cause Prince Yan to lose more than half of his assets! One could say this was a really big gamble. If Prince Yan offered 5,000 God's Way Pill, he would definitely be able to trade for an advanced dao treasure of equivalent value. 

"Speaking of which, Prince Yan is really not as gutsy as I thought. I'm not even asking you to fight with me. It's just a gamble, and the outcome is uncertain. You want my Infernal Sky Pillar, something that the Ancient Emperor has bestowed upon me personally. If you don't offer 5,000 God's Way Pills, how can I put it up in the wager area?" 

Wu Yu's eyes flickered while staring at Prince Yan. 

Speaking of which, Prince Yan still wanted his face. 

However, he was starting to feel a little regret. Initially, he had made the first step to taunt Wu Yu. However, the crowd chimed in and his confidence had eventually resulted in the current state. The other party had demanded to raise the wager to 5,000! 

However, there was an opportunity to take a step back after Wu Yu raised the wager. He could reasonably say that the Infernal Sky Pillar wasn't worth 5,000 God's Way Pills and that Wu Yu lacked sincerity. If he said that, he wouldn't be too embarrassed. However, with things at this stage, he still felt a little indignant.... 

Those with Prince Yan were all his confidantes. They exchanged glances, and one who had relatively higher standing said, "We can't lose out here. Everyone, let's pool in 2,000 God's Way Pills for Prince Yan. What do you guys think?" 

They were willing to pool in 2,000 to raise the total to 5,000. 

However, Prince Yan showed his decisiveness and said, "That's not necessary. Today, I'll be taking this big bet against Wu Yu." 

If he won, the predicament he was in would definitely change. 

If he lost, he might become the butt of the joke.... 

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