Chapter 0900: Skilled at Killing

Wu Yu knew that Prince Yan was now filled with animosity towards Prince Le and him. 

Obviously, he might not have coveted the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters, but he obviously did not want Wu Yu, who was insignificant in his eyes, and Prince Le, who was not qualified at all to be his competitor, get the Infernal Sky Pillar.

He must have discussed Wu Yu's battle just now with others and even placed a bet. Now he stood out with a seemingly gentle smile. Actually, it was obvious that he had bet for Wu Yu to lose.

Now he was probably thinking of using this opportunity to turn the tables.

This was not about money, but about his pride and dignity.

"The Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters was bestowed upon me by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor himself. This makes most people think that the Ancient Emperor values me, and that my position in the Ancient Emperor's heart is different from that of the princes. The other princes and princesses would not dare to offend me, but this guy seems to want to rebel against the Ancient Emperor. In fact, the truth speaks otherwise. He should know clearly that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor moves mysteriously and capriciously. Besides, he has never taken anyone's side. Just because I've received a reward, that does not mean anything more than that. He most certainly would not make way to treat me like some honored guest."

Wu Yu knew the logic behind his actions.

The princes and princesses were guided by advisors. They must have had a certain judgment of the current situation. Perhaps the Ancient Emperor appreciated Wu Yu. However, he would never forbid the princes and princesses from competing strongly against Wu Yu, or even destroying and killing him. 

This was the fiery and intense character of the Yan Huang Tribe members.

When Prince Yan challenged Wu Yu, there was silence for a while. Most people dared not speak, as though they were experiencing the calm before the storm.

Now everyone was waiting for Wu Yu's response.

At this point, Prince Le stood up and answered on behalf of Wu Yu, "Royal sibling, we have to at least follow the rules of the Number One Battlefield."

As for whether to accept the challenge in public, it depended on Wu Yu.

Prince Le secretly told Wu Yu, "He obviously wants to embarrass you. You can refuse him. After all, your performance just now was amazing enough."

Now it was clear that they were facing a fierce opponent.

Recently, his performances had been too conspicuous. There were definitely many people who wanted to suppress him. Wu Yu had been prepared for a long time, especially for this Prince Yan.

However, there was not enough incentive. Wu Yu would not fight for nothing.

He could tell that Prince Yan was ambitious.

Under the gazes of the audience, Prince Yan took a look at Prince Le and said, "It's none of your business, don't interrupt. Go to the side."

He was impolite. While he was the elder royal sibling, he was also much stronger. However, they had equal status.

However, if the other party was anxious, Prince Yan would definitely teach him a lesson personally. The Regent would not bother with such a small matter even if he reported it. After all, there were too many princes and princesses. It was normal to have some friction between them.

Wu Yu and Prince Le were both scolded and kept quiet. Of course, angry fire burned in their hearts.

At this moment, Wu Yu finally replied in front of all the people. He said, "It seems that Prince Yan is unhappy with me and wants to establish his dominance. Of course, I'm not afraid. The question is whether Prince Yan has arranged for an appropriate opponent that meets the requirements and whether the prize prepared is satisfactory. Only then will I make a decision. After all, I'm busy."

He sounded so lazy. He had a totally different attitude towards Prince Yan compared to Prince Le.

You should know that Prince Yan might be even stronger than Qu Yin. He had definitely trained for over 400 years. He looked like he was half an elder.

If he were not the Ancient Emperor's son, he would seem to be from Prince Le's grandfather's generation. In fact, Prince Yan had his own grandchildren, and they were at about Prince Le's cultivation level. Of course, they were not the children of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and were not as talented. Their talents were far from Prince Le's level.

This age gap was one reason Prince Yan suppressed Prince Le. 

Those like him had never bothered with their younger brothers and sisters who had not even reached the Dao Querying Realm.

It was Wu Yu that he could not do anything about. He wanted to beat Wu Yu up personally, but that was too tasteless. It would be humiliating if word got out - he would be deemed as petty and rash. If he wanted to win, he would have to win a beautiful victory so that others would have nothing to say.

"Don't worry, I'll definitely satisfy Kingmaker Le." After Prince Yan spoke, he scanned his room and then said, "Xing Yan, you go down and introduce yourself to Kingmaker Le. Let's see if Kingmaker Le is satisfied."

"Yes!" A deep voice came from above. Many people's expressions changed upon hearing the name. Prince Le quickly told Wu Yu, "This person is at the second tier of the Dao Querying Realm. He has high combat power! His moves are violent."

Until now, the strongest opponents Wu Yu had faced were people like the Ghostly Artificer and Yu Chenyang.

Just as Prince Le was halfway through his reminder, a dark shadow descended from above and landed in front of Wu Yu. At that moment, even the ground of the Number One Battlefield shook!

Wu Yu took a good look. There was a giant in front of him. He was taller than Wu Yu by more than two chi[1]. His physique was probably over three times larger than Wu Yu’s. His whole body was covered with big chunks of black, shiny muscles. He looked very violent. His head was shiny and had no hair at all. Yet his eyes were narrow and looked fierce.

This person seemed to be a martial cultivator who focused on strength in combat. He was really outstanding in this aspect. He looked like a beast that walked like a man. The dao he took was similar to Wu Yu’s. However, he was far from Wu Yu's level.

While his physical body was weak compared to Wu Yu’s, his greatest advantage was his second tier Dao Querying Realm power. He was nine tiers higher than Wu Yu. This was a relatively large gap. Even though Wu Yu had the Invincible Vajra Body, and outstanding Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy forged by the Great Way of Immortality Art, the gap between his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and his opponent’s was huge.

Of course, with one look, he could tell that the other party had trained for at least 300 years before reaching his current tier and level of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. That boundless Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was like a huge sea, while Wu Yu's was a lake at most. Even though his quality might be higher, and his physical body had a great advantage, he was still far behind.

Wu Yu admitted that he was much more talented than such people; however, he would still be cautious of him if they had to fight now. This was as difficult as a highly talented child trying to defeat a strong man in a mortal kingdom.

Prince Yan was very smart. He had seen Wu Yu's battle and knew where Wu Yu's limits were. He had sent out Xing Yan, who was at the limit that Wu Yu could bear. It was at the point that even Wu Yu could not tell if he could defeat his opponent. 

Many people exclaimed when Xing Yan had come out. It looked like he was famous. Someone seemed to call him the Ten Thousand Tons Immortal. This name made him sound as though his body weighed 10,000 tons. 

The other party punched his two fists and looked at Wu Yu with passion burning in his eyes. With a deep, rough voice, he said, "I'm Xing Yan. I have followed Prince Yan since I was young. Now I'm at the second tier of the Dao Querying Realm. I'm most skilled at killing people. Kingmaker Le, let's fight!"

Indeed, this man was really tough. He was not joking when he said that he was skilled at killing people.

At the top, Prince Yan applauded. Several elders were smiling and standing beside him. They were all at about the same level as him. They were basically all officials in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. The lowest ranked among them was a Provincial lord.

"Kingmaker Le, are you satisfied with this opponent? I think that Xing Yan is a worthy challenge for Kingmaker Le. After all, Kingmaker Le is a young hero. At such a young age, you can instantly suppress Yu Chenyang, who is at the Dao Querying Realm. Such talent and combat power is astonishing. Everyone here knows that the lowly Yu Chenyang is far from Kingmaker Le's limits. Everyone wants to see what Kingmaker Le's limits are, am I right?"

Regardless of whether one liked Prince Yan or not, everyone was supportive of any important, crucial battles in the Number One Battlefield. After all, who wouldn't like to watch a fierce fight?

Hence, about 90% of the people supported Prince Yan's sly suggestion. Basically, most of them had just lost a lot of money.

"Kingmaker Le, fight!"

"Don't be afraid, we believe in you!"

"Take Prince Yan’s challenge!"

At this moment, the main characters were Wu Yu and Prince Yan. Xing Yan and Prince Le did not matter as much. Even Prince Yan did not see Prince Le as his opponent. His target was only Wu Yu.

Of course, Wu Yu would not agree directly. He waved his hands and said, "The opponent is good, but what are the stakes? If I defeat him, what will I get?"

This was the real focus!

Wu Yu felt that the other party's purpose was not as simple as suppressing him. He should have other goals.

Hence, everyone's ears perked up. They waited to hear what Prince Yan could offer. It was probably at least an advanced dao treasure!

Prince Yan smiled and said, "Of course, I won't disappoint Kingmaker Le. Considering that it has been a long time since the Number One Battlefield has seen such a fiery battle, I'm taking out a thousand God's Way Pills as the bet. What does Kingmaker Le think?"

There was a huge shock when these words were spoken.

1,000 God's Way Pills, not Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills!

The God's Way Pill was one of the highest level immortal medicines in the mortal world. It was said that only martial cultivators at very high Dao Querying Realm levels, and who had a very deep understanding of the art of refining immortal medicines, could refine such a pill. 

Actually, there were not many God's Way Pills in the entire mortal world.

God's Way Pills were very important to those in the Dao Querying Realm. The Dao Querying Realm focused on combining the Primordial Spirit and the physical body as one, and this God's Way Pill could boost the integration of the two. It was very effective. 

Hence, the God's Way Pill was the highest level of circulating currency in the mortal world. Its value was much higher than that of the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill.

For instance, people like Yu Chenyang could never possess more than a two figure number of God's Way Pills.

1. 1 chi = ⅓ of a meter or 13.1 inches

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