Chapter 0899: Exceptionally Arrogant

Before Wu Yu's eyes were Liu Youyou, Shangguan Ying, Fang Mingjing, and a few other yan dragon generals that once competed with Wu Yu for the Unbounded Sky Pillar. 

Obviously, the Emperor's son-in-law Yu Chenyu, who had a weak presence, was also there. It was said that Princess Ying's relationship with her Kingmaker was even better than hers with Yu Chenyu. The evidence was that Yu Chenyu rarely visited the Imperial City. 

However, Yu Chenyu sure was arrogant at this point. When Wu Yu passed him, he scoffed. "You have just been dog-shit lucky so far. Do you really think you can make it to the top in a single step? This time, you are the one who looked for trouble. It's great that my brother is around to wallop you back to earth!" 

Wu Yu finally understood why they weren't afraid of him at all. Since he entered the Infernal Inferno, he had never fought before them. 

Wu Yu entered the competing battlefield directly. At this point, everyone was curious as to what he would put up as wager. They could see Wu Yu grabbing something from his Sumeru Pouch, and a small dagger appeared in his hand the next moment. He placed it on the wager area and said, "This advanced dao treasure is the Soul Peeler. I got it from the Ghostly Artificer after I killed him. I have since formed a blood bond with it. However, if you can defeat me, this will be yours and I will remove the blood bond. Oh, right! It has a total of 350,000 spirit designs, a lot more precious than the 130,000 spirit designs you have. Therefore, you are the one that stands to gain from this!" 

It would’ve been fine if Wu Yu had remained silent. However, the moment he spoke, what he brought out and the implications were humongous! Everyone was reminded that he had just killed the Ghostly Artificer. This was a fact that was beyond doubt. On top of that, no one had ever put up a wager that was several times more valuable than the one being challenged had put up. It was as though he was intending to gift it to the other party. 

It was also because of these reasons that the uncertainties of this battle could be considered as unprecedented. The Number One Battlefield had acutely picked up this point. 

Regardless of Wu Yu's cultivation level or the wager he had put up, he clearly fulfilled the requirements. One could even say that he exceeded them. His cultivation level was clearly below the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm and rumored to be really low. Moreover, what he had put up for the battle dwarfed Yu Chenyang's wager. 

Therefore, with Wu Yu fulfilling the conditions for challenge, the Number One Battlefield announced the validity of the battle and allowed Wu Yu to enter the competing battlefield. 

Up next was the 30 breaths of time for all to place their bets. 

This time, regardless of the number or quantum of bets, it had reached the pinnacle in recent times in the Number One Battlefield. The odds that the Number One Battlefield had opened with were still equal. Based on the odds and careful considerations, more people bet that Yu Chenyang would win. Obviously, to some extent, it also showed that they hoped Yu Chenyang would win. After all, for the majority of the Yan Huang tribe, Wu Yu was an outsider. Moreover, they were jealous of him. 

30 breaths of time ended quickly. Even Prince Le had placed a bet, and it was obvious he would bet on Wu Yu to win. Moreover, he had bet a substantial amount of his wealth. The Full Moon of Nanshan and the rest also followed up with their bets quickly. 

"I'm really envious of Yu Chenyang. He clearly has an advantage here." 

"Does Kingmaker Le have a few too many treasures to spare? He didn't have to put up something so great." 

"Did he really kill the Ghostly Artificer? Or perhaps someone helped him, or he used some other means? From the previous time we saw him, he was at most at a similar strength level as Yu Chenyang's younger brother. From what I see now, his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy hasn't increased much." 

At this point, the time for placing bets had passed and the competing battlefield was sealed completely. Wu Yu and Yu Chenyang were enclosed in the entirely transparent sealed battlefield. 

This was a cube-shaped enclosed area that was not particularly huge. It was because of this rather small space that they would find it difficult to have a grand battle. However, it would also mean that the battle would be a little more intense. 

The battle began and everyone was watching with anticipation. Especially so for those who had placed bets on the battle. 

"Go to hell!" Yu Chenyang had an aloof personality and was too lazy to fool around with Wu Yu. He retrieved his killer weapon instantly. 

What he didn't expect was for Wu Yu to be even more decisive. The moment the competing battlefield was sealed, terrifying might erupted from his eyes. The entire competing battlefield was instantly engulfed by the golden flames! 

"Paradise's Fiery Demise!" 

Releasing a killer move at the very start without saying a single word! That's what being direct and explosive was! 

Paradise's Fiery Demise was successfully forged from a small amount of Elixir of Fire Spirit initially. Subsequently, when completing his Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body, Wu Yu further enhanced it with a lot more Elixir of Fire Spirit. Therefore, it was way stronger than when he ambushed the Ghostly Artificer in the past! 

Looking from Yu Chenyang’s perspective, a golden eye appeared below his feet out of nowhere. It was cold and emotionless and was erupting huge flames. Above his head, there was another eye that was locked on to him. In that instant, the might of the pair of eyes erupted explosively. All of the power of Paradise's Fiery Demise was compressed within the relatively small space. For Yu Chenyang, this was an unimaginable catastrophe! 

All of this happened in an instant, and he was completely stupefied. Was this still the Wu Yu he had defeated easily in the past? 

The Eye of Earth below his feet and the Eye of Heaven above his head spewed out huge columns of fire almost simultaneously. The moment when Yu Chenyang had just retrieved his dao treasure, he was struck with the two columns of fire and was completely overwhelmed. Numerous explosions erupted in the competing battlefield, sending shockwaves and tremors that shook the entire battlefield. 

"Argh!" What the crowd heard shortly after were just miserable cries. 

Vaguely, experts could see nine-colored flames within the sea of golden flames. Even within the dense, golden sea of flames, the nine-colored flames were eye-catching.

"Is that the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters...?" 

The crowd instantly worked out the time. It had just been two months since Wu Yu had obtained the advanced dao treasure. Yet he was able to summon it already, and this was testament that he had mastered it. Judging on the speed, it was sufficient to say that in terms of talent, Wu Yu far exceeded the princes and princesses and could be said to be a talent that only appears once every 10,000 years! 


When the advanced dao treasure that drew envy appeared, an intense explosion flared in the competing battlefield. It sounded like someone was hit directly, and a loud thud followed shortly after! 

The competing battlefield had six walls: front, back, left, right, top, and bottom. All six walls were transparent as though they were glass walls. Wu Yu had gone in by the front wall initially. At this moment, a figure was smashed onto the wall with a loud thud. The figure was drenched in blood and was pushed against the wall with his eyes tightly shut and expression contorted from pain. Wasn't the one who had lost the ability to fight Yu Chenyang...? 

Since the beginning of the battle, it hadn't even been five breaths of time. In the blink of an eye, Yu Chenyang was transformed from an energetic expert to a figure drenched in blood and pressing against the transparent wall. Perhaps the misery he felt in his heart was more astonishing than what people could see on him. 

Behind him, the nine-colored flames dissipated. From the beginning till the end, Wu Yu didn't allow others to get a clear look at the Infernal Sky Pillar. At the same time, he absorbed the turbulent flames back into his body. It was then that the battlefield became sparkling clean and everything became clear to see. Wu Yu put his hand behind his back and stood upright. Before him, Yu Chenyang slouched to the ground, leaving a trail of blood on the transparent walls. 

The truth was, many people hadn't gotten a good look before they realized the battle had ended. At this juncture, the entire crowd went silent. Other competing battlegrounds weren't as attractive. Therefore, their gazes were still affixed on Wu Yu, who was acting as though nothing had happened. Wu Yu walked towards the "back wall" and took the advanced dao treasure, the Galaxy Stygian Spear, from the wager area. After which, he returned and stared straight at Yu Chenyang, who was lying feebly on the ground and barely had his eyes open. "Don't be too upset over it. There are lots of people who were defeated like this by me. You are just an insignificant one of many, and there will be even more people like you in the future. They might be stronger and perhaps already in the Number One Battlefield now. You aren't facing an ordinary opponent, so you really don't have to be overly upset. There's nothing shameful about a little rabbit being defeated by a lion!" 

Carrying a casual smile, he took back his Soul Peeler. 

Everyone heard what he had said and found it exceptionally arrogant. This made them feel as though they had been slapped in the face, even though Wu Yu wasn't targeting them. Obviously, those who had bet on Wu Yu to win wouldn't feel as strongly about it. 

"Brother!" Yu Chenyu dashed forward in a hurry. His steps were light and he almost fell while staggering forward. At this moment, he found his legs to be trembling. He hated Wu Yu to his core and couldn't wait to kill him. However, this wasn't really possible and thus his mental state was in chaos. When he lifted Yu Chenyang and started to carry him away, he turned around to stare daggers at Wu Yu but almost tripped. 

"I'm going to kill you!" said Yu Chenyu. However, perhaps he was feeling too fearful. When he spoke, it sounded like he was crying. 


Wu Yu couldn't be bothered by him. 

Hearing Wu Yu shout at him, he stood on the spot feeling embarrassed, not knowing how to react. At this moment, the Number One Battlefield reacted. They announced Wu Yu's victory and congratulated him. After which, they announced that those who had bet on Wu Yu to win could collect their winnings. As for those that had bet on Yu Chenyang, they definitely wouldn't get anything. 

For many people, Wu Yu defeating Yu Chenyang didn't mean much. After all, he had proven that he had killed the Ghostly Artificer. However, Wu Yu had defeated Yu Chenyang in a single moment. This still left many people, including the influential figures on the upper-most level, holding their breaths. 

There were definitely some who felt their faces turning hot, especially those that had been so certain of the outcome before the battle. However, the reality was completely opposite of what they assumed. Looking back, their confident looks from before only appeared even more hilarious. Even the nobles would feel embarrassed. 

This time, the Number One Battlefield was the biggest winner. With the odds on both sides being identical and most people betting on Yu Chenyang, their profits for this round could almost match several days of profits. 

Wu Yu didn't bother to remain after finishing his opponent off. He was preparing to get back to the top level. 

The crowd consciously opened a path for him. 

At this moment, the gazes that landed on him were exceptionally scorching. However, Wu Yu enjoyed them. 

"Kingmaker Le, you seem to be in a good mood today. I wonder if you are in the mood to have a more interesting round. I believe Kingmaker Le probably hasn't satisfied his urges by defeating an insignificant piece of trash, right?" 

Someone spoke. 

Wu Yu lifted his head and looked to the highest level. Prince Yan was the one who had spoken. 

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