Chapter 0898: Flashing Debut

By defeating her opponent, Ye Xixi obtained the Soul Blade, which many coveted, based on the agreement of the battle. 

Obviously, a weapon that wasn't even an advanced dao treasure wouldn't really catch her eye. What she desired at this juncture was the sensation of battle. In the past, she didn't have any desire to fight. However, it was different now. Standing in the battlefield, even she couldn't understand why she lusted for combat so dearly. She yearned to be immersed in her own dao while fighting to gain enlightenment. 

Perhaps it was for venting, or perhaps she had changed to fall in love with what she wasn't fond of previously. 

Battles and killing... Especially against the Yan Huang Tribe. 

This was because Wu Yu had told her that he wasn't from the Yan Huang Tribe. Perhaps for her, this was a piece of good news. She hated the Yan Huang Tribe but wouldn't want to include Wu Yu in it. 

Wu Yu watched from the top as she experienced battle after battle. 

Through these battles, she made huge improvements. Perhaps others wouldn't see them, but with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu could sense the change in her mentality and the effects on her battles. In the past, she was simply using dao techniques and mystiques. Now that she had experienced a deep level of change, she yearned to defeat her opponent while also enjoying the process of the battle. 

Perhaps she would really lose her innocence towards the dao. However, in cultivation, no one could say they were absolutely right or wrong. In other words, as long as one could become an immortal, the path taken would be deemed right regardless. 

The spectators always considered her to be exhausted after experiencing the previous battle. They believed she would lose in the very next round and hence had bet on her to lose. However, till the very end, Ye Xixi disappointed them utterly. This was because despite being exhausted and even suffering injuries, she never fell. 

"Who would have thought Prince Le to be so lucky?" 

"A ghostly cultivator he found by coincidence is also such a genius!" 

"To have her cultivation level and battle strength at her age, I could only say the sky's the limit for her future." 

"Prince Le is really fortunate to have Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan with exceptional talent. Now he even has this ghostly cultivator. It's hard to say now, but in 100 years, if everything goes smoothly, they will likely reach an incredible level. At that time, Prince Le's capital will be truly frightening." 

"The key is that the path of cultivation is paved with perilous situations. It's still uncertain if they will persist for 100 years." 

There were numerous geniuses of the heavens that vanished without a trace in their most glorious days. They either died in the three dao crises or were assassinated. There were also old martial cultivators with several hundred years of cultivation that casually killed off these presumed absolute geniuses. 

Prince Le was actually astonished to witness how incredible Ye Xixi was. 

Qu Fengyu probably wasn't pleased with them having to accompany a ghostly cultivator. When she saw Ye Xixi's strength, she didn't dare to say a word. 

"It's just because she's older than me. I'm not even 50 yet. When I'm at her age, I'll definitely exceed what she is now," Qu Fengyu mumbled softly. 

She was indeed younger than Ye Xixi. However, judging from their appearances, Ye Xixi looked a lot younger than her. 

"That's a given." Baili Zhuihun tried to win her favor. 

They were communicating in secret and wouldn't affect any others. As for Wu Yu, he was focused on the battles of Ye Xixi all along. At this point, he saw several familiar faces in the crowd. They looked like the few yan dragon generals from the Yan Dragon Army. There were also the few that yearned for the Unbounded Sky Pillar and entered the Infernal Inferno with Wu Yu. However, they hadn't dared to dive deeper, and Wu Yu never met them again shortly after he entered. 

They were really lucky to make it out of that place alive. 

Wu Yu could only remember Liu Youyou, Shangguan Ying, Fang Mingjing, and a few others. Obviously, there were also the brothers, Yu Chenyang and Yu Chenyu. The younger brother, Yu Chenyu, was even the dao companion of Princess Ying. 

They were loitering in the lower level. 

Now that they were forbidden from entering the Infernal Inferno in the near term, they were likely here to challenge themselves as they had nothing to do. At the same time, they would be able to earn more wealth. They were mostly Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators, and pretty strong ones. Those who encountered them in the lower level would make way for them. 

Wu Yu noticed Yu Chenyang entering an empty competing battlefield. Clearly, he wanted to be the one accepting challenges. Looking from another perspective, it was also to challenge everyone else. The condition he had set was to not be at a higher cultivation level than him. After which, he took out a dao treasure. Wu Yu took a closer look and saw that it was an entirely black, long spear. As he was too far away, Wu Yu couldn't see the details. That long spear had an intense, ominous aura shrouding it with a chilling killing intent. An item taken out by a Dao Querying Realm expert would clearly not be ordinary. 

In a stern voice, Yu Chenyang surveyed his surroundings and announced with dominance, "I'm putting up an advanced dao treasure with 130,000 spirit designs. It's name is Galaxy Stygian Spear! Anyone who isn't at a higher cultivation level than me will fulfill the challenge condition. However, you have to put up treasures with equivalent value. I'll only be accepting one challenge. Those who wish to meet the challenge, don't hesitate further!" 

Many people were watching out for him. The appearance of an advanced dao treasure as a wager instantly attracted the attention of many others. 

Typically speaking, there were few challenges of this level. Therefore, there wasn't anyone who was in a rush to meet the challenge. After all, they had to consider if they could defeat their opponent to win the advanced dao treasure. Otherwise, they would only lose treasures of equivalent value, losing out more than what they could gain. 

Yu Chenyang naturally knew that he could at most persevere through a single battle with someone of equivalent cultivation level. If he had to continue the challenge, he would have to see his condition after the first battle. Therefore, he claimed to be only taking a single challenge at this point. This could also force his potential opponents to make a decision soon. 

The other yan dragon generals were with him, so they naturally wouldn't be downers. After all, Yu Chenyang had taunted everyone here when he entered the place first. This required strong self-confidence and courage. 

Every battle between Dao Querying Realm experts would be a grand show in the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital! At the same time, many people would bet on them. This was because the Number One Battlefield would have specialized promotions and recommendations. As such, they repeated what Yu Chenyang had said previously. Obviously, this couldn't be the first time Yu Chenyang had come here. Everyone had some understanding of the strength level of this genius from the Yan Dragon Army. Experts at the same cultivation level as him were all considering if they should take up the risk. 

They were all people with backgrounds. If they lost in battle, they would definitely be disgraced. 

Therefore, when the search of a challenger began, there was complete silence without anyone reacting. 

Wu Yu recalled that he still had a small feud with this brat. After all, when Wu Yu was fighting Yu Chenyu and was on the brink of winning, this immoral guy had smashed his Heaven Devouring Avatar down a level just because he was a Dao Querying Realm expert then. At this point, Wu Yu hadn't returned what this guy had done to him. 

He wasn't someone that remembered every single feud he had, and this incident had passed. If they met on the streets, Wu Yu would be too lazy to make things difficult for him. It just so happened that he had appeared in the competing battlefield and clearly wanted a battle with others. Since Wu Yu saw it, he thought to himself that this was fate. He could also take this opportunity to return what Yu Chenyang had dealt him previously. 

The truth was, he was getting passionate just from watching Ye Xixi’s intense battles. In the Yan Huang Ancient Country, he was synonymous with the phrase "young and rash." The current him wouldn't have to keep a low profile. After all, his current circumstances were different. 

Therefore, after a brief moment of silence, everyone could hear. "If there isn't anyone, I'm taking this challenge." 

When the crowd heard the loud and hearty declaration, they all had a single question in mind. Wasn't that the voice of Wu Yu? 

Just as they had expected, they saw Kingmaker Le jumping down from the third floor. All of a sudden, the crowd threw astonished looks at him. They also made a path for him that led to the competing battlefield where Yu Chenyang was in. 

"It's really Kingmaker Le!" 

"He's at the upper level. Could it be that he couldn't hold himself back and wants to show what he is capable of? When he had an intense clash with Prince Yao at the city gate, he still wasn't a match for a Dao Querying Realm expert! Could it be that he wants to challenge a Dao Querying Realm expert now...?" 

"He had said it himself! He wants to challenge Yu Chenyang! I remember that they had a little conflict. When Wu Yu fought with Yu Chenyu, the Emperor's son-in-law, Yu Chenyang barged in and almost severely injured Wu Yu. Clearly, Kingmaker Le remembers the feud!" 

"Wu Yu got his hands on the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters for no good reason. Clearly, his confidence has grown. Otherwise, there's no way he would have the guts to step forward now. However, just the advanced dao treasure might not win him the battle, right...?" 

They weren't aware of the level of Wu Yu was currently at. Therefore, most of them felt like Wu Yu was getting inflated after obtaining a precious treasure. They believed Wu Yu couldn't hold himself back and wanted the opportunity to have his revenge today! 

However, none of them believed that this was sufficient to make up for the huge difference he had with a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm expert. 

After all, they were literally not at the same level. 

Wu Yu was the man of the hour. Therefore, when he appeared before the crowd, he instantly drew almost all the eyes of the crowd onto him. All of a sudden, he had become the focus of everyone. 

The Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital instantly became raucous. 

Yu Chenyang could be said to be known by many others because of the light around Wu Yu. 

At the highest level of the Number One Battlefield, there were several people with elite backgrounds. For example, Prince Yan and his guests were among them. Many people were hidden here and were initially chatting casually while watching the battles below them occasionally. However, with Wu Yu's arrival, he attracted the majority of the people with over 300 years of cultivation. There were even people with 400 or 500 years of cultivation. 

Yu Chenyang stood on the competing battlefield and squinted while watching Wu Yu approaching. He obviously hadn't thought Wu Yu would be here. However, he wasn't the least bit worried and simply had a cold smirk on him. Regarding the incident with the Ghostly Yan Tribe, he knew the clearest. At that moment, they were the last batch to escape and had benefited from Wu Yu's reminder. The Regent had ordered their evacuation at the earliest moment. Otherwise, they might not have made it back. 

Initially, he felt a little grateful towards Wu Yu. 

However, when he heard that Wu Yu traded the Unbounded Sky Pillar for the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters that all the princes and princesses had coveted, all feelings of gratitude vanished without a trace. The Yan Huang Tribe naturally felt that an outsider like him didn't deserve to own it. 

Now that numerous experts were paying attention to the battle, Yu Chenyang smiled. He knew the opportunity that he wanted had finally arrived. 

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