Chapter 0897: Misty Moon Chamber

Entering this private room called Misty Moon Chamber, they could view all the battlefields on the first floor by looking down. Many rooms here were designed specially for princes and princesses, hence their view was fantastic. However, this was not a symbol of wealth. It was a symbol of power. The profit of the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital mainly depended on the fights going on in the middle level. There were some truly strong people on the top floor. They were usually the ones that engaged in high stakes gambling.

When everyone was in position, Ye Ying arranged for someone to send up tea and snacks. She stood at the corner of the Misty Moon Chamber and waited. Prince Le would naturally give her orders. Prince Le had already asked her to record the amount they put in for Ye Xixi's battle. In reality, young princes and princesses like him accumulated very little wealth. The wealth of the royal family was distributed according to their accomplishments. Hence, Prince Le's wealth might not even compare to that of the average martial cultivator. However, this was not important, because many establishments did not even need the princes and princesses to pay.

This was also the difference between the martial cultivator world and mortal world. In the mortal world, princes did not possess battle ability, but they definitely did not lack great wealth and fortune.

Ye Xixi was in no hurry to go down. She leaned on the bannister. She mainly wanted to look at the situation down there first. Wu Yu was also helping her understand the situation. Ye Ying saw the two of them watching the battles carefully. The others were not paying attention to what was happening below. Hence, she could confirm that Wu Yu and Ye Xixi's relationship was better. Of course, she would not say anything extra.

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold swept across and realized that those who came here to battle were basically all above the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Those who had not reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm were probably not even qualified to enter.

There were a few places with Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm martial cultivators battling. Usually, these were the battles that attracted the most spectators. Some people directly stood at the surrounding battlefields to watch. Some watched from the middle level, which was the second level, where they entered their gambling stakes.

There were probably many Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm martial cultivators in the audience.

Wu Yu was not considered strong here.

Ye Xixi took a look and basically had an idea.

This mode was similar to the setting at the Shushan Immortal Sect where Wu Yu had been. It was also more scientific.

There was a group of people who gambled based on the situation of the competing battlefield and raised challenges. They would set conditions for the challenges. Usually, one would set the condition of having the challenger to be at a cultivation level no higher than his own. There would be other conditions too. 

Usually, those of the same level would battle.

There were also people who were here to battle someone specific and thus would set the condition of challenging who and whom. 

There were other conditions too. For instance, there could be the condition of having an opponent that was strong in fire dao techniques and mystiques.

One had to put in effort in setting up conditions, or else there would either be no challengers or one would easily be defeated. As long as the condition was satisfied, the Number One Battlefield would arrange for the battle.

As for the order, the first to come would go first.

Usually, when someone entered the competing battlefield, took out their bet, and set up their condition, many would surround and watch.

Of course, the challenged had to be satisfied with the challenger's bet too. If the challenged was not satisfied, then the Number One Battlefield would make the ruling. As long as the challenged was not being ridiculous, then the challenger would be changed. 

Once the battle was set, the audience would place their bets to gamble on who would win and lose.

The Number One Battlefield forbade fake battles, which also meant battles with predetermined losses and wins. As there were many strong people in the venue, they could easily see through those who did not battle with their full strength. Once discovered, these people would be in great trouble. They would be forbidden to enter for life, and probably might even lose their lives. After all, this was the territory of Prince Yuan.

Those who just arrived would usually choose to challenge others.

"You have the All Amalgamating Cat, that's a great advantage." Wu Yu looked at most of the conditions which specified that the challenger's cultivation level could not exceed that of the challenged. Ye Xixi satisfied most of the conditions. Thanks to the All Amalgamating Cat, she could definitely surpass any opponent.

"I'm not using Lazy. I want to fight on my own," Ye Xixi said.

This was right. After all, it was her who wanted to vent and seek repentance. Winning or losing was secondary.

"If you've made up your mind, then go down."


"Do you have a bet?"

"I do."

"Try not to take out anything that obviously belongs to the Infernal Inferno."

"I understand. I'm using immortal medicines."

After their discussion, Ye Xixi was prepared to go down directly.

Suddenly, Wu Yu realized that there was a suppressing gaze on him. He raised his head and looked in the direction of the gaze. He could only see that it was coming from another private room at the opposite of Misty Moon Chamber. There was a group of people inside. They were basically all middle-aged or elders. Each and every one of them was very strong. At this moment, they were chatting and drinking. In the middle, the most powerful of them was the one looking at Wu Yu. Wu Yu recognized this person - he was Prince Le's elder brother. A slightly older prince called Prince Yan.

He recalled that he had gone against the Regent, Di Shatian, because of him in the Golden Throne Room.

Prince Le saw him too at this moment. The gazes between the two of them and Prince Yan clashed. As Prince Le was very ambitious, this clash was filled with tension.

Prince Yan was older than him by at least 200 years. He was surrounded by top level elites and experts. Prince Le was quickly defeated in this type of competition.

Wu Yu could barely hold on. He turned back and said to Prince Le, "Do not be upset. We must admit the difference in abilities, as long as we do not have fear in our hearts."

"Okay." Prince Le was indeed facing pressure. Hence, Wu Yu helped him transfer the pressure away. Luckily, at this moment, the other party also stopped his suppression. He had probably seen Wu Yu and his group as a bunch of rascals. At least in Prince Yan's eyes, Prince Le was not even his real opponent.

When he looked back, they had already stopped looking over and were chatting. Those people were probably guests that Prince Yan had invited. He had chosen such a lively place where they could do a little gambling. This would make the gathering more interesting. Occasionally, they would let their followers go down for a battle.

Prince Yuan and Prince Yan had a good relationship, so Prince Yan often frequented this place.

At this moment, Ye Xixi went down on her own. She needed to face some risks alone. Wu Yu did not follow her, but he could see Ye Xixi’s location. 

"Well, she's no longer a child. Don't worry about it. Let her spread her wings. Come, drink and watch the battle." The Full Moon of Nanshan came up and handed Wu Yu a wine glass.

"Alright." When Wu Yu sat down, he could also see the movement below. At this moment, Ye Xixi was looking for people to challenge. She soon attracted a lot of people's attention as she was a ghostly cultivator and yet she could appear here. And because of her relationship with Prince Le, her identity spread quickly among the crowd.

"This is the ghostly cultivator that Prince Le brought back? It seems like Prince Le is at the top level."

"Someone saw him coming in."

"Anyone know if Kingmaker Le has arrived?"

"He’s there at the top level. It's just that he didn't come down. It's the ghostly cultivator who came down. It seems that this little girl wants to see how powerful our Yan Huang martial cultivators are."

"She's looking everywhere for someone to challenge."

"She challenged someone!"

When some were paying close attention to her, they soon saw her challenging a martial cultivator who had just defeated his opponent. He had won his opponent's gamble and was preparing for another challenge.

The other party was a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Realm Cultivator. He belonged to the stronger group of people here. Besides that, he was a middle-aged man that looked like an immortal, but his gaze was fierce. He should have a lot of battlefield experience.

His gamble was still the original one. It was the same top level dao treasure. It had more than 90,000 spirit designs. Its power was close to that of an advanced dao treasure! It was called the Soul Blade. Many people had challenged him just to get his dao treasure. But so far, they had basically all failed. At this level, he was almost invincible.

Ye Xixi moved fast. She was faster than others, but at this moment, she had to take out a treasure of the same level, one that the opponent would be satisfied with. Ye Xixi took out her Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, which was the most popular currency in the Immortal’s Capital. There was no need to worry about them going to waste. One would need them to trade for other treasures and suitable dao techniques. Normal challengers would like them.

However, she had to take out a sufficient amount of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills that was comparable to the Soul Blade. However, Ye Xixi had enough Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills with her. When the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills in front of her piled up into a small hill, the middle-aged martial cultivator took a look at her thin and weak body, then at the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills in front of her, and said, "Okay, little girl, come in."

In this way, the battle was established.

This battle attracted a lot of people's attention because of the relationship between Ye Xixi and Prince Le. the Number One Battlefield specially dispatched someone to introduce Ye Xixi and her opponent. The strength of her opponent was very clear to all. As for Ye Xixi, it was her first battle, and the people in their first battles were the most mysterious and had the right not to disclose anything except their cultivation level.

Ye Xixi was not at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, obviously meeting the opponent's conditions, and the bet was enough.

"I heard that Miss Ye Xixi was brought back by Prince Le. She is a talented girl who has received the legacy of a real ghostly cultivator. After more than 80 years of cultivation, she has become a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Realm Cultivator and is a top genius in the Jambu World. How much combat power does she have? Everyone, it's time to make your bets. You have a total of 30 breaths of time. Don't miss it. In this battle, the odds are...."

In terms of the odds, the Number One Battlefield set it for the two opponents to be on par, but many probably bet that Ye Xixi would lose. After all, they were all playing it safe. They had more trust in the middle-aged martial cultivator who had experienced hundreds of battles. 

After the 30 breaths of time, a lot of people placed their bets, but the amount was not huge. As this was the first battle, everyone played it safe. This was normal. Wu Yu paid full attention.

After Ye Xixi and her opponent’s competing battlefield closed up, the battle began. They were totally unfamiliar with each other as opponents, but the battle was really fierce.

Wu Yu saw that she seemed to have forgotten those difficulties and poured all her attention into the current battle. She had a vicious edge. This was what hatred brought to her. This could not be said to be bad, as this would help her grow. Hence, in battle, she became crazier and more difficult to defeat. This was like him.

She was originally a genius and very resilient. After experiencing change, this battle, these furious storms of attacks, she suppressed her opponent entirely. Before 30 breaths of time, she had defeated her opponent.

Many clapped. They recognized her now. When the Full Moon of Nanshan first appeared, he also defeated an opponent of his level.

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