Chapter 0896: Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital

"Don't go! Why don't you guys accompany the little brat while I go look for an old friend? In fact, I'm a special guest of the Flower Paradise. The refined ladies in there love me." When the others wanted to leave, the Full Moon of Nanshan became hesitant. 

"Shameless!" Qu Fengyu scoffed, and even hoped she could spit on him. 

"That's because you are a girl! If you were a man, you would be envious of me." The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled sheepishly. 

"You!" It appeared that Qu Fengyu wasn't too fond of the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

"Stop fooling around." Qu Haoyan stopped her. He knew how important the three of them were to Prince Le. Furthermore, his strength or his sister's couldn't possibly compare with Wu Yu and the other two’s. 

Obviously, the Full Moon of Nanshan was just cracking a joke. He was a pig with such a nature, and there was nothing Wu Yu could do about it. Nonetheless, with him around, the mood was indeed full of fun and joy. 

The group continued strolling casually. Along the way, anyone who met them would steal a few more glances. Those that saw Prince Le would also have to pay respect to him. When Wu Yu and the group left, they would then discuss what happened recently. 

Wu Yu straightened his ears and indeed heard news of Ye Xixi. They were discussing Ye Xixi being the genius cultivator that Prince Le had found in a deserted village some time ago. Moreover, she seemed to have inherited the legacy of a ghostly cultivator. Before the age of 100, she was already at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. This was comparable to many princes and princesses. 

Just as expected, the identity that Prince Le had arranged for her had now spread. This would make things easier. 

With Prince Le bringing her out this time, the news would spread even further. 

From here onwards, she would shake off the identity as a member of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. She could also live openly in the Jambu Realm. 

At this point, they were well-known figures in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Wherever they went, they were the targets of discussion. 

Subsequently, Prince Le brought Wu Yu and the rest to a place of extravagance: the Delectable Paradise. This was a place only frequented by those in the highest echelons. Prince Le ordered various famous delicacies and wine for all to enjoy. Wu Yu rarely had a chance to taste these and was exceptionally astounded. As for Ye Xixi, she had never tasted such delicacies. Moreover, these delicacies weren't just heavenly, but also had effects that greatly exceeded immortal medicines. Therefore, they were also astronomically expensive. Obviously, Prince Le would be footing the bill. 

Subsequently, he brought Wu Yu and the rest to experience several other unique premises. For example, a mystical land was known to produce a unique nectar with various immortal essences and secret production methods for washing feet. There were also specialized personnel with amazing hand techniques to wash their feet. After experiencing it, it was indeed refreshing. 

Nearing noon, Wu Yu was walking on a broad street. All of a sudden, he picked up an intense battling aura. He was extremely acute to battles. When he turned his head over, he saw a huge building a short distance away. The building was entirely black with a large amount of red markings. At the very top, there were numerous knives, spears, swords, and tridents buried in it. Moreover, most of them were real. It was also because of this that this place gave off the savage vibes! Looking from afar, it looked like a pitch-black skull with various weapons buried in it! 

"Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital!" 

This was the name of that premise. Along the path they took, this premise seemed to be the most lively. It wasn't just more than 10 times the size of the Delectable Paradise, but the crowd at the entrance was also humongous. The traffic in and out of it was incessant with lots of elite experts! Most of the people were in groups, and the majority had arrived in that place in warships. All people with notable backgrounds would naturally have lots of followers. 

Judging from the savage vibes, Wu Yu had a rough idea what place this was. The Immortal's Capital forbade battles. As such, there would definitely be designated battlefields. With a dominant name of Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital, this place was definitely what he thought to be. 

Prince Le said, "This is the property of Prince Yuan, my uncle. You could say that this has the largest scale among the thousands of similar premises in the Immortal's Capital. Many people have made their mark in this place." 

"What kind of place is this? A place for fighting?" asked Ye Xixi. 

"To put it more accurately, it should be for the exchange of techniques and gambling. Some people duel while others bet on them," explained Wu Yu. 

"This is the most frequented place by many experts, their descendants, and even the princes and princesses. When I came here previously, I even saw Prince Cheng," said the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

Ye Xixi stood there while staring blankly at Wu Yu. She probably couldn't understand Wu Yu clearly. With his understanding of a place like this, Wu Yu explained, "Someone sets up an arena and offers a jackpot. In other words, his wager. Those that offer a wager that he can accept are allowed to fight with him. The winner gets the other party's wager. This is gambling over the result." 

Prince Le added, "The spectators can also bet on them. The dealer is the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital. There are close to 100,000 people fighting and gambling in this place each day. Some might win, while others might not. However, to fight without disrupting peace in the Immortal's Capital, one has to do so in this place. If you wish to participate, you just have to pay a certain fee." 

"As long as you are willing, can you choose any opponent?" asked Ye Xixi. 

"The key is what you offer as a wager must attract the attention of others. What's the matter? Ms. Ye, would you like to give it a try?" asked Prince Le. 

Wu Yu could tell that she had asked so deeply because she was interested. 

After Prince Le's question, Ye Xixi turned to Wu Yu instead. With a little intent of pleading, she asked, "I have been holding back for long and would like to release the pressure and to get some experience." Only Wu Yu could really understand what she really meant in her words. 

There were two factors that had been bothering her. On the one hand, she had failed to establish communication with the Demon Subduing Scepter, and this made her feel lost. On the other hand, and perhaps the more crucial factor, she had cried and felt the misery of the deaths of her parents in battle and the annihilation of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. However, her deep feelings still lingered. It was hard for her to return to her carefree and joyous lifestyle. Therefore, she really needed to battle to release the pent-up pressure. Otherwise, her dao and her heart wouldn't be able to endure the heavy pressure and would be disorientated. 

Wu Yu felt like he had been  careless. After being through several catastrophes, Ye Xixi couldn't possibly regulate her feelings perfectly. She needed an avenue to vent her frustration, and yet he had never thought about it. 

Obviously, Prince Le and the rest had all thought only Wu Yu would be interested in a battlefield like this. To their astonishment, the one who had made the request was Ye Xixi. 

As for Wu Yu, he didn't hesitate further. He nodded and said, "If you are interested, let's go take a look." 

"Thank you, Big Brother Yu." Ye Xixi understood that Wu Yu knew her well. She would definitely remember this gratitude in her heart. 

"That's fine as well. I have a reserved location in this place with the best view that can see almost all the battles. It's been some time since I’ve gone." Prince Le chuckled and led the group towards the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital. 

With Prince Le around, doing anything in the Immortal's Capital was indeed more convenient. When he was nearing the entrance, a lady dressed sexily in a black outfit came to welcome him. She said coquettishly, "We are sorry for not coming earlier to welcome Prince Le's grand arrival. Please forgive this minor servant." 

Wu Yu noticed there were several Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators working here. This was indeed a property of Di Yuantian. 

"Alright, let's skip over this. Just make sure to serve my friends here well today." Prince Le wasn't going to fall for it. It was as though he was familiar with the place as he entered. They took a specialized path that was likely reserved for the most distinguished guests to head to the higher locations. 

The lady in the black outfit followed closely beside him while keeping a radiant smile. From time to time, she would turn around and would often steal glances of Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi. As for Qu Haoyan and the rest, they visited this place often and therefore she wasn't paying much attention to them. 

This was the territory of Di Yuantian, and Di Yuantian was previously humiliated in the Golden Throne Room. This lady definitely knew about it and therefore was curious as to who Wu Yu was and what he was capable of. 

"This must be Kingmaker Le, a youthful hero with an extraordinary demeanor. Among those that I've seen, none have had such a disposition. I wonder, will we be lucky enough to see Kingmaker Le show us some moves? Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Ye Ying, a lowly receptionist in the Number One Battlefield. My main duty is to ensure that our distinguished guests have a good time here. Prince Le is my most precious guest!" said the girl to Wu Yu with a shy smile. 

Wu Yu answered, "I'm not the focus for today. Prince Le brought Ms. Ye, who is interested in this place. Just make sure to arrange accordingly." 

"Ms. Ye?" She had the same surname and she thought Wu Yu was referring to her initially. However, she soon spotted Ye Xixi. With her acuity, she obviously knew Ye Xixi wasn't simple. 

"This must be Ms. Ye. Coincidentally, we seem to have some affinity as we share the same surname. Ms. Ye, rest assured. If you have any instructions, feel free to let me know~" 

She was a little curious as to why the new subordinate of Prince Le would appear to be so close with Wu Yu. People like her specialized in observing the situation. She could clearly see that Ye Xixi was closer to Wu Yu and kept a distance from Prince Le. 

Obviously, she was only a little doubtful and wouldn't read too much into it. 

At this point, they had entered the Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital. This place was separated into three levels. When Wu Yu and the group came out, they were on the highest level. 

Standing here and looking down, the first level had several thousand huge battlefields. Each battlefield was pitch-black, transparent, and completely sealed. Ye Ying introduced the place to Wu Yu and the rest. These were competing battlefields that Di Yuantian had constructed personally with spirit designs. Since the establishment of the battlefields, no one had been able to shake the foundations of the thousand competing battlefields at all. When both parties entered, the competing battlefield would be sealed instantly. Other than when a victor had emerged, it would never be opened. 

In the middle level, there were at least 200,000 seats. At this point, over 100,000 were occupied. They were likely people who weren't of the highest standing and not the most distinguished guests of this place. They were busy betting and cheering on the battles. 

At the highest level, where Wu Yu and the rest were, there were only a few seats, but they had the best view. They were isolated suites with specialized personnel to serve them. Those who appeared here were basically the most elite in the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country. For example, Prince Le would have his own personal suite. 

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