Chapter 0895: Flower Paradise

Ye Xixi became more optimistic. Since the Full Moon of Nanshan had returned, Wu Yu decided to take her out for a walk to have a true look at the largest core of the entire Jambu Realm, to see what it looked like.

The Yan Huang Immortal's Capital was bustling and prosperous. It was like a capital that only existed in the heavens. It was vast and huge, with no boundaries.

Wu Yu was from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, the Full Moon of Nanshan had spent his childhood and youth in the Ghost Sea Prison, and Ye Xixi was from the imprisoned Ghostly Yan Tribe. They had never seen the outside world, let alone the prosperous Immortal’s Capital.

To the three of them, the Yan Huang Immortal’s Capital, which had a history of over 100,000 years, was the biggest, the most magnificent and miraculous place in the world. There was no other place like it.

The Dark North Capital in the Dark North Kingdom could not be compared to this place.

Wu Yu had not really taken a walk around the Immortal’s Capital yet. Instead, the Full Moon of Nanshan had already familiarized himself with it during this period of time. Many people in the Immortal’s Capital knew him. He was just a demon, but he had become a brother to many rich businessmen and young masters from noble families.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar stayed in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. It was Wu Yu’s real body that usually moved about outside. This was a little more convenient. Now he was strong and sharp, and his eyes were full of suppression. Although these did not make him any more handsome, the unique, rebellious, and unruly aura from the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal could not be imitated. Therefore, even when he walked beside the elegant, handsome, devilish, and gorgeous-looking Full Moon of Nanshan, he was more eye-catching.

Just by looking at their appearances and auras, no one would think that in this small group of three the Full Moon of Nanshan was the decision maker. At this time, his aura was obviously weaker than that of Wu Yu. This was already different from the time when he first met him.

As for Ye Xixi, her skin was white and soft. She was also a rare, little beauty. She was totally different from the beauties of the Yan Huang Tribe. There was an additional coldness and darkness to her aura. You should know that most of the beauties of the Yan Huang Tribe were proud and passionate, hard to tame.

She had a lazy, white cat lying in her arms. This attracted many people’s gazes. 

Shortly after leaving Kingmaker Hall, they bumped into Prince Le. There were three people beside him, namely Qu Haoyan, Qu Fengyu, and Baili Zhuihun. Compared with him and Wu Yu, the relationship between them was slightly different. Wu Yu could feel that they were closer. Perhaps it was because they knew each other from before. Perhaps there were other reasons.

"Is Miss Ye out? Wu Yu, I forgot to tell you that I have finished arranging Miss Ye’s identity. I ordered people to spread the news. Some people will hear that I've brought back a ghostly cultivator genius. Now, in the Immortal’s Capital, oh no, in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, you can walk around at ease," Prince Le said directly after seeing Ye Xixi.

The three standing beside him had different expressions. Qu Haoyan stared at Ye Xixi, and Qu Fengyu still had a look of indifference and arrogance. She was too lazy to even look at Ye Xixi. And Baili Zhuihun was a little envious of Wu Yu's limelight.

"Xixi, quickly thank Prince Le," Wu Yu reminded her.

"Okay." Ye Xixi did what Wu Yu said. Her tone was neither hostile nor friendly. She did not get too close, but she did not distance herself. It seemed like she had already decided how she would face the son of her enemy. When she saw Prince Le, it did not affect her mood greatly.

This was the first time she had walked out of Kingmaker Hall. At this time, she was turning her head and looking around curiously. Here, at least, she could see the blue sky and the pure white clouds. These sights might be normal for others, but to her, who had always lived in Holy Devil City, she was shocked to see such a real sky for the first time, because she knew that everything in the Holy Devil City was fake. They were all made with spirit designs.

The point was, now Holy Devil City was probably completely destroyed!

"Wu Yu, are you going to take Miss Ye around the Immortal's Capital?" Prince Le asked.

Wu Yu nodded. 

Prince Le said, "Perfect timing, the four of us are also bored of training. We are going out for fun. It's the perfect opportunity to let others see that Miss Ye is with me. This way, others will know of her identity. After all, we are the hot topic of discussion now. In future, if Miss Ye goes out alone, no one will create trouble for her just because she is a ghostly cultivator."

That was true. Wu Yu together with Prince Le would immediately attract almost everyone's attention. They would treat Ye Xixi as a talent recruited by Prince Le. It was like when Wu Yu had let the Full Moon of Nanshan follow Princess You Xue. It was the same logic. This would help her integrate directly into this world.

Hence, the seven of them headed out directly. This time, they walked and did not take any dao treasure transportation tools. This was also for Ye Xixi to have a better look at the world outside.

"The six of you will be my greatest aides in future. Previously, I thought hard about what Wu Yu told me and understood what mindset I should have. If I can reign in the future, then I'll definitely let the six of you enjoy great honors and riches. You will all stand at the top. Any benefits I gain will be shared with my fellow brothers and sisters," Prince Le said.

He did not treat the other princes and princesses as his brothers and sisters. On the other hand, he was closer to Wu Yu and the others. This was the norm because of the competition for the throne in the royal family.

Everyone would no longer be brothers and sisters, but competitors.

"To serve my prince, Haoyan will endure mountains of blades and seas of fire without hesitation!" Qu Haoyan said seriously.

"Zhuihun will also follow my prince into battle."

They all agreed. Wu Yu, on the other hand, did not add in. After all, such things were worth nothing in words.

Prince Le was very satisfied. After all, he had gained a group of trusted followers.

Actually, when they stepped out of Prince Le's Residence, many people were watching from the shadows. After all, this was the first time Prince Le had walked out while chatting with such a big group.

In the royal palace of the Immortal's Capital, most of the people were from the royal family. They might be from the royal family, but unlike mortal royal palaces, there was not much need for guards, eunuchs, and maids. There were only a few cultivators who were here specially to maintain the spirit designs. However, they were basically all top martial cultivators.

Hence, it was not very lively in the royal palace. However, one would have to admit that the spiritual qi here was the thickest. It was as though immortal fog covered the entire royal palace. It looked like the legendary Sky Palace.

After they walked out of the Royal Palace and entered the streets of the Immortal's Capital, the environment became livelier. While only the elites could remain in the Immortal's Capital, the Yan Huang Ancient Country was too big. They covered three continents. Hence, there were many elites.

This was the first time Ye Xixi had witnessed the hustle and bustle of the outside world. She was indeed impressed. There were stores everywhere, and these stores were huge. They sold all sorts of immortal medicines, immortal essences, dao treasures, dao techniques, mystiques, precious treasures, and talismans. They were available in every level. There were even advanced dao treasures on sale, though the prices were high.

Other than stores, there were many entertainment venues. They were basically all related to martial cultivators. For instance, there were some providing immortal massage techniques to assist in relaxing muscles, expel poisons, and beautify. There were also places that gave instruction to break through one's dao realm. There were all sorts of inns. In these inns, the top immortal chefs would use immortal essences supported by techniques of refining immortal medicines to produce delicious foods. After eating such delicacies, there would be a great effect similar to that of immortal medicines, and it was delicious. Of course, there were also great wines brewed from immortal essences. If a mortal passed by, they could live a few more years just by smelling it.

There were even some special rooms in the inns which provided different types of spiritual qi. One could double their rewards if they trained in such rooms. Many martial cultivators from all over the Yan Huang Ancient Country would come here specially for such rooms to seek a breakthrough.

There were also places where one could rent dao treasure tools, like dao treasure warships. Some places provided martial cultivators to be hired as guards. In other words, all that could be found in the mortal world could be found here too. It was just that everything here was related to martial cultivation. Hence, it seemed especially interesting. The entire Immortal's Capital, other than the residences of martial cultivators, was covered with various stores. As long as you had enough wealth, then you could have a good time here. A gamble at high stakes would gain the respect of others.

Of course, private battles and killing were absolutely forbidden in public places. The Five Great Armies were in the Immortal's Capital, and they patrolled everywhere. No matter how strong or how powerful one was, they would have to abide by the rules of the Immortal's Capital.

But some assassinations or sneak attacks could not be avoided.

Compared to the Dark North Capital, the Immortal's Capital was much livelier. This was practically heaven for martial cultivators. It was no wonder the Full Moon of Nanshan enjoyed himself immensely here.

As this was the first time Ye Xixi had stepped into the outside world, she was very shocked to see such a developed martial cultivator world. She was staring at everything wide-eyed. She also kept asking Wu Yu what this and that were. Sometimes, Wu Yu could not answer her.

For instance, there was a huge, pink building near them. It looked like an upright snail shape. Vaguely, they could hear the people in joyous chatter inside. There was a sign above its entrance which said: Flower Paradise. Those coming and going were all male martial cultivators. At the entrance, you could vaguely see two beautiful women. One was playing the lute, singing soft and sweet songs, and the other was wearing red ribbons, dancing. Her dance moves were graceful as she twisted her waist and shook her hips. She looked very attractive, hooking the hearts and snatching the souls of anyone watching her. 

Ye Xixi was very curious and asked, "What is this place? Big Brother Yu?"

Wu Yu had not seen clearly yet. He used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to look through that building. When he took a look inside, all the people inside were busy with dual cultivation. He did not know how to answer Ye Xixi, who looked at him with an innocent face.

The other men erupted into laughter and the Full Moon of Nanshan sniggered while saying, "This is a place for martial cultivators to enjoy songs and dances. It is definitely a place of elegance."

"They sing really well. These two older sisters are really pretty. Can I go in and hear better songs?" Ye Xixi asked excitedly.

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "You can't, only men can enter this place. Women can't go in."


"That's the rule. You shouldn't ask too much. Let's take a look at other places. There are more interesting places." Wu Yu interrupted the Full Moon of Nanshan. He liked to tease Ye Xixi. It was better that they quickly walked past such an inappropriate place. The Full Moon of Nanshan probably frequented this establishment. 

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