Chapter 0894: Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters

Wu Yu had determined the most effective way to engage in fights. That was to battle hand in hand with the Dignified Sword Elemental with his true body. If he wanted to be more explosive, he would choose his main body to fight with his Heaven Devouring Avatar! 

It was especially so as the main body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar were currently at similar strength levels. Return and the various attacks from the Dark North Royal Obelisk, together with the Heaven Devouring Avatar's unique characteristic of being unvanquishable, made the Heaven Devouring Avatar an extremely difficult opponent. As for Wu Yu's main body, his four mystiques, his Invincible Vajra Body, the Spirit Penetration Art, the Violent Art, and the Swift Art were all extremely powerful. Furthermore, he even had an advanced dao treasure that was so suitable for himself. 

A clash at this juncture would definitely be nail-biting. 

However, the more stressful portion would be Wu Yu having to split his focus into two. This was like fighting your right hand with your left hand. When one made a move, one had to think of a counterattack right away. During battle, everything happened in an electrifying moment. This required him to have exceptionally strong cognitive abilities. As the battle dragged along, his ability in this aspect would only be enhanced more rapidly. 

As for the benefits of honing his battle knowledge, that would be to become more specialized in fighting. On some occasions, he would even be able to see himself with another pair of eyes, to discover where he was lacking in and to be better located to find his dao! 

From time to time, he would give this a try. 

Others wouldn't be able to do so. This was because even if the other person had a clone, that wouldn't be his second primordial spirit. Only Wu Yu could say that he truly had two bodies. In this world, only this method would be effective for himself. 

Wu Yu genuinely wanted a fight at this moment, and the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters also strengthened this desire to destroy everything. Luckily, he managed to keep the urge in check and calmed himself down.

This was because he had not gained a full understanding of the advanced dao treasure, and the Heaven Devouring Avatar hadn't grasped the Soul Peeler completely. He would need at least two to three months to have the two advanced dao treasures completely mastered. This included the main spirit designs, the most crucial Offensive Spirit Designs, Defensive Spirit Designs, and others. 

As for the Soul Peeler, all of the designs were Offensive Spirit Designs. One was known as the Heart Shattering Soul Peeler, which was the most effective killing method. After triggering it, the speed of the dagger would be frighteningly quick. It would vanish before one's eyes in the blink of an eye and was capable of killing one's opponent unknowingly. Often, if one was hit in his Violet Kingdom or other weak points, one would be instantly killed. 

Another one was called Frenzied Soul Chaser. This was what the Ghostly Artificer had once used on Wu Yu. Once the dagger had locked on to its target, it would chase constantly till it struck its target. In fact, one just needed to know the approximate location. For example, Wu Yu could control it to move from a thousand miles away from Prince Le's Residence to kill someone a thousand miles away! 

Both capabilities were astonishing. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu was still most concerned about the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters. 

In the aspect of attack and defense, the Infernal Sky Pillar was extremely streamlined. 

In defense, there was a rather rare pure Defensive Spirit Design to be executed in the form of the nine cauldrons. Its name was Immovable Nine Palaces Design. At this point, Wu Yu had not fully understood it. However, it would roughly have nine cauldrons circulating around him to protect him, turning him into an immovable mountain that could resist mighty attacks. As for the details, he wasn't clear and therefore he still wasn't aware of the scale of attacks he could endure. 

Nonetheless, as a rather rare pure Defensive Spirit Design, it definitely wouldn't be weak at all. 

There were also two Offensive Spirit Designs. It was because of the small number of main spirit designs that each type would trigger more spirit designs. 

The first was to be executed in the form of nine cauldrons and was known as the Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design. Those nine giant cauldrons were arranged according to the nine palaces: Qian Palace, Kan Palace, Gen Palace, Zhen Palace, Zhong Palace, Xun Palace, Li Palace, Kun Palace, and Dui Palace. The Nine Palaces Furnace formed would blaze with nine different colors, fusing to create a furnace that exceeded the Infernal Inferno. One's enemy would be reduced to ashes, and its power was likely comparable to having the Elixir of Fire Spirit circling a person. That was what Wu Yu had envisioned. 

The second type would be executed in the form of the Infernal Sky Pillar, and its name was Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters. This gathered almost all the spirit designs in the Infernal Sky Pillar, forcefully fusing the might of flames, and condensing them before releasing. The nine different flames would fuse into one with incredible destructive force. In a single strike, even hell would be shattered. That was probably what it meant. However, without testing it out personally, Wu Yu wouldn't know the extent of its might at this point. 

To save all the time he could, he went behind closed doors to focus on researching the two advanced dao treasures. Since everyone knew he had obtained the precious treasures and was in the process of forming blood bonds with them, no one disturbed him. 

Within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he could save half the time required. Or rather, it should be that he had twice the amount of time to focus on researching and understanding. After more than a month, he had basically gained a good grasp of the Soul Peeler and could use it in battle. 

The Heaven Devouring Avatar left the Floating Dreams Pagoda first. After all, having the Floating Dreams Pagoda placed outside would involve a certain level of risk. The Heaven Devouring Avatar went into researching some spirit designs and refining immortal medicines. During this time, Wu Yu finally mastered the Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace design. However, he still had a large number of spirit designs that he hadn't mastered. 

The spirit designs of this advanced dao treasure were difficult and therefore there were numerous areas he couldn't understand. Wu Yu also had to search through information to dissect them into smaller units before understanding them. His attainment in spirit designs wasn't low now, and he could even set several Heaven and Earth Spirit Design. 

Spirit designs were complicated and exquisite. The spirit designs on the advanced dao treasures were the crystals of intelligence from the previous generations. Wu Yu still couldn't fashion similar spirit designs. However, he only needed to understand how it would circulate and the effects that would be brought out. This clearly was a lot easier. He was just a learner, and the difficulty wouldn't be the same as the creators who had created them out of nothing. 

To create an advanced dao treasure like this, it would likely take several years, a dozen-odd years, or even several dozen years. 

He took over three months to completely grasp the dao treasure. This wasn't particularly long, and others would likely need a longer time. 

This was the time within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Judging from the relative speed of the flow of time, less than two months had passed on the outside. Wu Yu coming out of his closed door research within two months would be considered rather quick. 

When he came out, he could no longer wait. He left the Immortal's Capital alone and had a battle of the century with his Heaven Devouring Avatar on a piece of barren land. This was him challenging himself, and it would obviously feel different. Wu Yu had to hypnotize himself to give his all against himself as though he was going for the kill. It was also because of this that he could gain valuable information from this battle. 

If others were to learn about this, they would definitely see him as a maniac. 

In this battle, the Heaven Devouring Avatar made good use of his devouring advantage. Together with two advanced dao treasures, the Dark North Royal Obelisk and the Soul Peeler, it had a total of six Offensive Spirit Designs to complement one another, and it executed them to perfection. 


As for the main body, it largely relied on the Paradise's Fiery Demise, the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, the Unshackled Doppelganger, the Violent Art, the Spirit Penetration Art, and the three superb spirit designs on the Infernal Sky Pillar. In the end, Wu Yu's main body turned out to have more destructive and violent offensive strength. However, although he was able to defeat the Heaven Devouring Avatar, it was still daunting to injure him. This was because the Heaven Devouring Avatar had an unvanquishable body. 

The truth was, his two bodies employed two completely opposite fighting methods. The main body was about violence, intense attacks, being direct, and suppression. As for the Heaven Devouring Avatar, it was about mystery and ambushes from the dark. When both of them worked together, that would then bring out the strongest attacks. 

Besides that, the current main body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar each had the strength to battle the Dignified Sword Elemental alone. It was especially so for the main body, who had almost defeated the Dignified Sword Elemental on his own and completely crushed it. After it was crushed, it would take several days before the Floating Dreams Pagoda could repair it fully. 

If the three of them worked together, even Wu Yu wasn't aware of how strong an enemy they could defeat with the chemistry between the three of them and their natural instincts towards battles. 

After several intense battles between himself, he finally returned to Prince Le's Residence. 

He was a little worried about Ye Xixi. Over this period, she had gone behind close doors to research the Demon Subduing Scepter. However, there had been no news of her since then. After all, she had just lost her parents. Wu Yu was afraid she couldn't overcome this mental hurdle. 

Back in Prince Le's Residence, he was surprised to see the Full Moon of Nanshan back. Moreover, Ye Xixi happened to just come out from seclusion. At this point, the Full Moon of Nanshan was teasing Ye Xixi. He said, "Wu Yu, that brat, peed his pants in fear and fled immediately when he first encountered me. At that time, he wasn't so strong yet and was extremely cowardly. He even called me his elder brother. Now, after gaining some abilities and growing stronger, even I have to bow down to him and be his little brother. Whenever I go out, others call me ‘the little demon brother of Kingmaker Le!’ How infuriating. Do you know why I'm cultivating so diligently now? That is so that someday, when others see Wu Yu, they will call him the ‘human little brother of the Full Moon of Nanshan!’" 

Ye Xixi seemed to be in a good mood and was chuckling along. 

When Wu Yu arrived, the Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled, shut his mouth, and opened up his folded fan in embarrassment. However, he soon realized that Ye Xixi was staring at his folded fan and even questioned, "Brother Nanshan, why don't you even know how to be shy!?" 

"What? You probably saw it wrongly. If you don't believe me, take another look." The Full Moon of Nanshan was quick-witted. The next instant, the drawing of beautiful girls had changed into the scenery of mountains and rivers. Even Ye Xixi thought she had seen it wrongly. 

"Brother Yu." Ye Xixi no longer cared about him and scampered to Wu Yu. 

"Did you gain something from it?" Seeing that she was in a good mood, Wu Yu thought it was because she had gained something great. 

Ye Xixi shook her head and answered melancholically, "I tried really hard to establish contact with him. But I still couldn't do it and didn't see any reaction. I was wondering if I did it wrongly. Perhaps he doesn't want me to look for him actively and will only look for me at appropriate times." 

Wu Yu thought about it and said, "You might be right." This was the answer he had thought of after thinking from his perspective. Typically, when he tried all he could to find the Ruyi Jingu Bang, the attempt would basically end up in vain. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan looked to the side and asked, "Hey, Princess, what do you want to do? I heard you have never seen the outside world. Do you want your Big Brother Nanshan to bring you around and open your eyes to the beautiful world? Truth be told, I was the same as you before. When I arrived at the Immortal's Capital, I found the mortal realm to be so amazing!" 

Ye Xixi was eager to give it a try. 

She had left the Infernal Inferno and come straight to the Prince Le's Residence. She had not even seen the outside world. 

Speaking of which, the time was about right. Prince Le should have prepared an identity for her. 

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