Chapter 0893: Clash of Flames

The Soul Peeler was originally the Ghostly Artificer's dao treasure. It was a ghostly cultivator dao treasure. However, the Soul Peeler was unlike the other ghostly cultivator dao treasures. Its strength was because of the strong spirit designs in it. Its materials were also very strong - it was some alien aerosiderite. It was not a material found in the Jambu Realm.

And the usual ghostly cultivator dao treasure was forged with cruel methods. They devoured trapped souls to increase offensive powers. This was something that Wu Yu despised. 

It just so happened that he could use the Soul Peeler.

Compared to the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters, it was much easier to form a blood bond with the Soul Peeler. 

And the key was that the Heaven Devouring Avatar could transform into the Primordial Spirit form, invade the advanced dao treasure and enter its interior spirit design world. This made things easier. 

Compared to the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters, the Soul Peeler was just an appetizer.

Its immortal treasure spirit was a pitch-black male eagle. It was incredibly fast and fierce.

Under the double crash of the Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu's real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Soul Peeler very quickly surrendered and became the Heaven Devouring Avatar's dao treasure.

The Soul Peeler had 350,000 spirit designs. He would need some time to familiarize himself with them.

It also had a few types of Offensive Spirit Designs. Each type would activate over 100,000 spirit designs. Each small spirit design would activate individually and then, together with the other small spirit designs, they would form a large spirit design. This large spirit design would then form a super spirit design with other large spirit designs! The usual Offensive Spirit Designs were all considered super spirit designs. They contained over 100,000 spirit designs within them, and at the instance of activation, there were other large spirit designs and super spirit designs servicing it.

It had been easy to form the blood bond, but it would not be that easy to familiarize and control the Offensive Spirit Designs. No matter what, he would require at least a month.

After settling the Soul Peeler, Wu Yu did not rest, because what happened next was more important - that was to form a blood bond with the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters!

In the secret chamber, he took the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters out from his Sumeru Pouch. The Infernal Sky Pillar was three zhang tall now and thicker than his waist. It stood in the secret chamber. In an instant, the temperature of this sealed secret chamber increased exponentially. Not long later, the entire secret chamber was like a sea of fire. The brick walls of the great Prince Le's Residence had a large number of spirit designs etched on them. Each brick contained over a thousand spirit designs, and at this moment, they were all burned until they were twisted and glowing red.

The floor where the Infernal Sky Pillar stood cracked and sunk.

Actually, if he had not taken it out now, Wu Yu's Sumeru Pouch could no longer withstand it. His Sumeru Pouch now was still a dao treasure. Its Na Word Array was formed by 80,000 spirit designs. It was still not an advanced dao treasure. However, the space inside it was huge. It was almost as big as Prince Le's Residence, so it was impossible to fill it up.

The Infernal Sky Pillar was formed by nine segments of iron columns. Each iron column had a fierce beast face. At this moment, they were still glaring at Wu Yu fiercely. Nine different colored flames burned fiercely. It was as though they had been spat out by these fierce beasts. 


The average person would definitely not dare to go near the Infernal Sky Pillar when forming a blood bond. Before the blood bond was successfully formed, they could only invade it with their Primordial Spirit from afar to subdue the immortal treasure spirit from inside the spirit design. They would definitely not dare to be like Wu Yu, who had walked up to it directly. He stood no further than one chi from the Infernal Sky Pillar and then stretched out his arms to hug it!

Hissing sounds!

When his blood and flesh pressed onto the Infernal Sky Pillar, there was a sizzling sound and thick, white fumes erupted. One could see Wu Yu's skin burn into a bright red color upon contact. It was even charred. However, his muscles and skin had incredibly tough recovery ability. This level of burn was nothing to him. It looked like this advanced dao treasure was prepared just for him.

Actually, Wu Yu had the advanced dao treasure like this to establish dominance over it. This terrifying heat was actually the proudest advantage that the advanced dao treasure had. Its previous masters all could not challenge it in this aspect like Wu Yu. Hence, its heat was always prepared for its enemies. Wu Yu was the first who did not control it with spiritual power from afar but fought it directly with his flesh and blood. His two arms were like iron claws and clamped onto this advanced dao treasure strongly.

The advanced dao treasure was shocked to be challenged in this aspect, but this also triggered its fierce heart. The instant Wu Yu grabbed onto it, its flames exploded crazily. The nine beast faces now truly came alive. They hissed, roared, and spat out fierce streams of fire. Nine types of flames instantly devoured Wu Yu.

Just like at the golden throne room, within the flames, these nine fierce beasts were tearing into Wu Yu's head, arms, thighs, waist, chest, and neck!

Wu Yu's body was instantly charred with the fierce retaliation of this dao treasure. However, even so, Wu Yu still smiled and said, "If you are only at this level, then that's too weak."

He was someone who had experienced the challenge of the Elixir of Fire Spirit. The heat from his body was much more terrifying than that of this advanced dao treasure. When the heat of the Elixir of Fire Spirit burst out, when his Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body was exhibited, the flames of that giant beast rushed into the first world of his extensive six world bodies and lost its direction. It could not even break past Wu Yu's first world, not to mention the five other worlds.


In that first world, there was a giant Buddha who stood in a weird position between the heavens and earth. Weng sounds were constantly heard emitting from it. This sound was like a clock ticking. It's presence was unbelievably heavy. Each sound vibration shocked the body strongly. Under this shock, Wu Yu's physical body was reborn continuously. The flames of the advanced dao treasure, while originating from the Nine-Layered Sea of Fire, had been intimidated into retreating!

Both of Wu Yu's arms hugged the advanced dao treasure. This advanced dao treasure actually could not do anything!

Before the fight in the spirit design world, Wu Yu used his physical body to control this violent advanced dao treasure, the Infernal Sky Pillar, in the fight on the outside world. It was like a wild horse, but it could not even struggle. This was indeed a strong establishment of dominance. Perhaps in Wu Yu's upcoming fight in the spirit design world, his Primordial Spirit would not be his greatest advantage. However, with his current physical advantage, the possibility of a successful blood bond had increased endlessly.

Usually, the most important part in forming blood bonds with dao treasures was the competition between the will of Primordial Spirits inside the spirit designs.

Martial cultivators, when faced with such special and terrifying dao treasures, would definitely avoid fighting it with their own physical bodies. Most of them would use their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy.

This Infernal Sky Pillar was most confident in this aspect, yet Wu Yu had used only his physical body and, with a tough stance, forcibly tackled it. It was as though Wu Yu had pinned a fierce tiger to the ground, and instead of using long range weapons like bows and arrows and attacking the fierce tiger from a high position, he had rained punches onto it until it could no longer move. In the view of the fierce tiger, it would actually not be convinced if it was suppressed by weapons such as bows and arrows. Actually, it was most impressed by those who pinned it down with raw strength, because it was most confident in its raw power. 

At this moment, Wu Yu achieved such an effect.

Hence, when the Infernal Sky Pillar could no longer struggle under the suppression of his physical body, Wu Yu followed up with his next move. Two Primordial Spirits directly rushed into the other party's spirit design world, and it was a giant sea of fire below! This sea of fire was separated into nine parts by a boundary in the shape of the word “jing.” These nine parts were the nine different colored flames, and they burned fiercely in this jing word sea of fire. Waves of flames rolled out continuously!

Deep in this sea of fire, one could vaguely see nine fierce giant beasts hidden in the depths. The instant they moved, the entire sea of fire exploded fiercely and ferociously!

Bang, bang, bang!

For a moment, flames rose to the skies!

However, Wu Yu was not afraid of fire. He was at an advantage here when he used his physical body to control the advanced dao treasure. Now was the time for him to push for success. Without saying anything and with a very strong spiritual willpower, he rushed directly into the Nine-Layered Sea of Fire!

The two bodies entered two separate seas of fire. Wu Yu realized that the nine giant beasts were all in their own territories. When Wu Yu attacked one of them, the rest would not help. If the rest helped, the difficulty would be increased several times.

But it was not easy to deal with just one alone! After realizing that, Wu Yu quickly recalled the Heaven Devouring Avatar to his side. The two of them would deal with one head! Although it would take a little longer, the chances of winning were much greater. After all, they were both his Primordial Spirits, so it would not be considered as cheating.


The purple fierce beast spewed out raging flames. In fact, each color of the fire had different characteristics. Some of them were extremely hot, some of them could burn their opponents to ashes, some of them could spread very fast, some of them could produce extremely strong explosions!

"Return!" The Heaven Devouring Avatar’s ability was used to the extreme, and the effect was extraordinary! The opponent's attack was completely transformed into his own attack by a black whirlpool and then returned to the opponent. Usually, Wu Yu's real body would use his strong willpower to add on another attack. But that giant beast was about to meet its end facing the double attacks at the same time.

Wu Yu's physical confrontation cowed these immortal treasure spirits into submission. In fact, they had not really recognized Wu Yu's power. But at this moment, Wu Yu's rage, ferocity, and directness were so overwhelming that he had not given the other party a chance to speak. He directly beat each fierce beast until they were defeated. After all, he had the experience of suppressing the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

So simply put, it was even smoother this time than when suppressing the Dark North Royal Obelisk. About three days later, Wu Yu completely suppressed all the immortal treasure spirits. Basically, from outside to inside, all the immortal treasure spirits were convinced and recognized him as their owner. They would be loyal and contribute the power of the dao treasure to him. In this way, it would be much easier for Wu Yu to study the 450,000 spirits designs next.

When the Primordial Spirits returned to their places and Wu Yu's thoughts changed, the Infernal Sky Pillar became as tall as him, and between two and three fingers thick. It seemed like the volume and weight had decreased. In fact, when it became smaller, all the weight and heat would only become more explosive under Wu Yu’s activation. Now there was a strong desire to fight in Wu Yu’s eyes as he looked at the fierce-looking staff with the Nine-Layered Sea of Fire in his hands!

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