Chapter 0892: The Heart to Compete for the Throne

In the end, Wu Yu successfully stowed the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters in his Sumeru Pouch. 

From the Unbounded Sky Pillar with 300,000 spirit designs, to the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters, forged from one-tenth of the Infernal Inferno and with 450,000 spirit designs, the huge surprise that was placed before Wu Yu today would also be a lingering worry in the future. 

At the very least, he had made his decision. He had endured the huge pressure on him and chose to meet a challenge like this. 

With such a precious treasure presented to him, he couldn't take a step back or reject it. 

After all, from the envious eyes of the princes and princesses around him, Wu Yu was able to tell they desired this advanced dao treasure equally. In fact, one could even say they had their eyes on it for a very long time. Some had made huge performances and contributed greatly just for the possibility of owning the Infernal Sky Pillar. 

Wu Yu found this to be rather hilarious. 

"When I was in the Dark North Kingdom, I wrenched the Dark North Royal Obelisk away from the princes and princesses who had lusted for it. Now that I'm in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, I'll be taking the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters that the princes and princesses coveted. It happens that both of them are advanced dao treasures that are exceptionally close to seraphic dao treasures, which are a lot more scarce. I wonder if these princes and princesses, or even those more senior, have a seraphic dao treasure." 

Seraphic dao treasures were extremely rare. 

Therefore, the most elite advanced dao treasures had basically become the target of competition among the majority of the princes and princesses. Even if they didn't compete, they wouldn't want a treasure of the royal family to land in the hands of an outsider. 

Therefore, Wu Yu knew that despite them appearing unusually sincere in following the orders of the Ancient Emperor, they naturally would feel indignance, and their thoughts afflicted. 

This dissatisfaction was hidden deep in the hearts of the majority here, regardless of whether they were ministers, aristocrats, princes, or princesses. After all, in the competition for the throne in the future, most of the officials had to take a stand. They would also have to consider their descendants. It was clear that many weren't on the side of Prince Le at this juncture. 

Some had clearly shown their stands and therefore it wouldn't be appropriate to make adjustments. This was because regardless of how they looked at it, the young Prince Le was far from having the qualifications to compete with the more senior princes and princesses. Some of these senior princes and princesses had cultivated for over 200 years and passed two dao crises. As for Prince Le, he was still at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and far from reaching the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. Who knew if he would die in the very first dao crisis? 

Other than the rumors of him resurrecting from the dead in the Taigu Immortal Path, the Kingmaker Le appointed personally by Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was also a little strange. Even though Prince Le was wildly talented in his generation, it wouldn't amount to much. After all, he had too many dominant and powerful older brothers and sisters. This was a little different from the situation in the Dark North Kingdom. 

Therefore, Wu Yu's outstanding performance had embarrassed them. From the signs available, the Ancient Emperor seemed to have an inclination towards Prince Le. One should note that the final decision would still rely on the views of the Ancient Emperor. 

Wu Yu heard that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor wouldn't leave the Jambu Realm. He would just be like an immortal stationed in the realm. However, Wu Yu had also heard that he would stop the appointment of a Regent and let the new Yan Huang Ancient Emperor handle the governmental affairs. 

As such, the invisible competition between the princes and princesses was intensifying. 

After awarding Wu Yu the precious treasure, this grand affair finally came to an end. Various princes and princesses returned to their residences, the ministers and aristocrats returned to their mansions, and the city lords of the surrounding satellite cities returned to their cities. 

Along the way, Prince Le reflected solemnly to Wu Yu, "Truth be told, even I didn't expect what happened today. You should be able to tell that although you’ve gained something and I've received some attention from my father, it is clear that I'm losing all my brothers and seniors, especially when these acts happen in the public eye. They clearly bear animosity against me now, especially so for those at the front of the pack." 

Wu Yu obviously understood this. 

He said, "The good thing is that after giving it careful thought, ministers, aristocrats, and experts from various places that will stand with you surreptitiously will only get more and more numerous. Although you are in the limelight, this might be your only opportunity." 

Prince Le was astounded. He looked to Wu Yu and asked, "Wu Yu, what you are saying is that I have a chance to compete for the throne...? What I own now couldn't be compared with my older brothers and sisters at all! The difference between us is too huge. Qu Yin is on relatively good terms with me because I have helped out Qu Haoyang and Qu Fengyu. There are no others." 

After all, he was too young and appeared to have failed to obtain supporters. 

Wu Yu pondered for a moment. 

He didn't know how he should react to the reward from the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. 

However, they were indeed trapped in a political maelstrom within the Immortal's Capital. And now, Prince Le and him had been forced onto the same boat and shared honor or shame together. One could even say that this was the arrangement of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. 

If that was the case, why don't they wager everything they had to see what the Ancient Emperor had in mind? 

Only by being proactive and taking the initiative would they possibly know the truth. 

He faced Prince Le and could see his eyes wavering in the darkness. He seemed to be lacking in courage. Therefore, Wu Yu whispered in his ear, "Whoever becomes the emperor is all up to him! It has nothing to do with who's more influential or strong. I believe an existence like him wouldn't take the normal route in choosing a successor. In that case, why wouldn't you stand a chance? Moreover, it's still early. Prince! I feel that since we are at the forefront of this wave, why don't we take a chance to achieve something great? In cultivation, if one couldn't achieve immortalhood, wouldn't one aim to rule the world and be capable of dealing deaths in a fit of anger?" 

"Wu Yu!" Prince Le's breathing was getting a little rapid. Perhaps he hadn't dared to face this issue before today. Perhaps the arrival of Wu Yu had changed him greatly and astounded him. Although he was still clueless, his eyes lit up as he stared at Wu Yu. "You... do you really think that I can?" 

Wu Yu smiled gently and replied, "This has nothing to do with what I feel. I only believe that being sent here from the Dark North Kingdom and obtaining this treasure indicates that certain things have been put in place mysteriously." 

As for who was the one making the arrangements, Prince Le definitely had an idea. 

Wu Yu wasn't afraid of causing a ruckus in the Immortal's Capital. Since this treasure had brought him to the epicenter of the vortex, he had made his decision. That was to bring Prince Le along while attempting to search for more opportunities. Nonetheless, it was time that Prince Le had to show his stand. 

"Then... what should I do...?" Prince Le asked. 

"There's nothing you have to do other than cultivate. Perhaps he doesn't want you to do anything. Getting stronger would definitely not be wrong. In fact, although you don't have to do anything, you have to make a change. You need a heart that dares to fight for the throne sincerely. A heart that would raise your outlook and ambitions! Your qualifications are no less than theirs!" 

Upon hearing Wu Yu, Prince Le was shaken to his core. 

Perhaps Wu Yu had jolted him awake. 

Perhaps the conversation he had today was an extremely important one that had ignited his ambitions and goals. All of a sudden, at the thought of his future, the flames in his heart ignited ferociously. 

"Thank you. You are right. Since we have a long way to go, let's wait and see. I will likely have to depend on you for most of the time." Prince Le knew clearly that the reason he was in the eye of the storm was entirely because of Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu chuckled and said, "Prince Le, you don't have to be so courteous with me. It's fate that brought us together in the Taigu Immortal Path. I am here under the Ancient Emperor's Edict and hold the position I have today due to you. Sometimes, I'm also lost as to what I am supposed to do here. However, now that I have a goal, I'll also have the desire to fight to advance. Our goals are the same. If that is the case, why don't we fight hard together?" 

Prince Le also smiled. He patted Wu Yu's shoulder and said, "It's my greatest luck to have you as my Kingmaker in my lifetime. The boundless Immortal's Capital will be the battlefield for us brothers in the future! If that day really comes, you will definitely be just under one person but above trillions of people. If your wish is to achieve immortalhood, I will help you to my fullest in terms of resources at the very least. In our Yan Huang Ancient Country, there are several mystical treasures that can help one resist the dao crises. Obviously, these are only recorded in the legends and I've seen nothing. Haha...." 

Wu Yu wasn't really on such great terms with him. He was still wary of Prince Le from the beginning. For now, one could say they mutually benefited each other. Also, Wu Yu would want to have an answer. An answer relating to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's schemes. 

Soon after, they were back in Prince Le's Residence. Prince Le understood what Wu Yu had said. The changes he had undergone today were largely in the state of mind. As for what he could do, there was actually nothing. This was because regardless of what they did intentionally, they wouldn't know the true thoughts of the Ancient Emperor. Doing more might end up having the opposite effect instead. For example, there was no point in trying to win over ministers and officials. 

Wu Yu's conjecture was that the emperor of Yan Huang had to be presentable. In that case, he would have to be unique. At the very least, from the candidates he had seen, there wasn't a lack of experts. However, there wasn't one that was "incomparable, with exceptional talent." Most of them were similar. The truth was that Prince Le wasn't any more unique. All of them were elite geniuses but clearly different from Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi. 

The only unique feature of Prince Le was that Wu Yu had seen his corpse in the ancient tomb. 

Perhaps this had something to do with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor? Wu Yu wouldn't know. At the very least, Prince Le had not shown any strangeness at this point. 

Back at Kingmaker Hall, the Full Moon of Nanshan had left again to search for beautiful ladies while cultivating. While he was advancing through the temptations of beauties, immersing himself in alcohol and ladies, he was able to create his unique dao. Wu Yu was truly impressed with him. Although he seemed to be fooling around, his advancement wasn't lacking at all. 

As for Ye Xixi, she had been cultivating behind closed doors ever since she arrived at the place. At this point, she had not come out. 

When Wu Yu attended the celebrations, his Heaven Devouring Avatar was left in Kingmaker Hall. This was because the Heaven Devouring Avatar relied on devouring to grow and didn't require much cultivation. 

Now that Wu Yu was back, the most crucial thing and what he was most excited about was obviously forming a blood bond with the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters, which was comparable to the Dark North Royal Obelisk. 

However, he would have to resist the urge. Before that, he had something to complete. That was to form a blood bond with the advanced dao treasure, Soul Peeler, which had 350,000 spirit designs. This could enrich the attacking means of the Heaven Devouring Avatar and was specially prepared for the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

He had not formed a blood bond previously because he needed to show it as evidence of him killing the Ghostly Artificer. Now that had been done. 

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