Chapter 0891: Divine Bestowment

With someone like Di Yuantian starting the conversation, it would be easy for the others to join in. 

Grand Martial Chief of Justice Jiang Dongyang said, "I think that while Kingmaker Le made great contributions, it is inappropriate to give him such an important treasure as a prize. It will cause the other youngsters to lose faith. I hope that the Regent can retract your order."

The Royal Architect of Nine Residences said, "I also hope that the Regent can reconsider. After all, there will be great backlash if this spreads out."

Following, more and more people voiced out their concerns, and at least 10 of them were in support of the retraction of the order. Those Princes and Princesses listened to the discussions and were full of smiles. This time, they did not rebut. After all, there were many who spoke for them. Now they faced Wu Yu together. Originally, they fought each other openly and in the dark. However, at such a moment, they stood together and cooperated. 

From the time the Regent assumed office until now, he probably had never faced such a scene where most ministers were against his decision. This was a relatively awkward situation to any Regent. 

As expected, the Regent laughed awkwardly and said, "Everyone, please note that I'm allowing Wu Yu to trade the Unbounded Sky Pillar for the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters. This is equivalent to rewarding a dao treasure with a few hundred thousand spirit designs. Is it really like what you all have mentioned, that our youngsters feel that this is unfair? After all, without Wu Yu, you all here may not even be alive."

His awkward laughter boosted the oppositions' arrogance. Anyone with a clear mind knew that the Regent's position had weakened. This was the moment to join hands and suppress him. Di Yuantian, the Regent from two generations ago, probably really disliked his younger brother. Hence, he did not even attempt to be polite and sniggered coldly. He said, "How can you be so clueless in handling your official duties? Looks like I really have to relay to the Ancient Emperor to replace you with someone more capable."

He was abusing his position as an elder to get his way. He had the support of the majority of the ministers. This was probably a rare opportunity for him to suppress Di Shatian. Di Yuantian did not hold back at all. 

At this moment, the atmosphere inside the Golden Throne Room dropped to below freezing. That advanced dao treasure was right before Wu Yu's eyes; however, he did not dare to take it now. If he took it without permission, then he would probably be suppressed by this group of powerful people from Yan Huang Ancient Country. Any one of these elders could destroy Wu Yu easily. After all, they had basically all survived one dao calamity. Some had even survived two dao calamities and were above the seventh tier of the Dao Querying Realm. 

While they might not have a chance at immortalhood because of their advanced age and ending lifespan, they were still the top few strongest in this world in terms of ability.

Everyone looked at the Regent and waited for him to awkwardly retract his orders under the forceful suppression of Di Yuantian. After all he was alone in this against all the other ministers. He was not the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and was just someone handling all these minor affairs on behalf of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor....

The Regent was still smiling awkwardly. 

At this moment, when everyone was staring at him, they did not expect that he would suddenly stop smiling awkwardly. In an instant, he relaxed and then became unbelievably cold. He said to Di Yuantian, "Then I'm looking forward to the time you speak wantonly to the Ancient Emperor. At that moment, the Ancient Emperor will probably make things difficult for you. It's been so many years, yet you have not improved. You are still so reckless and muddle-headed. Can't you guess that this is what the Ancient Emperor wants?"

The key was in Di Shatian's last sentence.

This was what the Ancient Emperor wanted.

Those who were originally smiling instantly froze. Their faces paled and their eyes turned lifeless.

This included Di Yuantian, the Grand Martial Chief of Justice, the Royal Architect of Nine Residences, Prince Yan, and the others. They all had the same expression.

Wu Yu had come here upon receiving the Ancient Emperor's Edict. He had uncovered the plan of the Ghostly Yan Tribe and made a great contribution. Perhaps everyone had forgotten that he was here because of the Ancient Emperor.

Everyone had also forgotten that Di Shatian was never a fool.

He might only be slightly older than these Princes, but he had survived the dao calamity three times. He had not relied on luck to get to his current position. It was not only his ability, but also his brains, or in better terms, his intelligence.

At this moment, Di Shatian sat nervously. He coughed twice to clear his throat. Everyone stared at him blankly. He said loudly and authoritatively, "I'm carrying out the orders of the Ancient Emperor to take the position of the Regent. I've been in office until today and have always carried out my duties strictly according to the wishes of the Ancient Emperor. If there is any mistake, the Ancient Emperor will punish me. It is not your position to comment and overstep authority! Today, considering that it is everyone's first mistake, there will be no punishments. In the future, if there still is someone who speaks without thinking, who gathers in a group and challenges authority, who speculates blindly, there will be severe punishments in order to right the wrongs in court!"

This sentence was like thunder roaring at their ears. Wu Yu looked at his surroundings. He saw that those who had spoken out were now basically red-faced. Di Yuantian had not expected this to be the Ancient Emperor's wish. At this moment, he was basically left babbling. He, of course, knew how big a mistake he had just committed. He had belittled Di Shatian, and it was also his fault that he could not understand the Ancient Emperor. That year, it was because he could not understand the wishes of the Ancient Emperor at all that he was directly removed from his office!

Perhaps it was only at this moment that he understood that to become the Regent, one not only needed outstanding ability, but more importantly, had to be able to follow the footsteps of the Ancient Emperor. Di Shatian had been kind to Wu Yu since the Appointment Ceremony. Obviously, he was more suited to the position than him!

"Long live the great Ancient Emperor!"

After hearing that this was the wish of the Ancient Emperor, these nobles and ministers knew that the only thing they could do was kneel on the ground and hail the Ancient Emperor. Even Di Yuantian could only do this at this moment. He had admitted defeat and was fearful now. Perhaps the Regent had known that many were not convinced of his authority, so he had used this trick to lure his enemies in and then deal a heavy blow to them. He believed that from today onwards, no one would doubt his decisions anymore, because he was the only one who was in contact with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. 

The others, even the princes, had no authority to even speak to their own father.

Seeing all these people cowering and kneeling on the floor, forming a great contrast to their previous arrogance, Wu Yu once again understood deeply what the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor meant to the Yan Huang Ancient Region, to the entire Jambu Realm. Even Di Yuantian was pale now. He realized that he had underestimated the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

That important treasure was just before him. He was a little scared now.

"What does he want?"

Why would he want him to come to Yan Huang Ancient Region and become Kingmaker Le?

Why would he reward him so handsomely? Did he just really appreciate his efforts?

Wu Yu felt as though there was a pair of invisible eyes reading him like an open book.

This was definitely chilling.

The Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters was just before him. Those fierce beast faces stared at Wu Yu as though they were taunting him. The treasure was within reach, but would he dare to claim it?

Wu Yu felt that other than the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's terrifying ability, the other terrifying part was that he seemed to truly be the immortal of the Jambu Realm!

He was the immortal in charge of this entire world!

He might even have refused to make the entire Jambu Realm become the Yan Huang Ancient Country just because he was not interested.

He should be able to do it if he had wanted to....

At this moment, everyone stared at Wu Yu with envy. Perhaps they had lost all hatred for Wu Yu at this moment. It was not that they were not jealous, rather it was that they dared not be jealous. As for the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters, they undoubtedly would not dare to want it. That was what the Ancient Emperor had awarded Wu Yu. It was already good enough that the Regent had managed to exchange it for the Unbounded Sky Pillar.

"Kingmaker Le, congratulations. It's been many years since the Ancient Emperor last personally awarded anyone."

In the high seat in front, the Regent smiled and looked at Wu Yu. He wanted Wu Yu to thank the Ancient Emperor for his generous bestowment and receive the important treasure. 

Wu Yu was also asking himself.

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was so terrifying. Would he dare to receive his reward?

Was it fearful respect or....

He would have to ask his dao.

Under the self-questioning, his dao was still clear. He understood that fear was him being careful of the danger. This was not a bad thing. He admitted that he was subdued by the great ability of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. He was fearful just like when he was a mortal and feared those Hao Tian Heavenly Immortals. 

But he was not sure if the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was like those Hao Tian Heavenly Immortals and their ilk. This Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had come and left without leaving a trace. He was even unfathomable.

He seemed to be able to do anything.

But he was most adept at moving forward despite the fear and terror. He used his strong will, his undying perseverance to fight and break through.

Hence, when this treasure pressured him greatly, Wu Yu did not collapse. He gritted his teeth and took a few steps forward. Before the eyes of the audience, he grabbed that burning hot Infernal Sky Pillar! 

It was indeed hotter than the Elixir of Fire Spirit. The average person could not hold onto it at all!

However, Wu Yu, after having absorbed great amounts of Elixir of Fire Spirit, was not afraid of this at all. At this point, he had not formed a blood bond yet. Those huge beasts roared crazily and howled. The nine-colored flames instantly enveloped Wu Yu. It shrouded Wu Yu and ignited him with a fiery combustion. Vaguely, people could see the sharp teeth and claws of the nine fierce beasts. They were tearing into Wu Yu within the flames. Everyone could feel the excruciating refinement on his behalf. 

But Wu Yu was expressionless while bathed in the flames. He held the advanced dao treasure tightly and slowly dropped down to one knee. He said in a deep voice, "Wu Yu thanks the Ancient Emperor for his generous reward!"

While he faced the Regent, he was thanking the Ancient Emperor.

The others dared not say that. After all, they had never received the Ancient Emperor's reward. Especially for the many princes and princesses, the Ancient Emperor was an abstract concept to them. Many have not even met him before. This was not their fault. Even many of their mothers, the imperial concubines, did not know what the Ancient Emperor really looked like. Some only had memories of the night and then they would bear the children of the Ancient Emperor....

At this moment, Wu Yu was being incinerated by fierce flames and shredded by the fierce beasts. However, he was not shaken. He could still speak calmly. This definitely impressed the nobles and ministers. It also birthed fear in the princes and princesses. They realized at this moment that the Kingmaker Le was really strange and a little too heaven-defying.... 

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