Chapter 0890: Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters

If the Regent had not said something like that, no one would have guessed it.

But he had said something like that, and those present were rather familiar with the treasures in the royal family's inventory.

Therefore, everyone had guessed it.

Di Shatian acted fast and sure. As soon as the words had left his mouth, he immediately moved. This was clearly a premeditated rather than spontaneous decision.

With a casual wave, he opened the Sumeru Pouch by his side. A dazzling dao treasure appeared before him.

Just as they expected, this dao treasure drew gasps and ugly expressions alike, especially from the other princes and princesses. After all, they were all rivals.

The more one gained, the more jealousy one invited.

Wu Yu had yet to fully get it, but the appearance of this dao treasure completely had his attention.

Of course, this was definitely an advanced dao treasure.

However, even amongst advanced dao treasures, there were differences. More importantly, this was considerably better than the Unbounded Sky Pillar.

The entire golden throne room was shining with a kaleidoscope of nine colors thanks to this advanced dao treasure.

This was the same as the colors within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, which were red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, purple, black, and white.

This advanced dao treasure had a total of nine colors, and was a very brilliant weapon indeed.

Wu Yu was awed by it as well.

The Regent understood him well. This advanced dao treasure was a staff.

However, this staff had a total of nine segments, each a different color. Black and white were at the two ends, and the other seven colors were in the middle.

From top to bottom, all nine segments were covered in complicated patterns. It looked like they were nine beasts, exactly the same except in color.

From top to bottom, the nine ancient and savage beasts snarled at Wu Yu.

At the same time, the patterns running down the beasts' faces were flaming and also differently colored.

Wu Yu immediately felt the awesome heat emanating from this advanced dao treasure from the moment it appeared. These nine different flames were comparable to the Elixir of Fire Spirit, and it was hot enough that many of the princes and princesses continued to move backwards.

Just from its appearance alone, it looked much more impressive than the 10,000 Dragons Staff.

The nine colors were made of mystic fire that came from the ancient beasts. Each looked as fearsome as the 10,000 Dragons Staff's Infinity Beast!

"Ordinary advanced dao treasures must have 100,000 spirit designs or more, while the 10,000 Dragons Staff has 200,000 spirit designs. The Unbounded Sky Pillar has close to 300,000, while the Dark North Royal Obelisk has 499,000! After 500,000, it becomes a seraphic dao treasure. I wonder how many spirit designs this advanced dao treasure has."

Wu Yu looked at it and knew that this advanced dao treasure was more powerful than his Unbounded Sky Pillar. Otherwise, the Regent would not have given him this in lieu of the Unbounded Sky Pillar and call it a reward.

Besides, he had also taken the Ghostly Artificer's dagger, called the Soul Peeler. It looked very small, but was also a superb advanced dao treasure with 360,000 spirit designs - even higher than the Unbounded Sky Pillar.

Of course, the number of spirit designs did not always equate the power of the advanced dao treasure. After all, the type of spirit designs would affect its deadliness. And an advanced dao treasure with 100,000 spirit designs might be stronger than one with 200,000 or even 300,000. After all, this had to do with the nature of spirit designs.

Generally, the more spirit designs there were, the stronger it was, and Wu Yu had yet to encounter any with less spirit designs that punched above its weight.

Just as he was wondering how many spirit designs were on this advanced dao treasure, and how strong it would make him, the advanced dao treasure cracked into nine different parts. The different colors and intricate beast faces floated in the air like nine different arms. One in the center, and eight around it. And then each segment changed drastically. They had changed from a short staff into a three-legged crucible!

Nine three-legged crucibles with nine different flames burning within. Magnificent, impressive crucibles with flames of the most incredible heat. Within each crucible, there seemed to be an Infernal Inferno, a sea of fire bubbling within, and the roar of an angry beast sounding out.

The feral voice made everyone pale.

The entire throne room was completely captured by the dominating power of this advanced dao treasure. Everyone looked at the nine crucibles with awe and resentment, even anger.

Wu Yu noticed that on these nine crucibles, the previously solid-looking beast faces now looked flatter. They floated on the crucibles' surfaces, their maws opened wide and baring their savage fangs! It seemed to be some kind of beast from the ancient legends.

"So this dao treasure is like the Dark North Royal Obelisk. It has two states. The Dark North Royal Obelisk can become a sword or a dragon-shaped iron whip. And this dao treasure can become a nine-segmented staff, or nine different crucibles!"

This was like having two dao treasures!

After changing to giant crucibles, the dao treasure had a powerful lock-down ability. And then it combined back together into a nine-tiered pillar that reached to the skies! A huge boom echoed out from the floor of the palace.

Wu Yu could basically confirm that this advanced dao treasure was close to the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

That was how valuable it was.

After showing it off, the Regent laughed heartily. "Its name is the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters. It has some affinity with you. In the past, the Infernal Inferno was 10% bigger. That 10% came from a wondrous place known as the Nine-Layered Sea of Fire. But three Yuan ago, someone challenging the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao from the Yan Huang Tribe, an ancestral emperor on the verge of immortalhood, collected it and used nine different metals and precious treasures with 10 spiritual marks to forge it. On each crucible, there are 50,000 spirit designs, and a total of 450,000 spirit designs on the nine crucibles. It is close to a seraphic dao treasure, but its power is definitely comparable to that of the Dark North Royal Obelisk. Although it is only about 150,000 more than the Unbounded Sky Pillar, you know its value without me telling you."

The stronger an advanced dao treasure, the more illustrious and awe-inspiring its history. The Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters was also one. After listening to the Regent's explanation, Wu Yu again looked at this fiery staff with nine beast faces. He saw the weight of its history - after all, this was an advanced dao treasure with more than 400,000 years of history!

Throughout all those years, countless people must have died fighting over this advanced dao treasure.

Besides, it was actually made from a tenth of the Infernal Inferno. No wonder its name had “Infernal” in it. The nine crucibles were called Infernal Crucibles, and their fire was also similar to the Infernal Inferno's. 

In the huge crucible form, it could suppress, burn, defend, and seal off. And in its staff form, the huge column was the perfect complement to Wu Yu's violent close-combat approach. This weapon was definitely a great fit for Wu Yu, even better than the Unbounded Sky Pillar.

"Such a wonderful dao treasure must definitely be lusted over by many. And it's being given to me?" Wu Yu was unprepared for such a boon, and he was unable to react.

More quickly than him was Qu Yin. With a smile, he took out another dao treasure, a staff-like advanced dao treasure. One end was black, while the other was white. It looked mysterious and deadly, with close to 300,000 spirit designs near the middle. It was a powerful weapon as well, in the mid-range as advanced dao treasures went. But this Unbounded Sky Pillar was night and day when compared to the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters.

Moreover, the moderate dao of the Unbounded Sky Pillar was not very suitable for Wu Yu, while the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters' fiery and violent despotism and affinity for utter destruction was.

"Regent, this is Wu Yu's Unbounded Sky Pillar. Please accept it." Qu Yin had been on good terms with Prince Le, and seeing Wu Yu's rocket-like rise, he knew that it would reflect on himself, who had brought Wu Yu back from the Dark North Kingdom. He knew what to do.

Immediately after him, Prince Le hurriedly reminded Wu Yu, "Wu Yu, quickly thank the Regent!"

He was urging Wu Yu to have the treasure in hand before anything else. With so many hungry eyes watching like wolves, that juicy piece of meat was in danger.

He was already a step delayed, and the resentment was building. Only, no one dared to lead the uproar. Prince Yan had already been blunted, and now the princes and princesses sat in silent anxiety. However, there would always be someone to bite the bullet, and it happened to be a white-haired elder with a strong body and face. He looked to be someone who had cultivated his dao through battle and killing. He slammed his chair and stood up, addressing the Regent, "Old Brother, an Order of Merit, First Class is enough. You're taking this too far by rewarding luck with this treasure. What would the others think? The princes and princesses? This is something they all want. You're giving it to a Kingmaker? I know you favor Kingmaker Le highly. But if you do this, I might have to ask the Ancient Emperor himself if you are still fit to be Regent."

Wu Yu knew this person. He was Di Yuantian, the elder brother of Di Shatian, and one of the younger brothers of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. He was one of the past Regents, but his barbaric manner and fiery temper had caused the Ancient Emperor to make him step down. However, he still wielded great authority, and was comparable to Di Shatian in terms of ability.

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