Chapter 0089: Valley of Immortal Fate

Lan Shuiyue and her other two friends mounted their Heavenly Cloud Rocs and took off.

"What's the Aquacore Reflection?" Wu Yu asked as the three mounted their Immortal Cranes.

"A type of immortal root. It's about the same as my Gold and Jade Sword Core. Lan Shuiyue should be close to condensing qi in her fifth spiritual source. In at most two months, she will be on my level," Su Yanli said.

Mo Shishu chortled, "Junior Brother, you really opened the eyes of Senior Brother here. You went to the mortal kingdoms for a spell, and now you can even send Lan Shuiyue packing. You're really something. At this rate, you'll be first in the Heavenly Sword Sect for sure."

In truth, Wu Yu's move had shocked many in the Myriad Treasures Valley as well. They had witnessed Wu Yu make Lan Shuiyue retreat with their own eyes.

Many months back, Wu Yu could only be compared to Situ Minglang. Now, when everyone else had only made minimal improvement, he had basically leapt forward to reach the same tier as Lan Shuiyue and Su Yanli.

"Your talent is truly supernatural. But you have to convert it into ability," Su Yanli said.

There were many talented people throughout the course of history, but not many who had actually succeeded. After all, the more talented one was, the more attention one attracted. And then the easier it was to be targeted for slaughter.

On the back of the Immortal Crane, Wu Yu mulled over the day's events. He had sincerely wanted to address the issue, but sometimes, things got out of control.

Suddenly, he remembered that Lan Shuiyue had mentioned a place called the Valley of Immortal Fate.

He asked, "Senior Brother, Senior Sister, what kind of place is the Valley of Immortal Fate? Why can Lan Shuiyue enter to search for immortal roots?"

"The Valley of Immortal Fate is a forbidden region north of the Bipo Mountain Range. It's adjacent to the Bipo Mountain Range and is also considered to be part of the territory of our Heavenly Sword Sect. Of the Five Elders, the leader, Elder Shentu, guards the place. Normally, disciples are prohibited from approaching the place. It is only opened up once a year, as the testing grounds for us disciples." 

"Who are the Five Elders?" Wu Yu had buried his head in cultivation since his return and was not especially familiar with the workings of the Heavenly Sword Sect. And within The Records of the Bipo Mountain Range, there had been no mention of the Valley of Immortal Fate or the Five Elders.

"The Five Elders are the five strongest elders within the Heavenly Sword Sect. They have been cultivating for an even longer time than our Master. The Lone Elder at the Dao Querying Pagoda, Elder Gongsun at the Myriad Treasures Valley, and Elder Shentu at the Valley of Immortal Fate are amongst them." It was said that they had all reached the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm and had activated all 10 meridians in their bodies. Only, they had not ascended to Jindan."

"I see."

Wu Yu still had many questions about the Valley of Immortal Fate.

"Lan Shuiyue is entering tomorrow to seek her Aquacore Reflection?"

"Yes, and no."

"How so?"

"Her immortal root, the Aquacore Reflection, has long been prepared by the Sect Protector. However, according to the sect rules, she has to pass the trial of the Valley of Immortal Fate and find a type of immortal root in the Valley of Immortal Fate. Only then is she qualified to obtain an immortal root and attain the Aquacore Reflection."

Wu Yu understood now. It was just like Jiang Junlin. His father had prepared an immortal root, but he still had to test his capabilities. He had to first find his own immortal root, honing his abilities in the process. The most important thing was compliance. After all, the sect's rules were the sect's rules. Especially when it involved important treasures like the immortal roots.

"Why are there immortal roots in the Valley of Immortal Fate?"

Su Yanli was taken aback, seemingly confused. Mo Shishu took up the narrative. "The Valley of Immortal Fate is a curious place. It's a paradise for immortal roots. But after so many years, it's been basically harvested clean by our Heavenly Sword Sect. For each year's test, Elder Shentu is the one responsible for laying down a few immortal roots for the disciples to find and fight over. Of course, it's possible that wild immortal roots can still be found."

No wonder.

Wu Yu considered this for a moment. He was still very much looking forward to immortal roots. He asked further, "What conditions must be fulfilled in order to access the Valley of Immortal Fate?"

Su Yanli replied, "You can go as long as you have reached the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. The fifth tier will do as well. The Valley of Immortal Fate opens once annually. Basically, everyone at the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, as well as those at the fifth tier who have not yet obtained immortal roots, enter. If you fail in one year, you have to wait another year, and again. As far as I know, the disciple who waited the longest challenged for more than 30 years consecutively before they obtained an immortal root."

Wu Yu understood now.

The immortal roots were limited in number and could only be given to the most excellent disciples. That was why they had designed this challenge.

He looked at Su Yanli, and asked curiously, "Hasn't this year's Valley of Immortal Fate not opened yet? How did Senior Sister already lay down immortal roots?"

Su Yanli replied, "I entered the Valley of Immortal Fate last year and obtained an immortal root. I traded it with Master for the Gold and Jade Sword Core."

Wu Yu had thought that Feng Xueya had gone easy on her. But on second thought, Feng Xueya had high standards and would not go easy on anybody.

At this juncture, Mo Shishu chuckled. "Little Junior Brother, why so many questions? You have your own plans, hmm?"

Wu Yu nodded. "Only those at the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm are qualified to enter, but I have the ability of the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. Naturally, I wish to enter early."

It only came once a year. Wu Yu knew that his own improvement was very quick. If he missed this one, then he would have to wait for next year to obtain his immortal root.

And if he reached the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm very quickly, then wouldn't he be waiting in vain? Besides, as long as he could protect himself, entering early would only mean more experience. Even if he could not obtain an immortal root, it would be worth it.

Su Yanli and Mo Shishu exchanged looks, then spoke, "This matter is the same as the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor affair."

"How so?" Wu Yu asked eagerly.

"Rules are rules, but if you are capable, they can be broken. We can bring you to see Master. As long as Master and Elder Shentu agree, there's no problem."

Hearing this, Wu Yu was quite nervous. After all, this was even more important than the matter of the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor.

Feng Xueya would probably not object.

"But will Elder Shentu agree?" Wu Yu was more worried about him.

Mo Shishu smiled. "About that, you need not worry. Out of the Five Elders, the other four were brought by that old hag Lan Huayi. Only Elder Shentu is an old friend of Master. No fear. As long as Master consents, there's no way that Elder Shentu will not agree."


This now seemed manageable, but Mo Shishu's other piece of information was hard to take in. That old hag Lan Huayi had brought them....

"Where did the Sect Protector come from?" Wu Yu was still not very well versed with the upper echelons of the Heavenly Sword Sect. Especially that Lan Huayi, who loathed him.

Hearing Mo Shishu's words, it seemed like she had come from elsewhere.

Su Yanli said, "It's said that she came from outside, but Master refuses to tell us where they came from. After a few years, someone sent Lan Shuiyue along. It seems like there's some hidden story there, but there's one thing that cannot be denied. Although Lan Huayi does not see eye to eye with our Master, the Heavenly Sword Sect grew much stronger after they joined."

Who would have thought that Lan Huayi would have such a secretive background?

Wu Yu was very curious indeed. Where had they come from?

No wonder Feng Xueya was a little jealous of her. Out of the Five Elders, four followed Lan Huayi. Clearly, within the Heavenly Sword Sect, Lan Huayi's influence could still hold the Five Elders in check. Of course, Feng Xueya had the numbers with him. There were many elders besides the Five Elders, such as those that imparted arts and enforced laws.

"Come on, let's go ask Master first."

The three changed their course, flying towards the Heavenly Palace.

This was Wu Yu's first time in the Heavenly Palace.

On the way, Mo Shishu exclaimed, "The spiritual qi here is really too thick!"

The Heavenly Palace was shrouded in mist. Wind and lightning danced, while sword qi rang out. It was exactly like a real immortal palace.

"Master, the disciples request an audience."

"Come in, all of you."

Within the immortal hall, Feng Xueya was cultivating, his eyes closed. When he opened them, golden sword qi seemed to rise up from all around.

"What is it?"

This was his business, and Wu Yu stepped forward. He spoke respectfully, "Respected Master, I wish to enter Valley of Immortal Fate tomorrow to obtain an immortal root and finish this challenge early."

In truth, if he wanted to lay down immortal roots, Feng Xueya could probably give it to him. But even Lan Shuiyue and Su Yanli had gone through the challenge of acquiring an immortal root, and he did not wish to be an exception.

Feng Xueya suddenly laughed softly. "If you had not come today, I would have prepared you tonight. But I am comforted that you have come with your own request!"

He admired disciples that were willing to accept challenges. They had to set their hearts high. The way that Wu Yu had not accepted his immortal treasure or dao technique only made his regard for Wu Yu rise.

"Many thanks to Master!" And so this matter was easily settled.

"I hear that you've obtained the Nine Dragons Ascension Column."

"Master's thoughts on this?"

"Not bad. It suits you. A better choice than what I had selected for you. Take a guess at what I chose for you?"

"Could it be the Golden Portal of Firestorms?" It was the dao technique that had left the deepest impression on Wu Yu.

"That's right."

This was testament to Feng Xueya's understanding of Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu still understood himself better.

"Wu Yu, from the Demon Subduing Staff to the Nine Dragons Ascension Column, I realized something," Feng Xueya said as he stood up.

"Please tell me, Master."

Feng Xueya looked at Mo Shishu and Su Yanli and said, "Your Senior Brother and Senior Sister, on their path of dao, have always bowed to my choices. It has been the best choice, and of course, their results have not been bad. I am well satisfied. But you purposely shrug off all my choices. And yet I find that - at least when they were your age - they were not at your level."

This was the truth.

Wu Yu waited for him to finish speaking.

"That is why I decided not to prepare an immortal root for you. You are only at the second tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. There is still a long time. You can think well on what immortal root you will choose. I think that this might be even more suitable for you, compared to my choice for you."

The importance of immortal roots was known by every martial cultivator.

Normally, as the master, one would acquire it with their own ability and bestow it to one's disciples. Feng Xueya had done the same for Su Yanli and the others.

But now he wanted to see what Wu Yu would eventually choose.

On one hand, Wu Yu thought he could lose out on the immortal root that Feng Xueya would prepare for him - something on the level of the Gold and Jade Sword Core. On the other hand, it gave Wu Yu a great deal of freedom. He could consider, seek, and cultivate as he saw fit. After all, he was still young, and still at the second tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. There was no rush.

"I'll let you choose. Will you challenge it yourself? Or shall I prepare it for you?" Feng Xueya looked straight at him.

"Master, I choose to challenge."

This was Wu Yu!

This was what made him different.

Ever since he began his path to immortalhood, he had such unwavering belief in himself.

Perhaps it was the nature passed through his bloodline that was influencing him.

"Damn, this courage is godly."

Even Mo Shishu was stunned. Truthfully, he did not dare to make the choice that Wu Yu had, because he did not believe that he could obtain an immortal root that was better than what Feng Xueya could prepare for him. But Wu Yu believed this.

This was difficult to predict. If he succeeded, it was bravery and confidence.

If he failed, then he was callow and daring, blinded by arrogance.

Everything would be decided in the future.

"Alright. You two bring him to the Valley of Immortal Fate tomorrow and let him enter."

"Yes, Master."


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