Chapter 0888: Ghostly Cultivator at the Immortal's Capital

Prince Le and the Full Moon of Nanshan had been pestering him through the Message Talismans, but Wu Yu made them wait a while longer.

Only as evening fell did Ye Xixi hug Lazy the cat and get to her feet. She wiped her tears from her bloodless face and gave Wu Yu a weak smile. The smile was especially poignant, emerging from deathly misery. She said, "I've kept you waiting. I just had a dream where Daddy and my mother told me that they are relieved. I must live on very, very well, and that will be the best way to repay them. And... what I said, I will do."

What she had said naturally referred to killing the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. This was the most reckless goal in the world, and it sounded even more difficult than becoming immortal.

"Then no more crying from today on. Okay?" Wu Yu looked at her.

"No guarantees.... Perhaps I might cry when I'm alone. But I won't let you see."

The fact that she could navigate this situation and emerge knowing what she had to do made Wu Yu feel happy for her. He breathed a sigh of relief. He had been truly worried that she would do something foolish, but clearly she was made of stronger stuff.

"Let's go, then. Follow me."

Wu Yu had arranged to meet Prince Le and the Full Moon of Nanshan at a place called Precipitous Cliff City, built on a cliff. It was one of the nearest cities to the Infernal Inferno, and was not big or remarkable. The Yan Huang Tribe members who lived here were roughly at the seventh or eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and below. There were also many Jindan Dao Realm and Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators, while the children were at the Qi Condensation Realm.

Prince Le and the Full Moon of Nanshan were waiting at the entrance of Precipitous Cliff City for Wu Yu. They did not know why he was keeping them waiting, and therefore were a little anxious. After all, Wu Yu had already set the place, but had not shown up.

When they saw Wu Yu and a young girl in black clutching a white cat step off the Somersault Cloud, Prince Le smiled to see him safe. "What are you playing at, all mysterious-like? But you have indeed done great work this time! If not for your Message Talisman, the Regent would not have known, and he would not have informed my father emperor. And perhaps he would not have made it in time.... Of course, the fate of the Ghostly Yan Tribe would’ve still been the same, but more Yan Huang Tribe members would have died. You have saved many lives."

Wu Yu was afraid that Ye Xixi would find this hard to listen to, but his worries were unfounded. She had already thought things through - the might of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was unrelated to his Message Talisman. Wu Yu's Message Talisman had only saved the lives of some Yan Huang Tribe members.

The Full Moon of Nanshan did not comment on this. He stashed his erotic fan and looked piously at Ye Xixi, showing off how genteel and cultured he was. He had a respectable air about him. 

"And this little beauty is? Wu Yu, would you mind making the introductions?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked innocently with a cough.

Wu Yu knew that this rascal would home in on the beauty, and he had already prepared what to say. Firstly, he needed to enlist Prince Le's help, so he said, "I was unable to reply to your Message Talismans in a timely manner because of her. In truth, she is from the Ghostly Yan Tribe, and I got to know her in Infernal Inferno. Our fates are entwined, and I have already declared her my little sister. But she is ultimately a Ghostly Yan Tribe member, the only one to escape this time. Does the Prince have a way to help me create an identity for her?"

Prince Le was rather taken aback to hear this. He had not expected Wu Yu to be this brazen, to blatantly call the Yan Huang Tribe's great enemy his sister. Although this matter had no precedent, after the monumental developments that had just happened, this was a rather delicate matter.

However, he was no fool, and could see that Wu Yu was set on this matter. He would definitely not send Ye Xixi away because of external pressure.

He thought it over while sizing Ye Xixi up. "This lady is indeed different from the other Ghostly Yan Tribe members that I have encountered. In truth, few would even believe that she is Ghostly Yan Tribe member. There are also those within the Yan Huang Ancient Country who learn ghostly cultivation, and practice the Ghostly Dao. She looks to be pure of conduct, and does not have the evil aura of the ghostly cultivators. That's good. Let her hide in Prince Le's Residence for a time, and when this Ghostly Yan Tribe affair blows over, she can emerge. We will say that she is a talented ghostly cultivator who I met outside and invited over. I will arrange some status for her."

Prince Le had thought this through thoroughly.

Of course, all of this was predicated on the fact that Wu Yu was Kingmaker Le, and he would go out on a limb for Wu Yu. The stronger Wu Yu was, the more fortified his trump card.

Prince Le, at this time, could even make Wu Yu forget what he had witnessed in the tomb at the Taigu Immortal Path. Because he was already extremely normal, and nothing about him was unlike himself.

His arrangement was flawless. It merely required Ye Xixi to remain at Prince Le's Residence for a few months, until the matter of the Ghostly Yan Tribe was forgotten. A talented ghostly cultivator would not call too much attention. After all, Prince Yao had even made a demon his Kingmaker, and an extra bodyguard called by Prince Le was unremarkable in comparison.

Besides, he would do it with his own name, and no one would suspect that it was a Ghostly Yan Tribe member who Wu Yu had brought out from the Infernal Inferno.

"Many thanks to the Prince for his benevolence. I had thought it would be difficult to harbor a Ghostly Yan Tribe member. Many thanks," Wu Yu said sincerely. Of course, this was just an act.

The Full Moon of Nanshan felt that this was a little strange, and did not comment.

Prince Le smiled. "Don't get all courteous on me. We're all brothers. Besides, I'm only doing this because this girl is very different from other Ghostly Yan Tribe members. Otherwise, it would’ve been trickier. What is her name?"

"She is called Ye Xixi. I am sorry. This little sister of mine is quite reticent." She did not wish to speak, so Wu Yu answered for her.

She knew that this was the son of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. She would not pin her revenge on Prince Le, but she did not wish to interact with him, and so Wu Yu answered in her stead.

"Haha, no problem. If there's nothing else, let's return to the Immortal's Capital. This time, I will have Royal Uncle the Regent reward you." Prince Le laughed heartily.

And then the four of them returned to the Immortal's Capital. Because Ye Xixi could not show herself, Prince Le steered his warship back to Prince Le's Residence. The Defensive Spirit Designs of the Immortal's Capital were different from those around the Infernal Inferno, and so Ye Xixi could still pass through without trouble. Along the way, Prince Le asked Wu Yu about his experience. After learning that Wu Yu had killed the Ghostly Artificer, he congratulated him, and also celebrated the fact that he could have such a genius Kingmaker.

As for what happened subsequently, Wu Yu would never tell him.

"Your physical body has strengthened considerably. Has your cultivation level also increased?" The Full Moon of Nanshan took one look at him and knew.

"You're not slacking either. Increase in your cultivation level. You can take down Dao Querying cultivators?" Wu Yu asked mildly.

"More or less," the Full Moon of Nanshan said proudly. Actually, he could sense that in a head-on fight, he was no longer Wu Yu's match.

The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was stronger than Marshal Tian Peng, and he knew it deep down. He simply liked to put on a brave front.

They chatted a lot along the way, and Ye Xixi sat in a corner, quietly playing with Lazy's fur. She did not interrupt the conversation. When they reached Prince Le's Residence, he let Wu Yu and the others rest at Kingmaker Hall, while he himself went about his business, either cultivating, or lounging around with the other nobles, dao contemplating, and the like.

Kingmaker Hall was huge, and could definitely fit a few more people. After Prince Le left, Wu Yu turned to Ye Xixi. "I told you before that I was born in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, far away from here and a poor and barren land. Because I went to the Dark North Kingdom and performed exceptionally, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor called me here with the Ancient Emperor's Edict to become Prince Le's Kingmaker. My status here is considered high in the eyes of others, but it is based on Prince Le. After all, I myself have nothing else to fall back on, and might be here for a long time. We have to get along with him. Sorry to trouble you."

Ye Xixi shook her head, saying, "Big Brother Yu, I know you are in a difficult spot. Besides, that is an issue with that person, and has nothing to do with you."

She could understand Wu Yu's relationship with Prince Le. Besides, she did not hate Prince Le. This laid Wu Yu's mind at rest.

"You two, after all this time, is it time for me to make my grand entrance?" The Full Moon of Nanshan squeezed his way in with a cackle.

He was very curious as to why Wu Yu was so preoccupied with this ghostly cultivator, to the extent as to address each other as brother and sister.

"Xixi, this is Big Brother Nanshan." Wu Yu pointed at him and then said, "He's more despicable and shameless than the average person, but he has a good heart. It'll be fine once you get used to it."

"Damn, what kind of introduction is that?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was cross, his nostrils steaming.

This sort of banter teased a rare smile out of Ye Xixi. Her previous frequent laughter seemed too out of reach.

"Henceforth, the three of us are brothers and sisters, to fight together, to live together." Wu Yu suddenly got serious, and stretched out a hand. Ye Xixi responded, putting her own hand on Wu Yu's. The two looked at the Full Moon of Nanshan.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was confused. "What's going on all of a sudden?"

Wu Yu looked at him. "There is a being known as the Curtain Lifting General, also the Golden-bodied Arhat. He has a weapon called the Demon Subduing True Scepter. It is currently in her hands. The three of us have immortals' legacies, and I guess that these three immortals were close to each other. What do you say?"

"How... impossible...." The Full Moon of Nanshan looked at Ye Xixi, aghast. He did not dare to believe that there would be a third person in the Jambu Realm, and a ghostly cultivator at that.

Before, he had already been startled enough when he met Wu Yu.

"It's said that the Curtain Lifting General was a force to behold in the Sky Palace. He was the guard of the Jade Emperor, and waited on him. Probably comparable to your Marshal Tian Peng, eh," Wu Yu teased him.

The Full Moon of Nanshan knew that Wu Yu's words would not be wrong.

He was just taken aback.

Right now, he looked at Ye Xixi, astonished, and then suddenly smiled. He put his own hand on theirs, and took the chance to pinch Ye Xixi's little hand. "Very good, very good." He smiled cheekily.

"Meow!" Lazy was furious to see this, and sent a claw flying towards the Full Moon of Nanshan's face. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan ducked in alarm.

"Hehe, we're all on the same side. Don't be like that." He chortled.

Wu Yu said, "A lesson for you. She's a little sister. You have a responsibility to take care of her as well. Got it?"

"Alright, got it. Haha, you're the strongest one, your word counts. Since she's a little sister, then Big Brother Nanshan will dote on you to death!"

He was indeed joking around, but in truth, Ye Xixi was not his cup of tea either. He liked the buxom, full-bodied type....

With these two, Wu Yu suddenly felt like his future path would not be so lonely anymore....

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