Chapter 0886: Judgment

At that moment, the groveling and cheering Yan Huang Tribe members had surreptitiously begun to look up as well, and they watched the battle in the midst of the Infernal Inferno between the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and the Ancient Demon God!

Wu Yu managed to hold out against the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's heavenly suppression, and used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to watch this battle. But what dismayed him was that even the Eyes of Fire and Gold could not penetrate the golden mist shrouding the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. He could only see a pair of eyes shining like the sun and moon.

Weng. As the sword qi sliced out from the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, the god-tier battle exploded into action!

Wu Yu squinted.

Something bizarre happened. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's body had actually started to expand from its human size, just like Wu Yu's Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, but on an infinitely greater scale!

He was originally the size of an ant before the Ancient Demon God.

But now, as he grew abruptly, the golden mist also expanded with him. In the span of a single breath's time, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was already half the size of the Ancient Demon God.

Although not as big as the Ancient Demon God, he was still a giant compared to Wu Yu and the others! One step from him could crush a huge castle!

He was as big as a hill that reached for the skies.

But even after this transformation, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was still caged in golden mist, and Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold could only see what they could before. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was still a mystery.

But from the change in appearance, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor looked like he was capable of killing the Ancient Demon God now!

This change obviously made the Ghostly Yan Tribe members exclaim! They had only heard of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, and that information had come from the Yan Huang Tribe members that were in the Eight Main Armies.

Through the carnage, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had suddenly enlarged, and now hovered above the Ancient Demon God's head. In the next instant, the Ancient Demon God attacked, shaking the world with his punch!

"Demon, begone!"

From above, the voice rang out like a bell, with august authority!

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor put his palms together and then pushed them downwards. A huge sword of golden light appeared in his hands and then descended from above. It was like a golden Heaven's Wrath!

The blade of the huge, golden sword was covered in millions of runes, and these ancient runes continued to change. The speed and power of this huge, golden sword had reached levels that were unheard of. One hit split the ground! The Yan Huang Tribe members could not escape all of this, and perished in the sword qi!

Although Wu Yu had already run a good distance, but he still felt how close death was!

He had a hunch that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was actually even more fearsome than this.

In truth, their fighting speed, and the speed of the sword qi, had all surpassed Wu Yu's estimates!

Everyone saw the titanic body of the Ancient Demon God crash against the golden sword qi. A screeching whistle from the sword qi was accompanied by a flash of golden light, and the metallic sword body blazed with flame!


Everyone, including Wu Yu, saw that the sword light had penetrated the Ancient Demon God's body. As it did, the black body seemed to absorb the golden sword within, and Wu Yu could hear the tormented cries of many Ghostly Yan Tribe members....

He was aghast!

His mind was still blank as he saw the Ancient Demon God disintegrate. It had been shredded into 1,000 pieces by the golden sword qi, and pattered down in a rain towards the lava, where it was swept up!

In each piece were many Ghostly Yan Tribe members. Many were already corpses, while others were gravely injured, losing hands and legs. Some had their bodies completely severed! They fell into the lava with the pieces of debris. Those that died sank, while those that remained alive struggled!

This whole process was accompanied by panicked screaming!

The cries of millions of Ghostly Yan Tribe members. There might be no sound in this world that was more anguished, more despairing....

Even the Flaming Devil Cave had been divided into quarters. The castle layout within had been sundered, and even when it returned to the Infernal Inferno, it would be difficult to put back together!

One strike from the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had demolished the Ancient Demon God!

What manner of sorcery was this!?

The pieces of the Ancient Demon God fell alongside the millions of Ghostly Yan Tribe members back into the lava in a noisy and gruesome rain!

The swagger of the Ghostly Yan Tribe had evaporated, leaving behind terror and tears!

There was nothing more crushing than to again be sent to hell at the cusp of obtaining freedom. And they had clearly seen that many had fallen to the sword qi....

At this time, virtually all the Ghostly Yan Tribe members were terrified. Their faces were pale as they fell into the Infernal Inferno, oblivious even to their own hurts. As the familiar lava again swallowed them, so did their comprehension of what had just transpired....

Perhaps this scene was what the Yan Huang Tribe had predicted. They were full of confidence in the miracles of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

They had never heard of anything that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor could not do. When the Ancient Demon God was slain, they began cheering. Millions of people cheering made a sharp contrast to the howling misery of the Ghostly Yan Tribe!

Wu Yu's expression was the same as when he had first laid eyes on the Ancient Demon God. He was completely frozen in shock. He watched the pieces swallowed up anew by the lava, and looked woodenly towards the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. His immortal-like presence robbed one of their breath.

Even amidst the cheers and crying, Wu Yu still felt that the world was silent. His eyes were locked onto the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

But it was not over yet.

"Daddy, Mommy...." Wu Yu heard the panic-stricken voice of Ye Xixi, and he recovered his senses. He turned around to see that the Ancient Demon God had been dismembered and tossed back to the Infernal Inferno. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor gestured, and more than 20 elders rose up from the corpses. His Eyes of Fire and Gold told him that they were the strongest experts of the Ghostly Yan Tribe, and the Flaming Devil Cave's Holy Master was the foremost amongst them!

There was also a woman, who was clearly Ye Xixi's mother. Their faces were contorted in pain, and they were also in the throes of total shock, just like the rest of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. They had not flown up of their own accord, but under the control of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. At this moment, all the Ghostly Yan Tribe members were basically raining down on the Infernal Inferno, but these 20 were being controlled and flew towards the enormous Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

Although all the protective spirit designs were already gone, and they technically could make a break for it, all the Ghostly Yan Tribe members that still lived were paralyzed with fear of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor as they looked at the dead and injured around them.

"Run, run!"

"Let's go, we've lost...."

They had lost their heads, and their souls had left their bodies. They stumbled like corpses back into the depths of the Infernal Inferno. Even if you threatened them, they would not dare to leave the Infernal Inferno again.

Just at the height of their confidence, it had all been laid to waste by a single sword strike!

The sun-and-moon eyes of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor were fixed on the Ghostly Yan Tribe's Holy Masters. These Holy Masters, as old as they were, were peeing their pants with fear. Each was begging on their knees for mercy.

"We beg the Ancient Emperor to spare us! We were wrong! Gravely wrong!"

"It was not our idea to awaken the Ancient Demon God! It was all the Flaming Devil Cave’s Holy Master's conception!"

"Ancient Emperor, forgive us. We will not dare to do it again. We will definitely hide away at the depths of the Infernal Inferno, we won't dare...."

Even the esteemed Holy Masters were all completely broken.

"Don't move." Wu Yu reached out a hand to pull Ye Xixi into a deathly tight embrace. She was too worked up right now, and was on the verge of rushing over to her parents. She was the same as Wu Yu - unprepared for such a stomp. She had grown up amidst a loving and sheltered environment, and had never experienced such a complete emotional battering before. When she saw her parents being controlled, she was thoroughly hysteric.

"You cannot change anything! Protect yourself!"

Wu Yu had to hold her back, because he had guessed the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's intention at this time. He would make an example of them. The Holy Master of Flaming Devil Cave had already failed, his wild plan a complete disaster. It would be a miracle if they were allowed to live, and Wu Yu could not save them either. All he could do was hold Ye Xixi. She did not need to die.

"Big Brother Yu, you have to save them.... Waa...." Ye Xixi struggled listlessly and bawled. She did not dare to look up, and she shook, more fearful than she had ever been in her life. But then she turned her head....

"I gave the Ghostly Yan Tribe a chance, but you did not treasure it. This time, the lives of your 20 Holy Masters will be taken as penance. This is a message to all the Ghostly Yan Tribe members in the Infernal Inferno. You are an imprisoned tribe. Never think of leaving the Infernal Inferno. Or only death awaits you."

The deep voice of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor boomed out.

Ping, ping, ping!

The 20 of them exploded into dust, floating down into the Infernal Inferno. Of course, all the fleeing Ghostly Yan Tribe members had heard him.

"The Holy Masters are all dead...."

The Ghostly Yan Tribe members seemed to have lost their souls....

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